What Gets Better MPG and Costs Less than a Prius? A Ford C-MAX Hybrid

By Tori T.

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid will be available this fall and there’s a buzz building for many reasons, but perhaps the “buzziest” is that it’s projected to achieve 47 mpg city! That’s 3 mpg more than the Toyota Prius. And the projected $25,995 base price is less than the base price of a Prius.

The C-MAX Hybrid is a member of an elite group – it’s the first dedicated line of hybrid vehicles from Ford. To read more about the C-MAX Hybrid and its features, click here .

But about that projected mpg: As we said, that’s 47 mpg city, and it’s 44 mpg highway. On top of that, you can drive 500-plus miles with total system horsepower of 188. There again it beats the Prius v and Prius, which is projected to come in at 134.

The five-seater C-MAX Hybrid makes power from a combo of gasoline engine and battery-driven electric motor. When powered by gasoline, the C-MAX Hybrid uses the all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine – a powerful and fuel-efficient engine and among the most advanced non-turbocharged four-cylinder powertrains Ford has ever offered. The new Brake Coach feature helps optimize use of the braking system, coaching you to brake in a manner that maximizes the amount of energy returned through the regenerative braking system. Redesigned imagery of green leaves shows overall driving efficiency – as you improve your efficient driving, you are rewarded with more leaves.

C-MAX Hybrid also offers technologies such as a hands-free liftgate, active park assist and the next-generation SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, which is designed to help you get the most from the C-MAX Hybrid, by providing information such as instantaneous fuel economy to help closely monitor how your driving behavior affects efficiency.

And let’s do one more comparison: C-MAX Hybrid offers 99.7 cubic feet of passenger space compared with 97 cubic feet in Prius v, as well as more head room in both the front and rear seats than the Prius v (41/39.4 inches vs. 39.6/38.6 inches).
Doug S 01/02/2013
I love my C-MAX but hate the mileage. I've had two other hybrids (2007 Civic, 2010 Prius) and the C-MAX is the best except for the mileage. I am only averaging 34.7 compared to over 40 with the other two. I've been seeing lots of articles about this issue, I hope Ford can correct it.
I have had my C-Max for two weeks, as of today. I am getting 54mpg on short trips, and 44-46mpg on longer ones(as in my drive to work each morning). I've had 3 Focus', and loved them all. I've had a Windstar(That would be AWESOME as an EV!). I LOVE MY MAX!
It handles great and is very comfortable. I do not have the push start, as I did not want it, nor the plug in option. My dealer got my MAX exactly as I asked for it. I also did not want the panoramic roof. This car can be built "as you like it", and mine surely was! MAX has the get up and go I need, and all the luxury I wanted! WTG FORD!!!
Carol W 09/05/2012
I've had my name on a CMax for a month now....I can't wait to drive it ! Ford won me over with the Edge...it's been an awesome car......all I want to know is...when is my car going to be at the dealership ? The wait is killing me !!!
Into the future for an awesome self standing auto maker. Proud to drive three fords. l. Expedition, 2. F150 SuperCrew, and 3. 56 Custom F100.
ej c 07/09/2012
I love this car - but....

1. It should not be 800 lbs heavier than a Focus. Period. You could break 50MPG if you cut back on the fat.

2. Why should we buy this car? The Focus seats 5, so does this. Now, if you brought over the Grand C-Max 7 passenger, I would buy it tomorrow. 1.6T, Hybrid, Diesel, whatever. My family needs 7 passengers, but we will never, ever buy a vehicle over 4000 lbs again. We will not buy any of Ford's current US offerings with more than 5 passengers. They are too large, heavy and inefficient. Bring over the Grand C-Max and we will buy it tomorrow.
Robert T 07/08/2012
What about the Grand Cmax, I dont want a E-car .they cost to much Vs just buying gas. I have a fully loaded mazda5 at $19900 and get 29MPG and have more room then most SUV. Like te New ranger I dont understand why ford wont let us have them
Mike D 07/05/2012
i'm extremely proud of ford and how far they've come in terms of quality and fit & finish over the past decade. Keep it up
Mike D 07/05/2012
i don't own any of the new edges, explorers, etc. , but i've noticed that when you use the remote start, and you go to open the door, the alarm goes off (after unlocking the car) and it's a pain to get the alarm to shut off. needs solution.
ray a 07/05/2012
Cost less, more MPG, good for the environment, help reduce global warming....The differences are small.
Global warming before was because of methane, natural gas. Methane is available in every house, use for heating, cooking, and much cheaper. So try developing and marketing a car that use methane or natural gas. Include a kit or fittings so that they can pump in methane from the house line to the car container.

We need to use methane before it destroy us.
Murphy F 07/05/2012
Great article! And an even better car!
larry B 07/05/2012
I have a new 2012 Focus Titanium with the sport package. Would love to be able to Hold down the button on my remote and roll down all the windows and moonroof as I am walking up to my car.. Also would like to be able to roll them up including the moon roof from my house using the key fob..
patty s 07/04/2012
In regards to my suggestion that you dress up & recreate the Mustang II, I believe you;re thinking & agree w/me on our "Pony" - pure Class for the ladies. Remember how tight that pretty 302-V8 barely fit under the hood? Instead of single - add dual exhaust. Add that little Ferrari starting sound - $ Fortune for you & my ideas - I'll design it for you - PLEASE Gentlemen & Ladies - put it up for vote for the 2015 production line - for the 40 yr. anniversary! PLEASE!!!
SK 07/04/2012
This is what US customers want to see happening....a US car company beating Foreign car company in all aspects..Keep it up FORD!!!!
Brad B 07/04/2012
Hey Ford ! As I mentioned at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show ..... Just two words, Well Done. Got to play around with the *build your own part of the website yesterday. I was looking and thinking about the SEL, but the SE is so well setup all I really added was SAT radio and a set of the all weather footmatts. Now for the wishlist ..... how about a roof luggage rack like the Escapes, and a 1 1/4" trailer hitch adapter for my wife's wheel chair rack.

The article reports 44 mpg highway, I'll do better for ya ! My "11 Fusion SEL gave me 40.5 mph (458 miles divided by 11.3 gallons) on her last trip to Florida. With my driving style I'm going to try for 50 mpg on the C-Max and even better in the future (after break in) trips. Our '09 Escape gave me 32+ mpg. Ford is the mileage King! Again ... Well Done !
cscs 07/04/2012
Thomas H 07/04/2012
I am waiting for FORD to bring back the HIGHBOY.
Nestor R 07/03/2012
Wow, Ford just beat Toyota at thier own game of building the best treehugger car. All the more reason to screw Toyota over and buy American people.
Erik S 07/03/2012
Great American Automotive is back. HA in your face Toyota and you slow and silly Prius
What Gets Better MPG and Costs Less than a Prius? A Ford
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