An Early Look at the Ford Plans for the Beijing Auto Show

By Ford Social Member

Even though the 2010 Beijing Auto Show doesn’t start until April 24, we’re giving you an extra-early peek under the curtain with details of what Ford has planned at the show. New vehicles, new technology and fun, interactive displays will be the highlights of the Ford show stand.

The biggest news for China is that the new Ford Edge will be imported and launched there. The new model will make its regional debut at the Beijing Auto Show. It will feature MyFord Touch™ driver-connect technology, powered by SYNC® . This will also be the debut of SYNC in China.

The extensive Ford exhibit at the Beijing Auto Show symbolizes the brand’s growing global momentum. The Ford show stand is approximately 25 percent larger than the last one at the Beijing show.

Ford is planning to reveal even more technology and great products to fuel its momentum. An all-new concept car will make its global debut at the show, and this will also be the first chance for Chinese customers to see the car that spearheads Ford’s next generation of global models, the next-generation Ford Focus. It’s making a global preview tour well in advance of its 2012 market introduction in China.

To learn more about the new technologies in the next-generation model, visitors can play a starring role in a film which highlights Focus technologies. Techno-talented visitors who become budding film stars can show their friends a copy of their video scene via email.

Visitors at the Beijing Auto Show can also take the Control Blade Challenge on the Ford Beijing stand. It’s a unique, interactive experience that simulates being connected to the road, demonstrating the driving quality and sophisticated rear suspension setup at the heart of the Focus driving experience.

The 2010 Beijing Auto Show will take place at the China International Exhibition Centre.
Jack Sarfatti 04/12/2010
Put solar panels on roof, hood, trunk somehow embedded maybe with
CarlW 03/29/2010
"all-new concept car will make its global debut at the show," Now this has piqued my curiousity big time. Could it be the next C/D Mondeo/Fusion, the long awaited Fiesta brother B-Max. I am surprised the forums are not abuzz with this news.
Jason 03/27/2010
It is insanely difficult to import any manufactured good into China in more than one way.

The labor costs are so much lower, you need the lowest prices to compete, you will avoid huge tariffs by making vehicles there, and it is good for marketing and public opinion to make the cars in the country you sell them in. Design the cars and build certain part
diamond dave 03/26/2010
when are we (US) going to see MPG & HP figures of the eco-boost 2.0?
keep up the great forward movement/thinking FORD!
edvard 03/26/2010
You mentioned that the Ford Edge will be exported and sold in China. I find that highly compelling. China is a huge growing car market and it would be beneficial to the US economy if we were to make efforts to actually export US-made cars and trucks to them versus simply setting up a plant there. Does Ford have plans to continue exporting the Edge to China or is this only temporary until a plant is setup to produce it there?

I would highly encourage Ford to manufacture and export cars to China. The long-term benefit to the US would be a good thing.
An Early Look at the Ford Plans for the Beijing Auto Show
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