Love Ford Social Style

By Sean J.

Anyone who doesn’t think it’s possible to fall in love with a vehicle has clearly never owned a Ford Mustang. And while ponies do tend to ignite a lot of passion, they are certainly not the only Ford that some owners speak of with romantic language. If that's you, grab a Valentine badge to show your love for Ford to your friends and fans!

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re enchanting you with some of our favorite Ford love stories, straight from the hearts of fellow Ford Social members.
  • We begin with Randall S., and how his 1936 Ford Tutor was the first of many cars he would grow to love throughout his life.

  • From the love of cars to the love of animals – Cougars and Mustangs to be more precise. These two Ford Social members, the self-coronated “King and Queen of Speed,” had a passion for fast cars before they met while on the mend at a hospital. Now they have a passion for each other too.

  • Speaking of young love, Robert M. began a courtship with his soon-to-be wife in, of all places, Alaska, thanks to an Air Force Staff Car.

  • After a successful courtship comes marriage. And it just so happens that this Ford Social member and professional wedding photographer was about to tie the knot himself. But after watching countless couples drive away in old cars, he decided to purchase a little early wedding gift for himself and his soon-to-be-bride, a Ford Explorer.

  • Finally, a story about a different kind of love – a kind that exists between a father and son. Read how the restoration of a 1972 Mustang brought this family closer together and provides an ever-lasting memory of a very special teen.

Do you have a Ford love story? Don’t be shy! Share the love and celebrate the season in Ford Social fashion.
Shashank C 02/14/2013
Keep rolling such great posts! thanks for reminding a geek its Independence for him today!
I Feel very honored thank you i guess we all think about cars they make these days but the ones in the past are very remarkable you have a very long line of history to get to today i hope that Ford keeps on going for way after i live my life out i am a true believer in Ford Vehicles !
allen t 02/13/2013
love it