Ford F-150 Named Top Safety Pick

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The 2011 Ford F-150 SuperCrew has been crowned a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Do you realize how stoked we are about that? It means Ford now has 11 vehicles on the road in the U.S. with an IIHS Top Safety Pick rating: 2011 models of the Explorer, Edge, Fusion, Fiesta (for those built after July 2010), Flex and Taurus as well as the Lincoln MKS, MKT, MKX (built after February 2011) and MKZ. Pardon us while we gloat for a moment.

To earn a Top Safety Pick ranking from the IIHS, there are a few requirements. A vehicle must offer electronic stability control. (Done.) It must also have a rating of “good” in offset frontal-, side- and rear-impact crash tests and roof-strength evaluations. (Done, done, done and done.) The F-150 ranking is applicable for those built after February 2011.

To boot, new safety features for the F-150 include a seat-integrated shoulder belt for the front middle seat and a head restraint for the second-row middle seat.

“Safety ratings are important markers customers can use to evaluate vehicles, so we are proud Ford has the most top U.S. safety ratings of any automaker ever,” said Sue Cischke, Ford Group Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. “The F-150’s innovative safety technologies and this new Top Safety Pick award further demonstrate Ford’s commitment to safety.”

Standard safety features on the 2011 F-150  include an advanced safety structure with high-strength steel, six airbags, AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Roll Stability Control™), four-wheel ABS brakes, SOS Post Crash Alert System?™, MyKey® and trailer sway control.

By reading this article, you’ve learned this is a vehicle being lauded for its safety technology, but we didn’t put all our eggs in that basket. The F-150 has many other attributes contributing to the reason it has remained the best-selling truck in America for the 34th year in a row (and while we’re bragging, we’ll also throw in best-selling vehicle – car or truck – for the 29th consecutive year). Among them? The very-in-demand fuel-efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, which continues to be a big hit with consumers.

Advanced technology and safety in a truck that gets the job done – just what you’ve come to expect from the F-Series family of pickups. Click here to find more information about Ford F-150 on
Austin Nelsen 05/24/2011
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Julian Andre 05/13/2011
and top beauty pick
Theunis de Bruin 05/13/2011
Theuns de Bruin
Fords are nice in South Africa as well, my son is 19 and got his first ford a 1969 20M. we love everything about Ford. excelent cars.
Max Rodgers 05/13/2011
The Tundra got top marks too.. Tundra is just as good.. And it didnt take 30+ years to get it..
Uwe Evertz 05/13/2011
Like this Car and my Mustang grreets from germany
Terry Otis 05/13/2011
Awesome!! Now that IS something to brag about!!!!! Way to go FORD!!
J.b. Wren 05/13/2011
How about donating one to me for a patrol vehicle? seriously. How about it? Lol
Andrew Travica 05/13/2011
Way to go.
Vance Valloff 05/12/2011
ford wud get the piece of junk award if there was one
Kim Johnson 05/12/2011
Cream always rises to the top!!!!!
Andrew McConnell 05/12/2011
Sad Sad Sad - Not available here 'Australia' for under 100k. So a rip off here. Sad Sad Sad
Shane Sherwood 05/12/2011
If only the hideous large front grill was removed, it might be a good truck
Suzanne Krueger 05/12/2011
I LOVE my 2007 F-150 Quad Cab... she is my baby. YAY Ford!
Kei Yau 05/12/2011
that's why i just brought one
Conner Kegler 05/12/2011
2002 White V-6Engine Cobra
Conner Kegler 05/12/2011
Good choice of cars
John Wilczynski 05/12/2011
2006 Ford F-150 FX 4, 1995 Mustang Cobra R
Conner Kegler 05/12/2011
FORD F(First) O(On) R(Race) D(Day) My 2002 Mustang is always First On Race Day
Thomas Burgess 05/12/2011
I'll take a Ford over a Obama-a-let anyday
Henry Klassen 05/12/2011
I'm not surprised to hear that. Thats ford for ya! BUILT FORD TOUGH! :)
Scott Ford 05/12/2011
Share button needed!!!
Scott Cuttle 05/12/2011
I wish there was a "share" button for the iPhone fb app. Great job!
Richard Callum-daddy Godley 05/12/2011
Good old FORD always doing well Keep it up guys and ladys that work so hard to bring us good reliable cars. FORD ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!
Ford!!!! Please Bring Back the Bronco 05/12/2011
Paul Weidner 05/12/2011
You know it.
Victor Neves 05/12/2011
My 2000 F-150 is still getting me where I need to go. I really don't care for the new body style. It's too big and a huge gas guzzler. How about a 25 mile p/gallon 4x4 F-150???? There would be a wating list for months. If you can manufacture a V6, 300hp Mustang getting near 30 M/p/gallon, why stop there??? We need fuel efficient 4x4 trucks.
Bryson Antony Cordero 05/12/2011
I feel so safe In mine!!
Matt Abrams 05/12/2011
07 F150 XLT ftw. love my truck, will say tho my dads 2010 F150 platinum takes the cake tho.
Carolina Lievanos 05/12/2011
Luv my F-150! <3
Scott Ruckman 05/12/2011
And no bail out indeed......GO FORD!
Agape' Agbuya 05/12/2011
All this NO BAIL OUT...Yess, all the way, men!!!! Ford-Lincoln products, NO DOUBT, all the best!!!
Ruy Cabral de Morais 05/12/2011
Jeremy L. Logue 05/12/2011
As a soon to be former gm guy. I'm looking forward to buying not only first Ford, but my first F150.
Agape' Agbuya 05/12/2011
I am looking forward to a new Expedition!!!
Aurelio Cuervo 05/12/2011
I have an 03 and 07 Explorer. FORD all the way!!! Looking to get me an F-150 or wait and see how the New re-designed Expedition will look like! :)
John Smith 05/12/2011
All this and no bailout...
Shannon Ehlers 05/12/2011
I crashed my 1997 F150 this winter. I slipped on some ice (my fault) went through a barricade and down a 30 foot embankment into a tree. The truck was a total loss, but I walked away. Thanks to my gaurdian angel and my F150.
Janet Martin 05/12/2011
that's b/c Ford is #1.
Gregory John Grotzke 05/12/2011
this is AWESOME! we had a 2011 Fusion SEL for a loaner car, for a week. We wanted to trade right there! :)
Brittney Marie Hornberger 05/12/2011
No surprise Ford has the Best!!!! N it beats the Rest!!! Love my Ford <3
John Tc de Montfort 05/12/2011
Jessica Rudy Wilson 05/12/2011
Love my F 150, hate the gas prices but love my truck :)
John Moore 05/12/2011
not surprised at all. GO FORD!!
Connie Andrews- Borozenski 05/12/2011
FORD ROCKS!! We own FORD cars and a truck
Alvin Smith 05/12/2011
He'll Yeah, the Best Never Rest!!

Keep up the great work.
Ford F-150 Named Top Safety Pick
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