Remote Access Makes Your Smartphone a Virtual Keyfob

By Sean J.

You can do some pretty amazing things with smartphones these days. In a world where your phone can be – among other things – an encyclopedia, GPS and a personal assistant, Ford is entering a new frontier of mobile technology with the Remote Access application for select Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

This aftermarket add-on from Ford Custom Accessories turns your iPhone or Android device into a virtual keyfob. With the Remote Access app, you can lock, unlock and even remote start your vehicle from across the parking lot, or across the country. You can even use the Find feature to flash the lights and honk the horn if, perhaps, you don’t remember exactly where you left it at the mall.

Did you leave your car in one of those big airport parking decks or in a sketchy-looking lot downtown? The Remote Access app also helps you rest a little easier with optional email/text security alerts. That’s right, your car can text or email you to check in and let you know if there’s a security breach.

The Ford Remote Access app can be easily added to several Ford and Lincoln models at the dealership, even if your vehicle is a couple of years old!

“This Genuine Ford Accessory is a plug-and-play kit that is easy to install and does not require any vehicle wire cutting, hence maintaining the quality of the vehicle’s electrical system,” boasts Mouhanad Dahabra, a Ford Electrical Engineering Supervisor who worked on the program.

Right now, the Remote Access system is available on the F-150 , Super Duty ®, Edge , Explorer and Lincoln MKX if your vehicle is a 2011 Model Year, or newer. You can also purchase it if you drive a 2013 model year or newer Taurus , Flex , Lincoln MKS or Lincoln MKT . Contact your local dealer for more information on pricing and availability. More vehicles will be added in the future, so stay tuned!

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Kevin 08/25/2014
I can't believe I cannot buy this for my new 2014 fusion hybrid. Also I can't believe I can't pay to unlock the navigation system. Ford, get with the times'. I want to purchase accessories, please take my money.
Norm2 08/05/2014
Hey Ford, I just bought my first ever Ford, a loaded F-250 Super-Duty diesel 4x4. I've always been a Chevy guy and only went with this Ford due to immediate availability. GM has had the remote access app for a few years and they don't charge anything. Charging $50 year to some third party that I've never heard of is a bad way of doing business. Get you act together.
Brent 03/25/2014
Soooo... When can i put this on my 2014 Fusion Titanium?
DeanR 03/05/2014
Talked to my dealer, they want $585 to install it plus $50 per year.... Expen$ive.... Especially considering my new Flex comes with remote starting but has no range at all.

matt 03/04/2014
still waiting on the escape app.    ford remote start sucks, need that app. asp!!  lets go!!!!
Gary 01/31/2014
I would but it Today, IF it was available for the Fusion Titanium.
Nathan 01/30/2014
I installed the ford remote access add-on in my 2012 Ford F-350. The app is orgnized well, however the connectivity is quite poor. I live in the DC metro area and I'm lucky if the remote access app will connect to my vehicle in 50% of the attempts I make. Great feature, if it worked as designed...
Charles 01/28/2014
It's junk I'm vary unhappy with this remote starter. It puts it's self into power save mode every other day witch shuts down the remote access forcing me to go on a hike at 5 am. My wife has the Drone starter in her vehicle I would recommend that to any one looking at a cellular remote starter.
Marty F 01/25/2014
Marty F ....How much $$ is the needed add on equipment? Thanks
Jayne 11/20/2013
I was told by my local Ford dealership that the module and antenna necessary to take advantage of this service would be $969 including installation. In addition to this cost, the yearly access fee would be $50 to use the service. After paying $40,000+ for my 2013 Edge I was a bit disappointed in the huge fee for the hardware to utilize this feature. My college recently activated the remote start feature on her Chevrolet Equinox through the on Star system with no activation fee. The price to use the service is $25 per month. A bit costly but there is no minimum activation so one could use it during the winter months and then unsubscribe.
Bill 11/18/2013
If your car already has a remote start can you purchase the remote access system and install yourself or does it need to be installed by a dealer. The install instructions look very simple
Robert W 10/04/2013
Seems my 2014 Fusion Titanium should have this feature available as well.
Bob W 09/04/2013
I had the new Ford Remote Access installed on my 2012 F-150. I love this system!!   I have the On-Star equivalent on my wife's 2013 Traverse and that thing sucks -it should be free.  The Ford system works much better.  My truck responds to the app in like 3 seconds!  The OnStar system, when it works, takes like 2 or 3 minutes.  That's OK if your 10 or 15 minutes away from your vehicle but it sucks if your using the app when you'r leaving work or Home Depot.  The Ford system gives me unlimited usage for $49 per year.  Well worth the price for a system that works great.
Brew J 07/19/2013
Agreed. This shouldn't be a feature that a dealer has to should already come equipped and ready to use. Why isn't the Focus or Escape on this list? 
Colin C 07/16/2013
I agree with Brad. Paying for a feature that GM has been offering for free for 2 years (at least) already. I know I was waiting for this feature and was excited to see it available until I seen that it comes with a cost. I know I won't fork over any of my $$ to have this.
Brad B 07/08/2013
Great feature but come on Ford, GM OnStar gives it for free.........given how poorly My Ford Touch has been delivered to customers the least you could do is mitigate the MFT owner frustration with this new feature at no additional cost. Brutal!
Andrew B 07/07/2013
This is cool but i don't think that you should have to purchase it it should already be part of the vehicle. Then all you have to do is download the app and type in a serial number or some kind of code that you would get with the purchase of a new vehicle.
Ford Social Moderator 06/13/2013
Hi clc!

Pricing information is available by contacting your local dealer.

Sonya Harrison, Ford Social
Ford Social Moderator 06/13/2013
Hi Samantha!

We do not have any additional information on new vehicle availability, but Ford is exploring the possibility. Make sure to stay tuned to Ford Social for more announcements, or contact your local dealer.

Sonya Harrison, Ford Social
Wanda T . 06/11/2013
This will be a really great option but how old of a Ford model will it e available on ? And how soon will it be available on the 2013 Focus ?
Samantha Hoover 06/03/2013
Any word on if they have this for the Escape yet?
clc 06/01/2013
How much$$ to add the necessary hardware to an F150 that would allow this app to work?
Bradley Batchelder 06/01/2013
This is awesome! But will this work like the ford aftermarket remote start, so that when you remote start your vehicle (I have a 2012 f-150 xlt) and you open the door the vehicle shuts off?
Kenneth B 05/30/2013
Sounds great.