Think Your Ford Looks Better Dirty?

By Ford Social Member

If you think you have the dirtiest Ford around, we want you to prove it! Share a picture with our Facebook fans!

Do you take your Explorer Exploring? Work your Super Duty hard? Just plain skipping car washes? Use your Ford the way it was meant and it’s bound to get downright dirty. Wear that filth proudly, and upload a photo for the world to see!

It’s easy to share your pic. Go the Ford Facebook page, fill in the dirty details and upload an image! Then come back later to see if your photo is one that was selected. While you’re there, check out the other filthy Fords to see how yours compares.
Robby Stephenson 02/21/2012
Mine deffently looks better dirty, because the 2012 mustang i purchased has bad paint. All Ford wants to do is repaint the whole car. I tried to get them to replace the car when it had less than 200 miles on it, but they refused. Don't ever buy a Ford CARRRRRR. They told me that they didn't care if devalued my car.
Gail Godwin Rushing 02/21/2012
wonder when the pics will be updated...
Leonardo Nevarez 02/21/2012
I always keep it clean
Krystle Conover 02/20/2012
Well our Bronco and F350 look good either way. We try to keep the Mustang and the Edge more clean then dirty but here in MT its hard sometimes. :)
Michael Britt 02/20/2012
I always wash mine in the spring and everybody thinks I got a new truck!
Aaron McCarthy 02/20/2012
My Jeep and our 2 Escapes look good dirty, just not in downtown Des Moines.
Brendon W C Durfey 02/20/2012
My black 98 ranger looked awesome clean, but now that it's scratched and dented it looks a lot better dirty
Tom Risk 02/20/2012
I hate dirty cars! I own a mobile detail shop so call!! Lol
Alice Scott 02/20/2012
Mine is always clean, but I bet I could get some pictures of some real dirty ones in the parking lot at work.....
Anupam Samanto 02/20/2012
ford's car super branded !!
Jeremy Bingham 02/20/2012
over my dead body!
Midun Hatake White Fang 02/20/2012
my ford laser 1988
never get dirty, because that my beloved car
Patrick Mahon 02/20/2012
No it drives me nuts! Got to have it clean!!
Abraham Zarazua 02/20/2012
Rick Ebbinghaus 02/20/2012
I'd feel a whole lot better about my Ford F350 2005 Diesel, if it didn't have the curse, you know the one Ford won't own up to with the design problem on the 6 liter Power Stroke, got 56000 miles on it, well maintained, but it still has the disease that curses all the 6 liters, so FORD Why don't you put some of those record profits you've made all these years up and recall all the 6 liters under 200,000 miles and so the loyal Ford truck owners you are standing behind your name? I encourage others to comment on this problem
Brian Vizzo 02/20/2012
my 97 explorer just lives for exploring, i make the jeep fans jealous
Mary Koller Karbowski 02/20/2012
wish I could keep my Escape clean in the winter......
Andrew Weigle 02/20/2012
Nope cars look better showroom fresh!!!! Dirt shows a lack of care
Marc Riley 02/20/2012
sorry... I don't let my ford's get dirty!!! i'll be glad to send you a my clean ford's : )
James Silver 02/20/2012
cant show it. it is spotless under a cover until spring. sorry.
Kalabria Kalabrias 02/20/2012
the strength of a company ¡¡¡
Denise Totten Sebastian 02/20/2012
Not ever!
Jason Duncan 02/20/2012
My 05 pony looks better clean, but she likes to be dirty too ;)
Roger S. Merriam 02/20/2012
My 2011 looks great all the time
Chad Conlee 02/20/2012
My 2001 f150 supercrew looks good covered but she cleans up real nice. Gotta love dirty or slicked up 4 wheeldrives
Joe Kahler 02/20/2012
Fords just look good... dirty or not :oP
Michael Ruccolo 02/20/2012
Only on a bronco buddy.
Douglas Welch 02/20/2012
I haven't wash my f-250 Since SUMMER....And it looks great clean or Dirty
David Gillaspie 02/20/2012
show you my bubbles on lower doors,and engine cradle ,cheap junk metal
Natasha At Ford 02/20/2012
Hi Gary,

Unexpected repairs can be a hurdle in ownership. I suggest bringing your truck to your local Ford dealer so they can provide the best solution.

@ Mary – I recommend reviewing the Quick Reference Guide that came with your Owner’s Guide. It’s a snapshot of important information such as fuel system details, spare tire location, and many more tips: Also, try to avoid running out of fuel because it may have an adverse
effect on powertrain components. Glad you were able to find help in getting back on the road!

@ Adam – Have you checked out the Fiesta? You may find it to be a perfect fit for your budget! Estimate the pricing here:

Ford Service
Roger Johnson 02/20/2012
the only people that have dirty fords on purpose are lazy owners , i love hittin the mud with my F-150 but as soon as the muddin is done it getss a good wash
Anthony Michael Swarts 02/20/2012
My ranger only gets washed when it rains. The dirt makes it look good.
Phil Welton 02/20/2012
There has only been rare occasions that I have ever seen my Fords clean over the years, so absolutely, they look better dirty!
Sam Kim 02/20/2012
road salts the enemy of cars D:
Steve Cochran 02/20/2012
My 91 bronco lives in the mud gotta loove it
Robert Moore 02/20/2012
My 1999 Ranger 3.0L is getting it's transmission rebuilt today. 155,000 miles. Not that it is a bad thing at that mileage. This truck has towed a 3 ton trailer over 100 miles. Carried 1+ ton in the rear a few times some 625 miles. She has gone on a 2-1/2 day 2800 mile trek a few times. Plus it gets up and goes EVERY day (except today, tomorrow will be a new story). I Love my Ford Truck. Toughest Little Truck I have ever seen.
Lois 02/20/2012
Cool idea, hope it includes older vehicles, showing they're truly "Ford Tough"!
Travis McQuown 02/20/2012
I just went threw a mud puddle my trucks alternator broke and when I went to take a pic and upload it my phone fell in the water thanks a lot ford
Charlie Morneau 02/20/2012
Ever notice in the Chevy commercials, and some Ram commercials, they show the vehicle off road, slogging through deep mud, splashing mud and muck everywhere, but when they show the vehicle standing still, it's always sparkling clean. They never show it all dirty from where it was just driven.
Daniel Million 02/20/2012
I most certainly do not!
Jeremy Woodside 02/20/2012
My fourby is always working so always dirty, but i sometimes vacuum the interior of the two wheeler 4 or 5 times a week lol
Troy Menzies 02/20/2012
No way, my Ford has the premium paint Lightening Strike, way too nice to get it dirty, I sometimes wash it twice a week lol..
Mark Hoesly 02/20/2012
I live on a gravel road, I farm, and my F350 is white... it's hardly ever clean!
Martin Sikorski 02/20/2012
Only if it's a Raptor or a F series with a body lift. And only if it is mud that was obviously splattered by the tires. my '12 focus is too pretty to keep dirty.
Dave Sanders 02/20/2012
Black 2011 MCA edition Mustang definitely does NOT look better dirty.
Yiğit Yiğitbaşı 02/20/2012
Our 2001 focus sw is better when it is dirty. But it is also good looking when it is as shiny as a mirror.
Melissa Pauley 02/20/2012
No way! My F250 lives in the garage and has to stay clean. It gets used on the farm often, but its the first to be washed!
Michael Wright 02/20/2012
My Fords never get dirty..... Lets keep it that way, lol
Charles Littler 02/20/2012
Love my 11 Raptor, looks best covered in mud but it shines up real good
Tim Garnenez 02/20/2012
My ranger is never clean (on the outside) and is always working.
LeRoy Bill 02/20/2012
My 07 Ford F150 looks good clean or dirty
Allison Oja 02/20/2012
I like a clean Ford, but where I live, its hard to keep them clean (salt, gravel, more salt, dust, salt....).
Sean O'Shea 02/20/2012
Love getting my F-Truck dirty.
Joe Schrotenboer 02/20/2012
F that wash it!!! Especially if you live in Michigan or else it will rot!
Michael Beckhoff 02/20/2012
My SuperCrew FX4 looks good either way
Ronald Cleveland 02/20/2012
I don't know what a dirty Ford looks like. Mine stays clean, every day. Waxed every other week. A clean Ford is a happy Ford!
Sonya Mitchelson 02/20/2012
My 70 fairlane has over 500,000 miles on her and always looks like she just drove out of the showroom. Same with my 04 XR6 falcon like my fords clean :)
Michael N Maria Piveral 02/20/2012
my dirty 95 f150 doesnt bother me its 4x4 and the dirtier the better it just shows where it can go, trucks are meant to be loud, tall, and dirty
Rob Rausch 02/20/2012
Doesn't matter clean or dirty. As long as its a Ford.
Dalton Moss 02/20/2012
But I do enjoy cleaning her;)
Jonathan Lambert 02/20/2012
I have a 1994 Explorer Sport with 180,000 miles, and shes dirty because I took her thru the mud... very minimal rust
Dalton Moss 02/20/2012
My Shelby is black and a can not keep it clean...eeerrr
Pat Harris McClintock 02/20/2012
Darn. I just washed my Escape yesterday.
Adam Lewis 02/20/2012
Hey Ford...can you all make a car that people on Low-incomes and Fixed Incomes can buy???
Kirk Hanhy 02/20/2012
my 06 f150 xl is always dirty! One hard workin truck!
Daryl Armentrout 02/20/2012
I hate working on people's cars an the interior is full of trash, that's why there are trash cans at the gas station people!
Digger Doug 02/20/2012
Ronald J. Ulak 02/20/2012
My 99 Windstar always looks better dirty
Time to shoot her. Head gasket after only 230,000

Oh well!
Digger Doug 02/20/2012
Nooo... I don't like a dirty truck. At $27,000 (or so) I try to keep it clean, 4X4 or not. But that's one reason I bought a silver truck, even if it's dirty, it doesnt look dirty....
Travis Hunt 02/20/2012
my 95 f150 flair side doesnt look good with out mud covers up the rust
Jerrod Gross 02/20/2012
All 5 of my Ford's are dirty, unfortunately
Clayton Joscelyn 02/20/2012
Then why on a truck if u wont get it dirty. I drive my 2 wheel drive ford to and from gas well sites in central PA. I only wash it when i have 3 or 4 days in a row off of work.
Jan Bose 02/20/2012
Agree with Chase, I put off giving my Explorer a good scrub down last week but just couldn't stand the salt all over it any longer..probably won't last long as we still have snow but it sure was an improvement
Allie Engle 02/20/2012
Old Blue is an '87 Ranger. When she gets another ding, I just call it remodeling!
Erick Melendez 02/20/2012
I keep my cars looking like they just came of the assembly line.
Mary Vitali-perrier 02/20/2012
My new Escape is the dirtiest. I am an Occupational Therapist who treats patients who are in car crashes. I am on the road all of the time seeing patients, reviewing collission reports, autobody repair reports and analyzing different vehicles and how safe they are. Out of interest this week I ran out of gas. No one told me that in the new Escape there is a spout which is kept in the rear compartment of the vehicle which needs to be inserted into the gas tank in order to allow gas to be filled into the tank. Luckily two laid off Navistar workers were able to figure it out or I would have been stranded on rural roads for hours. As well the three of us could have been hit whilst standing at the side of the road trying to figure out how to get gas in the tank when it was just pouring down the side of the vehicle onto the ground. I think Ford should be educating their salespeople to inform the consumer of this. Mary Vitali-perrier Owner of MVPOT Services
Bill Andrews 02/20/2012
Mary Gray 02/20/2012
Almost 300k on my pony she's dirty now but when I get her finished there won't be a spot of dirt on her.
Dennis Bouchard 02/20/2012
dont like a dirty ford. clean much better.
Albert Thompson 02/20/2012
No cos its not a 4X4
Declan Haze Maguire 02/20/2012
Don't even have a f**king ford. :p
Lisa Johnson-Gaggero 02/20/2012
My Favorite thing to write on a dirty back window..." I wish my ex-husband was this dirty!" lol
Frances Padgett Metcalf Lock 02/20/2012
My red f150 gets washed often, it looks great clean.
Frances Padgett Metcalf Lock 02/20/2012
I had a gray f150 three years, it was washed twice.. never did look dirty.
Douglas Pinsent 02/20/2012
My Moonlight Blue '95 SHO looks WAAAY better clean.
Henry Drake 02/20/2012
Sorry you can eat off my f250 its that clean!!
Gary Robert Frederick 02/20/2012
Bad manifold bolts breaking causing very expensive repair which Ford won't stand behind even tho they knew bolts were not hardened correctly but chose to go with cheap instead of quality !!!!
Sherri Butterfield Davis 02/20/2012
it always looks better dirty if youve been out in the mud having fun..
Bob Bennett 02/20/2012
219000 miles on my F150 and dirt no longer bothers me! Just another day of work
Chase Schnelle 02/20/2012
Nebraska winters are never good on my truck. Sorry though my F250 just took a bath.
Gary Robert Frederick 02/20/2012
Most of the Ford pick ups including this latest one won't stay running long enough to get dirty.
Erika Hatch 02/20/2012 Pony has to sparkle like a star in the moonlit night!!!haha
Johnathon Vanderbrink 02/20/2012
salt rust u mean
Celestina Thompson 02/20/2012
The dirtier, the better! ;)
Beth Everett Troyer 02/20/2012
No Way don't let my Ford F-150 get dirty!
Cheri Embree 02/20/2012
my '04 Focos can go a year without a bath. she looks more rugged dirty with the roof rack ;)
Sheri Prielipp-Falzone 02/20/2012
NO! Blue likes to sparkle.
Stewart T Lee 02/20/2012
looks good dirty or clean
Brent Groves 02/20/2012
mine does lol