Trendy Black Wheels Growing in Popularity

By Ford Social Member

For the longest time, when customers thought about wheels, they were only thinking about whether to pick 15-inch or 16-inch versions. Color usually didn’t even enter into the equation. But the confluence of several trends in car design has meant more and more customers are turning towards black wheels as a way to perfectly capture the look they are seeking for their vehicles, no matter what model they drive. And for 2013, these trendy black wheels are available on some Mustang, F-150, Focus, Edge Sport, Explorer Sport, Taurus SHO and Flex models.

Part of the growth in the appeal of black wheels involves another trend in car sales: the growth in wheel size. In the 2011 model year, the most popular wheel size on Ford vehicles was 15 inches; that has increased to 16 inches for 2012. And no one even bats an eye at the mention of 20-inch wheels anymore.

This trend toward bigger wheels is important, because dark-colored wheels tend to look smaller than traditional bright ones. So these larger wheels give customers the ability to make a stylistic choice with a color, without making sacrifices in the perceived size of the wheel.

Another factor in the rise of black wheels is the surge in popularity of white exteriors, inspired by trends in fashion and technology. In fact, white is currently the most popular car color in North America.

After identifying these trends several years ago, the Ford creative team anticipated that customers would want to accent their striking new white vehicles with black wheels. After all, nothing goes better with a white suit than a snazzy pair of black shoes. And that fashion adage is proving to be true in the automotive world as well.

In the future, more and more colors for trims, stitching and interiors will continue to become available to help customers perfectly express their personal style in their vehicles.
Bob T 11/13/2014
Black Rims are the "Mullet" of this car age. PLease give us a better option.
Ken 06/09/2013
To me, black wheels still look like a cheap after-market add-on that says, "my $30,000 professionally engineered and designed car wasn't very good looking off the show room floor, so I painted my wheels with Krylon gloss black. Now it's perfect." :-)
Joe M 12/23/2012
black wheels look cheep .thats what you got in the '70 s when you got the base cheepskate model car . not a fan
David F 12/10/2012
I have always loved the CHROME version of the Bullitt Wheels!
Black is cool when the car has no hubcap alternative, but when a car comes stock with hubcaps and suddenly is replaced by big black expensive rims I don't bother looking a second time.
The reason being is that I just assume the car has black hubcaps.
if big black expensive rims are the current trend thats great, seriously I encourage you to spend your money!
Connie Jones 12/06/2012
Ford, you guys are missing out on alot of money by not offering all the exterior features of the Boss on a regular engine/transmission model. Lots of people want that sport muscle car look but dont want to pay for, and really dont need the expensive transmission/engine in the Boss Model. I know i do!!
Lenny B 11/07/2012
put a set of black ASA GT-5's on my 12 blue Taurus...actually looks better than the SHO wheel package
Kenneth H 10/30/2012
I do love black rims but 20s only look good on certain cars. I personally think rims can ruin a car if they are to big/ small.
Olivia T 10/21/2012
I dont like that black...I prefer chrome rims myself I like that shiny on dark blue just isnt working....Anyway here is a thought...if you can use recycled cash to make car seats..Do you use recycled pennies to make batteries???

My sister works for Excel Corporation and they receive auto parts for Ford, GM and Chrysler...she is always sick and I wondered if you can do something about those boxes she gets off the trucks because they are full of dirt and viruses from other countries from where they are shipped...couple weeks ago everybody in her plant caught a virus that worked her shift...she has been there for 15 years receiving auto parts from China. Please help or have those boxes sprayed with some kind of antibacterial solution before entering the US... I am TIRED OF ALL THESE FOREIGN GERMS...thanks...7-mile
john m 10/21/2012
i like the black rom's with the silver hobcap over the lug nut's,like tho police behicles have
Sammy Loo 10/19/2012
Looking for the c-max with sliding passenger doors. Why did Ford change its mind for the US market?
Rodney T 10/18/2012
Sorry, but as a graphic designer, all these black wheels I'm seeing don't do a thing for me, especially the ones that don't have the total black relieved by a polished rim and chrome center cap. Wheels are like "jewelry" on a car, and as such they should provide contrast and relief, as well as a certain touch of dress-up. Black wheels have always looked bad on race cars, and they look bad on street cars as well, especially on a black vehicle. In short, they are just "butt-ugly".
Carlos O 10/18/2012
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these are great looking wheels.....when i sold Porsche cars this was a very big decision (WHAT WHEEL) you are going in the right direction
Brad B 10/17/2012
Hey Ford ! Two thoughts about the super-size-wheels. 1- North Carolina's pothole with the skinny tires don't end well. I've seen way too many people with flat tires. 2- I'd personally like to see a migration back to 13"/14"/15" wheel sizes. The larger aftermarket wheels are way to bizarre in style. I'd like to see on the Escape for instance a style of wheel like the Bronco and Bronco II had. For you younger people Bronco in the 1960's was a great SUV, and a Explorer was a F-150 pick-up option my Dad had. A extra word on wheels for those who tow heavy boats, those 20" aftermarket wheels can't take the stress. I had to go get a friends boat at the lake after he spun the centers out of the wheels on his S-10, but that was a Chevy.
I can't decide yet.