Want to be the First to Drive an EcoBoost?

By Ford Social Member

It’s one thing to read about the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost™ engine, Active Park Assist, Cross Traffic Alert and all the other cool technology available on the 2012 Ford Explorer and Edge, but it’s another to experience them firsthand. Here’s your chance – The EcoBoost Drive it First program is coming to more than 20 U.S. cities, and we’re putting you in the driver’s seat!

Over the course of an hour, you’ll learn about the revolutionary EcoBoost 2.0-liter engine and be able to chat with an expert. You’ll also be able to learn about SYNC® with MyFordTouch, experiencing the technology and full-color LCD touchscreen and fingertip steering wheel controls. You’ll also be able to try the Active Park Assist, EPAS, BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert.

Each event is set up with a family activities area for families with small children. About the only thing you’ll need is a driver’s license and you need to be at least 18 years old. It’s recommended to pre-register, but you can also just show up.

Visit Drive it First for more information, locations and dates.
Dicky Clark Rivanno 10/29/2011
suv .
Sandie Cassady 10/28/2011
Just bought my 2012 Edge with the eco boost, Love it!!!!!!!! Love the Edge , this is my third one, 07,10,12! Love all the extras on my 2012!
Wade Harper 10/28/2011
Those 4 cyl. will feel like 6 with the eco-boost
Jamie At Ford 10/28/2011
Hey Darrell,

As Carl mentioned, our vehicle design and product development teams performed extensive testing on this new, fuel efficient engine. The availability of an EcoBoost in several model lineups further shows our Built Ford Tough confidence in its ability to last!

@Carl – Great question! The 2.0-liter EcoBoost has 4 cylinders. Hope that helps. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
Brad Krekelberg 10/28/2011
I wish I could have a 1.6L 180 hp EcoBoost in a Focus with a 6-speed MANUAL transmission... The 2.0L GDI is a dog with the DSG.
Frankie Love 10/27/2011
will my falcon still be in production or will i have to buy a skyline?
Frankie Love 10/27/2011
is it goin to be put in my falcon?
Michael Bashta 10/27/2011
Sounds great, but need AWD!
Jesper Nordstrøm Meling 10/27/2011
Ecoboost 2.0 either 203 hp or 240 hp with the best powershift you can dream abort. Focus comes with both 1,6 150 hp or 182 hp. I enjoy all of them end precent my car is Focus Estate 182 hp :-)
Brandon Kareiva 10/27/2011
Yeah im gonna ecoboost.....come spring in the Focus ST
Matthew Amack 10/27/2011
Tommy ,what about the Ranger that engine is so old!!!
Carl Allen 10/27/2011
@ Kimberly, is the 2.0 a four cylinder? How many horsepower is it rated at?
Tommy Tturbo 10/27/2011
The ecoboost is going to be in the 2013 escape.
Carl Allen 10/27/2011
I would not be afraid to buy an ecoboost engined car, Ford makes a great product. Plus the gas milage is truely amazing. Ford is also on the right track in getting more horsepower out of smaller engines, and better gas milage. Due to CAFE standards in the next few years all cars and trucks will need to get better gas milage. A lot better. Ford you are on the right track, keep up the great work.
Matthew Amack 10/27/2011
Yes, you need to put it in the Ranger, and in the Escape!!!
Carl Allen 10/27/2011
I am sure Ford did lots and lots of testing on the ecoboost engine before putting in their vehicles.
Darrell Maxwell 10/27/2011
It will take years to find out if eco boost will last.
Jeffery Wayne Adams 10/27/2011
Thinking about trading my 2011 taurus in for a f150 ecoboost has anyone heard of any cons to the new ecoboost motor?
Surdeep Chotaliya 10/27/2011
vl it b launched in india too
David Louie Sr. 10/27/2011
hello for the help to design the whole cars ford fusion by me my real name is david ford but i had mellysa ford the model help me get a name change do to a scandle that got me in trouble as a child that wasnt true so i go by the actor name David P.Louie Sr. if my family owns this company its time for the to shut down these storys makers who took the ford name since they use it to get me in trouble and not with my money and fame
Michael Schuller 10/27/2011
Yes, i do
Kimberly Giesbrecht 10/27/2011
The 2.0 liter is pretty awesome in the edge and explorer- we have a few at Brown Bros Ford in Vancouver! Msg me for a test drive!
Gail Edgar 10/27/2011
I drive a Ford Flex Ecoboost
Ron Kennedy 10/27/2011
Scott Ford 10/27/2011
Just got an EcoBoost FX4 F150 Landed @ Sherwood Park Ford very cool!!!
Ashley Otto 10/27/2011
Well this sucks. I was ready to sign up and realized the one in Chicago is already over and done with :\
Want to be the First to Drive an EcoBoost?
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