You Asked. We Delivered: Six New Badges, Inspired by You!

By Cole Q.

It’s a special thing that ties us to our machines, and we celebrate that every day at Ford Social! In fact, we demonstrated that connection through our online badges – whether you’re a Ford lifer , a tech geek , or just love riding with your dog’s head hanging out the window . And more than 330,000 of you grabbed a badge that spoke to you.

But we knew we couldn’t cover all your passions, memories and hobbies. So we asked you what badges you’d like to see. And respond you did!

We put your ideas to work and designed six more badges, inspired by Ford fans just like you.

Here they are along with the story behind each one:


Open Track

The idea for an Open Track comes from Doug Hammond from Des Moines. He, like so many others, takes his Mustang to the track to see what it can do. Special thanks to Mitch W. and Robert K., who suggested similar ideas.

Get the Open Track badge here!


Road Trip

Paul Schmidt from Wichita, Kas., wanted a Road Trip badge to commemorate his many travels around the U.S. with his camper and his black metallic F-250. We also want to give a shout out to Danny S., Valeri C., and Mel C., who also had ideas for Road Trip badges.

Get the Road Trip badge here!


Women of the Road

Terri O’Neill from Winnebago, Ill., suggested a Women of the Road badge. She, like so many other fans out there, pointed out the special relationship between a girl and her ride. We couldn’t agree more. Barbara D., Pat S. and Tina M. also suggested women-powered badges.

Get the Women of the Road badge here!


First New Car

Nancy Brozovich, a hometown girl here in Dearborn, Mich., wanted a First New Car badge, harking back to her first Ford back in 1958. Know that feeling? Nothing like it in the world. Other people who suggested the first new car idea include Carroll A., Derek T. and Tammy H.

Get the First New Car badge here!


U.S. Services

Craig Morgan, of Port Huron, Mich., wanted a badge to honor all the returning service men and women, past and present. To the man who met his wife at the airport back in 1968 in a 1965 Galaxy 500, we salute you with the U.S. Services badge.  Thanks also go to Roger G. and Wade T., who also shared their ideas of honoring service men and women.

Get the U.S. Services badge here!



A  V8 badge was in high demand. But we’ve got to give credit to the first guy to suggest it, Diego Medina. But there’s a lot of others out there who wanted to see the V8 honored — among them Kevin Menard, who enjoys the roar of a V8, and Andrew Cappella, who would be driving a Ford GT and a Raptor if he had the cash.

Get the V8 badge here!

Six new badges to represent six more ways we love our Ford vehicles – grab yours today.

Show the people who inspired these new badges some love by leaving a comments below!
Holly R 05/12/2012
Please make a FORD FOCUS badge - to commemmorate the true innovative breakthrough. Beauty of this car deserves its own badge:) Love you, Ford!
Jamie H 05/04/2012
Love the new badges :)
eric s 04/18/2012
i believe in the dependability of ford motor co.
Dennis B 04/16/2012
We need a Mustang GT/CS badge also please I didn't think I wanted a gt/cs vehicle until I got mine. The people that give me thumbs up is great & proud of it!!!!!
Where's the COBRA Badge ?
Susan S 04/05/2012
We have a Fordson Major, 8N, F150 & F250 SuperDuty & own stock. We had 2 F250 SuperDuties for a few months. One is now with a happy young owner.
Louis 03/25/2012
I am a shareholder. do you have cool bumper stickers or tshirts... or golf hats... that we can purchase??
Ed F 03/24/2012
I cannot wait to get another FSeries truck! I plan on having 2.
Sean W 03/23/2012
The Ford Foundation has no relations with Ford Motor Company, please check it out before leaving the greatest car company on the planet.
Suzie L 02/29/2012
I talk to people every day to encourage to buy from Ford ,Ford supports all jobs in America people just dont see all the pay checks until they are gone, I support Ford. they are the American Company that keeps profits in America for American Jobs ... I love my MKZ
Donnie Croft 02/17/2012
I have been a Ford Owner most of my life. I currently own five Ford vehicles. Three of which are my company vehicles. In the past I have surrounded myself with Ford owners because I've always considered owning a Ford as the only smart choice when buying a vehicle. Today I have been saddened by the news of the Ford Foundation supporting Media Matters financialy. My newest vehicle will be the last Ford I ever own. I was once proud to think Ford was smart enough to stay out of political hacking. So long Ford.
Zeek Swanson 02/17/2012
The Vintage V-8 badge... 5 generations of my family have had their hands on the Flathead V-8... That badge is like a symbol of family time to me!
Brad Barefoot 02/16/2012
Hey Ford ! As a doctor of Fusionology I'm glad to say we converted yet another T----- driver to a Fusion. Out of the box the Fusion gets her about 6 more MPG ! This lady is a nurse an sees around 30 people a day and yes she talks about her new Fusion. As mentioned in other posts ...........
A Winner Never Stops Proving It!
Gordon Wicker 02/16/2012
How about a Ford retiree badge??
Tymon Kabacinski 02/16/2012
from my other comment I think that you should honor the men and women of being firefighters and EMTs/paramedics
Tymon Kabacinski 02/16/2012
I think that you should make a fire truck and ambulance work badge because those are both fords
Joseph Todora 02/16/2012
they seem to want it all and PROBALY won't stop until they get it...
Carmen San Miguel 02/16/2012
Great badges. Congrats to all the winners.
pam 02/16/2012
all i wanterd was to find a dealer near me in CT i was given ford dealers in vt, ma, me and ri...not one in ct what is that about...wasted my time...
Todd Heide 02/16/2012
It's missing the spoiler on the back, that's why it looks like a PriusV. I still think the 2013 Fusion would be better choice for that. I am really liking the style of the new one, and wish I had waited before getting the Hybrid last year.
Ashley Otto 02/16/2012
@Todd Heide - the new car badge looks like a Focus or Fiesta to me, not a prius.
Danish 02/16/2012
Wayne Chartier III 02/16/2012
Thanks, Ford for thinking of the people. I especially enjoy the Armed Forces Badge. I'm in the military and i thank you for your support. My wife thinks the convertable badge is cool. i can't wait to get my New Car Badge when i get my 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Plug-in.
Mark Hedtke 02/16/2012
How about some more badges, like a Model T for instance or other classics by model such as a 65 Ford Mustang or a Shelby Cobra 500 perhaps? Like others, badges are cute, but how about building a EV adaptable vehicle like the Model T of old, that was a pickup, a sedan, a convertible, a delivery wagon, etc that could be easily modified to meet the changing needs of a purchaser. Mainly I want a great EV with an awesome range, quick recharge and that gets us off from being held as "energy prisoners".
The 1st new car badge could have a '55 Fairlane 500 on it.
Ford Motor Company 02/15/2012
Todd Heide: It's the new Ford Focus. Perhaps you haven't seen it yet. You can check it out on the Focus Facebook page we just linked to.
Louise Bruton Hodges 02/15/2012
I have a 1966 FORD SPRIT 200 Love it yes it runs very good and the only reason it is a FORD it still has the 200 engine and the AC even works I like the open track if it had FORD in the middle of it I also like the US SERVICES one I wish I had that one to put on my Mustang ALWAYS will be a FORD person
Terry Hansmeier 02/15/2012
^^^There are ALOT of people out there (including myself) working for companies that don't have a pension plan that make a comfotable wage. Now correct me if I'm wrong, if you're union, arn't they suppose to fight for your benefits? After all, that's what your paying them for, isn't it?
Morris Smedley 02/15/2012
I have a 2011 Escape that I bought one year ago. I love it and have not had one problem with it and my wife has a 2009 Milan and she to has had no problems ! Go Ford keep making thes good products !!
gerald marcus 02/15/2012
the failure of a torque converter to the point the car will not move in my experance has not happened. It may cause the transmission to overheat and finally stop but doubt it would happen before you got the new one installed
Tom Turgeon 02/15/2012
I think ford should work on their vehicles instead of badges! Bring back the manual transmission in the f-series trucks.
Ron Kennedy 02/15/2012
^^^ thats ford tough
John B Thomas 02/15/2012
How about a "Street is Neet" badge for us Ford lovers who take it to the streets !!!!!!!
Douglas Riggs 02/15/2012
I like the road trip badge
David Laskin 02/15/2012
I think the new car badge looks like a 2012 Focus 5 door which I just bought. Not my first car however.
Muad Shahin 02/15/2012
For God sake bring back the RWD please ford make RWD version of the taurus and the fusion pleeeeeeeeeeeeeas :(
Jonathan Hayes 02/15/2012
like the pinto?
Joe Bertolucci 02/15/2012
econoline "super"Van.......rocked
Arlene Miles 02/15/2012
How about a badge for seniors who love their TAURUS sedans?
I'd like one that got 100 mpg. I have a feeling the technology is there...
Ben Vrazo 02/15/2012
Todd - it's a fiesta, bro.
Hugh Layne 02/15/2012
Claude James Sr 02/15/2012
I was employed at trim plant in chesterfield, much 28 miles east of Detroit
Claude James Sr 02/15/2012
I was employed at trim plant in chesterfield, much 28 miles east of Detroit
Learned to drive in a Ford Galaxy, and am a Ford owner a few times over...can't beat a Ford. My Escape Hybrid is hands down the best...
Ritch Ritter 02/15/2012
badges,we dont need no stinkin badges....u nu this was comin huh
Joe Costigan 02/15/2012
Hey ford,
Add those side number plates to the badges from the 60.s you know the 390 or 428 with the stripes below.
When i was 11 my father was stopped by a Michigan state trouper and given a warning i remember seeing that 428 name plate and hearing the rumble of that Police car.
Martin Flom 02/15/2012
I would like to see a badge honoring the Flathead V8. Especially one for me like the long and narrow tilted emblem on the grill of my 1937 Ford model 74 60 hp V8. I have seen a similar decal on the rear of some Explorers of late.
Cheri Weaver Hitch 02/15/2012
I've always loved the old T-Birds,wasnt too impressed with the 2002, I have the need for speed..
Louise Mason Prev Hinton 02/15/2012
Its not a new badge i need its for ford to sort out the mpg's on the new KA !!!!!
Roger Johnson 02/15/2012
i do not need a badge to show i love my FORD
Rick Quinn 02/15/2012
Todd Heide 02/15/2012
The first new car badge looks like a Prius. Why doesn't it look like a recognizable Ford?
Todd Heide 02/15/2012
Why does the first new car badge look like a Prius?
You Asked. We Delivered: Six New Badges, Inspired by You!
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