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Visitors to have been very busy this week submitting ideas to the Your Ideas section for Ford to consider. Some of the ideas are really interesting, but don’t take our word for it. Check out which ones are getting voted up and read the comments that other visitors are posting. And while you’re there, why not add your idea, vote a few up (or down) and add your voice to the comment stream? It’s easy to sort through the ideas using the categories, and you can view ideas by date or by popularity.

Naturally, there are also lots of Your Stories to read this week, as well as quite a few stories that we posted. Here is what’s new on this week:

Your Stories


By the Grace of God

On August 15, 2011 my father and grandmother were in a very bad car accident in Dearborn. The accident took place at 3:23 p.m. on Ford Road near Southfield Freeway. The crash involved two Flexs and another vehicle. I believe the safety features of the Flex and the grace of God saved my dad and grandma. Read more…


My Tool Box

I had a customer who bought a 2010 Transit and loved it. So I bought a 2011 and love it too. Holds a ton of gear, fun to drive, extremely well thought out. Good on fuel and HANDY. I waited years for a Euro sized van and it finally arrived. Kudos to Ford. Read more…

Your Ideas

Self Driving Car

What is Ford doing to ensure that they are pioneering self driving cars? Google has been working on this. This is not a novelty trick. Read more…

Floating Car

What would it really take to make a car that wont sink? I think a little innovative engineering could make this reality in every Ford vehicle. Read more…

Sun Blockers

Please make sun visors that are fully adjustable. I'm referring to when they are blocking the side window, and you can pull them back and they will slide to where you want them to be. Read more…

Heat the Door Frame

In the winter we have heated seat, huge heaters,heated back windows and defrosters, But If we can not get in the car because of frozen door handle, frozen locks and doors frozen to the rubber molding we just stand there and pull on the door ripping the rubber or breaking the door handle. Read more…

Passenger Controls

When there is a passenger in the seat, (which my car knows, as it turns off the passenger air bag if under 50lbs)when the weight is over 50lbs or even 100lbs, they should be able to use poi or address on the navigation system.  Read more…

Our Stories


Breaking News: Ford and Toyota Team on Hybrid System

You might think that automakers always have one another in the crosshairs. But it turns out there can be opportunities for collaboration, especially when it comes to advanced technology and bringing it to the public sooner and more affordably than one automaker could do alone. Case in point? Ford and Toyota, the two leading manufacturers of hybrid vehicles, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to jointly develop a hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs. Read more…


Ford Answers Questions about the Collaboration Between Ford and Toyota

The news of Ford and Toyota signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the intent of co-developing some specific hybrid and telematics technologies generated a whole lot of comments and questions. In fact, over 100 comments were posted in just a few hours.

Derrick Kuzak, Ford Chief of Product Development, took the time to answer many of the questions in this video, such as what is this Memorandum of Understanding really about? Read more…


Ford EcoBoost Engine Expands to 2012 Edge and Explorer

It’s here! The 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine is available in the 2012 Ford Edge and Explorer, shipping to dealerships as we speak! It can be had in the front-wheel-drive models. And by the way, you thought the Edge and Explorer boasted great fuel economy before? Equipped with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost, the Edge with EcoBoost has a hearty EPA-estimated 21 mpg city and 30 mpg highway. Meanwhile, the Explorer has an EPA-estimated 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, which is a 30 percent highway fuel-efficiency increase over the most economical previous-gen 2010 Explorer. Read more…


Join the Live Chat with Ford and AAA to Talk About Helping Teens Drive More Safely

It’s back to school time, and for many teens, that will mean driving themselves back-and-forth to school. Here are a couple of startling statistics to start the school year off: Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of teenagers in America and nearly 5,000 teens die annually in such accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, a AAA crash analysis showed that after-school weekday hours of 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. are nearly as dangerous for 16- and 17-year-old drivers as weekend nights. There are steps that teens and parents can take to help change these numbers. Read more…

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harry bickford 02/13/2012
a tilt nose super duty would be a awsome idea
Wendell Moss 02/06/2012
Ford needs to release the 4 door Ranger pick-up in the USA. I have an F150 Super Crew that has been a great truck, but I would like to have a smaller truck that is easier for my aging father to get in and out of the cab. I had a Ranger before but needed 4 doors. I have seen the 4 door version that they sell in Europe and Australia. I would buy one if it were available here in the USA.
baumann 01/03/2012
I really like your site. I'm writing a paper for the higher education in switzerland about this site.
Jon Osbeck 12/04/2011
Bring back the Sport Trac on the new Explorer platform or bring the new Ranger to North America! Millions of people want a smaller sized truck that gets good mileage has premium features built in and is off-road capable without being massive. I own a 2007 Sport Trac Limited 4x4 with the 4.6L engine and its the best Ford I ever owned. Perfect size for hauling people and cargo on vacations and as a daily driver. I love my Trac and lament not having a medium sized offering from Ford when it comes time to replace it. Don't make me buy a Frontier or Tacoma because your new Ranger won't be available in North America.
Brad Barefoot 11/30/2011
How about a Transit Connect with the lowered roof line like those sold in Europe. Those models also have the Life gate like the Edge/Explorer over the double doors. This too would remedy the height problems with drivers/customers who have smaller garage door openings.
Brad Barefoot 11/30/2011
Transit Connect Wish Book ... Alloy Wheels from the factory, Sirrus Sat radio from the factory, and if I'm a good guy the 2.0 Ecoboost Engine !
Brad Barefoot 11/30/2011
Hey Transit Connect ! Lets look at a venture with Disney, my son pointed out the other day that the Transit very much favored the Disney Monorail used in Florida. I'm most likely to go with the Winter Blue color which if anyone has ridden the Monorail has heard ... Thanks for riding Monorail Blue to EPCOT Center.
philip ford 11/22/2011
Why doesn't ford sell small pickup based vehicles with small diesel engines like it does in the rest of world.
Kevin 08/30/2011
Ford has done a good job of making there vehicles world class
Spencer Haslett 08/29/2011
I agree with edvard. I don't understand why Ford chooses to ignore the small truck segment of the market. I want my King Ranch Ranger. Ford, make it happen and give us a newly designed Ranger.
donna 08/29/2011
why would you pay derek jeter so much money to sell your cars? when they will sell anyway! a man that has so much money more then he knows what to do with!pass the money you would save on to the customers.Like he even drives a ford unless you gave him one for free.....
edvard 08/29/2011
One thing that's clear from reading these and other comments on countless automotive sites and forums is that there's a huge interest in smaller trucks. That is to say something that's actually small and not gigantic, that gets good fuel economy and works well for people who use them for business or around the house.

What's more, I think with the whole movement towards compact cars and especially now that Ford and other auto makers have proven that you can make small cars packed with premium features and sell a lot of them I'd say the time is right to consider developing a small truck along these lines. In other words- build a compact truck that has all the amenities you stick in the full sized models.

I had heard there was some sort of concern about having a smaller truck because it would compete against the F-150. I don't agree because those that want a compact truck are a different kind of consumer than those who want a big truck. Trust me- there are A LOT of us out there and since there's few choices for small trucks these days the first car company to make one available would have an instant winner on their hands. Anyway- that's my 2 cents...
Josh Superduty 08/28/2011
Hey Ford BIG mistake, reoffer the standard tranny is the superduty, the ZF 6-speed Manual overdrive back in the 2012 ford superduty
Josh Superduty 08/28/2011
Hey Ford I know how to save the US Ranger Sell the Plant to Ford Canada and then resume to sell the US rangers in Canada because there Canada best selling copmact truck and us Canadians need them badly
Kenneth Mcdaniel 08/27/2011
love the idea behind the transit connect but wheres the rwd, and towing. i am a plumber who cuts grass on the side so i need to be able to tow my lawn equipment. so instead of a new transit im now looking for a used aerostar good gas mileage and towing brilliant bring the aerostar back
Guy Norman 08/27/2011
our shop bought three transits. very nice lil van for A/C service. only problem is the back window has the company logo and we cant stop the rear wipers from tearing at it. still i love it.
Daniel P. Scullion 08/27/2011
bring the new ranger to the states!!
Josh Superduty 08/27/2011
Put the ZF 6-speed back in the 2012 ford superduty and offer it as the new transmission in itt, Please reoffer in the 2012 ford superduty is makes it cheaper, affordable, way funner to drive
Curtis 08/26/2011
F-150 Diesel!
Ado Moynihan 08/26/2011
Hybrids then 100 percent wood alcohol or 100 percent grain alcohol - look to Brazil (sugarcane) for innovation there.
Ado Moynihan 08/26/2011
Ford Lincoln Mercury - keep all brands
Dan Gabalski 08/26/2011
BRONCO diesel built to tow at 20 mpg.
Casey Clark 08/26/2011
Diesel in an f150 it would have awesome power and excellent fuel economy and you guys would be the first ever to do it
Michael George 08/26/2011
I wanted to buy a ford transit and for the most part I think its a great vehical. However, I have a small 6x12 trailer that I need to pull every now and then but the Transit has NO towing! Yet it has a payload of a 3/4 ton. If ford could make the Transit able to tow I would buy one tomorrow!!!
Mabry E Pouncy 08/26/2011
Let me order my car or truck the way I want it. Gear ratio and engine combo. Stop... you have to upgrade to a higher level to get a heated mirror..come on you only have one wiring harness..Geez and get rid of those "Plastic" Chrome Clad Wheels..leave that for the econo cars..not a F150
Taylor Jeffords 08/26/2011
Deffinately less electronics, vent windows, more cupholders, better seats, beefier frames, older styles, and diesel motor for smaller vehicles.
Gavin Allan 08/26/2011
Bring back Explorer Sport Trac!
Kris DaRenegade Hughes 08/26/2011
oh and a 3 inch lift with a winch and bullbars
Tom Cottage 08/26/2011
Put an AWD option on the global cars!
Kris DaRenegade Hughes 08/26/2011
how bout we bring back the1980 f100 custom body style and put a 350 diesel with twin turbo in it
Ginger Russell Henslee 08/26/2011
i have the 2010 F150 with the back up camera, the gps, and everything else and we love it. It drives a lot smoother than my 2005 expediation ever did.
Brandon Nelson 08/26/2011
3300lb mustang cobra (no shelby name needed) with IRS and a direct injected coyote between the fenders. Can't wait to see what you guys have for the 50th anniversary!
Peter Leversedge 08/26/2011
Keep building the Rear Wheel Drive Falcon and make it a Global Car or do the same with the Crown Vic . A lot of Ford owners WANT a full sized Rear Wheel Drive Car
Dustin Beach 08/26/2011
Ecoboost 5.0l
Tom Shuart 08/26/2011
ecoboost 3.5 in an expedition, e-series and f250. I already submitted those ideas too, and we all know they are very good ideas!
Knox Rivera 08/26/2011
Free raptors for everybody!!!
Claudia Vallee 08/26/2011
For nearly 12 years now, I'm asking Ford the same request: When are you going to bring your diesel european cars models in US and Canada? You can't continue to say that there's no demand for it or that the market is too small...We drive much longer distances than in europe.
Rodger Tellefson 08/26/2011
A SportTrac with a EcoBoost V6, and NO axles through the frame. :) <3
Jennifer Ring Longworth 08/26/2011
Drop Sirius XM like they drop their customers.
Chris Gazaway 08/26/2011
i have alot of ideas but i aint sayin nothin cause i wanna be paid for my grav ideas
Francois-Xavier Lahaie 08/26/2011
F-150 diesel!
Keith Moore 08/26/2011
e-co-boose? Very interesting!
Andrew Lefebvre 08/26/2011
Ford we need better seats in our trucks comfort & sturdiness. And I would also love a V 8 Eco boost as I'm sure most everyone else would to.
Robbo Cantwell Ernesti 08/26/2011
in my eye's there is only 1 make of car (FORD). FOMOCO=ONLY WAY 2 GO.
Petar Tony Stoisavljevic 08/26/2011
Man the newest fords looks like small European cars I can say that the Crown Victoria was the best Ford modell of all times!
Micheal Duran 08/26/2011
@Keith Moore: Thats just what Ford needs to do. Don't over engineer something that works.
Luke Lappage 08/26/2011
For the australlian Ford Falcon to have twin exhaust pipe as factory
Sunny Sun 08/26/2011
Put the Ecoboost option on all ford product
Keith Moore 08/26/2011
Get rid of all the electric everything except the fuel injection, and get "back to basics" (your new slogan), the more electrics the more that can go wrong. Stop over-engineering! There is nothing more irritating than a electric window going out and you not being able to put the window down or up. or a fuel pump that you have to take off the bed to replace. "Back to Basics". simple is affordable!
Carlos Fabela 08/26/2011
I love Ford Focus Zx5 hatchback 2003. I am very addiction to drives this mid-sized car save gas mileages to go work. I did test drives a new 2012 Ford Focus have SONY system in it, wow! That's awesome!!! - BoZo comedian! :o)
Victor John 08/26/2011
you better start to give us more interior color choices--your going to see it on the new chevy mailibu---enough of black or grey or cream---lets see s ome color again
Lisa Harding 08/26/2011
Fords rocks
Devin A. Schard 08/26/2011
Petar Tony Stoisavljevic 08/26/2011
take the Ford Crown Victoria back!!!
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