Ford Social Brings Tech Enthusiasts to CES

By Cole Q.

What happens when you invite two tech enthusiasts to the biggest consumer electronics show in the world? That’s right! It’s kids-in-the-candy-store time!

Larry Thorson and Grace Gil are tech enthusiasts that also share an interested in Ford. We noticed when they became members of Ford Social and participated in what we offer: the chance to share their stories, ideas and grab a badge ! So we invited them to attend the 2013 International CES , providing airfare, hotel, ground transportation and meals as well as credentials for the event. We introduced them into the people who helped developed some of the newest technology on display at Ford. We also gave them the freedom to go check out the newest gizmos, games and apps from all of the companies at CES.

Sound like something you might want to do? Sign up to be a citizen journalist and we might just call on you to attend a future auto show, trade show or who knows what! We’re always looking for enthusiastic people who want to share their views on what’s happening.

While Larry shared his report from CES last week, we’ll bring you Grace’s viewpoint next week. And there’s always room for your voice. Even if we don’t pick you to be a Ford Social citizen journalist, you can always submit your story here !
Joshua M 01/26/2013
Great picture happy saturday ford...
Greg F 01/25/2013
Gathering information from the general puplic is what produces success. I am deeply concerned for Ford Australia. Aussies still have a love of large cars and we know they can be economical to run with modern technoligy. Give'm another wagon (the last one failed I believe, because a was only a rehash of the same thing for nearly 20 yrs. Holden retained theirs with a new concept. Also give the people a family (Falcon) size convertible. As Henry once said if it aint broke don't fix it! It is broke so it needs fixing, Henry also said to Edsel "there's nothing wrong with the T the people has just stopped buying it. That was 1928. Guess what Edsel for once, did not believe his father. In came the "A" and Ford lived on. It was broke, but Edsel saw the fix. Please do not let an Icon die for want of inivation
Ford Social Brings Tech Enthusiasts to CES
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