Ford Remote Access Goes Beyond Remote Starters

By Tori T.

Imagine a world in which you could talk to your Ford about your wants and needs, and it could, to a certain extent, take care of them for you? Say, it’s snowing and you want to get into a vehicle that’s toasty warm. Or you need help finding where you parked. Those and many other perks are now a reality.

Ford has launched Ford Remote Access , giving you the ability to access some key vehicle functions from your iPhone or Android smartphone. This includes being able to control certain functions of your Ford vehicle, asking it to remotely lock, unlock or start from anywhere there is Wi-Fi or cellular service. And we mean from across the street or even from across the country.

“Having a vehicle that’s capable of a two-way conversation can give drivers peace of mind,” said Mouhanad Dahabra, Ford Global Electrical Commodity Manager. “That’s the whole idea behind it.” Think of it as having a virtual keyfob. And the app can even provide email or text security alerts if your Ford is being accessed when you are out of town or away from it.

Mouhanad and Jeff Daugherty developed the Remote Access app as a convenience feature that “lets you check in with your vehicle anytime, from almost anywhere,” Mouhanad explained. The Genuine Ford Accessories hardware is available through, and must be installed by, an authorized Ford dealer, but it won’t require cutting any wiring. And it’s available for these models: 2013-2014 Ford Taurus and Flex, as well as the 2011-2014 Ford Edge, Explorer, F-150 and Super Duty.

And that’s something to talk about. Especially with your Ford. Check out this video on Ford Remote Access or visit Ford Accessories for more information.
Viernie M 06/04/2014
I have this installed on my 2014 Explorer and it works great but price is a little bit high. The App needs more functionality, extension to SmartWatch will be great as cellphones are getting bigger and bigger.
Jeff K 03/29/2014
Ideally, this should come built in on a $50K ford explorer sport. At a minimum the hardware should be built in. If we must pay a monthly charge for the cell service, then other data services should be bundled in as well.
michael w 02/27/2014
Am I the only one that has a problem paying $385.00 for a feature that's free for six months to a year on GM vehicles?  Come on Ford this is something that should be preinstalled and standard in all of your vehicles by now. 
William G 01/25/2014
Nice app but kind of pricey!
Kelly R 01/22/2014
I second the question on the Fusion. It's as technologically advanced as any of those other vehicles. Share the wealth.
Mouhanad D 01/21/2014
Believe 2014 Fusion support is planned for second quater 2014.
SEAN 01/20/2014
Hey Guys! No Fusion in the mix?? I'm waiting for an ordered 2014 Fusion Titanium and this feature addition would be a huge help! What's the deal?
Guest 01/16/2014
I have been waiting for this product for almost a year -- yet, my dealership has little information or suggestions. I find that few dealerships actually install the remote systems but contract with a 3-rd party. Yes, they install Ford parts but they are insalled by someone else. I have the long-range remotest start added to my 2012 Explorer with the alarm system. I can't find out what it would take to add the remote app to my system!
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