Tech Pundit Leo Laporte Shares His Insights on SYNC

By Ford Social Member

I’ve been talking on my netcasts about some of the amazing technologies Ford has been bringing to its vehicles. Recently I had an opportunity to speak with Jim Buczkowski of the Ford technologies group to find out what’s coming up next in tech for Ford. Here’s what I learned.

We know SYNC® enables drivers to access information and entertainment services with simple voice commands so we can keep our hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.1 As the mobile app market has exploded, SYNC AppLinkTM has enabled Ford to bring some great apps for drivers into its vehicles in a seamless experience.2

Pulling more and more data in from the cloud, it will be exciting to see how these apps integrate into the SYNC platform and enhance the Ford driving experience.

Beyond apps, Ford is collecting data from the vehicle itself to help drivers in new ways. For example, imagine the improvements that could come from a Lane Keeping system made possible by onboard cameras.

It’s great to know Ford is staying on top of new technologies and thinking smartly about how to take advantage of them to improve the overall driving experience. For the last three years, I’ve been enjoying the incredible SYNC system in my Mustang, and I can’t wait to try out the new Focus Electric later in 2012.

Leo Laporte has worked as an author, speaker, and broadcaster in New Haven, Monterey, San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, most recently focusing on technology coverage for radio, television and the Internet.

1) Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use SYNC/MyFord Touch/other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. SYNC is available on select Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

2) SYNC AppLink is available on select models and compatible with select smartphone platform. Commands may vary by phone and AppLink software.
Eric 04/30/2013
I would thank Leo for help Selling me on my first Ford - but he should have told us that MFT does not get apps. I feel like Ford and Leo bait and switched me. Come on Leo, use your clout to get this corrected.
Seth B 04/14/2013
Thank you Leo! Between your podcasts and the fact that my Mercury station wagon hit 20000 miles I knew my next car would be a Ford. I love my 2012 Ford Focus!
Dian S 10/24/2012
Just bought my Very First New Car and it is a Ford ... A Ford Escape w/ Ford Touch ... thank you Ford for advertising on TWIT and other TWIT podcast .. great example of good fun advertising at work.. And of course Leo for loving Technology like I do :-)
ckoral k 10/15/2012
Waiting 6 weeks for my focus time hatch. The dealer let me have one over night. Love it!
Tyron 09/04/2012
Buying a Ford, thanks to the excellent adverts on TWiT...SYC sounds AMAZING :)
Ralph B 08/28/2012
The Gen 2 Ford Sync has had layout and function problems since it came out in March 2012. Owners have filled the Ford forums with complaints and cries for help, but Ford remains quiet. No word of an upgrade/fix coming soon or that they are even working on the problems. My advice to potential owners - don't pay extra for the full Sync package. All you really need is the bluetooth capability to make and receive phone calls thru your phone. Or ride with a current owner for about 15 minutes to see how it really works.
Mike L 08/28/2012
I've purchased two Fords and am about to buy my third. Thank you Ford for advertising on TWiT!
Frank K 08/24/2012
how about having a Twit app on the ford sync?
Bob 08/22/2012
I'm not a car person but thanks to Twit I'm just seriously considering my next car to be a ford
Max C 08/21/2012
Who here was brought here by iPad Today?
Tim K 08/15/2012
I'm here because of TWiT! Thanks Leo, and Ford for supporting TWiT.
Mike M 08/15/2012
I am buying a 2013 Ford Edge Limited because of a couple of things. The great technology Ford puts in its vehicles (Sync with MyFord Touch). And the advertising Ford has done on the TWIT network. Having Leo talk about his Ford experiences cemented my desire to own a Ford. This will be my first Ford. Once the Edge arrives (it’s on order), we will be purchasing a Focus. So long to GM vehicles!
ranblv 08/14/2012
I soooo want this in my next car
Jeff S 08/13/2012
Gotta love the bluetooth Sync features... the speakerphone and voice dialer work well... just wish some of the music player features were a little more tightly integrated. Song titles off Bluetooth streaming would be nice... Otherwise really like it. Been using it since 09 in my Ford Flex. Love the car too!
barrett 08/07/2012
In the morning- Leo!
Rob F 08/06/2012
TWIT is great, tnx Leo