Live Chat with Ford Edge Chief Engineer Elaine Bannon

By Ford Social Member

As chief engineer for the all-new Ford Edge, Elaine Bannon is committed to building a vehicle that will stir emotion. She is leading the vehicle team with the hottest new entry into the red-hot crossover market, working to ensure the right combination of great looks and outstanding performance.

Join Elaine right here for a live chat on February 10 at 12:15 p.m. EST.
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“There are a lot of great vehicles out there, but only a select few can make you feel confident, powerful and sexier,” says Elaine. “Edge becomes an extension of your personality. It delivers on all counts, from its bold design, to its balanced ride, fun-to-drive character and confident handling.”

Elaine, who joined Ford Motor Company in 1984, brings a wealth of engineering and management expertise to the Edge program. Her influence is evident in the superb craftsmanship of the Edge’s interior and exterior. As principle lead for Global Craftsmanship, Elaine helped elevate the company to a new level of quality in fit and finish. The Global Craftsmanship team was instrumental in the development of the critically acclaimed 2004 Ford F-150. Before taking on her current assignment, Elaine was chief engineer for Ford commercial trucks, helping integrate the expansive medium and heavy truck lineup into one cohesive business unit.

The Detroit-area native holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Michigan. Elaine says raising her young son and writing poetry helps her see issues from many perspectives. Elaine, who enjoys working the pit crew during her husband’s motorcycle road races, takes on each challenge with the belief that there is no finish line.

“Spending time with my husband on race weekends makes me appreciate the effort it takes to get to the top of your game – no matter what the area,” says Elaine. “Commitment to a skill and the enhancement of that skill takes tenacity, passion and positive energy – whether you’re confronted with greatness or adversity.”
SUPERBAD 07/25/2010
i bought 1991 lincoln town car signature series, which was stopped for 10 months, the guy has lot of cars, anyway i baought it and im doing 250km everyday, its the most comfortable thing i have driven, Ford will never let you down
Edwin Jones 06/27/2010
I plan to buy the 2011 Edge, any idea when production start s ? I plan to tow it behind my motor home all four wheels down. Will the grill change enough that i won't be able to use base plate from the 2010 Edge ?
chaim lebovits 04/04/2010
hi i like to come see some of the new cars from ford in i like to get tickets for the car show in the jacob javits thank you
S, Dearborn, Michigan 02/22/2010
The center console/IP should have been more like the new Taurus- maybe it's the photo but this looks like "older" style/outdated look.....that vertical waterfall look.....first look made me think of some car from the 90s. rest of it looks good though atleast 19 (maybe 20) in wheels should be standard on all Edge- else it's muscular look gives way to these teeny tiny legs.....
James Hagan 02/21/2010
Elaine, The 2011 EDGE looks great. Appears you have reworked the vehicle and addressed the issues with the previous model. I lease a 2007 EDGE AWD. I am very pleased with the overall performance of the vehicle. It has been 100% reliable, Only shop visits are for routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotation etc). I live in Minnesota. My EDGE AWD has handled the cold Minnesota winters with no problem (100% start reliability in winter regardless of ambient temperature). This vehicle has the best performing heating and air conditioning systems of any vehicle I have ever owned. My lease is up in June. Will definately go with another EDGE AWD. Dealer support has been great as well.
Keep up the good work!!!!
JC 02/16/2010
The 2011 Ford Edge Sport grill (not other models, just sport) is an eye sore. It reminds me of the 80s and 90s base vehicles from Ford that always had the cheap, grey grills. The upper models had the painted or chrome grills. Ford wants serious change for the Sport upgrade and that grey grill is a downgrade not an upgrade from the other models. Change it Ford or lose sales on Sport. The 20 hp difference, 22" rims, and sparse ground effects between the chrome grill limited and the grey grill sport is not enough to make myself and others buy a sport otherwise. One does not need U of M to figure this no brainer out....
Robert Hang 02/16/2010
Third row seating in the near future for the Ford Edge ?
bruce wayne 02/12/2010
I have been driving a 1939 Ford every day for 16 years.
When is this thing going to wear out so I can buy a new Ford?
Dawn Anderson 02/12/2010
I LOVE my 2008 Edge Limited AWD, it has all the features I wanted, lots of room, great handle, impressive get up & go. Looking forward to a HYBRID version of this model, keep up the GREAT work
Tom Pendleton 02/10/2010
Is the EcoBoast 4 going to be available in both AWD and FWD? Thanks
JDD 02/08/2010

Really looking forward to your chat. As a current Acura driver, i'm very much excited at the prospect of "crossing over" to a Ford Edge. I'm hoping that you look into "active park assist" for this next update, like what is in the MKS, Escape, etc. I know I would rather not scuff up my 20" wheels if at all possible.
Stanley Hall 02/05/2010
Maybe the Fusion isn't your baliwick. but, I recently had a chance to ride in one, and did enjoin a good. Just one problem. I'm over 60 y/o, so getting in and out of it wasn't very easy, and I dare say there's a lot of us in that 60+ age group. So, one recent day, I had a minor epiphany. Have you seen the street rods of L.A. and other places that are jacked-up and down on shocks or whatever they do for those wild rides. Now is that something that could be safely done for those low rides with good gas miles. You are probably rolling in the aisles with laughter, and admittedly I send this message half kiddingly and half serious.

Thanks for your time and best wishes for Ford. Yes, I have stock and that's good too.
CarlW 02/04/2010
Really look forward to this live chat. Lots of nice and IMO needed changes happening to the Edge.
Especially the new 2.0L EcoBoost.
Great that Ford is connecting with us with so many of the Ford Team, keep it up!!