Your First Week on the New Ford Social Website

By Ford Social Member

We thought it was a busy week for us as we switched from theFordStory to Ford Social, but all of you have been just as busy exploring the changes to the website, downloading Ford badges, posting Your Stories and submitting Your Ideas.

From a converted Dodge family to stories of high-mileage dependability to customized Mustangs, we enjoyed reading all of the stories consumers just like you posted to the website.

Not 100 percent sure what Ford Social is all about? Check out What happened to theFordStory? for a quick introduction and get started engaging with Ford on a new level. And while you’re there, tell us which Ford badge is your favorite.

Here’s what’s new during our first week as Ford Social:

Your Stories


Much Respect

My name is Jeff Wilson from Fayetteville, NC and I just purchased a 2003 Ford Taurus from Dunn-Benson Ford in Dunn, NC, I purchased the vehicle with 131,000 miles and I’ve put 133,000 miles on it. I’ve never had a Ford and never really wanted one. But this car has made a believer out of me. THIS CAR IS GREAT!! It really handles well for the year and the mileage on it. I look at Ford now with MUCH RESPECT! Read more…


2002 F-150 4x4 Super Crew 311k Miles

I received “Della” from my father. He bought it will 19k miles and I got it with a little over 100k on it. Now she has 311k miles and going strong. Della is a 2002 F-150 4×4 Super Crew and is SHOWROOM ready. No tears or rips in the leather. 4×4 still works great. A/C still blows snowballs and she is also decent on gas. Use it to travel 4 states for work. Never lets me down. All original motor and trans. Only changed coil packs, spark plugs, starter and battery. Thanks Ford for building the BEST TRUCK ON THE ROAD! Hoping to get 700k miles before I buy another.  Read more…


The Converted Dodge Family

Once upon a time an undeserving Dodge man married a beautiful Ford Mustang owner (OK, at the time he drove a Chevy Chevette but loved Dodge). He was unworthy of her love and worked hard to give her all he thought she deserved. She bore him 3 wonderful children. Two boys, now 15 and 17, and a beautiful daughter who was gifted by God with the challenge of autism and Mitochondrial Myopathy (a form of Muscular Dystrophy). Along came an economic downturn making it even harder for the Queen to stay home and take care of the Princess. Read more…


Built by Ford Customized By Me!!

I had a black 2007 Ford Mustang. That was my first car and I really loved it. Then I bought 2010 white ford mustang convertible. Then I got some custom vinyl stickers on it. Everyone is like wow!! Read more…

Your Ideas

2.0L Ecoboost Fusion

Replace the V6 engine options in the Fusion sedan with the 2.0L Ecoboost engine. I expect the car would get equal or better real world fuel economy than the current 2.5L engine, as well as offering V6 horsepower levels and a very broad torque curve when needed. Read more…

Treads on rear bumper

There should be treads for standing on the rear bumper. Read more…

Hood Ajar Indicator

I would like a warning light on the dash to come on when a vehicle is in motion and the hood is ajar. I see so many cars driving around with their hoods ajar and the driver of the vehicle has no clue that it is open. The indicator light could prevent some very dangerous driving situations. Read more…

Our Stories


How Ford Made Safety History

Many of us can remember a time, seemingly not that long ago, when wearing a seatbelt was optional, and maybe people even mocked you for clicking yourself in. A friend recalled how when she and her sister would travel with their dad in his sports car, she would sit on her sister’s lap in the front passenger seat. Funnily enough, he worked for an automaker, so her family was one of the first on the block to enforce seatbelt usage. Talk about your mixed messages. Read more…


Ready to Build a Brand New 1965 Mustang Convertible?

For those you longing for vintage styling, the 1965 Mustang convertible returns with all-new Ford-approved body shell. Actually, you can build a 1964 ½ through 1966 Mustang convertible using this foundation, and nearly every part needed to build an all-new car is available from Ford-approved classic parts suppliers. Read more…


Join the Live Chat with Focus Electric Marketing Manager Chad D'Arcy

Since its reveal at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, anticipation for the innovative Focus Electric has been growing. On November 10, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST, Focus Electric Marketing Manager Chad D’Arcy will take questions from Ford Electric Vehicle fans with updates on rollout details – including how they can get in line with the upcoming reservation process. Chad will also provide info on the Ford EV Certified dealer process, which will ensure dealerships are prepared to provide future drivers with comprehensive info on electrified vehicles. Read more…


New Ford Escape Goes Hands Free and Where is Awesome

You’ve probably seen our section called Your Ideas (if not, click here for a peek) and may have even contributed a few of your own. We’ve read a couple about liftgate convenience, so you people in particular will probably be pretty psyched by a segment-first feature on the all-new Ford Escape: a hands-free power liftgate. Read more…


What Happened to theFordStory?

For years, we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm people have shown on theFordStory. Users have shared amazing tales of achievements with their cars and trucks, offered helpful suggestions and created a rich community here.

Now, we want to take things to a new level. That’s why the site you know as theFordStory is transforming into something new and exciting: Ford Social. Read more…


New Ford Site Launches with Hundreds of Products

Other than your Ford vehicle, how do you show your Blue Oval pride? We’re assuming you don’t go about your daily routine in Ford face paint, but if you do, photos or it didn’t happen…. If you’re itching to bring more Ford into your home, garage or other personal space, you’ll want to head over to the brand-new website, , where you can gawk at or buy hundreds of items with the Ford logo. Goods include wall clocks, toolboxes, workbenches and magnets (that’s four; did we mention hundreds of items?). Read more…


Join the Live Chat to Learn More about Ford Mobile Marketing Trends

From browsing for the latest vehicles at your dealership to customizing your dream Ford Mustang, Ford is employing mobile applications to engage with our customers in meaningful ways. As mobile devices have evolved from simple phone and texting devices to the powerful Android and iPhone devices we use today, they represent a new frontier. Apps for these mobile devices help us get information to consumers directly and quickly, and they make it easier than ever before for people to connect with Ford. Read more…


Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Focus ST-R Will Show Off Global Performance DNA

The Ford Crown Vic is what most of us probably think of when we conjure up images of a police car. It’s pretty much the same for law enforcement, too. It’s Old Faithful for their industry, so you can understand why they might at first be a bit reluctant to change over to a new breed of transportation – they already knew what the Crown Vic was capable of and how it drove, and that it was reliable and durable. When you’re a cop on hot pursuit, those are not things you want to worry about. Read more…
Angli Sclone 11/08/2011
They'll remove this post too.
Angli Sclone 11/08/2011
Like when you write to the company about your new Ford and it's problems they ignore you?
Jamie At Ford 11/07/2011
@Steve, Danielle, & John - I’m thrilled you guys are enjoying the badges!

@Cindy – You’re welcome. It’s great to see you sporting yours and thank you for being a part of the Ford Family!

Ford Customer Service Division
Maryam Mobini 11/07/2011
I hope to have a ford as an Iranian yong
Cindy Clardy 11/07/2011
Thanks for the badges.
Larry Becker 11/06/2011
i have a 1999 ford f150 its a nice truck .I ALSO HAD A 1977 STEPSIDEDthat was a really good truck got over 300'000 miles on it what want to know is there any thing i should know about the 1999 as in recalls or any thing like intake gaskets or anything.
Nathan Garcia 11/05/2011
I'm the proud owner of a 65 Mustang and 07 Fusion. My sister has a 65 Mustang and 11 F150. My parents have a 66 Mustang GT, 01 Ranger, 09 Fusion and 11 F150. My grandparents own a 03 Ranger and 11 F150. Ford runs In the family.
i am a person who loved flippy entry and exit assist handles (also known as oh crap handles) and when i went from the 2000 focus witch had them on all sides and saw the new one had only one i was saddend. ford should put them in all the cars. they are entertaining and keep kids entertained and they are a wonder to just weird like that.
Cobra 11/05/2011
My family ownes a lot of Fords, two Mustang Cobras, a 1969 428 Cobra Jet, a 1968 Mustang GT and a 2009 Ford King ranch with a new one ordered, I think that should qualify us as Ford people :-).
Bob Martin 11/05/2011
I'm available to test drive a new white MKZ for a few months. Just leave it in my driveway with the keys on top of the left rear tire, and with a full tank of gas, and fully insured. I promise a positive report.I'm planning a tour of the USA. including Alaska. Best idea I've had in a while.
Dicky Clark Rivanno 11/05/2011
M boss 302s ?
Çağır Coşar Coşar 11/05/2011
ur When will the new XR8 be out and how many kilowatts will it have ?
John Kilgour 11/05/2011
When will the new XR8 be out and how many kilowatts will it have ?
Sean Thomas 11/04/2011
How about a V6 twin turbo (sorry Eco-Boost) in the Mustang? Seems like Ford's afraid it'll spank their V8 so they won't even give the option. Also get rid of the live rear axle and offer independent rear suspension so the car will actually go around corners & I might consider buying one. Europe and Asia are kicking our US behinds in this and I'm tired of it!
Jason B O'Connell 11/04/2011
RE-release the Aussie XC Coupe with todays technology. IF ford did that, it would be a world-wide seller. Style, grace, and more grunt than a bush pig.
Candy Martin 11/04/2011
I've been a Ford lover ever since my Dad passed away and I inherited his Ford F-150 (2002), it was a great truck and even though I'd never owned a truck before, I loved driving it! I currently have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLS and it's been through hell and high water with me. I'm going to wait til tax season to try to get me a new one and use my Explorer as a trade in.
Gary Wattie 11/04/2011
I would like to see an over the shoulder seat belt in the middle rear seat of the Ranger & in all models, its ridiculous in this day & age they still have a lap belt?????? What about safety for all! & for what an extra $100???? On the price of the car, seriously WTF is with that????
It pains me to say it but As we have 3 children I am seriously cosidering defecting to a Nissan Navara!!! Although you have to buy near top of the range it is available unlike the ranger According to a sales dude from Adelaide!!!!
Sam Garza 11/04/2011
FORD: First! Foremost! The Future!!!
Linda Spencer Bishop 11/04/2011
i love my ford truck
Jonathan Vaugeois 11/04/2011
Ecoboost raptor. !!! Sorry
Jonathan Vaugeois 11/04/2011
Ford need a econoost raptor !!!!!!! Bring back the ford gt !!!!!! And a focus st awd !!!!!!!!!! I will buy two of them for sure !!!!!!!
Rob McMasters 11/04/2011
I currently own and drive daily a 2003 F150 Heritage Edition. I also own and plan to rebuild a 1967 F100 Ranger.
John D. Thomas 11/04/2011
Great start, Ford always does. Need mobile app for android, if you please. The badges are great, thanks.
Steve Meyst 11/04/2011
i like all the badges and enjoy building mustangs on the new website!
Kris Caswell 11/04/2011
Bring back the Electric Green color! I want my next truck to be Electric Green with tan leather make it and I will buy it!
Danielle Boenisch 11/04/2011
I love the badges and the new site.
Konstantinos Spyrou 11/04/2011
Execuse me i ve tried to writte excellent!!about the social care of the ford motor company!keep continuying aiways and getting better.
Sam Sparks 11/04/2011
ford needs a super car that's very very fast and can compete with the German and other foreign auto makers
William Mooney 11/04/2011
I would really like to see a manual transmission in the superduty line of trucks again.
Buddy White 11/04/2011