Drive One: Take Seven

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The largest number yet of “One More Reason” advertisements launched at one time. They will begin airing on Sunday, February 14, 2010, and you get a preview of the spots.

Here’s a short setup for each of the new video spots:
  • “Carl Edwards Fusion Hybrid” Carl talks about the affect the Fusion Hybrid has on other hybrid drivers

  • “Carl Edwards Fusion Hybrid 2” Carl proudly mentions how using the SYNC system enables him to call celebrities

  • “Carl Edwards Fusion Hybrid 3” Carl speaks about his Blind Spot Information System and how it helps avoid surprises

  • “Carl Edwards Fusion Hybrid 4” Carl demonstrates how he keeps the Fusion Hybrid in electric mode to be as efficient as possible

  • “Sheldon Fusion” Sheldon talks about how he has been able to cut way down on his monthly fill-ups

  • “Preston Taurus SHO” Preston shows how his keyless entry and push button start allow him to avoid carrying a key

  • “Jesse Focus” Jesse uses his SIRIUS radio that enables him to listen to almost anything in the world

  • “Vanessa Focus” Vanessa shows off her USB and its use in playing music

  • “Vanessa Focus 2” Vanessa loves to sing in her Focus

  • “Kris Allen Fusion Hybrid” Kris talks about how he can save 11 cents a gallon driving a hybrid

  • “Kris Allen Fusion Hybrid 2” Kris shows how easy it is to listen to music, call someone or get directions with his SYNC system

  • “Kris Allen Fusion Hybrid 3” Kris shows us how much he likes playing with the leaves in his EcoGuide

  • “Adam Fusion Hybrid” Adam tells us how much better his SYNC system hears his voice than his past systems

  • “Adam and Amie Flex” Adam and Amie talk to us about the design of the Flex and how it helps them stand out

  • “David Flex” David shows us how he makes the most of his cargo space in his Flex

  • “Hayley Escape Hybrid” Hayley explains how driving her Escape Hybrid enables her to drive an SUV without feeling guilty

  • “John Transit Connect” John tells us how the great looking Transit Connect is one that he is proud to drive for his business

  • “Michael Escape” Michael tells us his thoughts on the new look of the Escape

  • “Paul Escape” Paul tells us how much he loves his one-touch sunroof feature in his Escape

You can also view all of the previously loaded videos in this series.

These videos are of people sharing their thoughts and opinions about new Ford cars, crossovers and SUVs. The comments are as real as the people who made them. They are not scripted.

This is a continuation of last year's very successful work under the Drive One advertising campaign. Ford will keep highlighting accomplishments in four key areas that shape the reputation of the company - Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. Ford will continue its ongoing commitment to the community, the environment and innovation.

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Ford continues to stand apart from competitors. From nontraditional marketing successes such as using social media to generate more than 80,000 hand raisers for the upcoming Ford Fiesta to leveraging global car platforms to bringing new cars such as the Ford C-MAX to North America, Ford is different and making progress.
Sean 10/17/2010
Hey how about you could show some these adds on plug-in hybrids and electric cars in the next year or two I think it would great to see that for sure!
marvin 02/26/2010
ford has a lot of options
Alex 02/25/2010
@ Etotheh: He's correct on the Raptor, google Ford Raptor
etotheh 02/23/2010
Creigs9, I believe there are a couple for the Mustang. Also, I think you mean Ranger not Raptor lol : )
Sue Casey 02/19/2010
Great ads, short, sweet, to the point with real people.
Dave Gravel 02/12/2010
I love these 15sec spots... we should get some of these on TV too
douglas lee 02/12/2010
Thanks for th epreviews
creigs9 02/12/2010
Nice commercials. Do you ever make them for Mustang, and the F150/Raptor?
Drive One: Take Seven
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