What Would You Ask a Ford Exec?

By Ford Social Member

Want to know how Ford is making its vehicles greener? How about what future technology is currently in the works? Or what new Ford vehicles will be taking to the roads this year?

Well, now’s your chance to ask!

We’re sending some Ford Social citizen journalists to Ford HQ and behind the scenes at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. They’ll be talking to experts and getting their hands on some of the latest technology. Think of them as your line of communication to the bigwigs at Ford—getting an insider point of view that they’ll soon be sharing with everyone at Ford Social. Including you.

Here’s the thing: We want you to choose the assignments! So if there’s anything you’ve been dying to know, something you have a passing interest in, and whatever falls in between—ask away. We’ll be assigning questions from the community to our citizen journalists to investigate while they’re in Detroit and Dearborn.

So maybe you want to know more about how Ford uses sustainable materials in its vehicles? Or about what goes on behind-the-scenes to develop the latest safety features?

Tell us what you want to know—big or small, car or truck, innovation or history. Just post your questions in the comments below! And if you’d like to be a Citizen Journalist too, signup here .
Bob Kantin 05/07/2013
Will replace my 2010 Ford Fusion Sport AWD next year. When will Ford put a 3.5 V6 in the new Fusion like it does in the Lincoln MKZ? Better yet, how about a 3.5 V6 turbo at 300+ hp?
Jim E 03/30/2013
We really need a 36 gallon gas tank in 4x2 F150 Supercab. Std tow hitch and 3.7 V6
Mike H 03/25/2013
I think Ford has paid some attention that people want cars that hold their value in the aftermarket. They have addressed this to some extent by building cars with styles that can stand the test of time and are for the most part reliable. Where Ford is seriously dropping the ball is in the infotainment segment with the my Ford touch and Sync. By selling systems that are locked down with no means to upgrade or add features, is killing the resale value of these vehicles. Someone at Ford has convinced the execs that if you restrict upgrades to exisiting systems, people will trade up to the latest. This may be true with $300 phones or $800 laptops, but not $40K cars. People want choices, and if Ford wants to keep the customers it has, then it needs to re-think this strategy.
Brad B 03/24/2013
Hey Ford! I forgot to ask my question. I'd love a factory/oem style luggage rack and roof bars like the Escape,and UK Grand C-Max and B-Max gets.
Brad B 03/24/2013
Hey Ford ! Sorry I've been away from the Group, but many things started to happen to keep me away from the key board. One of which was the delivery of a Platinum Tri-White C-Max Hybrid. I name my cars and the C-Max got the name "Herbie." Yes I'm a Disney Fan. I've had Herbie for about a month. After reading some of the above posts all I have to say is quit crying and learn how to drive your Hybrid. First go into the dash controls and set all your Eco-Settings (makes a big difference) as they need to be set. Two, learn how to slowly and steadily start and stop. Don't worry about the looks from other drivers, after all it's your gas money not theirs. Then drive as if you have an egg under the gas pedal. My first tank of gas without eco-settings was only in the high thirties. I was testing. My second tank with the eco-settings saw lo forties (41/42) for that test. My third tank, with eco-settings an better driving habits saw 47 to 48 mpg. On a recent trip we saw 53.8 mpg! So, drivers don't blame the C-Max, blame yourself. All in all I predict 2 1/2 tanks per month over the 4 to 5 I had with my standard not hybrid 2011 Fusion. My son lives in Florida and we drive to visit him, my Fusion routinely got me 38 to 39 mpg. On Herbie's first trip down to Lake Buena Vista saw 43 mpg. The trip to Wilmington the speeds were 55mph on two-lane roads. Lake Buena Vista was I-95/4 all the way, so I was pleased with the 43 mpg. In an older post I commented that I'd break 50 mpg with the C-Max, it's been done. OK, with that the other C-Max owners who say they can't get hi-mpg, get with the program, set up the car's eco-settings and drive sensible, you'll be rewarded with higher mpgs.
kendall c 01/31/2013
Why in 2013 would FORD not offer multiple color choices in the top of line Fusion Hybrid Titanium? It is not a model T where black is the only color on the planet.... Also why not offer inte;lligent access one button start on all HYBRID models, Loo at your competition, or look at the MKZ,
I thank you and hope to see options.
Jason T 01/29/2013
I just wanted to express my thoughts on the direction Ford seems to be headed. This past November I purchased a 2012 F-150. While I love this truck, there are a few things that I don’t like. One issue is the auto dimming mirrors. You leave us with no way to turn this function off. It just dims way too dark. I prefer to have a nice clear view in my rear view mirrors at night. Also, this truck is so large that I feel you should only release it with the tow mirrors (which I paid $400 to add). A back up camera should also come standard. Some other issues I have is the button to dim the dash lights that shares the function with the dome light. 90% of the time I end up doing the wrong function such as turning the dome lights on when I am just trying to turn the dash brightness up. Yet another issue, and this one is huge for me, is the new directional. I know Fords intention was to allow you to flash it just long enough to pass, but most of the time I end up pushing the directional clear to the opposite direction and end up playing this confusing game of right directional, left directional, then panicking so I hit it again back to the right etc. I am sure the vehicles around me are very confused. 2 of my friends that own Ford Explorers report the same confusion. I have always driven a Ford and I was extra proud your company did not take the Obama bailouts! But I worry your company is heading in the wrong direction. I see so much foreign influence in things like the stereo in the 2013 F-150 or even the 2013 Ford Escape. The Escape used to be such a great SUV with lots of space. Now it looks like Toyota and it’s tiny. Personally am a large man, I can’t even fit in the new Escape. Larger adults sit with their legs a bit spread, so in the new Escape, my right leg now digs into the center where the shifter is, and I feel like I am going to break my ankle to press the gas pedel under the center console. I was very comfortable in my 2010 Escape. Along the lines of the center console, one of the main reason I got my F-150 was the 40/20/40 seating. Very comfortable. I love not having anything in the middle of the floor and the shifter on the steering column. I love the look of the new Ford Atlas, except what’s with that little piece on top of the roof that hangs out over the windshield? It looks ugly like that. I hope my suggestions are shared with the engineers and owners of Ford and taken to heart. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.
Stangowner8687 01/26/2013
Hey Ford, heres a question, whats with the new mustang concept advertised in the car&driver magazine? Now before i go on, do understand i come from a very long, stubborn proud line of a Ford owning family, with my own collection being a 1990 Full-size Bronco, 1990 Escort LX and GT, an 87 Escort GT, 1984 EXP turbo, 1984 Mustang 5.0 LX, a nearly finished restored 1970 fastback mustang, and most recently a 2010 Ford Fusion, (which by the way i dislike greatly!) most of these vehicles i still own. Now back to the mustang in question! almost all the feedback i read on it is either, loyalists hating it, (im one of those) a snobby vette/import fan loving it, or the neutral group who think its a breath of fresh air. heres a thought, why not just retire the name plate and call it something new? or resurrect an old nameplate? my point is no one seems to like the actual "Mustang" that Lee Iaccoca invisioned nearly 50 years ago. i, (and i'm sure im not the only one) would rather see the ponys name retire, with its backbone still intact. then to cater to all of these ban-wagon boys. though im sure this post matters little to nothing to you guys, im also sure i'll end up fighting tooth and nail to grab a 12 boss in the near future, and settle with that being my latest Ford before i end up moving away from the Blue oval, something i have less heart in so im not so brutally disappointed when they decide to put on a mask to entertain/attract "New" customers rather then pleasing the loyal ones who been there since their "first car" ownership.
Dave Duggan 01/24/2013
I have a 2013 fusion hybrid. I have driven 12 miles and have been unable to come even remotely close tot he advertised 47mpg. I am currently averaging 32.5 which is unacceptable. If I had know the numbers were this inflated, I would have spent 5000 less and purchased a non-hybrid version.
Carl W 01/18/2013
Any direction on were the answers if answered will be viewable?
Phinna C 01/11/2013
when is the mustang going to weigh under 3000 lbs again like the 60's?
Are you guys at Ford still going to do the customiser challenge? Are you giving away another Mustang? Thanks for your response.
John Fugate
Ken N. Why did you discontinue the Ranger pickup? What is that factory producing now?
Seth 01/07/2013
Will the 2014 ford expedition be totally redesigned ?
Will you put auto braking in your vehicles?
Brittany H 01/07/2013
How would you compare the FORD diesel trucks to other brands? Are they more energy efficient and economically suitable?
Mike 01/07/2013
Support your electric cars more. I just bought a focus electric. It's a great car. No one has ever heard of the focus electric, but they know about the Volt. One could say that you're burying this car. Why? Another two comments, Microsoft Sync is just OK, imagine how much traction you could hav with an Apple partnership. Also, the climate control sucks. Why when I turn it on does it go full blast (not to mention reduce my milage by 30 miles just by using the heater. This has to be a glitch)

Mike S
matt 01/07/2013
Where are trucks with gearbox trans.? All I see is automatics. I'll NEVER buy another automatic so when you find them let me know.
Carl W 01/07/2013
With Ford working with car communication possibilities, my question is regarding a communication system between the car and Ford technical services. For example, with many of the todays vehicles mechanics being computer controlled and with so many faults happening in very rare instances and not storing a trouble or fault code. These problems for owners make for a not so positive ownership experience and not trusting their vehicle. My question then is why has there not been a system put in place that could detect any electronic malfunction that happens will the vehicle is running and send a message directly to a Ford source which records the fault and communicates this to the vehicles owners closest service center via the vehicles VIN. Seems to me with the available tech put into vehicles today that this would be possible. As it seems there are many owners of new vehicles with all this high tech are experiencing system faults, be it transmission faults, audio system, etc which are infrequent happenings. I hope my question can be understood.
jerris peavey 01/06/2013
how will Ford be able to meet new vehicle mpg requirements and maintain overall drive able distance and family size vehicles?
Lana Rodriguez 01/06/2013
Ford vehicles hands down are the best on the road A++ but when did Ford decide to ignore customer service? Did you know that Fords customer service rating accourding to the customer score board is 33 out of 200! WOW! What is being done about this very dissapointing score?
Emilio S 01/06/2013
I got a Ford Edge as a car rental during a recent holiday trip. I want to get out of my Volkswagon Jetta but have some slight inequity in the vehicle. I would ask a Ford Executive how they would help me get into a Ford Edge!
Paul P 01/06/2013
Because of my lifestyle, a light-duty pickup is a must. However, with gas prices continuing to escalate, I'd like to own a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. When does Ford plan on making that available to me in a truck?
Markus Bahnemann 01/06/2013
Dear Ford,
I want to buy American, but I like the torque, durability, and economy of diesel. I had the pleasure of driving a Ford Galaxy with a 2.2 liter turbodiesel in Germany a few years ago, and was very impressed. When will Ford introduce diesels in your small (Focus) cars? I'd like to replace my 20+ year old hatchback, but only VW makes small diesels today.
Theo 01/06/2013
I need a hybrid F150 to take up north. 500 miles round trip. When can i expect to see one.
J S David 01/05/2013
Consumer Reports this month reports that FORD has INFLATED the MPG rating on most of its "fuel efficient" cars - I recommend EVERYONE read Consumer Reports BEFORE buying a FORD
Joshua M 01/05/2013
great picture on the article..The car is neat,and for dis a great car company..Hope they come out with some nmore great cars this year.
Martin H 01/04/2013
Hi, I would like to know what are Foed plans for more diesel engines for North America especialy F150.,like 3.2l Dura torq or smaller Power stroke in 3.5-4L turbo diesel.
Tks Martin
Danielle W 01/04/2013
Will there ever be a better made pickup than My FORD?! I have a 2002 F250 7.3 PowerStroke Diesel. Original owner, original transmission with 426,000 heavy hauling miles. Would you like to take my tranny to pick it apart and replace it with a new one?? Thank you Ford for making me a great truck.
Richard F 01/04/2013
The more I see and hear about the Ford Fusion the more I like it.
John N 01/04/2013
Why is a Fusion wagon not available in the US? There is a market for one. Not everyone wants a heavier bulkier SUV. We simply want more flexibility for pets and occasional hauling.

Why is all wheel drive for the Fusion limited to the Titanium version? This restriction limits its availability to just one interior color.

And indeed, why is the interior color for the Titanium Fusion limited to black? Is black really the only luxurious color? Why should we pay more for less choice?

My wife and I drove a Titanium Fusion all wheel drive yesterday and loved nearly every aspect; styling, handling, performance, size, room, seating, controls, etc.; but we're not going to buy one because the current available options don't satisfy all our needs.

If the Fusion were available as a wagon with all wheel drive and a tan/beige interior then it would very likely be in our driveway, provided the cargo area carpet/trim also was not black.

Black carpeting just does not work well with a golden retriever. We also passed on the Escape for this reason. While the Escape is available with all wheel drive and a tan interior, the cargo area trim is still black.

You're so close to having us for a customer again, but you're still missing the mark. I know you can't please every customer, but our requirements don't seem to be asking too much when you've already put so much into the design of your vehicles.

Thanks for listening.
Richard Taylor 01/04/2013
A word about Lincoln wanting to retain their livery business market share: TRY.
I drive in a mid-size city. We currently don't buy out limos new, but on the near-new aftermarket. We can now either buy the tiny trickle that's available used, and which are overwhelmingly not fitted out correctly for our needs, or shift to procuring new Lincoln MKT's . Ford would do well to consider offering a high-mileage lease (maybe 10 month/ 50K miles and 20 month/ 100K total miles) of black-on-black MKT TownCars with both Livery and LimoPrep pkgs. This is how these cars should be outfitted for this business, no bones about it, Then they could swiftly get back the lion's share of the Black Car market and assure a supply of cars ( come late 2014) to the secondary markets. Many more-mainstream people who could use a higher-mileage lease might well opt for one of these, especially if a "mid-high" mileage option were to be offered, perhaps 30 month/ 70,000 miles. In this manner could save this model and it's lock on this market segment. Require an intolerable-to-retail lease payment, then a cheap buyout. The hitch is that Ford views the MKT in a traditional sales light first and the market segment far behind. Sorry, but that's not working. Abandon your retail hopes and ambitions for this vehicle. Two or three quarters of dismal sales of your redesign should suffice to convince you that it's a hail mary pass that's sailing toward out-of-bounds. Beef the suspension, fit the base engine so we have no turbo worries and unneeded horsepower, build a ton of them and start moving them. Way off in dreamland is a little turbodiesel if we could get the harsh taxes off diesel and onto 80,000 GVW vehicles where they belong.
Are there any plans in the future for an All Wheel Drive Mustang? It would be great for winter driving!
ned katzman 01/04/2013
NOrhtern Virginia community College is the second largest College in the US with some 90,000 students, faculty and staff on six campuses. We are very interested in Ford working with us to put in some Car Charging Stations. We would like to speak with your person about how we can work together to install some locations at our College. We are very eager to work with your company.
Ned Katzman
Director College Enterprises
meysam f 01/04/2013
Hello dears in Ford company,
I live in Iran,
I wanna buy a new car from your company,
F150-SVT Raptor,
What can i do...?
pleas guide me.
Old Ford Fan 01/04/2013
Please, why can't Ford allow TWO DOOR Sport Fiesta or Sport Focus for US drivers. I do not want a Mustang, I have long been Ford Truck owner (3 SD Diesels) and miss my late 70's 2 door Fiesta I had in college. VW, and Fiat sell 2 door so why not Ford?
Jay 01/04/2013
time for the ranger diesel in USA.
make sync work with my cell phone, I don't want to have to buy a smart
phone (just bought a F-150 2013)
When will you bring the New Ford Ranger to the United States. I have one and love it. I just need four doors for the family.
Gabriel W 01/03/2013
Make a hybrid v8 mustang
Eric A 01/03/2013
When will we get ApplInk on MFT? Or why don't we have ApplLink with MyFordTouch?
Gene Johann 01/03/2013
Where is the 'Recent College Grad' Financing Offers? My son graduated in Dec 2012 with a Bachlor's Degree with high GPA and has a job for last 3 years in the field he majored in. Starting Jan 2013 he has fulltime employment. Anything for us?
Liam R 01/03/2013
I would ask why Ford is able to release the new Ford Ranger everywhere in the world except here. It is a way better truck BY FAR than anything else you offer for us. UGH!!!
Bloggin 01/03/2013
I participated at the 2012 NAIAS. It was an amazing experience.

Here are a few questions for whoever gets to go this time:

When will the Global Ranger come to NA?

Will there be a 2014 Taurus/MKS Hybrid or Energi to compete with the new Avalon/Impala Hybrid?

Will there be a NEW Edge/MKX Hybrid or Energi to compete with the Lexus RX Hybrid?

When will we have the Escape FWD or AWD +Hybrid as an option?

Will there be a 7 seat Grand C-Max Hybrid/Energi for larger families wanting 40+mpg?

Will Lincoln offer a RWD Sport sedan/coupe/convertible based on new 2015 Mustang platform to compete with the BMW 3 Series.

Will the new Lincoln MKC crossover offer AWD + Hybrid/Energi models?

Will Lincoln offer inductive charging for Energi models?

Will we see the Lincoln Aviator SUV based on the Explorer

Will both the Explorer and Navigator lose 700+ lbs like the F-150 benefiting from the use of aluminum body panels?

Will the Troller R-X come to NA?

Is Ford still working with Toyota to develop hybrid drivetrains for trucks and suvs?

Is Ford still working with GM on transmissions, where GM will lead on 9 speeds for passenger cars, and Ford leads with 10 speeds for Trucks/SUVs.?
harley walters 01/03/2013
I like that Ford is going greener. I have owned 45 Ford cars and trucks in my short life(68 years) Our currant ones, 2012 explorer 4 wheel drive and 2011 f150 crew cab eco boost, are my favorites . We bought a 1991 explorer new and loved it 300000 miles. The 2012 explorer takes me back to the first one in that it is smaller and much more nimble than the 2000 to 2010 models. Thanks for doing such a great job and not taking the bail out money. I do wish your battery powered cars were not so overpriced. The cost over the standard models is so much there is no savings in gas for the first 10 years of driving. I know they are better for the environment, but not our pocket books.
anyway, thanks for building cars I can still enjoy. My first car was a 1955 Crown Victoria, one of the most beautiful cars Ford has ever made.

Thanks again
Harley Walters--Show Low Az.
Brian Mullins 01/03/2013
Why not offer the 3.5 eco boost in all models of trucks. Raptor is the one that should have that option.
Ryan B 01/03/2013
Good article. I wish Ford would allow a 6.5 foot bed on their F-150 Limited.
What Would You Ask a Ford Exec?
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