There Are Some Great Stories Here, But We Need One More: Yours!

By Ford Social Member

If you’re a Mustang fan, you should have that completely-satisfied feeling with all of the new stories this week on From the Boss Track Attach program to vintage Mustangs at Cars and Coffee, and even car-washing tips that featured a Mustang in the video, there was plenty for you this week. Of course, you may have also enjoyed the access we gave you inside Ford with a live chat regarding how Ford is working with solar energy leader SunPower and some insight on how Ford works to identify and create trends to keep the products and technology on the right track for years to come.

But enough about us, you were quite busy this week too, uploading stories about how you use your Ford to explore the U.S. and providing some ideas for the Ford feature team to consider. If you haven’t submitted your story yet, go to Your Stories a nd submit yours today! You can include a photo or a video. You can also submit an idea to Ford by going to Your Ideas.

Here is what’s new on this week:

Your Stories


Explore The Sedona, Az Red Rock Environment

Jim and Linda Dortch of Scottsdale, AZ snapped this July 2011 photo in beautiful, red rock Sedona, AZ., allowing the red sand and famous Bell Rock to frame their 2010 Ford Explorer. Read more…


Loves My 2011 Ford Fusion Sel Blk/blk Leather Seats

I love my car. I brought my car January 6, 2011. My very first car. I’ve been looking at this car for quite some time, and I fell as though I made a great decision. Toyota nor Honda can NOT compare to FORD. I can be hands free when using my phone. Navigation is excellent I don’t have to use my cells navigation. Gas mileage is great. Read more…


Mellow Yellow
“Grammie! You’re driving a sportscar!!”
Yep, I’m a Grandmother in my 60’s and just purchased my 2012 yellow blaze metallic, manual transmission Ford Focus with a moon roof and I love it!! I call it my “mid-life crisis car”. I’ve named it “Mellow Yellow” and the license plate on order will reflect that as well! Read more...


The Day My Life Could Have Changed

Recently my fiancé and I purchased a 2007 Ford Edge. Thanks to Ford credit giving us a 2.9% finance rate we were able to afford the vehicle as money is tight for us and most of the country. Six days after we picked up the car she was involved in a serious accident which required hospitalization and a totaled out vehicle. She suffered serious injuries but if she would have been in her old Honda civic things would have been much worse to the point I don’t even want to think about it. Being a Fireman I have talked to other fireman and they said it saved her life. Read more…

Your Ideas

Car wash button

A button that places vehicle in neutral, closes mirrors, turns off wipers and also lowers antenna . The tech part is a simple switch, but has yet to be applied to any car. Read more…

Sports car

Over the years Ford has created some of the most finest cars and has earned an even great reputation. If you compare Ford to other car manufactures they all are pretty much the same but Ford lacks in one area. Read more…

Make 3.5 EcoBoost™ available in Explorer

I have heard several people with their need for towing a little more than the current v-6 offers are going for new Durango and Cherokee instead, losing market share to Chrysler.  Read more…

Our Stories


How Ford Spots and Creates Trends

What if someone could predict your every need, want or desire before you even knew what it was? That’s a down and dirty way of explaining what Sheryl Connelly does for Ford as Manager, Global Trends and Futuring. In her role, she looks at consumer trends in five areas: social, technological, economic, environmental and political. “If we can identify and track the right trends, it will give us some insight into the forces that will eventually shape consumer values, attitudes and behaviors,” Sheryl explained. She studies trends to offer insight on what consumers may want in the years to come. Read more…


What’s for Breakfast? Cars and Coffee

I’m not the type of guy who would wake up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I prefer to sleep in really late. I don’t eat breakfast either; however, on a recent Saturday, I broke my usual routine and had cars and coffee for breakfast. A fellow Ford enthusiast, Jared Chavez of Hillbanks Motorsports, invited me to attend a rather unique car show called Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. This event regularly draws over 500 vehicles; other Cars and Coffee events take place in Dallas, Detroit, Honolulu and even six cities in Europe. Read more…


What’s New for the 2012 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

Pairing industry icons for collaboration on a particular model is nothing new in the world of cars and trucks. Usually it works well and an awesome, innovative vehicle results, although sometimes it’s downright cheesy (we’re talking to you, denim-inspired interiors of the 1970s). The Ford Harley-Davidson™ F-150 is in a league of its own, and it’s a match even more successful than any coming out of eHarmony – the 2012 model is the tenth F-150, and if we’re talking success in sheer numbers, then the two have also taken on six Super Duty F-250 and F-350 models, and in 2009 the first Harley-Davidson F-450 edition truck. Read more…


There is a Right Way to Wash Your Car. Here’s How

The other day we were at the gas station. While pumping, we watched someone use the squeegee on the windshield, then run it down the hood of the car for a quickie car wash. We’re pretty sure that violates gas station etiquette, and it was pretty gross. It reminded us that summer means many of us like to take advantage of the weather and be outside, washing our car, truck or SUV by hand. Read more…


Join the Live Chat about Ford and Solar Energy Leader SunPower

The Ford electrification strategy is a top priority for the company this year with exciting new projects on the horizon. Efforts to explore emerging technologies have lead to an innovative partnership between Ford and SunPower, creating a smarter and greener way to charge electric vehicles. Read more…


How to Train Your Mustang

Well, really it’s how to train owners of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 how to get the most from their new ride. And a darn good excuse to spend a day on the track, exercising the Boss 302 under the conditions it was made for. Perhaps the best part Boss Track Attack Days is that it’s complimentary owners of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302! The Boss Track Attack takes place at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Utah. Read more…

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Jamie At Ford 08/15/2011
Hey Bryan! Congratulations on your new Focus! Did you know I can send you order updates? If you PM me your VIN or dealer name & order number, I’ll be able to provide you status info whenever you like.

@Dale – Please refer to my offer to assist you in another thread.

@Andrea – Congrats to you as well on becoming a Focus owner! :)

@Monica – Wow! That is a fantastic story. Have you shared it at: Wishing you both a wonderful, happy life together!

Ford Customer Service Division
Cory Bryant 08/14/2011
i love Ford anything, how about you make them affordable because i dont want to get stuck with a Chevy
Debra Weber 08/13/2011
My husband and I have always been Ford people. However, we just drove by the new Chevy Camaro. Nice job chevy on the backend!!!! Not impressed with the backside of the new mustangs:(. We own a 2007 GT niiiiccccce. A 2011 Ford escape. And a 1983 F-100.
Dale Walters 08/13/2011
How about a RECALL on FORD FUSION 6F35 Transmissions??
Harold Tollison 08/13/2011
Had a long list of fords 87 f150 94 f150 98 gt mustang modded out a 73 ranchero gt 351. 83 f100 4x4 72 f250 390 fe
Craig A. Thomas 08/13/2011
My Dad swore by FORDs for years!! We have a 03 Focus sedan, and a 98 Windstar van; love both. Would get another Windstar (if they were still made). Focus is a little small with 3 growing kiddies. May need a Fusion or SUV next.
Kay Lang 08/13/2011
I've driven FORDS all my life...that's all I will ever own...I'm a FORD GIRL!!! I still wanna buy a Crown Victoria-in black:-D
Daniel Hindley 08/13/2011
Most of you will wonder what I'm on about, but I drive a 2005 mondeo tdci zetec s - and its better than any Taurus, and loads better than the crown Victoria, European fords are miles better than the us ones. Just look at the focus and fiesta...
Andrea Spiker 08/13/2011
I JUST bought a new 2010 Ford Focus! Yellow Blaze hatchback just like the picture! I love it! My Dad has collected Fords for 50 years now!!!
Bill Turner 08/13/2011
It was absolutely great seeing CEO Alan Mullaly on David Letterman last week demonstrating the new Ford electric car!
Dave Straat 08/13/2011
My old 1966 Galaxie 500xl serves me well everyday. 390 with a holley 2 barrel gives me about 22 miles to the gallon
Shannon Stangen-Grafe 08/12/2011
Bought my 88GT when I was 19 and she was 1.5, almost 24 years old and going soooo strong. <3 <3 <3
Bryan Plawecki 08/12/2011
Just ordered a 2012 focus! Candy red. Lets get this story started
DrTarun Suvarnakanti 08/12/2011
My first car ( only car ) is Ford Fiesta and you know first choice is the BEST choice.... I just love Ford
Erik Dent 08/12/2011
1993 ford bronco, 351 Windsor, bought it for $500 2 years ago, still runs like a champ, looks like a $500 truck but unstoppable. I do just about anything to keep the old beast on the road, my dad jokes about how he thinks I need to go to the betty FORD clinic. Lol! Wasn't a huge fan of ford until I got this truck and feel in love. The manual transfer case shifter broke shortly after I bought it, called the local ford dealer, they quoted me $350 for the linkage, checked ebay, minimum $150 used, stayed on craigslist for months until I got one for $30! I don't understand why ford stopped production of these trucks, huge mistake. Im more than certain the body will give up before the engine. ;)
Justin Bergman 08/12/2011
i have a 1992 ford f150 and with 190000 miles it still runs strong... just as it did when my grandpa got it new. we are a family of ford and wont ever look back
Bonnie Mattingly 08/12/2011
My first car was a 1954 ford was a great car I wish I still had it today like it was then. I also had a 56 crown Victoria sweet, have had too many other fords to list. Love my fords. I am definitely a ford woman. Fords all the way, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan McAliece 08/12/2011
95 nf fairlane ghia 400000 on the clock still original drivetrain and still drives like a new car .......gotta love the blue oval!!!!!
Mark Egounis 08/12/2011
My first car was a 1987 crown victoria LTD with 5.0 HO with posi rear end. Some where along way became a truck guy had alota makes we dont talk about on here but i bleed blue had 3 rangers 2 f100's 4 f150's wich i curently drive 03 f150 xlt fx4 ext cab and i love it. The wife makes jokes all time about me loving that truck more then her. Thank you ford keep up the great work.
Sara Jones 08/12/2011
the ones that looks like they have hips are not attractive at all lol
Ricky Davidson 08/12/2011
I've had a few Fords! I'll list a few: 74 f150 4x4
76 f150 short bed
77 f150 long bed
93 f150 ex cab 4x4
94 f150 ex cab 4x4
00 superduty crew cab 4x4 f250
03 superduty 4x4 f250
03 f150 Harley davidson
09 f150 crew cab 4x4
Sara Jones 08/12/2011
i love the trucks i am not saying i don't but the body of the yellow truck is disqusting looking
George Dyke 08/12/2011
My grandfather, my dad, and myself have always ran Ford trucks and we always will until our dying days.
Sara Jones 08/12/2011
the ford truck looks messed up
Brian Andersen 08/12/2011
1984 ford f-150 body is rough but the 300 6 cylinder just keeps going
Atakan Bulat 08/12/2011
I don't like new focus :( !
Marquensho Vldz 08/12/2011
I had a ford focus, now a escape and by next month will add an edge to my family of fords!!!!!!!
Our American Cars 08/12/2011
My first car was a 2000 V6 Mustang. My second, and still own, is a 2005 Ford F250 CC SB. My third, and still own, is a 2004 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Mystichrome. My brother's first car is a 2006 Ford Mustang GT. Good looks! Lots of power! Lots of fun! Ford Tough!
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 08/12/2011
I am still trying to decide between the Mustang GT and/or the Ford F150 (newest models of course). The F150 is my rural (country) spirit and the Mustang GT the urban (city) one. Hmmm, maybe one of each!?!
Quincy McMurphy 08/12/2011
I'm on my second Crown Victoria (My first was a 1990 Crown Victoria STD, now I own a 2004 Crown Victoria STD), and it's the best car I've ever owned. They are safe, reliable, comfortable, roomy, and fuel efficient (up to 31 MPG highway), and I can't say enough good things about my car. Ask any one who owns one, like me.
Steven Baltau 08/12/2011
My dads friend chuck with hes 56 f250 camper special with 715,569 miles on it and has original trans and rear end and is only on its second motor.. he upgraded to 490 big block hahah and has 303,000 miles on it.. got to love it.
Monica Burton 08/12/2011
Did i mention my dad worked at Ford World Headquarters in Detroit for 35 yrs. I only drive Fords...
Monica Burton 08/12/2011
I went to buy a car @ Capital Ford in Wilmington and my salesman and I are getting married in October! I got a Ford Fusion and the love of my life!!!
Wayne McClellan 08/12/2011
I drive a Ford Fusion and own a Ford Tarus staion wagon.
Mickey Atkinson 08/12/2011
My Grandfather, Bill Atkinson started a Ford agency in Bunnell Florida in 1944. We are Blue Oval to the core!