Ford EcoBoost Engine Expands to 2012 Edge and Explorer

By Ford Social Member

It’s here! The 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine is available in the 2012 Ford Edge and Explorer, shipping to dealerships as we speak! It can be had in the front-wheel-drive models.

And by the way, you thought the Edge and Explorer boasted great fuel economy before? Equipped with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost, the Edge with EcoBoost has a hearty EPA-estimated 21 mpg city and 30 mpg highway. Meanwhile, the Explorer has an EPA-estimated 20 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, which is a 30 percent highway fuel-efficiency increase over the most economical previous-gen 2010 Explorer. Both applications will deliver 240 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Edge and Explorer are the first vehicles in North America to be offered with the new 2.0-liter engine. The EcoBoost marks the next chapter in the Ford strategy to downsize engines and use turbocharging and direct injection to deliver the power and fuel economy you crave. The EcoBoost does this by combining a smaller displacement with a turbocharger and gasoline direct injection to provide the power of a normally aspirated V6 with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder engine. Moving forward, EcoBoost engines will continue to deliver more power and fuel economy from smaller-displacement engines; Ford has committed to offering fuel-efficient, high-technology EcoBoost engines in 90 percent of its global vehicle portfolio by 2013.

The Explorer EcoBoost fuel economy is optimized with aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff (ADSFO), twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), an efficient six-speed gear span in its 6F35 automatic transmission and a smooth aerodynamic body. The Edge too maximizes fuel economy by combining the advanced EcoBoost powertrain with ADSFO and Ti-VCT, but adds active grille shutters to improve aerodynamics. Active transmission warmup for the 6F35 gearbox reduces internal friction immediately following engine startup.

“An expanded array of customer choice marks the Ford showroom for 2012,” said Ford President, The Americas, Mark Fields. “An EcoBoost powertrain puts Edge and Explorer fuel efficiency over the top, while the next-generation Ford Focus brings an extended portfolio of models with premium technology, comfort and convenience offerings.”

That’s right – if the Focus is more your style, it too is powered by a new engine, a 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection four-cylinder, delivering an EPA-estimated up to 40 mpg on the highway, with a class-leading 160 horsepower and 146 lb.-ft. of torque, and a fuel-efficiency improvement of 10 percent and 20 percent more horsepower than the previous-model Focus engine. The advanced technology uses Ti-VCT to increase responsiveness, boost fuel economy and reduce emissions. Plus, an available Super Fuel Economy package for the Focus SE adds low-rolling-resistance tires, aerodynamically optimized wheel covers and rear disc brakes.
Jon P 08/01/2012
One other thing, we are also in the market soon looking to upgrade our current Expedition. When will this vehicle get the V-6 EcoBoost? And when do you think it will get a face lift? I won't be spending $50K on a new one until it has those two upgrades.
Jon P 08/01/2012
Again, I'll say it . . . FORD you should offer the V-6 EcoBoost on ALL Brands "Sport" model, i.e. Fusion or Edge Sport should have a V-6 EcoBoost offering! I would have either of the above 2013 purchased already . . . if offered!
Jason T 01/07/2012
This 2.0l turbo wouldn't be that bad if the explorer weighed 4,000lb or less...this vehicle is just too heavy; even the standard 3.5l v-6 feels underpowered and gas mileage isn't really that good.
2010 F150 11/14/2011
Why not put the ecoboost in the mustang and bring back a mid level LX package like there was before. A nice insurance cheater that's still fast enough to give the chevy guys a little more trouble for a little less cash outta our pockets! Chevy has the RS Camaro back, lets get the LX back to match their stable!
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
My company is looking to buy an E-Series van but reconsidered when they saw that the Van was not available with the 3.5L Eco Boost engine that is in the F-150.
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
Ford is really making some great progress with its new line of engines. Hopefully they realize that the Explorer needs an Eco Boost with a rear drive system. I like new explorer with the terrain managment system for of road use. But my wife wont buy the Explorer for our growing family with out the new Eco Boost technology.
Harry Risher 11/13/2011
We need a new Ranger and an F-150 with a small diesel ! The Ranger is America's most fuel efficient small truck now--image what it would be like with the new 2.0 Eco-Boost engine---like 35-40 mpg and more power than the reliable,old Ranger. Someone is going to build a new,small Diesel for half ton pickups--FORD needs to get the jump to stay ahead of the competition!! GO FORD !
Jon Pepe 11/11/2011
Please offer these brands and other brands with both the EcoBoost motors, to include the V-6!!!!
Kyle Hansen 08/30/2011
Love the ecoboost. Engine engineering at it finest!!!
Mike 08/28/2011
now put it in the global Ranger and sell it here.
Bill Vaughan 08/28/2011
Why not offer the v6 ecoboost in the Ex? Same as the Flex and Taurus. The 3.5 V6 does not yield enough HP or torque considering the weight of the Ex. Competitors, like Jeep GC, offer V6 and V8 powerplants. Huge miss.
Gino Lalli 08/27/2011
No ecoboost give me the 5 litre
Bring the Ford Duratorq TDCi to America 08/26/2011
Thumbs down for the EcoBoost. How about expanding the Duratorq to the Edge and Explorer? While we're at it, let's put it in a Focus, and Fiesta (like you do across the pond)! You offer the Duratorq outside of the US and it blows past 40 mpg. Bring it here!
Richard Novak 08/26/2011
Sounds like the EcoBoost is a hell of an good powerplant for your SUVs and trucks based on its use in the new F-150. Will this be making an appearance in the next Expedition?
Adam Sugg 08/26/2011
Oh and im a ford guy but not for long. Please stop messing up the explore and escape what are you thinking.
AutoTech 08/25/2011
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Leon Dudley Jr 08/25/2011
Ford is ahead of the rest. Leading the way.
edvard 08/25/2011
Some of you complaining and saying put a V8 into everything might want to put things into perspective. I currently own a 55' Mercury with a transplanted 1972 vintage 302 V8. This is a massive car that weighs 3 tons. The engine works puts out about 210 Horsepower. That's right- 210 Horsepower for a full sized, classic Detroit V8. In fact, do a check on a lot of cars from the 60's and 70's back when the muscle car was king. The reality is that a lot of today's V6 powered family sedans would absolutely smoke any number of muscle cars from the 60's and 70's. Why? Because technology has gotten a lot better.

In comparison the engine being discussed above is 30 Horsepower more than my V8. Its also put into vehicles that not only handle better, but have better transmissions and fuel and ignition management systems that put cars and trucks that were made even 10-15 years ago to shame.

I've driven some of the newer 4 cylinder cars and honestly you really don't need displacement for power when these newer engines give you every bit as much- if not more. Lastly, people like myself- of which there are millions- have long commutes. It makes zero sense to go out and buy a huge, gas-guzzling behemoth of a vehicle that gets 10 MPG. But now companies like Ford are letting you basically have your cake and eat it too. If you want a big vehicle and want halfway decent fuel economy- now you can. I fail to see what's wrong with that. It used to be that if you bought a large vehicle it meant shelling out a lot of dough at the pump every time.
Ian 08/25/2011
No one that is complaining about the EcoBoost 4 bangers have probably ever driven one. That might shut them up. You won't think it's a 4 banger when you realize that you have more torque than horse and that makes it much more fun to drive. Won't be able to wipe the smile on your face when the turbo kicks in.

If you still don't like them. Don't yell at Ford, yell at your Congressman/woman for enforcing/voting for the increasing CAFE regualtions. These powertrain changes are necessities because of this. And while it isn't listed yet, be prepared to pay a premium for the more fuel-efficient powertrain. In these two vechiles and eventually all across the board. We used to pay more for power, now and going forward, you will pay more for better mpg's.
James Emberton 08/25/2011
Would like to see a 6-cylinder ecoboost option on these vehicles. Apparently the 4-cylinder isn't powerful enough for AWD.
Jodi Armando Galeas 08/25/2011
I love my 2011 F150 V8 4X4. Crewcab. I would never buy a v6 f150
Adam Sugg 08/25/2011
Bring back the bronco fullsize.
Jonathan Neal 08/25/2011
Boo put V-8's in them !
Brenda Hurt 08/24/2011
Andrew Weigle 08/24/2011
Oh shut it Raul i prolly work 10 times harder than u do for less pay DON"T be HATIN!!! and yeah I WILL afford a new car someday just cuz i'm 22 does NOT mean i know nothing about cars BTW 240 hp SUCKS same goes for anything i've ever been in/driven w/ less than 500!! SHUT UP!! just cuz i can't afford a new car now working receiving DOES NOT by ANY means mean i'm a lesser customer than u actually I count more as i'm younger and Ford or whoever I choose (YEAH I can actually choose!!) will get a client for a longer period!!!
Jack Turner 08/24/2011
Am I the only one that would like to see an entry level rwd sports car powered by this? Like a basic coupe off the miata platform perhaps. There would be a market for it, I'd certainly place an order to get one.
Raul Albor 08/24/2011
Ford make ur money continue ur ads but believe me disregard theses idiots that don't see what ur doing, keep leading ur on the right track!!! Most of these people WILL NOT AFFORD A NEW CAR PERIOD!!! Funny how they're the ones that complain the most and probably will never afford a car!!
Jason Wood 08/24/2011
I like my 4.0 v6 almost 300k still runnin :)
James Whyte 08/24/2011
Sean....the ecoboost of the f150 in an expedition type suv? Ford does stand behind their vehicles...there are countless times my customers have received assistance from Ford after their bumper to bumper warranty had expired. Ford offers. Warranty plans to meet each persons specific needs of miles average per year or time length financed instead a generic powertrain only policy. If the warranty was included it would of course come as an added expense on top of what some say. Is too expensive of a selling price. Being able to customize a warranty to your needs and budget gives you complete coverage you want without forcing added costs to others that don't.....Ford is therefore having more flexibility for more customers
Sean Richard 08/24/2011
How about this boys and girl build a good size suv and truck that has lots of power but still good on fuel the Eco boost great step in the right direction but prices are still TOO high and ford if you really want to sell your vehicle Stand Behind Them and offer more of a warranty. In today world if you need 5-6-7 year to finance a vehicle mortgage you should have warranty backing you up!
Gage Meawasige 08/24/2011
Saluki 08/24/2011
Looking forward to the AWD version as well as the 6 cylinder ecoboost. 2010 Edge is likely the best overall car/cuv I've owned.
James Whyte 08/24/2011
While there is no way to please each and every is obvious that the decisions and practices Ford has in place and in process has been working and put us in a way better position than some of our competition
James Whyte 08/24/2011
Not to mention medical and other entrepreneurs
James Whyte 08/24/2011
While your point about limited amount of units potentially sold....Andrews age and income isn't relevant to your point. I have dealt with many customers of a "younger" age that have the resources to finance. The age of electronics and computers can be very lucrative for IT, programing, networking....etc
Brandon Nelson 08/24/2011
@Andrew, if they did have the money to develop a sports suv for some reason, could you at 22 get 55k in financing, be able to pay insurance, and the gas cost of 12 miles per gallon ( see srt8 jeep ). And if you could , do you think enough 22 year olds would buy it to make it profitable , and offset the CAFE hit? Or would the image of the v8 explorer capture an image that the raptor or mustang can't? The only way I can see that idea play out is through lincoln
James Whyte 08/24/2011
Where did you buy / lease your car / truck? Rental Care is available.
Bill Faith King 08/24/2011
coming soon to a toyota dealer near you
Amy Logan Smith 08/24/2011
Who knew Ford was one of the 2 companies that don't cover rental car in their factory warranty?!? ....*she said from the service department waiting room after an hour of waiting for the shuttle ride home.
James Whyte 08/24/2011
I hear ya Andrew....unfortunately the government has a lot to do with more than they should. Restrictions and standards and regulations for the majority takes a little fun away from the fun seekers
Al Lewis 08/24/2011
And wayne, the only chevy close to that is proabbly the silverado hybrid, which made like 24mpg? but could tow no more than a ranger. Or you can have a 23mpg v6 that can tow 11,000 lbs and that wont sound like a pruis when you drive it.
Wayne Mayo 08/24/2011
Y'all are expensive enough to make v8s get 30 + mpg everything y'all sell is over 40k
Wayne Mayo 08/24/2011
Still love the v-8s screw 6 sizzlenders they are ok in exploders but not trucks Ecoboost dosent make enough of a difference in gas eco. I luv fordsbut chevy has made 20/27 mpg v8s in trucks an cars Lt1 motors science 90s..
Ethan Smith 08/24/2011
John cheeks, you've obviously never visited serious explorations... trust me, there are people with explorers out there that make jeeps look like girl toys. Look up "moab" and then come try to say explorers are for "softroading"
Andrew Weigle 08/24/2011
ur fine James i just don't like the new trends where the auto industry is going sure gas is going up, however, i just wish they ade SOME models for guys like myself who don't want a 4 period ecoboosted or not i drive my neihbors 03 CTS a lot has a 305 hp v6 and it is too slow for me my Jimmy was ok had a 4.3 6 but I really want a Ford with if possible an Explorer with a 5.4 v8 (trucks aren't practicle for me SUVs are) or an 8.1 v 10 for increased accelration power for a "sport SUV" so I could use it in the winter i'm just a power hungry 22 yr old...
James Whyte 08/24/2011
All good Andrew..... I was just adding a lil more
Andrew Weigle 08/24/2011
not talkin to u talkin to Jonathan btw
James Whyte 08/24/2011
Im an advocate for ALL Ford vehicles!!!!
James Whyte 08/24/2011
Heavier towing should be done with a heavier...longer wheelbase vehicle for safety...not just capabilities. I didn't say u couldn't "off road" with the new style....I said it was just ad capable. U are entitled to your am I. Not trying to argue....its just another point of view
Matt Desmond 08/24/2011
I own a '11 Explorer AWD 3.5, great vehicle, wife wouldn't give it back, so ordered F150 3.5-V6 Eco, its AWESOME! Ford certainly did their homework on 'selling' this concept, and look at the sales gains for both vehicles. (Indeed I do wear "blue oval" undershorts, my dad did too).
Taylor Jeffords 08/24/2011
Hey the escape with the 3.0 v6 is a beast, I used to pull start a old f250 with a 12k pound trailer with it, and its impossible to get stuck, far better than a jeep, keep the power Ford.
Joey Parton 08/24/2011
Ford should make the ecoboost in the explorer AWD V6 ecoboost. I rented one from work for a vacation and my only complaint was the torque steer sucks and passing people floored it wanted to drive all over the arched georgia roads other than that I really like the explorer.
Andrew Weigle 08/24/2011
I will always keep on complaining cuz i like SUV's over trucks and want a ford suv with a 5.4 v8 or an 8.1 10 had a 98 Jimmy before great until it spun a main motor bearing at 136,105 want a ford suv with an 8 not a truck the customer is always right... and until then, and they put bigger more powerful motors in e'm i will comlain!! and ppl did tow a lot and took their explore off road guess my friend Chris is the exception of "nobody off roaded with e'm!!! LOL some ppl just amuse me!! as a customer i have ever right and notion to expect a vehicle up to my specs!!!
Sean Rhoades 08/24/2011
For those of you who doubt Ford on power and fuel economy just look at the F-150 EcoBoost tows 11,300 lbs and gets better fuel economy then any other truck out there
NG F-150 08/24/2011
Forget gas engines where are the NG engines untill then who cares!
Kevin Holden 08/24/2011
You guys talking weight, you realize the hp/tq numbers on the old 4.0 V6 were well under what the 2.0 ecoboost is right? You also should understand that torque is what is more so needed for the weight, and with that said, 270 ib/ft is beyond what the first through third generations had with no complaints from the power department. I tihnk a little more research and knowledge before spewing would be awesome and not make you seem as "gifted" as shown now.
James Whyte 08/24/2011
The eco is a 2.0 4cyl......the 4wd system is quite capable when "compared" to the "previous" explorer. Those that require serious trailer towing wouldn't opt for either explorer....heavier towing would move you up to an expedition or f-series. The 2011 and 2012 explorer is an awesome ride...high in quality and will prove itself.
Ryan Stasia 08/24/2011
Ford if u really do read what people say on here then here this please do something with the expedition & navigator it is way over due !!! Please don't kill it !!
Jacob A. Weinstein 08/24/2011
I agree with Brian because then they would be fast too.
Jonathan Cheek 08/24/2011
It always amuses me to read these comments, nobody took their explorer off road, and a scant few used it to tow but the majority used theirs to haul kids to school and be a softroader and the 4cyl Ecoboost does the job perfectly and when gas goes back up again (don't kid yourself, it will) the explorer will last and the v8 hemi havin Durango will bite the dust... AGAIN. So quit complaining and just go buy an F150, more capable and practical than a stupid suv and it holds it's value better.
Brian Langston 08/24/2011
Leave the 4 cylinder out of the explorer! The V6 ecoboost would be awesome in there though!
Kevin Pickett 08/24/2011
Put it in the focus!! NOW!!!!
Celmix Cx 08/24/2011
ford vocus very good
Mickael Wertheimer 08/24/2011
I drive one today in a Explorer 2012...!
Bryan B T Taylor 08/24/2011
Where are they going to build this motor?
Lucyfer Sonofthe Mourning 08/24/2011
Ecoboost ftw!
Bryan Dixon 08/24/2011
The reason GM and Dodge needed a bailout, is because they were spending all of there time and money on warranty work ! Just call it like I see it. ( I know I gotta chivy on my profile pic. Harvick still rules.) He hehe .
John Haldeman 08/24/2011
i hate working on 3.5s
Clifford Barber 08/24/2011
Another good idea for a project breakthrough would be to expand on this concept and devise a retrofit for current and older models to achieve fuel conservation. I want all of the horses without being strapped in to some rich Saudi oil prince in my gas tank. Come on, Detroit, I know you can do it. FIRST ON RACE DAY!
Bryan Dixon 08/24/2011
Great ! I want to see a commercial with an explorer pushing a durango over a cliff. He hehe !
Jerry Upchurch 08/24/2011
Hope it is built in the USA. If not they can keep it.
Santos Sanchez 08/24/2011
Remember when the Explorer came with a 5.0 V8 and fulltime 4WD? Those were the days...
Dan Curran 08/24/2011
Can you get AWD or 4X4?
Karl Schramm 08/24/2011
FINALLY! Now where's the Hybrid Edge?
Michael Bradley 08/24/2011
247 HP with good down low torque should be enough to power even the weight of an Explorer. The 2.0 Ecoboost will end of being the work horse for Ford across a range of models. I would be shocked if the new Fusion offered anything but the Ecoboost engine. Sure would like to some variation in a non-ST Focus.
Jerry Wickey 08/24/2011
tell me you're not killing the escape!!!!!!!
Siberski Ford Haski 08/24/2011
► I hope to one day experience an EcoBoost-driven Ford! I've only test-driven a few new ones without EcoBoost...
Gregory Gilbert Josepy Mclean 08/24/2011
the best ford ever
Danny Richardson 08/24/2011
V 6 eco in the ranger or make a mid size f 100
Don Reeves 08/24/2011
man! super excited about it goin in the Edge!
Joaquin J Cervantes 08/24/2011
Ummm the 3.5L Eco-Boost makes more sense for the Explorer!!
Brian Huseby 08/24/2011
I'm curious to what the Durability Test showed in the NA Ranger? I know it was done.. What are the results?
Tyler Cusano 08/24/2011
Should have put one in the Ranger
Ethan Smith 08/24/2011
Coming from an explorer owner.. you guys have disgraced a great SUV. Its a glorified crossover now.. instead of an on/off road capable machine we loved. There was a time when I said id buy nothing but explorers.. so glad I went with an expedition.
David Zempel 08/24/2011
I want the 3.5 ecoboost out of the SHO in my please and thank you.
Aaron Justice 08/24/2011
I think the 3.5 is under powered in the explorer. Should have went went with 3.7 they put in the edge sport.
Harley Bollinger 08/24/2011
EcoBoost is BA. Look at the new SHO's. Perfection
Nick Edwards 08/24/2011
Don't kill the Ranger and put the 3.5 ecoboost under the hood
Kyree Rollerson-Williams 08/24/2011
I'm sure that's going to be the premium engine in this segment, much the same as the 3.5L EcoBoost engine is the premium performance unit on the Taurus and MKS siblings. As such, we can all expect to see a premium price tag.

I would hope, though, that this engine would make its way to the Fusion/MKZ and Escape when they are redesigned and unified with European platforms.
Andrew Weigle 08/24/2011
as far as i'm concerned a 4 banger regardless of "ecoboosting" or not is far too small for an edge or an explorer ppl who buy explorers get them to haul passengers and tow of course sure you made it into a crossover, but truly it is still a SUV and needs a minimum motor of a 5.4 v8 and throw in a 8.1 10 for power and fast acceleration wow amazing at how far downhill you and all other auto makers have gone as far as cylinder wise goes in the past 6 yrs WOW get me a min 5.4 v8 well make that explor have a 8.1 10 then i'll buy
Joseph Longo 08/24/2011
Ford trucks out sell the rest
Lee Henderson 08/24/2011
A Focus with awd would be better served by this ecoboost the explorer is too heavy...
James Adam King 08/24/2011
Wish it would expand to the ford raptors :0
Jimmy Junior 08/24/2011
That's really good news. The EcoBoost engines are so much better than anything else the "competition" is offering.
Erin Pfeiffer 08/24/2011
wish it would expand to the Escapes
Jonathan Garrison 08/24/2011
2015 Mustang soon to follow...
Erika Nelson Fish 08/24/2011
Yay! I love the Ecoboost!