Put Ford Social in Your Website!

By Cole Q.

Ford Social just launched a new feature that makes it easy for you to get even more social with Ford online content. The Ford Social Plug-In lets you drop a dynamic stream of content directly from Ford Social into your website.

And you get to pick what type of content you want. Is your website about trucks? You can choose to only stream content from us relating to Ford trucks. Mustang? Fiesta? Electric vehicles and hybrids? Same thing. And you can combine as many as you want.

Not only do you get our articles, but you can also choose to stream content from Your Stories and Your Ideas , to hear what Ford fans are adding to the conversation.

Using the Ford Social Plug-In is easy. Go to social.ford.com/syndication/ford-social-plug-in/ to get started. Type the URL of your website in the form, choose from a pre-configured size or create a custom size, customize the colors if you want and then check the boxes for the type of content you want in your Ford Social stream. On the right hand side of the page, you get a preview of what the content will look like when you add it to your website.

Click “Get the Code” and paste the code into your website where desired. That’s all there is to it!

As new content in categories that you’ve selected is added to Ford Social, it will automatically be added to your page. Visitors to your site can scroll through the stories and click to read more on Ford Social.

If you love Ford and have a website or blog, drop this Ford Social Plug-In to share the content we’re creating as well as stories and ideas from fellow Ford fans!
True Teller 05/15/2012
you give cars to your agents in each country but some agents or dealers sell your Cars at higher price. Everyday they change the price . For example in my country ford explorer limited is sold for $ 48,000
Natasha At Ford 05/15/2012
Hey Mcebo,

The 2013 Focus is expected to arrive at dealers in August, so details and pics should be released a few weeks before. Keep an eye out here for details!

@ Al – To check for any recall notices, please visit: http://Owner.Ford.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=Owner/Page/RecallsPage.

@ True – Ouch! Why the lack of Ford <3? Have you taken one of our vehicles for a drive yet? You’ll be impressed!

@ Nikki – Congrats on the new ride! I’m thrilled you joined the Ford family. Please let me know if you have any questions while you get acquainted. :)

Ford Service
Kyle R 05/15/2012
Al, ask your dealer, you'll get a better answer than randomly posting on an article that has nothing to do with your truck.
Nikki Martin 05/15/2012
If you all hate Ford so much, why are you on their Facebook page??? I just got my first Ford and so far Im loving it!
Newman J 05/15/2012
Been a Ford guy ever since I was born because my uncle sold Fords. I am 65. I had to buy, what may be my last new car a month ago. Went everywhere looking for a deal on a Ford. I found out that I cannot afford a Ford. I ended up with a Kia Soul instead, which had more bells and whistles and 100,000 mile warranty for less money. Sorry Ford.
Avery Bolt 05/15/2012
so I could be a tool for fords potential financial gain and lose respect from my friends and family in the process? What a deal!
Glen Harkins 05/15/2012
How much are you going to.pay me for advertising your company on ky website....?
Alex T 05/15/2012
If it is ruining your vehicle I would go ahead and do it myself.
Al Gunter 05/14/2012
Ive got a question. I've got a 1999 Ford F150 extended cab pickup and the back glass leaks badly is there a recall on the weather stripping on this truck or do i need to fix it myself? Please respond back needing to know what i must do before it ruins my interior and thank you for your quality family of automobiles!
Wayne Dark 05/14/2012
LMAO @ their cars always break down that would be because of your lack of maintenance Jared Knapp
Nate Montgomery 05/14/2012
AND you wrote "they cars..." I believe you mean THEIR cars.

My response: I don't trust idiots, they don't know how to speak.
Nate Montgomery 05/14/2012
@Jared Knapp ^

The fact that you used the wrong word (You said brake, you meant BREAK) just shows how stupid you are. Go troll somewhere else.
Jared Knapp 05/14/2012
don't trust ford they cars always brake down
Alba F 05/14/2012
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 05/14/2012
Cabdihakiim Cabdulahi Chess 05/14/2012
Yes good good good company this company is a good company of the world
Mcebo Gumbi 05/14/2012
where is this 2013 new ford focus. we need pics- whose with me
Kyle R 05/14/2012
Love the idea and just tried to implement on my Wordpress site, but can't get anything to show up. If you can, posting some step-by-step instructions for WordPress users would be awesome. Thanks Ford.
Put Ford Social in Your Website!
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