Why Facebook Fans Love Their C-MAX Hybrids

By Cole Q.

“What’s the most important feature when choosing a vehicle?” That’s the question that was recently posed to our Ford C-MAX Facebook Fans .

It’s just as much a personality test as it is a reflection on priorities. The fact is, there are a lot of reasons people choose one vehicle over another. It could be something as fundamental as safety or fuel economy, or maybe something a little less tangible like design or loyalty.

But when it comes to the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and Energi plug-in hybrid, our Facebook fans seem to have a lot of reasons why they chose theirs. Let’s take a look at some of their responses and see why there’s a lot to love about these vehicles.


Who likes paying for gas? Certainly not the people who bought a C-MAX. That’s why it’s not surprising that so many of the positive comments we’ve received from our Facebook fans have to do with how C-MAX helps owners save at the pump. C-MAX Hybrid owners enjoy less frequent trips to the gas station, while owners of the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid might be able to avoid it entirely.

“Battery size!” shouts George H. “No gas!” adds Karen T.

As some of our friends on Facebook point out, with increased fuel economy comes increased environmental responsibility.

Csilla G. gets it; she says she loves her C-MAX because of “Environmental impact and fuel economy and fun to drive and comfortable!”

Sounds like her C-MAX helps her do good and feel good at the same time.


Jon D. says that “At 6-foot 6-inches, it's head and leg room for me. C-MAX has plenty of both.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? Who cares about all those extra MPGs if you have to cram into your ride?

Caroline M. agrees with Jon. “Interior headroom. Hubby is 6-foot 7-inches, teenage son is 6-foot 5-inches. They both fit in my C-MAX! Can't say that about the other hybrid I wanted.”

For Sai-Tam, comfort also means peace and quiet. He says, “The lack of road noise…CMAX does very well in this regard…”

The Total Package

With so many cool features, some of our Facebook fans found it a little tough to choose just one reason they would choose C-MAX over another vehicles.

“The C-MAX is everything I hoped it would be,” says Rhonda M. “Love the gas mileage, moon roof, color, back up camera, SYNC®, everything.”

For Cameron P., there were quite a few reasons why the C-MAX ended up being the one he bought. According to him, it was all about “affordability, comfortable seats, durable, very fuel efficient, American made.”

What was it about your Ford that made you want to buy it? Was it something practical like cargo room or fuel economy? Have you always dreamed of owning a Ford Mustang ? Maybe you were born into a Ford trucks family and continue the tradition?

Whatever the reason is that you bought a blue oval, we want to know about it. Tell us what’s important to you by sharing a comment below, or submitting a story telling us about the car, truck or SUV you bought and why!
ceres 07/11/2014
I love my C Max! At 6,000 miles, I'm getting about 42.3 mpg on the highway. I also love the quiet cabin and the blind-spot mirrors. I never had them before, and they're great! Thanks Ford.
Ford Social 07/09/2014
Hi Brad - Thanks for the comment! We love to hear from loyal Ford enthusiasts and we're glad to hear that you are getting great mileage from your C-MAX. Sounds like you know how to get the most out of Herbie! - Ford Social
Brad B 06/19/2014
Hey Ford ! My C-Max (Herbie) and I are well into our second year together. Herbie routinely delivers from 45 to 55 mog atound town and from 44 to 52 mpg on the road, with around 47 mpg on the interstates. You have to master the art of the slow start and stopping, and use those eco settings. Made just one modification to Herbie, he has a Curt 1 1/4" receiver hitch for her wheel chair transporter. I've had a Flex, and Edge, an still have a Escape (wife's car). But as I told someone the other day the C-Max is the car I wish I could have purchased in '09 when I got the Flex.