Ford Edge is a Top Safety Pick

By Ford Social Member

Raise your hand if you were a kid whose parents let you ride in the very back of the family station wagon on road trips, rolling from side to side during left and right turns. Anyone? All of us? It would have been difficult to imagine back then that there would come a day in which we would be driving vehicles so advanced in safety technology, our days as human cargo would become merely an eye-rolling memory. Times have sure changed – now, driver and occupant safety are a priority for buyers when considering a vehicle purchase.

Those are a priority for Ford too, from bumper to bumper. Ford now has 10 vehicles on the road in the U.S. that have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick rating. Among them is the 2011 Edge (for models built after February 2011).

But a vehicle is not named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS solely for being outfitted with innovative safety equipment. It must receive a rating of “good” from the IIHS in offset frontal-, side- and rear-impact crash tests and roof strength evaluations, as well as offer electronic stability control.

That’s not to say that safety offerings aren’t an important part of the overall package. The cutting-edge driver-aid and safety technologies available for the Edge are striking a chord with buyers. Of the first 101,908 vehicles sold, 80 percent included a rear view camera, while 32 percent included BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System).

Additional safety options for the Edge include Adaptive Cruise Control, which slows the vehicle to adapt for traffic conditions and maintain a preset distance between vehicles. There’s also Collision Warning with brake support, which helps reduce speed, automatically pre-charges brakes, provides a red warning light on the windshield as well as an audible beep to help drivers stop more quickly when the system detects a collision is imminent.

BLIS with cross-traffic alert, helps detect vehicles in blind spots during normal driving, as well as traffic approaching from the sides when reversing out of parking spots. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System alerts drivers when it senses tire pressure is low, while MyKey allows parents to limit speed and audio volume in their vehicles and is designed to help parents encourage safe driving habits in their teens.

The Edge also features a solid unibody construction, which provides an energy-absorbing structure to help protect occupants. Bumper-to-bumper flow-through side rails, structural design and A-pillars are designed to move crash energy away from occupants. Nearly half of the stiff shell is composed of high-strength steels, such as boron, for both increased strength and reduced weight.

When a crash becomes unavoidable, the Edge relies on an array of airbags. Two front dual-stage and two side airbags are joined by a Safety Canopy® consisting of side-curtain airbags for front and rear outboard passengers. Personal Safety System™ safety belts feature pretensioners and an energy management system with adjustable D-ring height in the first row.

The other Ford vehicles that have earned the Top Safety Pick rating are the 2011 models of the Explorer, Taurus, Fusion, Fiesta (when built after July 2010) and Flex as well as the 2011 models of the Lincoln MKS, MKT, MKX and MKZ.
Ramon Cardona 06/13/2011
OK, this piece is about a crash-worthy vehicle, not a safe one. Cars cannot be safe. People can be safe/unsafe. This notion of a safe car may lead people to take chances that normally may not be considered. Do not trust all these safety devices to save you at a crash. Avoid crashing is the best situation. Many websites cover car wrecks and one common factor is: speeding. Speeding mostly sends money to the oil companies out of your pocket. It does save you seconds per mile, at best, under most conditions. It is not worth the risk. And please use turn signals for everything. It shows courtesy and care for yourself and others besides being the law. OK? Too many destroyed lives and damaged vehicles are the result of sudden and unannounced lane changes/exits or entry to highways and turns. Too many people tailgating out there for you not to use your turn signals. And if you like to tailgate, please don't. OK? Many thanks.
vinnie savino 04/28/2011
As a ford sales consultant in the greatest city in the world, NEW YORK !!
Through my clients feedback. Ford has truly become a world class contender in the the global car market.Hats off to Ford for providing industry leading vehicles with safety,technology ,fit and finish.
Thanks for making my job so easy. Vinnie Savino
Terry 04/28/2011
1972 first ford 1953 I still have ford 6six t-birds 59-65,two,56stationwagons ,excursion whitch should have still made.f250,L9000 well you know. Thank you ford I will keep buying your product If we stand up for people. in the USA The ones that stand up for them selfs I am a harley rider toooo
Merari Velazquez 04/27/2011
I love the ford edge but I can't afford it right now :(
jaime 04/27/2011
every thing about ford is awesome i was born and raised around fords only never would own anything but ford keep up the awesome work ford................
Felipe Carastan 04/27/2011
I love the Edge, since its fists generation... but here in Brazil, it's tooooooo expensive!!
Melissa Callison 04/27/2011
Traded in my Edge for a Flex - love them both!
George Mouring 04/27/2011
John 04/26/2011
dodge FTW!!! Their trucks and diesels are better than fords!!!
Dino Giaouris 04/26/2011
ford is the best edge is the best congrats FORD !
Todd Heide 04/26/2011
Flex too!
Barry Knight 04/26/2011
own a 2007 Fod Edge , love it even more b/c it is paid for.
CC 04/26/2011
Heard rumours you are coming out with a 4 cylinder Edge. We need it!! Gas prices are insane and this car needs better MPG. Can't wait
William 04/26/2011
Have a 2007 Edge SEL AWD......great vehicle and my 2yr. old German Shepherd loves riding in it! Perfect for Schutzhund and a great winter vehicle....AWD rocks!!!
FaureciaNA 04/26/2011
Cyril Vil 04/26/2011
No wonder we've got 3 fords in our garage :)
Vlad Barannikov 04/26/2011
Go ford
Laurie Jarosz Berger 04/26/2011
Recently five adult women vacationed in Florida and we got a Ford Edge rental. Couldn't believe how comfortably we were all seated, plus it accommodated ALL OUR LUGGAGE, no problem. Way to go Ford.
Doug Bentley 04/26/2011
I have edge limited rental while my Subaru is being worked on. Great ride! I am enjoying it. It also is taking 4 days longer than expected to fix mine. For some reason it doesn't bother me.
Hiroki Ando 04/26/2011
I love ford!! I love my car!!
Jeanette Beldin 04/26/2011
Love my 2010 Limited Edge!!
Robert Wallace 04/26/2011
BUT you dont have to worrie about saftey-ness if you get a Raptor. (=
Rosemarie Forcum 04/26/2011
Love our 2010 Edge Limited. Had 5 Explorers before the Edge, which we loved also. But the switch to the Edge was good for us.
Cody Mitchell 04/26/2011
if only i could afford one :/, love the car and the design. so much and better looking than the competition.
Scott Logan 04/26/2011
Love my 2011 Edge!
Gerald D Horton 04/26/2011
GO FORD!! The best quarter in 13 years,,on a roll. w/o bailouts,,you can do it!!
Esther Martinez 04/26/2011
I love my Edge :)
Cindy Foster Schultz 04/26/2011
I want an Edge sooooooooo bad!
Dallas Wright 04/26/2011
Remember....the ford ranger was the FIRST edge because it had an edge edition going back to atleast 1992...more than 10 years before the name went independent of the popular compact pick up to become named after a crossover.
Don Bond 04/26/2011
It Does not have one safety feature to keep the driver from breaking the LAW. this in return will reduce the deaths of kids at the Hands of their Parents.
Evan 'Happy' Ruiz 04/26/2011
Plus, Ford offers inflatable second row seat belts. Which no other car company has to offer
Alex Nalbandian 04/26/2011
I'm very happy that Ford is making such big strides. But they shouldn't stop trying.
Keep up the good work!!
Denton Grenke 04/26/2011
Nothing less than expected in 2011. Great products+great management+great customers=great company
Louie Calcaterra 04/26/2011
Ford was the only one of the big three not to make the "worst cars in america" list by "if i remember" forbes :)
Georgia LeBlond 04/26/2011
They sure are!!!!
Kimberly Sue Andrews 04/26/2011
is one of those Ford people !!! Keep the saftey features coming ..thanks Ford !!
Ford Edge is a Top Safety Pick
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