Drive One: Take Four

Drive One: Take Four

By Ford Social Member

The hits just keep on coming. On Monday, November 23, four more “One More Reason” advertisements will be on the air. Once again, you get a preview of the spots.

These videos are of people sharing their thoughts and opinions about new Ford cars, crossovers and SUVs. The comments are as real as the people who made them. They are not scripted. In fact, these people didn't know that they were being filmed for Ford commercials. That's the only way to get genuine opinions, and that's how these were produced.

Here’s a short setup for each of the new video spots:
  • “Rachel Escape Hybrid” talks about how her Escape Hybrid saves her money

  • “Christopher Fusion Hybrid” tells us why he is pleasantly surprised to be a hybrid owner

  • “Greg Edge” talks about how the Power lift gate in his Edge has made his life easier

  • "Adam and Amie Flex" is about coexisting thanks to Dual Climate Control in their Flex

You can also view all of the previously loaded videos in this series.

This is a continuation of last year's very successful work under the Drive One advertising campaign. Ford will keep highlighting accomplishments in four key areas that shape the reputation of the company - Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. Ford will continue its ongoing commitment to the community, the environment and innovation.

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Ford continues to stand apart from competitors. From nontraditional marketing successes such as using social media to generate more than 50,000 hand raisers for the upcoming Ford Fiesta to leveraging global car platforms to bringing new cars such as the Ford C-MAX to North America, Ford is different and making progress.
walter 01/12/2010
Nice wagon
Doug 01/05/2010
I sure like the concept and all with the electric idea but I would dare Ford to give me a hybrid to test in my area of the country... 27 below Saturday...temp goes all extremes throughout the guess is they wouldnt want that kind of feedback....
Paul Fowler 12/13/2009
My 04 Lincoln Aviator has 400 mile range to tankful. I fill it once a month! It is full size all-wheel drive, 7 passenger, v-8, I paid 30k for it, show me something new that will do that, that compares along with safety and peace of mind. Oh, ileft out MADE IN AMERICA.
Colby 12/06/2009
what is the song at the end of the ford hybrid commercial with the black talking about how the hybrid is a car.
rving 12/01/2009
I don't quite understand all of the hype, isn't the "Green" movement dying? Ford Hybrids aren't quite delivering the smaller total carbon footprint I had expected. The new Mustang seems to be a much more enjoyable vehicle, as the trade-off of Green vs. Sportiness matters less now that the "Green Movement" has died.
engin 11/27/2009
its perfect
Allen Stone 11/23/2009
Ford has come along why technology in your vehicles. It would be a good idea to offer free classes on how to use the new devices. The classes could be held at local dealerships. of course this would require say minimum class size of 10 people.
Jennifer Moore Ford Motor Company Communications 11/22/2009
Charles - You must be putting on a lot of miles to visit with your family - hope you enjoy the road trips! If you are packing a lot to take to the kids, you might want to consider the Escape or Mariner hybrids (small SUV hybrids) (34 mpg city)- if you're looking for car comfort, check out the Fusion or Milan hybrids (41 mpg city!). But if you are traveling long distances on the highway, you might also want to consider a Focus (35 mpg highway). The hybrids are optimized for their best fuel economy performance in city driving of stop and go - where the speeds are lower and you get more regenerative braking. So if you are doing long distances and a lot of freeway driving, a traditional gas vehicle with good mileage may be your best take a look at the entire lineup.
Bill B 11/22/2009
Please, Please give us a redesigned Ford Focus Hybrid. I love our Escape Hybrid and would love to replace my Honda Civic Hybrid with a Ford, but the Fusion Hybrid is way too big for what I need. Thanks!
charles maine 11/22/2009
Our kids live 600 miles in different directions. Which hybrid would allow us convenience of travel to these various venues. Thanx
John Crowe 11/20/2009
I would like to congradulate Ford Motor Company for it's commitment to great quality products!
I was raised in a Ford Motor Company family, and I will also be part of there team one day!

Hat's off to the real people that care about the United States Workers!!!!!!!!!!!!
sikhumbuzo 11/19/2009
I would like to comment on Ford Focus 2006 the wires that are going to the injector are not well secured since we are leaving the area that is not well cleaned so there are many rats that are eating those wires from the injector , worse part the wiring mostly is not covered by these insurence Companies and it is very expensive when you go and do it at these Ford Dealership . So pls try to improve to secure those wires
Bill Dean 11/19/2009
I believe he was referring to the egg-shaped Prius hybrid.
Traci Martin 11/19/2009
I loved all of them...except number 3 which talked about being in an egg. Too negative...never thought about it looking like an egg until he said that!
Vera Newton 11/19/2009
Great , right on points
ArmedinOhio 11/18/2009
I purchased a 2010 Focus and I love it.... Fits like and old shoe and is comfortable.... I have always driven Buicks...