More MPG for You

More MPG for You

By Ford Social Member

We’re all feeling the pinch at the pump, and predictions are for the summer of 2011  to see higher fuel prices yet. In light of that, here’s some news that brighten your day: Ford offers 12 vehicles that lead their sales segments in fuel economy, and that includes four with EPA-certified 40 mpg or higher fuel economy ratings.

Many new Ford and Lincoln vehicles feature improved aerodynamics and fuel-saving technologies including PowerShift, a Ford-designed dry dual-clutch automatic transmission available in the Ford Fiesta and all-new Focus, six-speed automatic transmissions, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) and EcoBoost engines that save on fuel with no compromise to driving excitement.

The newest Ford vehicle in the fuel economy winner’s circle is the all-new Focus SFE, which was recently EPA certified at 40 mpg highway and 28 mpg city. Focus joins the 41 mpg city Fusion Hybrid and 40 mpg highway Fiesta in achieving over 40 mpg.

In addition, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America with its 41 mpg city EPA-certified rating, helping make Ford and Lincoln vehicles the most fuel efficient in the company’s 107-year history.

More Ford fuel economy stars include:
  • Ford Mustang V6: Its high-revving 305-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine and six-speed automatic deliver best-in-class highway fuel economy of 31 mpg; Mustang V6 is the first car in history to deliver the combination of 300-plus horsepower and more than 30 mpg

  • Ford F-150: Its 302-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine and six-speed automatic deliver a best-in-class 17 mpg city and 23 mpg highway – an EPA rating Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra can’t top. The 3.7-liter V6 is one of four all-new truck engines in the 2011 F-150 lineup

  • Ford Fiesta: The combination of a 120-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder and available six-speed dual-clutch PowerShift automatic transmission delivers 40 mpg on the highway, topping Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit by 4 mpg and 5 mpg, respectively

  • Ford Super Duty®: The Ford-designed and Ford-built 6.7-liter Power Stroke® diesel engine delivers as much as 20 percent better fuel economy than the 6.4-liter it replaced. The new Power Stroke isn’t just fuel efficient, it’s also the most powerful diesel pickup engine money can buy, rated at 400 horsepower and 800 lb.-ft. of torque

  • Ford Edge: With its 3.5-liter V6 and six-speed automatic, Edge delivers 19 mpg city and a best-in-class 27 mpg highway. The upcoming 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine in the 2012 Edge is expected to deliver even greater economy

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid remains America’s most fuel-efficient midsize family sedan, topping the Toyota Camry Hybrid by 10 mpg in the city, according to the EPA

  • Ford Escape Hybrid, Transit Connect, Ranger and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also lead their segments with the highest fuel economy

Customers continue to get the benefits of largest-ever Ford investment in fuel-efficient powertrains. In 2010, Ford launched nine new engines and six new six-speed transmissions. The company is on track to deliver fuel-saving six-speed transmissions across most of its lineup of Ford and Lincoln brand vehicles by 2013.
Dominic Vanlaanen 01/16/2012
how about some diesels ford?
Ernie 12/04/2011
Whats up with ford putting a 5 speed manual in the 2012 Focus? Put a 6 speed manual that matches the gear ratio of the 6 speed auto and give customers a fair choice between manual and auto. I personally love the control of a manual, whether your driving on snow covered roads or curvy mountain road. I am also want good gas mileage and its ignorant to limit gas mileage by reducing gears and gear ratios.
Matt 02/28/2011
Zachary...if I had $2 million lying around for a Veyron V16 I probably wouldn't care how much gas costs.
Kim Graham 02/28/2011
do to added safety and convenience features ,and the weight increases of the ave American,...........that sounds Great! i need somethin with power room and economy with style and Ford's got it by the Dozens! pun intended :)
Zachary D Davis 02/28/2011
To all the people who think mileage doesn't matter. Newsflash, Fuel prices are going to reach over 5.00 per gallon again this summer. Many don't expect them to EVER drop under 3.50 per gallon after that. So while you're happy with your Bugatti Veyron V16 Quad Turbo that chugs 8mpg city and 15 highway. I'll be content with my Ford churring anywhere from 22 higway to 50+ highway. We'll see who goes bankrupt from fuel prices first.
Ken Leep III 02/28/2011
I love the mileage I get in my Focus right now, I almost wouldn't know what to do with more MPG. I already only fill up about once a month...
Michael Birch 02/28/2011
I'm not surprised, I got 20 avg. mpg with my 2007 F150 V-8 and I average 39.4 mpg with my Focus, with rising gas prices I'm very happy with the gas mileage! P.S., get out of my way 'cause I AM passing you!
Michael Rucker 02/28/2011
I drive nothing but FORDS - But HEY -buy ANY American Car and support American Companies & Jobs - It's Patroitic and My Grand Parents and Aunts & Uncles and my Parents ALL DROVE AMERICAN cars - NEVER FOREIGN !!!
Tim Foster 02/28/2011
That's Great Ford!!! Keep it going. Go Ford!!! Love my Mariner!!
Suzie Weaver 02/28/2011
It's funny Karl... they've all changed. But most perplexing is, if you dislike them, why bother to read about them?
Søren Lausen 02/28/2011
@ Karl-- which car in 2000 got 40 MPG? Not even Honda achieves 40 mpg without the use of an over complicated and heavy hybrid system. You sir, live under a rock.
Bryan Plawecki 02/28/2011
Explorer improved, 2012 Focus gets 40 mpg, Fiesta was not around in 2000, F 150 ecoboost, mustang 31 mpg. Everything has increased mpg with more horsepower. Karl knows nothing.
Keith Clifford Remelts 02/28/2011
Which cars do you think got the same gas mileage in 2000 compaired to the cars now, in the ford line up.
Don Bond 02/28/2011
FREE CAR given to them for their VOTE...
Sports drinks cost Way More, than Gasoline... Why is everybody so distraught over gas prices?
Buy another sports drink and think about it...
Devin Schard 02/28/2011
Dean Mustang-Matters Hillestad 02/28/2011
Ford is getting more MPG and more HP per gallon...GO FORD GO!!!
Johnny Walker 02/28/2011
Maybe there should be a major story on what each of our POLITICIANS in office drive. Just a thought.
Jesse James Betancourt Agosto 02/28/2011
let me get a free car!!