Show Us Your Holiday Packing Skills

By Ford Social Member

It’s that time of year. Time to wrap up the holiday shopping and stuff your car, truck or what-have-you and head off to see family. We’ve managed some very interesting packing jobs, taking maximum advantage of every nook and cranny in a trunk and backseat area, and we’re betting you’ll be putting your packing skills to the test too.

We want to see what you’ve managed to put into the trunk, bed or cargo area of your Ford vehicle. Capture your packing creativity and share it with your fellow Ford fans. It’s easy to do: once you have your stuff packed, snap a photo and upload it through the Ford Facebook page.

While you’re there, you can see how others fared in preparation for their holiday travel. Speaking of holiday travel, check out our Winter Driving Tips, and remember to drive safely this holiday season.
Don 12/30/2011
im a die hard diesel truck driver owner ! Can ford build a 1 ton diesel truck useing the eco technology ??
Ed 12/29/2011
Ed in TX.
Ford shot their self in the foot. I come from along ,line of fords. My latest is an '04 Sport Trac. I plan on keepinf it longer now , 'cause of its demise.
I and many dont need an F-150 crew-cab. Too big, mpg isnt the problem, for me. If I needed a truck that big. Why not go to the F-250 SC with the powerstroke. Nah same size as the F-150..TOOOO big.

I see the Toyota tundra sport 2wd crewcab. Is just right.
Anyone needing 4 full doors mid-size truck. Switch brands, Iam...
Renita Brown 12/29/2011
Renita Brown, Texarkana. I'm a proud owner of a 2012 Escape. I love being a one car owner, a big thank you to my salesman. Mr. Kenneth Walker @ Mclarty Auto Mall. Happy Holidays Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!
karolyn 12/28/2011
Can you possible make a mid sized truck with the eco boost engine? Would buy the first one off the assembly line.
With the price of fuel I can see where the box Escape had to change. The new one looks great and has good fuel economy. I just wish they had kept the hybrid. It would have had great fuel economy.
I wish you had kept the pre-2013 Escape body style.
Charles Miller 12/27/2011
I now own my eighth Ford (or Mercury) in the past 40 years, a 2007 Sport Trac. I've like them all, some better than others. My wife cried when we traded in our 87 Bronco II, but she loves the Sport Trac now. Why stop making them? They are a great SUV/truck cross. Also, why make the new Explorer so small? Ford doesn't have a great mid-sized (smaller than an Expedition) SUV any longer. I think you should re-think that.
Tim James 12/27/2011
To James Nolan, Ford made a Falcon Sprint, not a GT. It was a cool little car, but don't count on Ford to create that retro, too expensive. Also, Ford can't get the Focus ST right, it is a watered down RS from Europe. They need to follow up with at least 300 HP to get buyers, the Mazda Speed 3 has 20 more HP and is 2K cheaper than this new Focus ST. Duh Ford
Jerry Martin 12/27/2011
is he comeing to my house
I would like to know when you are going to bring out the new focus mav it is way passed late fall ????? We are waiting it's arrival.
Jennifer Carpenter 12/27/2011
I don't pack gifts but at least once a month i have to pack up the back of my 2002 explorer to take two teenage girl to beauty pageants now that take talent to get all that stuff in one truck.
Doug Sylfest 12/27/2011
I just like my Fords, have two of them 2008 Escape and 2011 Fusion.
Ann Wilson I love my 2001 Ford Taurus it has 203,000 + miles. My husband has a 1998 Ford F150 and we both love our Fords.
I am looking forward to the 2013 Escape suv's.
Holly Horton 12/27/2011
Escape had a great design--all the way up to 2012. It was a major reason I chose it over other small SUVs. But in 2013 it looks more like an Edge. What's up with that? Why mess with a good thing? If I'd wanted an Edge, I would've gotten one. Not enough cargo room.
Herbie Allen 12/26/2011
I love my 2002 Escort ZX2 and 2009 Ranger. Had a 1995 Escort before these two. Love my Ford's.
Brad Barefoot 12/24/2011
Hey Ford ! Merry Christmas to the Ford Family, Ford Motor Co, and my fellow Ford Crew Mates here at Ford Social. And then remember the reason for the season. Remember to give to the Salvation Army, be thankful for your health, family, and country.
Brad Barefoot 12/23/2011
Hey Ford ! With a Fusion you have to be creative or sneaky. Sneaky is using a small luggage trailer (think small cargo 4 X 6) that weighs in at maybe 450 lbs. Sneaky yes, but dry luggage.
nick gilley 12/23/2011
I have a 1975 mustang mach1 only owner how can i get parts
James nolan 12/23/2011
Do you think ford will ever come out with a ford falcon GT agine? it was the sub frame for the mustane! It would be nice to see one with some of it's old class .
Jesse MacDonald 12/22/2011
I'm pulling our trailer....Too many people to haul this year.