Ford Social Gives Citizen Journalists Access to the 2012 SEMA Show

By Sean J.

As over 120,000 automotive insiders packed into the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 2012 SEMA show , among them were a small group of citizen journalists , reporting for Ford Social at the world’s largest automotive trade show. There would be no shortage of media coverage at this exclusive event. But there’s something special about experiencing the SEMA show through the eyes of passionate Ford Social members.

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At SEMA, there’s something for every manner of automotive enthusiast. After our citizen journalists had a chance to experience everything that the Las Vegas Convention Center had to offer, they shared their unique experiences with Ford Social. So let’s meet the Ford Social citizen journalists, and see the 2012 SEMA Show through their eyes:

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Well? I'm not sure if my comments are being reviewed?? I have many comments! On many article's that where great reads for me! This article is a great read! And I think ford is the best part of sema! Some of the best showing at sema is ford products! Fords the best at sema for me! Can't wait to see what you guys bring next year! To sema!!