Who is John Viera?

By Tori T.

What do you think this job title means: Director, Sustainability & Vehicle Environmental Matters? You probably guessed things like alternative fuel and reusable stuff, and we like the way you think because that’s spot-on! John Viera is the title-holder of that position at Ford, and he has been at it since 2007. He develops global sustainable business plans and policies, interfaces with global regulatory bodies, reports externally on the Ford environmental and social performance, and leads the engagement and partnerships with nongovernment organizations and other key stakeholders. Whew, right?

In other words, it’s about ensuring Ford delivers environmentally conscious vehicles as it continues to develop electric, hydrogen-powered and alternative-fuel vehicles of the future. And sustainability issues are also important at Ford. Waste-to-landfill and CO2 emissions are major focal points both now and when looking toward the future. When it comes to renewable materials, Ford isn’t beyond using what seems downright quirky; using soy, corn, recycled denim, plastic water bottles, recycled yarns and used carpeting in vehicles for things like insulation and seat foam are innovative ways to help reduce environmental impact. “We are always pursuing environmentally friendly solutions,” John explained.

“The immediate solution in regard to the environment is C02 reduction which means improving fuel economy on a large scale,” John said. “We don’t make niche vehicles for a select few, we make fuel economy affordable to millions of people so collectively they make a sizable impact.”

And Ford believes in the power of choice; options are key at Ford, and that can be seen with the C-MAX, Escape, Fiesta, Focus and Fusion, because just as it says in John’s title, this “matters.” “Our customers have the power of choice when it comes to efficiency – from gasoline, to hybrid, hybrid electric or plug-in electric power.”
Jaynee A 05/01/2013
I am a FORD fan! just saying!!
Randy S 04/30/2013
I have three fords, 1996 150 over 200,000 miles, 2001 ford cewcab 4x4 230,000 miles, 2012 ford edge, had dodge and chevy , was always workin on them, will never own anything but fords from now on, GO FORD
dominic p 04/30/2013
To No One: The Fusion is a Mexican built Ford. Enough said.
Eric N 04/30/2013
....The F-150 currently gets TWICE the mpg of ANY Ranger ever produced, your argument is invalid
No One 04/27/2013
2007 Ford Fusion received many awards with their initial release but most (90%) of customers now state that they would never buy another Ford Fusion ever. Worst car made. Worst corporation with customer service.
Al 04/27/2013
If the Ranger is not brought back I will be giving up 50+ years of Ford ownership. I don't need the size of the 150 or the fuel consumption so I guess I'll have to look somewhere else!
eric s 04/26/2013
the new 2013 ford ranger sold outside of the states gets over 46 mpg for its diesel version...it comes in a 4 door model
Dub Whalen 04/26/2013
Ways to improve the Explorer. change grill to Fusion like. put navigation cross streets back on . get rid of the cheap looking plastic piece at the bottom of front bumper. improve transmission, increase power to climb slight incline. make cabin filter easier to access. make cabin quieter. I have a 2011 Limited, I'll buy another when I see some changes and recommend the product with changes. I don't want to buy the sport, all Explorers need these upgrades.
Brad B 04/26/2013
Hey Ford ! Liked the article, well Herbie (C-Max Hybrid) and my family are moving into month #3. Gas mileage continues to climb. 1st month say lo 40's. Finally mastered the art of the slow start/stop. That and the use of the eco-settings saw marked increases in mpg. In month #2 I learned where Herbie liked to run, for instance 33 mph instead of 35 mpg around town, using this I found 54 over 55 mph on rural roads got us 52.8 mpg on a recent trip to Wilmington NC. 65 mph on the interstate highways saw a steady 44.3 mpg. All in all I'm a complete hybrid conversion driver. In the world of future product maybe a Ford Transit Connect Hybrid passenger model in the short wheelbase. It would be a possible next step for the Transit Connect. Like another writer here I owned a Flex (Stretch was his name) and liked it, but the C-Max is hands down the better vehicle. As I told the guys at Dunn / Benson Ford (my dealer) the C-Max is the car that I wished I could have gotten 4 years ago. I had a C-Max in France as a rental 5 years ago and liked it from the start. Great Car !
Pat 04/25/2013
I love my Ford Fusion Hybrid which I got in January. It's great looking, hi-tech, and drives very well. But all that aside, I love the fuel efficiency. After driving a gas guzzler, I now feel like I'm doing something good for the environment (and my wallet). Thank you Ford for making this wonderful car.
BadRock 04/25/2013
I have a Fusion Energi Ti on order and can't wait to get it. Living 7 miles from the office make it a perfect fit for my lifestyle.
Carmel Suga 04/25/2013
How much longer before we find an alternative fuel that enables cars to fly?
Justin B 04/23/2013
I've personally never owned a Ford vehicle but that is because I could never afford one but I am looking forward to getting one in the future. That being said I've always been fascinated with the Vehicles they offer. From Power/Luxury to Economical/Efficient, Ford will be my go to company when I finally get my first "New" car; That hopefully being a Mustang as I have childhood memories of being driven around in it as we moved from Iowa to Nebraska.
I wonder if a hybrid Mustang will ever be out there(Have not seen one yet). I'd definitely like the economic impact it would have but also enjoy the sporty/powerful look it gives off.
George W 04/22/2013
When I get behind the wheel of my Flex, I feel confident that I am driving a car made by a company who cares, and a majority family owned company at that. Ford realized early on that consumers would no longer tolerate gas-guzzling poorly made vehicles, and they became a leader in testing alternatively fueled vehicles, and they also got them to the market FAST. The Fusion hybrid is an excellent product. I think it could have been advertised more, because the car is impeccable, elegant, and it beats its competitors hands down. Ford is all about sustainability, and that also means building quality vehicles that LAST and are durable. Quality is Job 1; never forget that
Who is John Viera?
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