Ford First: Virtual Showroom in PlayStation Home

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PlayStation® Home has more than 20 million users, and what better way to let them experience the Ford Edge and Fiesta than through a virtual showroom? Ford is the first automaker to launch a space within the North American version of this free, social-game platform, developed for the PlayStation 3 system and accessible by users through the PlayStation Network.

This gives players a unique opportunity to explore the Edge and Fiesta as well as Ford technology. In addition to being able to view the exterior and interior of the two vehicles, the in-car connectivity system SYNC® allows for interaction; users can pair a virtual mobile phone (already in the car) with SYNC. The system will start and a game menu will appear, with an option to play three quests: Music Quest, Turn-by-Turn Quest and Phone Quest.

Here’s a taste of what this virtual world is like: If you were playing, the person you controlled – avatar, for you hipsters – would enter the Ford Showroom and nab a virtual T-shirt with the Ford logo, just for showing up. The avatar could then take a gander at the Edge and Fiesta (including getting inside in order to check out the locations of key controls), with a virtual Ford rep introducing the vehicles and games.

About those quests: In Music Quest, avatars plug in an MP3 player and receive audio instructions that lead to a mini-game in which players take part in a music-based activity. If completed successfully, you receive a SYNC-branded virtual MP3 player with docking station that you can take to your own PlayStation Home apartment.

Turn-by-Turn Quest requires you to follow a map that leads to a puzzle that must be completed in order to win a holographic digital globe furniture item. Phone Quest requires use of a virtual phone to receive clues about how to find the last challenge, which is a logic puzzle. If completed, you would win a virtual SYNC-branded hooded sweatshirt with a glowing logo.

After you’ve completed all three quests, you’ll be instructed to return to the Ford Showroom for the grand prize of a virtual digital picture frame with the SYNC brand on it.

“We want users to really feel like they are inside one of the vehicles,” said Brian McClary, Ford Social and Emerging Media Specialist. “The purpose of Ford participating in PlayStation Home is not only to educate users, but to help entertain as well.”
cameron l 11/19/2012
how do you get on the ford showroom
Jamie At Ford 06/22/2011
Hi Ghassan,
I’m sorry for the service issues you have had at your dealership. Please refer to my message to you in another thread. You can contact the Customer Relationship Center for the Middle East at: +971 (0) 4 3326084 and they will be able to assist.

Ford Customer Service Division
Brian McClary 06/21/2011
Right now, there aren't any official plans to have Ford vehicles available for users to put in their virtual driveways in Playstation Home. However, if you are a Sims 3 player, we just made the Ford Focus sedan available for download and you can put this in your Sims driveway. You can also download the Ford Fiesta to put next to your virtual Focus and have the best looking cars on your virtual block.

Happy Gaming,
Brian McClary
Ford Digital Marketing
Brian McClary 06/21/2011
Thanks for your comment. Right now, Xbox does not offer an environment like Playstation Home. However, we are always looking at what various gaming companies have to offer and will consider them for upcoming programs. Please let me know if you have any other questions about the Ford Showroom in Playstation Home.

Happy Gaming,
Brian McClary
Ford Digital Marketing
Brian McClary 06/21/2011
Thanks for your question. We are always evaluating other gaming platforms for us to talk to our great fans. I can't speak to any plans for Focus ST and RS. You will have to stay tuned to see what we have planned next.

Happy Gaming,
Brian McClary
Ford Digital Marketing
Kyle Sonnenburg 06/21/2011
* too * lol
Kyle Sonnenburg 06/21/2011
Why doesent Xbox get that two man?
Colin Robson 06/21/2011
Can I put some virtual Fords in my Home driveway?
The only thing FORDs need are PS3s in every vehicle.
Maik Lampe 06/21/2011
Nice models - now port them to need for speed or something like this =D
Butch Pfeiffer 06/21/2011
does include a virtual test drive also?
Andrew Scialdone 06/21/2011
ford and is good. i need to get on home
Anthony Stenhouse 06/21/2011
Not been on home in like a year tempted to go on better be able to drive it :p lol
Wesley Robinson 06/21/2011
That's pretty cool. I'll have to check that out, if not just for the Ford shirt for my avatar. Lol
Dylan Reidy 06/21/2011
Brian Euvino 06/21/2011
Ford = win. Playstsation = fail
Robert Baker 06/21/2011
I experience my Ford inside and out everyday
Chris Tyra 06/21/2011
Epic idea! Now put the Mustang on it.
Danny Sotelo Jr. 06/21/2011
What about XBOX 360, but can you also make us experience the new Focus ST and the Ford Focus RS?
Japhet Adam Melendez 06/21/2011
you need to put it on xbox live
Joseph Manna 06/21/2011
You should do this on the Xbox.
Ford First: Virtual Showroom in PlayStation Home
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