First Look at the 2015 Ford Edge

By Tori T.

How do you improve something that’s already really good? That was a challenge Ford faced with the 2015 Edge. The popular crossover-type sport utility vehicle was wise beyond its years when it arrived in dealerships in 2006, and it helped define what that segment would become. Strong sales proved Ford did it right.

Cut to present day: Could Ford take a beloved vehicle that’s technologically advanced, loaded with driver-assist systems and good-looking and make it...better?  The answer is yes!

Since appearances are what we notice first in anything, Ford put attention toward modernizing the look, both visually and material-wise, including designing the dashboard and center console to seem like one streamlined piece.

As you’d expect, performance plays a major role in the 2015 Edge. Three engines are available, and two are new: the 2.0-liter EcoBoost® four-cylinder and the 2.7-liter Ecoboost V6. A 3.5-liter V6 is the third. The 2.0-liter engine will be available with Auto Start-Stop for reduced fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. The engines are mated to the SelectShift® six-speed automatic transmission, which now has race-inspired paddle-shift activation.

Available driver-assist technologies on the 2015 Edge include front 180-degree camera, Lane-Keeping System to alert you if you’re drifting out of your lane, Blind Spot Information System to let you know if another vehicle is in your blind spot, adaptive cruise control to detect moving vehicles ahead and to change cruising speed if necessary, and enhanced active park assist to guide you into a parallel parking space. The hands-free liftgate, which allows you to open or close it with a leg motion, is also available.


In terms of safety, Edge has features such as AdvanceTrac® with Stability Control™, which uses sensors to detect roll angles and improves roll resistance. There’s also Curve Control to help with maneuvering a curve more efficiently.
Bob S 08/22/2014
I plan to purchase a new vehicle this fall. Wish I could get the 2015 Edge now because I can't wait until this winter. I like everything I see so far about it.
Jeff G 07/25/2014
Too bad the cargo space and mpg aren't very good. I will stick with my Focus Wagon.
Jim S 07/09/2014
Bob - The 2015 Ford Edge has heated/cooled front seats and heated 2nd row seats. The 2014 Ford Edge only had heated front seats and did not offer cooled seats.
Patrick - Judge the 2015 Edge by more that the few photo and video we've seen thus far. I seen some pictures where the Edge looked amazing and a few that left me wanting to buy a 2014 Ford Edge.
Bob 06/29/2014
Why can't Ford offer heated and cooled venitlated seats in the Edge? I live in Florida and don't need heated seats and steering wheel. I am now looking at other makes for this important feature.
Patrick 06/24/2014
It's the edge but then again it seems not to be the edge; loosing the bold chrome grill makes the car to blend in in the competition. For me I will make sure I get the 2014 Edge in a couple of years and keep it for as long as possible.
First Look: All-New Ford Edge!
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