13 Going on 30: Ford Has Edge on Fuel Economy

By Ford Social Member

Who says 13 is unlucky? For Ford, 13 is all good – it represents the number of model/power combos currently delivering an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 30 mpg or more!

The Edge is the newest in the Ford lineup to receive the EcoBoost® engine, and with that estimated 30 mpg highway, it says “checkmate” to its class competitors as well as to cars such as the Honda Civic Si and Saab 9-3 automatic. The only competitive SUVs offering higher highway fuel economy than the Edge with EcoBoost are a few smaller-size vehicles such as the Ford Escape Hybrid...but then there’s no family rivalry there.

Among the Ford models with the EPA-estimated 30 mpg or more are the Mustang 3.7-liter automatic, Fiesta five-speed manual and automatic, Focus five-speed manual and automatic, and Fusion 2.5-liter automatic and Fusion Hybrid.

Building on the Edge V6’s best-in-class highway fuel economy, the EcoBoost four-cylinder provides the optimum balance between fuel efficiency and responsive power, delivering 240 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 270 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,000 rpm. Combining gasoline direct injection and turbocharging with smaller overall displacement, the EcoBoost engine delivers the power of a normally aspirated V6, yet with four-cylinder fuel efficiency. The Edge with EcoBoost also introduces category-exclusive active grille shutters; the slats close as vehicle speed increases to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

The EcoBoost has also been successful at attracting new, more upscale customers to the Ford showroom. Taurus SHO and Flex with EcoBoost lead the Ford lineup for car and utility; more than half of all Taurus SHO buyers are new to the Ford brand, and more than 62 percent of Flex with EcoBoost buyers had not previously considered a Ford product.

With popular F-150 pickup trucks now offering an EcoBoost option, sales of Ford vehicles with this advanced technology have crested 70,000 units and the F-150 EcoBoost now accounts for 41 percent of total F-150 sales, making it the top-selling full-sized V6 pickup truck on the market.

EcoBoost is a global Ford engine to provide affordable fuel efficiency for millions of drivers, while delivering the power they desire. By the end of 2011, Ford will have built nearly 180,000 EcoBoost-powered vehicles in North America. EcoBoost will be offered in 90 percent of Ford vehicles by 2013. Ford holds more than 125 patents on its EcoBoost engine technology.
very informative and i'am proud that ford didnt' take bail out money !
Juston Preble 10/07/2011
One thing is for sure... FORD had better not sell out and go cheap on parts for these new EcoBoost... I have pride in Ford because they didn't take bail out money. Now they just need to stay true to Henry Fords American roots... Over build a little so it wont break down and will be a reliable vehicle for many many years...
MikeP 08/25/2011
It would be great if you could get the Ecoboost engine with AWD.
Barrett Ward 08/15/2011
My wifes 08 FWD Edge gets @28 - 30 Hwy if you keep it at the posted limit. I bet this one would be much higher. It is all in how you drive. My mother and I both have 07' focus SESs. I get 31 city and she gets 16- 20 city. I drove my mother in laws escape 10', her gauge said 19.4mpg. So I reset it and drove around town anticipating red lights and accelerating modestly and was closer to 28. I love the potential these new technologies present us. Of course if you stop light grand prix, your mpg will be low. You cannot evade to BTUs necessary to move lbs quickly. It is nice to have the opportunity to save gas- if you want to.
Thomas Artman 08/03/2011
The crime here is allowing automakers to get away with labeling their vehicles based on highway miles with a really tall 6th gear (or 76th or 8th). It might get 30mpg highway, and that's fine, but the combined is in the low 20s. As these comments point out, it's only the big trips where you really get highway mileage consistently. Most of us get closer the city average. The rule needs to be changed - they don't need to raise the current mpg standards, just change the definition - state that the current fleet average standards refer to the "combined" rating, not whichever rating looks better. Then we will see true innovation.
Jeffery Myers 08/03/2011
Tim Bojanowski 08/03/2011
2011 Edge, drove 21 miles combo highway and country roads, 30 MPG avg per the computer, can't beat that!
Craig Slack 08/03/2011
Love my 2011 Edge Limited AWD
Georgy Berezin 08/02/2011
Guys, If you are using A/C, driving up the hills, standing in traffic then you are getting real life MPG. On the sticker is estimate with one driver. Results will always vary. EcoBoost is the best engine so far
Guillermo Antonio Carrasco 08/02/2011
Michael Bashta 08/02/2011
I would love to buy either the Edge or Explorer, each with Ecoboost, but I need AWD!
Mel Hons 08/02/2011
The best my 2011 Ford Edge has gotten so far since i bought it March of 2011 is 24.2 mpg. That is driving from Central Pa to Central NJ and back. Driving speed limit and all i had were me and my 2 small kids, no major luggage. It's not bad gas milage, but it could be better. We are taking it to the Outer Banks the end of September so we'll see how it does on that trip.
Samira Daee 08/02/2011
best, best, best
Barry Knight 08/02/2011
We took our Edge to Alabama from Ohio and when we came back with a load of personal items we actually got better gas mileage on the way home. I was very impressed with our Ford edge.
Mark Sayers 08/02/2011
It's a proven fact that the more power you have the beret mpg you will get. At one time lincoln's had a 460 and then they put on a 400 same car same weight but the 460 did better on gas ? Why because the 460 had more power. When I had my 87 third it had a 3.8 at maybe 120 hp the same bird with a 302 would get better mpg why ? More power you must match the cars weight with the power under powered car don't get great mpg
Jesse Kula 08/02/2011
some of the first trucks got 20mpg
Atilio Perez 08/02/2011
seria lindo en castellano-FORD para mi es un sentimiento que se lleva en el ALMA
Aaron McCarthy 08/02/2011
Almost any car can get 30 MPG, if its coasting downhill.
Andrew J. Starr 08/02/2011
I love Ford, but I'm not impressed with the hype about 30mpg. 40 is the new standard for passenger cars; smaller SUV's need to be hitting 35mpg minimum. Cut some weight or something; this isn't acceptable.
Mark Halliday 08/02/2011
My F-150 gets 23 mpg highway
Cire Yemar 08/02/2011
@Toon -- just don't crash in that 96 Cavalier --
Mark Halliday 08/02/2011
Now if we could get an f-150 get 30+ that would be awesome
William Toon 08/02/2011
Seçil Gültepe Kuşcuoğlu 08/02/2011
l ' m waiting to set up ford center in the 2013 years
Branden Lee Bailey 08/02/2011
My ecoboost f150 get around 20
William Vaccaro 08/02/2011
Too small for me. I'm waiting for the 2012 King Ranch - Size matters.
Carl Allen 08/02/2011
am averaging 23 MPG in my 2010 Fusion. It usually does better than that but it's very hot where I live.
Franky Marchelino Taroreh 08/02/2011
FORD Is The Best...
Kira Rittenhouse-Pearce 08/02/2011
I get 15mpg with my 10' Edge city Milage
Trevor Clinard 08/02/2011
This is awesome, I would love to see a turbo charged focus using what is learned from the other models. I'll hold out for that.
Mike Brown 08/02/2011
Last trip with my fusion to Chicago, averaged a little over 35 mpg, cruise set at 75
Frines Guzmán 08/02/2011
Francisco Elguera 08/02/2011
My new edge is giving me 18.2 mpg.
Arun Hasan 08/02/2011
i am and my ford family with 3years
Anthony Moggio 08/02/2011
My edge gets 15 mpg according to the computer, of course all i do is city driving so i guess i cant complain, though my mustang got 16.5...
Anthony Fragale 08/02/2011
My fusion get 28
Kristine Koss Tyler 08/02/2011
I love my Edge, but the fuel economy does kinda suck! But other then that, it's an awesome automobile!
Kelly Marie 08/02/2011
My fusion gets 22.5
Claude Bélisle 08/02/2011
Hybride this one ?!
Mark Sayers 08/02/2011
My 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII will get 29 mpg on the highway
Annette Baker Frees 08/02/2011
I would like one in dark blue please! :)
13 Going on 30: Ford Has Edge on Fuel Economy
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