Will You Be One of the First to Order a 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid?

By Cole Q.

You know how the cool kid in school always had the newest gadgets first? This is your chance to leap to the top of the cool chart, as Ford dealers are starting to place orders for America’s most affordable and fuel-efficient hybrid utility vehicle – the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid!

The C-MAX is the first Ford dedicated line of hybrids. The 2013 C-MAX Hybrid will be available in the fall of 2012 with a base price of $25,995 – approximately $500 lower than the Toyota Prius v base price.

The C-MAX Hybrid blends fuel economy with performance, with projected best-in-class horsepower and torque along with the Ford third-generation powersplit technology that allows for higher speed while in electric mode than Toyota Prius v.

C-MAX Hybrid benefits from 20 years of research and innovation behind the software and hardware technology driving it, with many of the almost 500 Ford hybrid vehicle-related patents contained within.

That means that along with SYNC® with MyFord Touch® , drivers can get class-exclusive available features like hands-free liftgate (offering hands-free cargo access with a simple kicking motion), SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, regenerative braking and an advanced lithium-ion (li-ion) battery pack that is being used for the first time in a Ford hybrid.

The C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid will follow later this year with better electric-mode fuel economy and overall driving range than the Prius plug-in hybrid.

Visit ford.com to learn more about the C-MAX Hybrid and to sign up to get updates as product news and announcements are available.
Larry 11/14/2014
Love everything about the car... Except I will not buy a car where I can't put skis down the center. 60/40 does not allow 4 adults to be comfortable... And I will not have a fuel eating box or rack on my car.
Christian 02/18/2013
Nous allons recevoir la livraison de la première C-Max Energi du concessionnaire sur la rive-sud cette semaine. Beaucoup d'engouement depuis mes première recherche il y a 2 ans déjà et c'est un départ pour notre jeune famille de roulez électrique le plus possible en rechargant par nous même.
This week, we will be the first to receive the C-Max Energi after almost 2 years. The dealer will come back on it but they believe it's the first in the province of Quebec if not in the country. Our young family will now enjoy has much as possible driving electric here in Montreal, Canada
Tom R 01/15/2013
Not until they smarten up and also offer the Grand C-Max so I have some extra storage room and a place for my kids friends when I make a run to the fields. Worst move ever not including the grand C-max or the diesels for that matter.
Jeff 11/04/2012
We are going on 3 weeks with our c-max. Everything in Dan's post is identical to our experience including the dubbing the car. Except we are calling it the anti-climax. Don't get me wrong we love the car but really Ford 47 mpg. Maybe if it was being towed. Highway mileage is around 38, have managed a best of 52.2 (est) on a 10 mile trip in San Diego traffic. Mostly though I'd say 38 is an average all around for the car 9 miles less than the made up numbers. Roof racks are available. They are made by Thule. As this is a euro model imported to the states you would think they would have learned more. The sliding door would have been nice see c-max grand or grand c-max. The stereo leaves much to be desired and should be offered as an entertainment upgrade without the leather package. Please note that our prior vehicles came equipped with a chevy installed Bose (500) watt stereo, and our Ford escape was a LA sound and security show piece for Boston acoustics. Needless to say when it comes to mobile sounds we are kind of spoiled. Car drives great, was comfortable on a 1000 mile trip, and is everything we could ask for in a good run around town vehicle. Well Done Ford.
Robert T 10/25/2012
The Grand Cmax get 56 MPG cost cheaper($3000) and has 3rd row seating . So every one that loves there C max W/ the battery getting 42 MPG. Well ford is just ripping you off in my opinion.
Carol P 10/19/2012
Just bought my C-Max two weeks ago and LOVE it!! Has all the features my Edge had(Limited)but much better mileage.Thank you Ford!
Dan 09/28/2012
Just got my C-Max and love it with a few minor exceptions:
1: I am not getting anywhere near the 47, I drive 65mph on the highway and I tend to get about 40-42. In the city I am getting closer to 38. Still not bad, but I don't know how they were driving to get 47. I'd say that I drive conservatively
2: Ford totally missed the boat on not putting roof rails or even the slots for a roof rack on this car. Interior space isn't bad, but I can see hauling bikes is going to be kind of tough.
3. My car has been deemed the Ford Climax and joked about countless times so far. Can we come up with something other than C-max?
Robert T 08/23/2012
I just don't get it. All i want is a Grand Cmax Van not a stupid EV. BTW they stop making Ford Transite connect EV, the Ford Focus EV is not selling, and these EV cmax's wont sell as well. DOSE any body know that these batteries do more damage to the environment then gas. Most people wanted the Grand cmax anyway
Tim 07/27/2012
I was hoping to see Ford offer the 1.6 TDCI with the C-Max Hybrid boy that would rock! everyone knows diesels put out alot less pollution than gas and twice the fuel economy but I quess we're not worthy
imagine a C-Max with a diesel electric drive that would be totally awsome in bumper to bummer traffic.......less chance of running out of fuel. I'll just hold on to my old Focus until the diesel electrics show up!
Ronald W 07/12/2012
I am waiting on the C-MAX ENERGI or the 2013 FUSION ENERGI, but FORD really needs to do something about its EXTERIOR COLOR SELECTIONS!! THE CHEVY
VOLT has much better ECS than the C-MAX line.
James C 07/06/2012
I will!!! I have already gone to the dealer to get the option package information. Just waiting for the chance. I aready have a F-150, which I am keeping. I have had 2 Mustangs, and 2 Escorts in the past, but now is the time to get something that will really save gas.
John 07/05/2012
I'm hoping for a class 2 hitch so I can attach a rack to hold the family's four bikes. A roof rack for a thule box is also a must. Hopefully this will be available on the Energi model and I hope that will be available in Toronto soon.
Sandra R 07/03/2012
sounds nice to me. I drive a 2009 Kia Rondo and I love it very much so it's not going anywhere without me. But if I hadn't bought this a year ago, I definately would look into thi Ford C-Max Hybrid.
Robert T 06/29/2012
curb weight
Grand C-max 3150 lbs.
C-MAX Hybrid 3,682 lbs.
C-MAX Energi 3,986 lbs.
how is it better to carry all that extra battery I rather keep the 3rd row diesel at 49mpg .Also a Grand Cmax would start 2 or 3 thousand Cheaper.E-cars are stupid
Brad B 06/24/2012
Hey Ford & Mark Evans ! It's not too small, saw it in January at the Detroit Auto Show and rented one not to long ago in France. The C-Max is the right vehicle for the time. At the price point shown in the story (around 25K) you can get a mid-sized that happens to be a hybrid for a bit more than a standard vehicle. I can forsee quite a few acessories coming across the Atlantic (see Ford UK site) that will translate well to our needs. I want a SEL, Sterling Grey with a few options. Be proud Bill Ford, your C-Max Team is great, and done a great job. As a earlier comment from me, a 1 1/4" hitch for a wheel chair carrier, and a roof rack like the Escape ..... We plan to travel some and wave the Ford Flag this Fall on our C-Max Hybrid.
Brad B 06/17/2012
Hey Ford ! How about a few more options: 1- Luggage Rack like the Escape. 2- 1 1/4" trailerhitch for a wheel chair carrier. 3- Moonroof for us older people (54). 4- 6 CD changer. 5- Daytime running lights. Not real big ones, but what we look for.
Christy D 06/12/2012
No. I had hoped to get a C-Max, but need room for 4 kids at least some of the time. If I have to drive twice as much because I don't have room to carpool, that wipes out all the energy savings from getting the hybrid.
Maybe in a few years when we replace the commuter car, but this year a new family vehicle needs to take priority.
Robert T 05/30/2012
To the people who live in the real world Hybrids are stupid they cost to much Vs just buying gas. and most of use wanted the 7 Passenger Cmax with a diesel like the rest of the world has. ford seems determine to shove these E-cars down are throat.
Brad B 05/26/2012
Hey Ford ! C-Max has a huge base of customers, Tom in CA has also commented that a earlier sales day would be great.
Hanut 05/26/2012
Ford is the best..................!!!!
Francisco Calvo Castillo 05/25/2012
cuanto vale
Seth A 05/25/2012
Interesting about all the negative comments- just because this is a hybrid. These are nothing new. Hybrids have been around for almost 2 decades now. They're a common sight in major cities. Many are just as roomy inside as any full size family car. So basically the term "Hybrid" is generic at this point might as well be the same as using a general term- like " Electronic fuel injection", or "Diesel engine". Its just a car that happens to use a different drivetrain.
If this car is everything its being claimed Ford will sell them and sell a LOT of them. In my opinion its good to have more direct competition with the prius. We own one ourselves and its now getting on towards being 11 years old. I can see a car like the C-Max being a real contender for our next possible purchase and I am assuming that will be the case for many others like us.
Derek Henden 05/24/2012
I will never buy a hybrid. Bring a fuel efficient diesel to the US and we will talk.
Don Santucci 05/23/2012
Kevin Spencer 05/23/2012
not so FORD TOUGH ford co is not tell people that the ranger is a MAZDE pickup ( the ranger has a SAFETY ISSUA GAS TANK BRACKETS SHACKES AND REAR FRAME ROTED OUT ( the US DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION IS LOOKING INTO THIS ford are a pile of junk
Cassie Ainsworth 05/23/2012
I hope their stock goes up it hasn't done well for awhile now!
Michael A 05/22/2012
Brad is right on. A tow hitch should be available. Another miss is the lack of roof rails. Prius V missed the market here as well. This isn’t a sedan it’s a SUV. That means Sports Utility Vehicle. Ford should consider the lifestyle of those who would buy the car and what they would like to do with it. People who choose to go Green generally have an active lifestyle. We are the hikers, kayakers, skiers, cyclists and the disabled. These racks generally use 2” receivers. Put the appropriate warning label: Not to be used as… and you will have communicated its intended use. This is a significant market that Ford could own.
Priyantha E 05/22/2012
Today is my birth day
It is a great news for Ford lovers
Gustav Drasal 05/22/2012
Real D 05/22/2012
I would love a C-max hybrid. But the Ranger is still too new to trade in.
Bob Martin 05/22/2012
Not a chance.
Lynn Babchek-Tate 05/22/2012
Saw one recently...pretty spiffy. Like!
John Sanders 05/22/2012
No thanks...cannot get 2 cars seats and 3 adults in it......way too small......NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN TREE HUGGING CARS.
John Turner 05/22/2012
No, but I might be one of the first to order a C-Max Energi!
Muriel Baker 05/22/2012
Just got me a new 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback and love it!!!!!
Dan Thomas 05/22/2012
Mishima Takao 05/22/2012
C-Max is good Hybrid.But several comment are negative...In US,Hybrid can not success?
Becky Esquibel 05/22/2012
No hybrid still LUV my V8 exp gota have a V8 child of the 70s
Leslie Ball Young 05/22/2012
I want the wagon!
James Morrow 05/22/2012
Jw Ogg 05/22/2012
Henry Klassen 05/22/2012
Some of the people on this page either can't spell or they're speaking a different language...
Streetracinhaven Busby 05/22/2012
Not hardly. I had rather have my power stroke.
Pav Singh 05/22/2012
Would rather order a Capri, hint, hint
Joseph D 05/22/2012
Cool stuff, Ford! Just because we weren't first in the hybrid market doesn't mean we aren't the best :)

Now if you could get to work on a clean turbo diesel ;) Teach those Germans a thing or two.
Richard P 05/22/2012
No but will be interested in a new Ranger size pickup, if you ever make one again. To bad you stopped.
Robert T 05/22/2012
No what a grand C max and the New Ranger. But ford dosent Care what we want. nobody wants your E-CAR FORD
Tommy Curran 05/22/2012
Hybrids are a joke!
Michael Franklin 05/22/2012
No , DIESEL POWER !!!!!!
Michael Thompson 05/22/2012
No... But I do agree with Bob.
Erin Bush 05/22/2012
No way, no how. And a foot stomping "Never". We agree with Mr. Moore above. Bring back the Excursion and we'd be first in line.
Timothy John Figueroa 05/22/2012
No. Hybrids are for pansies... Love my new '12 Focus SE though!!!
Naval Singh 05/22/2012
Sorry rusty sir wht r u say
Rusty Reed 05/22/2012
Deff not not a new stang or pstroke id be first for sure
Naval Singh 05/22/2012
Oooppp sir may who is drive the car you and wife
Gloria Jean Moore 05/22/2012
Naval Singh 05/22/2012
Sir your fiesta is new titaniam
Bryan Erickson 05/22/2012
No, but my wife would have been in line to order the 7 passenger ecoboost model that was going be released, before they went hybrid or electric.
Naval Singh 05/22/2012
I think sir fist a fol u drive knw model after that u share your economy problem i think after u satis fid
Vidaal L 05/22/2012
Why buy this when i can get a VW TDI that gets close to 80 MPG??? Ohh yea cause the US government wont let me, too much money to lose from fuel tax
Harley Fender 05/22/2012
I would love too order one, but I am afraid that is impossible in this economy.
Naval Singh 05/22/2012
Hmm ford car real that is fast rid tha car after u fel the difrence
Mark Evans 05/22/2012
No. Too small. Maybe a 13 Fusion
Arthur Dusty Bolton 05/22/2012
No ill stick to my 2011 F150
Ken Bradley 05/22/2012
No. It's FUGLY!
Dale Ballard 05/22/2012
no thank you
Bob Sauer 05/22/2012
Nope...I want something with a full frame underneath and if not a V8, the next best thing which is an Ecoboost V6.
Patrick Martin 05/22/2012
Um no......
Leanne Thompson 05/22/2012
No, wont good enough IF were getting ripped apart left/right/centre in uk.
Bart Jannis 05/22/2012
Yes, definitely
A-c Davidsson 05/22/2012
Då får ni betala bättre för en beganad.
John J. Lignowski 05/22/2012
@Robert. The profits still end up in Tokyo. Dolt.
Randy Gronewold 05/22/2012
Josh Moore 05/22/2012
Tell you what Ford, bring back the 7.3 liter diesel Excursion and I might think about going to a dealer to laugh at the tiny little green car.
Ginny Basom Horst 05/22/2012
Eli Weakley 05/22/2012
Nope. I want a large car with a powerful gas engine. I'll never buy these wimpy little cars!
Robert T 05/22/2012
NO hybrids are stupid Every body wants the Grand cmax with a gas or diesel power tran. but FORD refuses to listen to us. Again ON ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR E-CAR.they coast to much vs just buying gas.Every one on ford social want the grand cmax
Mark Milliken 05/22/2012
Nope f 550 v10 for my company
Andrew DeSpirito 05/22/2012
Nope...waiting for the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid!
Navpreet Singh 05/22/2012
no i Wants a mans car. Beefy petrol engine. Please stop making 1.6t engines and make 1.8 and 2.0 petrol engines again.
James A. Thomas II 05/22/2012
Not me !
Kelly Hall Kemski 05/22/2012
The answer is a large negatory.
Adam Hohler 05/22/2012
no, but if i could i would be first in line for a 2013 shelby. i love power.
Scott A. Smith 05/22/2012
No do not want a hybread and will not buy one. I am sure it is a great car(its a ford), they are not big enough for my family. I have. 94 subran. What I am going to swap for next is a 12 or 15 el van. My wife and I are foster parents and need more room for car seats
Robert E Felker 05/22/2012
I helped support lots of American families when I bought my 2010 ACURA TL Technology: 100% Marysville, OH. The "AMERICAN" brands Chuck-Royce is talking about above sell vehicles that are assembled and part-sourced elsewhere, like Mexico, Canada, Japan and Europe. Read the sticker on the vehicle before you buy!
Duane Argue 05/22/2012
Nope there's no room in the garage with the 05 Mustang GT Convertible and 2010 F-150 already parked in there.
Myron Rochester 05/22/2012
Aw gee a hybrid 2013 windstar lol
Ryan Pietsch 05/22/2012
I wanna go for the gold. How about an F350 Powerstroke diesel? I'm 6'7" and barely fit in a 150.
Jesse N Amanda Graves 05/22/2012
No. I'll go with a different Ford.
James Whelan 05/22/2012
suck America... Cant beat the good old rwd ford falcon! v8 supercharged or f6 turbo!!!
Cindy Wade 05/22/2012
no, but I will always own at least one FORD!
Stefan Reuter 05/22/2012
We drive an old Transit Diesel. Loud, stincki and bang bang.
Mike Quinn 05/22/2012
I might be the first to order an electric F150
Larry Arizona Du Bois 05/22/2012
Nope. saving up for a F-150.
Karl Getts 05/22/2012
I'm financially embarrassed. I probably couldn't even buy a matchbox car version of it :(
Jerry Ridenour 05/22/2012
There no cleaner...power still has to be generated to recharge them. Most of our electric power still comes from coal. I'll keep my Taurus SHO
Loren DiGiorgi 05/22/2012
No. I'll take a gasoline engine any day of the week. Hybrids are too expensive and unproven for the 40k miles/year I do in my business.
Ryan Michael Dolsen 05/22/2012
I work at the plant that builds them. Nice car.
Russell Hustle Jenkins 05/22/2012
I'm helping build this car right now , it's nice
Fred Martellotti 05/22/2012
Kenny Ruff 05/22/2012
I won't be buying any hybrids. Sorry Ford. I won't have any electrics in my driveway either. I enjoy my black smoke diesels too much. I also have a newer Ford RWD V8 car. Nothing green here.
Chuck-Royce Young 05/22/2012
Stefan Reuter 05/22/2012
No, i want a big fat V8 with Hybrid!!!!!!!
Katie Skiera 05/22/2012
Yes. Oh yes, this will be mine.
Sarah Grosko 05/22/2012
That would be a negative....
Rod James 05/22/2012
The payback is not there. People who buy hybrids are not replacing them with hybrids.
Chris Erickson 05/22/2012
Really these chain letters are stupid Nicole grow up.
Robert Fippinger 05/22/2012

When I buy a new Ford I always tell the salesman the same thing: "...and I'll take it with the biggest motor you put in this."
Derek Glidewell 05/22/2012
Ihor, maybe you should first read whose hybrid system is in current Ford automobiles. Ever work on one?
Ihor Balaban 05/22/2012
Derek, maybe you should read into the hybrid tech and who/how it was designed first...
Jared Ennis 05/22/2012
I will be the first to accept your donation of one. :)
Nicole Tompkins 05/22/2012
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23 hours ago · Like

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Gordon H Jackson Jr 05/22/2012
I don't care about hybrid there stupid
Manny Diaz 05/22/2012
love my sport trac
Ricardo Valdez Pérez 05/22/2012
will not be available in Mexico :(
Matthew RoRo Rocus 05/22/2012
No hybrids Ford!! What are you doing to me?? D: lol
Lisa Mulloy 05/22/2012
Love my 2008 Focus!
Derek Glidewell 05/22/2012
Sorry Ford, but I won't buy your cars with a Toyota ( Or Lexus) hybrid system. Just like I won't buy a Dodge with a Mitsubishi motor.
Andy Conger 05/22/2012
No, give me an F-150
Susie Huff Fry 05/22/2012
have you considered giving those who LIKE Ford on facebook a small rebate or accessory? Would be a nice thank you for their support....
Dan Simes 05/22/2012
Michael W Garcia 05/22/2012
this vehicle is available to order and i would love to see it in my showroom soon !
Dominick Ruggiero 05/22/2012
no..no I will not
Missy Shahan Jones 05/22/2012
I would love to have one of this cars.
Richard Moody 05/22/2012
Boss 302!
Frank Dodge 05/22/2012
no ....a f-150 man
Ryan L. Natschke 05/22/2012
No. Love Ford but will never own a Hybrid. I like chicks.
Will You Be One of the First to Order a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid?
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