Where Has Your Ford Taken You?

By Cole Q.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how about sharing a few thousand with us? Specially, we want you to share a photo from one of the amazing adventures you have had with your Ford. A family vacation. A road trip through amazing scenery. The road home. Or the start of a new chapter in your life that your Ford vehicle was a part of. In short, any photo that shows where your Ford has taken you.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to one adventure either. Upload photos from various travels and expeditions!

Head to the Ford Facebook page to submit your photo, and then come back to see if you picture was selected.
Andrew Crouch 02/03/2012
My 1972 Gran Torino Sport, since saving from a 17 year nap in a barn, has been on a number of road trips...been on two Hot Rod magazine's Power Tour events...from Nebraska to Alabama in 2010, it's seen a Michigan and a lot of states along the ways in Powertour 2012. I only wish Ford motorsports sponsored Powertour!
Kristen Swastek 01/24/2012
My fusion has taken me from Chicago, IL to Calgary, AB and back!
Michelle Lail Parks 01/24/2012
My Ford Freestar left me and my children abandoned next to a make-shift homeless shelter. Transmission went out thanks to their defective torque converters. NHTSA has investigated for two years and Ford finally issued a recall, but won't happen until the 2nd quarter of the year and they refuse to pay for the transmission, although the torque converter disintegrated and sent metal throughout the tranny. I will never buy a Ford and would not trust putting my children in one again. Don't forget their F150's have also set fire to peoples homes. Their negligence is appalling. Apologies are worthless to american families who believed Ford when they said they create safe, family-friendly vehicles. Don't get burned!
Mallorie Howey 01/23/2012
To a place where Ford cannot be trusted. Ford has took be so far into the black it's not funny. Its crazy that I buy a Ford vehicle from a Ford dealership in March and by September the transmission fails. I am really disappointed in Ford--when they KNOW this is a problem with the Freestyles with CVT transmissions. FORD is NO Good at Customer Service. They appologize then ignore you!!
RuthAnne Cupps 01/23/2012
My1988 Ford T-Bird Turbo coupe has traveled from the plant in MI to WA, then from WA to MN to CO back to MN, then from MN to VT then back to MN then finally to MT. Right now it is in the shop waiting to have the original rings and or valves replaced. We had to replace the original Turbo last summer. We love out T-Bird (Vickie) and can't wait until she is back on the road again.
Larry C. Hentrup 01/21/2012
Not far as my Ford one touch sync does not work.
Mike Konopka 01/21/2012
2005 explorer and still running strong at 150,000 miles
Jesse MacDonald 01/21/2012
303,000 miles in a 97 Expedition. Just bought a 2011 F-150 but kept the Expy.
Linda Hutchens 01/21/2012
My fusion took me from NC to Central Florida, then to Ga then back home to NC. Done great! I love it and the gas mileage does great too!! So far so good!
Scott Myers 01/20/2012
Got me from PA to AZ 2 times then died at 121,000.
Jessi Lovly 01/20/2012
Everywhere I wanted to go.
William Barton 01/20/2012
My Edge has been to both coasts, Canada and Texas. Love the Edge.
Denise 01/20/2012
I'm turning in my 2009 Candy apple red Edge, for a 2012 Candy apple red Edge!! this time with leather interior! love the Red Edge!
Richard Henry 01/20/2012
Into some cane bins!
Joel Smollack 01/20/2012
From north central Florida to lower Alabama and back. A week after getting back, my transmission went out at 65,000 miles.
Ronald Johnstone 01/20/2012
My 95 f150 took me,my family and a trailer from Nova Scotia to Jasper AB, Victoria BC to Santa Fe NM and back to NS.
Linda Sorrell Roberts 01/20/2012
Everywhere i want to go.
Ian Shirley 01/20/2012
My Falcon XR8 has got me to Queensland and back and soon to be taking my friends and I to Adelaide for the V8 supercars! Can't wait !
Mary Sue Dillion 01/20/2012
Love my 2011 Ford edge Love my 2011 f150 truck also Love the my Ford touch!!!!!
Jarrod Fausett 01/20/2012
Mine keeps taking me back to service department for repairs...
Jaryd Moye 01/20/2012
I've been to the moon and back. 264,000 on my 99 F150.
Paul Pereira 01/20/2012
To the service department at my dealership.
Deborah E. Gray 01/20/2012
My F-150 truck is awesome....Love it. It is Tough !
Wayne Tucker 01/20/2012
From California to Texas and back. Deep into Yosemite National park. To the ends on King's Canyon National park.
Nicholas Burgess 01/20/2012
My 1998 V8 Fairlane has taken me almost all over Australia more than a few times and the engine still purrs!
Rick Orozco 01/20/2012
Baja California, Rosarito and Ensenada. Riding strong!
Bill Holsomback 01/20/2012
My F150 takes me to the repair shop very often, 3 trans, 5 starters, 1 master cylinder, broken manifold studs, and a new gas tank cuz the first one rusted and leaked. It was recalled cuz the gas tank straps rust out. I had to pay cuz the tank didn't fall off. BS
Debbie Passmore 01/20/2012
My Explorer went on two cross country road trips. Had over 350,000 on the original engine when I sold it and it was still going strong. Wish I'd kept it.
Alan Brackett 01/20/2012
Had a 93 f150 my first truck paid 800 for it had 307000 miles on it I put 23000 miles on it in a year and it ran decent still until I decided to rebuild the motor and the guy screwed it up I miss that truck
John Stadtmueller 01/20/2012
To School, To Marching Band Practice, to Drum Corp Shows, to Carlisle, PA for the car shows..... I have put 50,000 miles on my 2008 Fusion SEL in the past two years.
Eric Coppi 01/20/2012
To the poor house. Just kidding folks. But it is time for a new Fusion. Hopefully next month.
Ken Lundgren 01/20/2012
My "Fords" over the years have taken me well over a million miles!!!!!!
Amit Dhir 01/20/2012
One day I drove my 1996 Ford Explorer from Ontario to Germany.
Josh Roberts 01/20/2012
From the beach to the mountains , sunny days, pouring rains and nearly 3 foot of snow <( no i'm not kidding) and all done safely we Love our Fords. (Sport trac and Escape).
James Wright 01/20/2012
Anywhere I wanna go! 06 F150 4x4 Lariat sitting on 9" of lift and 37s...
Rita Mcnew 01/20/2012
Richard Neal Harper 01/20/2012
Anywhere I want it to and a few places it shouldn't lol.
Andrew Sarna 01/20/2012
Every where,the Ford Family made my lifepossible Thank You so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
Timothy Mulvehill 01/20/2012
Down a path with a ford dealer that is terrible gross and pathetic
Barry Pennington 01/20/2012
Everywhere I go. All I drive is Ford's. A '01 Explorer and a '93 F150 for personal use. A 97 E150 for work. This is Ford Country and on a quiet night you can hear a Chevy rust. LOL
Ted Meeker 01/20/2012
My 98 E-350 (diesel ) 205000 mi my work truck Best truck I have ever owned !!!
Ronald J. Ulak 01/20/2012
Been up and down the East Coast and to the West. A lot of family fun and it has been used for light moving of children. 99 Windstar 230,000 and going Ford Strong
Cheryl Moore 01/20/2012
everywhere i want and need to go
Josh White 01/20/2012
To college and back XD
Tracy Nesmith 01/20/2012
Anywhere i wanna go. Most reliable trucks ive ever owned. Wont buy anything eles
Dave du Croix 01/20/2012
All over Europe!
Tommy Curran 01/20/2012
To work.
Bradley Alan 01/20/2012
Well, not too far since I'm on a lease, but every trip is a fun in my '10 Fusion SE 3.0
Mary 01/20/2012
My beautiful candy red girl had taken me to to see my first grandson
Ks. City Ks.
I've never felt so safe, secure and papered, what a doll she is.
Her nik is "Little Red"....riding' hood. ;)
Does anyone else have nicknames for their cars?
Mary Ann Schirmer 01/20/2012
Through a major flood in 2004 near San Antonio, TX!
Paul E Lee 01/20/2012
I have a 2002 F-150XL Sport 4.2L V-6 5 speed manual that has 223,000.0 and is still running like NEW !! Just wish i had the $$$ to get a extended Cab !! But you can Buy a House for what a New or few year old truck cost now days !! My disability check wouldn't even pay the payment they are so High !! Great Trucks Fords #1 !! But if i could buy a new one i would have to live in it cause ya can"t afford both home and truck !!!
John Meredyk 01/20/2012
I still have my first car, a 68 Mustang. I bought it 40 years ago when I was 15 years old. It took me through high school, college, work at Ford's Brookpark Engine and Casting plants until I took it off the road in 1977. I restored it in the early 80s and now it takes me to car shows all summer long.
Shane Ashley Schultz 01/20/2012
LOL, gets me everywhere I want or need to be!!! Every-time.
Shane Ashley Schultz 01/20/2012
As long as I have my Probe GT moving through the snow, Its a tank, as long as I dont turn
James Bearden 01/20/2012
My 93 explorer has taken me 696,000 miles down the road with 1 engine,enough said!!!!!
Prince Walker 01/20/2012
Nowhere! I don't have a Ford. But, if you're giving them away, I would like a 2012 Ford Explorer.
Paula Lauzon 01/20/2012
As far West as Michigan, as far South as South Carolina !!! YEEHAWWW, and she's still goin' strong !!!
Stephen Gilbert 01/20/2012
My 03 f350 takes me where ever I want especially thro mud and snow that Chevys and dodges can't make it threw I have to pull them out
Brandon Bog Man Baugus 01/20/2012
Our 05 F150 FX4 has taken us where ever we want to go....from seeing family in wva to the huntclub in eastern va to the outer banks of NC 94000 and still going
Charles Robinson 01/20/2012
to court
Robert Gutierrez 01/20/2012
My 2000 f 150 has never let me down, still running strong! Wish I could afford a new one.
Roy Belair 01/20/2012
to newfoundland canada its great.
Gloria Auerbach 01/20/2012
Everywhere and no problems!
Brian Dahlin 01/20/2012
My 2001 Ford Windstar Limited has made 3 annual treks from Green Bay, WI to Austin, TX during the dead heat of summer with no engine or AC issues.
Guillermo Vazquez 01/20/2012
I would like to use this vehicle for official team dakar
Bobbie Springer 01/20/2012
Oh my - north to south, east to west and everywhere in between!
Adjeford N Janet 01/20/2012
My Fords takes me everywhere , to my work to my friends and family , i have 8 fords at this moment , continental fords , 3 Fiestas , one fresh Ka , 1 Taunus / Cortina , 1 Capri 2.8 Injection , and 2 Granadas one Mk1 and one Mk2 2-doors saloon
John Miller 01/20/2012
My $37,000 2004 Ford F350 and my $41,000 2005 Ford F350 (Both 6.0 diesels) took me back to Brinson Ford and to other Ford dealers when on the road for CONSTANT BREAK-DOWNS! They could practically drive themselves once every week back to Brinson's on their own....
Jonathan Lemaire 01/20/2012
Did Ontario to Florida in our 06 Freestyle; now have an 09 Flex which we plan on a similar trip later in the year :) Also, my Aunt {from North Carolina} had an 89 Sable she sold to a friend with 547,000 MILES on it and its still running today {has over 575,000 the last she heard} and her current 2004 Sable and it has about 285,000miles on it. Her 89 seen 31 US states and was also driven to Mexico twice.
Julie Jester- Spielman 01/20/2012
To an from chemo
Wes Beam 01/20/2012
130000 on a 08 fusion
Annie Fordlass 01/20/2012
My little Fiesta has taken me loads of times back to my hometown (which used to be 236 miles away until I moved house, now it is 186 miles away). The most recent trip involved driving through a blizzard over the Pennines, and a further 6 hours driving through snow! She once drove 120 miles with a huge hole in her exhaust. When her clutch plate snapped she got me off a busy roundabout onto a minor road. She was 10 years old last month and is still using her original battery. She's been hit and repaired 3 times and is still as shiny as the day she was registered. Love goes where my little Rosie goes :)
Kenny Summers 01/20/2012
My very first car was a 1965 Mercury Comet with a 289 V8 Hi-Po
Luke Fowler 01/20/2012
To the shop to many times
Kerry Chin 01/20/2012
As a 23 year old I bought a brand new SVT Contour. 13 years later its been on the track (3 times), numerous road trips, and shuttles 2 kids around when I'm not running the business. Nothing could ever compare. Fun, fast, unique, and safe. And the sound is perfect. Focus ST may be next for me.
Kieran Schmoey Boundy 01/20/2012
81 Falcon wagon went all over the place... Took it out bush, towed some stupid loads with it, and never let me down... Even got it back on the road after a 9-car highway smash. 3.3 auto on LPG so was pretty slow but with 415,000 it still runs, starts and drives flawlessly. Now im restoring it for me son. :)
Kenny Summers 01/20/2012
So far my 1997 3.8 V6 Mustang has taken me 212,086 miles and running strong. Nothing runs like a horse!
Susan Grimes 01/20/2012
To the top of the mountains of Nevada
Ryan Stamper 01/20/2012
Where hasn't it taken me
Lance Hicks 01/20/2012
I had a 88 festiva for 10 years ! The badest little car I ever had. The first and only new car I ever had. I loved that car. I currently drive a kind of junky 97 Ranger stepside. and I love it ! FORD is in my blood like being Irish. If I were rich I would still drive a ford ! And to this day FORD is a family company. And that means alot to me. And should to everyone. I would like to see a falcon Retro huh !
Richard S. Jamieson 01/20/2012
Mines in the shop but it's 22 years old.
Irene Warman 01/20/2012
To work :-)
Randy Van Steen 01/20/2012
Photo uploaded!
Jonathan Shidler 01/20/2012
across country in comfort and with my girlfriend -- from the East Coast to the West Coast, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back.
Angelica Berck 01/20/2012
from Philly Pa to Columbus OH on one tank of gas. 450 miles!!! with sync.
Logan Vorderbruggen 01/20/2012
Minnesota to California!
Farron Catron 01/20/2012
All over in the USA.
Mark Urquidez 01/20/2012
Dallas TX, Roswell and Hobbs NM
Amy 01/20/2012
Is this the new Ruby Red?
Chris Warner 01/20/2012
to the service shop
Eugene Chu 01/20/2012
Georgia to South Carolina to Texas to Oklahoma
Sherri Butterfield Davis 01/20/2012
i like to put a lot of miles on my car but mainly i stay around montana, Idaho and i wish i coudl more travilling in my fav state wyoming i like driving on the back mountain raods exploring
Chuck Chappelle 01/20/2012
2012 F150 purchased in December has taken us back and forth to the dealer for same repair 4 times since Jan 5.
Noumy Ali 01/20/2012
In deep crises......
Joe McMahill 01/20/2012
Hahahahaha, Your Ford's ain't been know where until they have lived with you in Alaska, A Chevy can't take it and a Dodge can't dodge it,But my Ford's can ford it, LMAO!!!
Jeb Rector 01/20/2012
My mom's Escape up a one lane path going over Big Walker Mountain in Virginia. No room to turn around and the path is covered in a foot of snow. Took us three hours to travel five miles. unintentionally rock crawling, mudding and plowing through snow. And my mom still doesn't know about that lol
Mark Sayers 01/20/2012
My 1998 Lincoln Continental has taken me over 175,000 miles and all I have to do tires, oil, sway bar links, upper motor mount, wiper blades . That's it Love my Lincoln
Daniel Covington 01/20/2012
The last three Ford F250 trucks I've owned (with gas engines) I've gotten over 300,000 miles! Go Ford!
Ben Warlick 01/20/2012
Into every dirt hole I can find! And she comes out a champ!
Michael Flannery 01/20/2012
Our Escape had taken us to Las Vegas New Mexico Oklahoma
Andrew Boyter 01/20/2012
my ford cortina and now my ford falcon have never let me down ,been here and there and everywhere in between from australia in case ya's are wondering what a falcon and a cortina is lol
Rich Ballew 01/20/2012
I drove from Tampa,Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I have lived for the past three years
Jorge Flores 01/20/2012
Went all over big bend national park this month!!!
Josef Rucksack 01/20/2012
anywhere i want to go: ITS A FORD !!!! (Ford Taunus 70', german ford)
Percival Dionisio 01/20/2012
My Ford Taurus has taken me from San Francisco Ca. to Mcallen Texas! Almost 2.000 ml trip.
Marsha Cash 01/20/2012
Every where I want to go a ford has taken me god bless my sable number 2.....
Calvin Johnson 01/20/2012
My 1999 Escort has taken me 6 time to the desert west. All of those trips were from South Carolina 2 of those times to California.
Justin J Doxtator 01/20/2012
My 2010 Ford F150 Hauls my 1992 Ford Thunderbird Stock Car to our local track all season. Born to a Ford family, will never change! 2005 Ford F350 and 1989 Ford F250 for our snowplowing operations.
Laura E Gruber 01/20/2012
Many various places
Sue Tess 01/20/2012
my first ford a 1972 pinto took me al over Florida I even took it 4 wheeling a couple of time. I am now on my 7th ford truck.. Nothing but Fords for me the way that Ford designs there trucks saved my sons life after a bad car accident.. I love my Ford Truck..
Mark Hanes 01/20/2012
Picture Looks like Pismo Beach, Ca
Jimi Tomaro 01/20/2012
Many places that ford trucks should never see lol. Woods and mud pits :)
Chris Wilson 01/20/2012
To every campsite I wanted to go, no matter what i had to go through to get there.
Ed Higley 01/20/2012
I drove my 1985 Taurus to the top of Copper mountain in a downpour. Before you shrug this off try it yourself, in a 4X4.
Mark Hanes 01/20/2012
Is this Pismo Beach?
Christine Smith 01/20/2012
Christine Smith 01/20/2012
2011 Ford Feista satan
Karen Mainous 01/20/2012
My new one will take me to my cruise next month!
Mark McCune 01/20/2012
2000 f350 diesel 25 of 50 states. Up to 226000 miles
Andy Pope 01/20/2012
TODAY - it is taking my to Scottsdale for the Barrett Jackson auction!
Ernie Hubbard 01/20/2012
Wherever I roam
Matthew Levko 01/20/2012
The side of the freeway, so I got a ride home to get my Dodge Cummins and towed it back... Id buy another new Ford if they would start using Cummins or Cat for diesel engines instead of the power-joke.
Chris Asher 01/20/2012
Inline 6 188,000 miles still running and pulling like a champ
Ron Woods 01/20/2012
From Minnesota to California and back!
Tom Alicandri 01/20/2012
To the POOR HOUSE two trans on my Explorer and never will buy a SUV from Ford dealers the transmissions suck
Duane Spencer 01/20/2012
From North Carolina to Florida
Terry Tolson 01/20/2012
All across the USA alot of times in a 93 F150
Rick Lee 01/20/2012
My Ford has taken me 290,000 miles so far and still goin' strong!!
Lori Galloway 01/20/2012
anywhere i want to go. my 99 F-150 goes everywhere i want to go anytime i am ready to go. I LOVE MY FORD
Christine Smith 01/20/2012
To Minnesota and back to Texas!!
Brenda Maldonado-Williams 01/20/2012
My Expedition has taken me from Detroit to Mexico . Several times ..
Leonel Cabezas 01/20/2012
Tammy Alley Silakowski 01/20/2012
the grand canyon :)
Cindy Cynthia 01/20/2012
right now from a to b i need a new one
James Cutshall 01/20/2012
Liam Kelly 01/20/2012
176000 miles
James Cutshall 01/20/2012
Tennessee to michigan
Olivier Bénard 01/20/2012
to garage
David J. Harrison 01/20/2012
The repair shop......
Dave Morgan 01/20/2012
My Ford takes me anywhere I want to go. And some places I don't want to go...like work for example.
Keith Lamarre 01/20/2012
To you're mom's house
Damian Splinter 01/20/2012
lindo colorsrs
Allen Hoffmann 01/20/2012
# years third in the region autocrossing a 71 Pinto
Where Has Your Ford Taken You?
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