Want to Do a Good Deed? Test Drive a Ford!

By Tori T.

What if test-driving a new Ford was a way for you to slide behind the wheel of an exceptional vehicle and also raise funds for local community groups and nonprofit organizations? Well, it’s not a “what if?” – it’s reality!

Drive 4 Ur Community is an innovative way Ford dealerships are working with local charities, causes and organizations to give back to the community. “Everybody wins when we host a Drive 4 UR Community event,” said Isaac Lizarraga, Partner/General Manager of Rancho Ford in Temecula, California. Isaac explained that Drive 4 UR Community gave his dealership an opportunity to raise money and awareness for Michelle’s Place, breast cancer resource center in the area.

Drive 4 UR Community earns an organization $20 per test drive, up to $6,000. Through the fundraising events, Ford donates to a participating nonprofit or community group for each valid test drive that’s completed. In the first four months of the U.S. program, Drive 4 UR Community raised more than $600,000 for community groups nationwide.

The Drive 4 UR Community concept is based on the successful Drive 4 UR School program also from Ford, which to date has raised more than $16 million for local schools.

“One woman took a test-drive and came back the next day to buy a new car. She said she was initially going to buy another brand, but she had been personally affected by cancer and our event touched her. She cried while sharing her story with us,” reflected Isaac. “So many people face hardships in life and it’s important to help in any way we can."

Drive 4 UR Community will continue in 2013 and is open to Ford dealers nationwide. Visit drive4urcommunity.com to learn more, and check out the Facebook page by clicking here !
Beth M 01/07/2013
The Only thing I have to say is, That I have a Ford Focus 05 it has been through alot the first two weeks I bought it someone hit me I had 3,000.00 dollars worth of damage, but me and my car went on. It has been through bad weather, Hurraines and floods in Naples, I love my Ford Foucs, If ever I got another car I would get a New Ford Focus, my car now has 52,0000 miles. Keep it up Love ya fords. Beth North Fort Myers.
mo 01/07/2013