The Return of the Ford Blue Oval

By Cole Q.

In 2006, Ford put it all on the line. We began the Ford turnaround plan by mortgaging nearly all of our assets and borrowed $23.5 billion from our banks - a “giant home improvement loan,” as Ford CEO Alan Mulally likes to call it. This allowed us to pour that money into research and development so we could make world class cars that people want and value. You’re seeing the results of that success now with the global Fiesta and Focus, the all-new Ford Explorer, the fuel efficient and technologically capable new Ford Escape and the stunning new Ford Fusion, due out later this year. Our commitment to the role of technology in our vehicles is apparent, from our award-winning SYNC system that allows you to control some features of your car hands-free, to our fuel efficient and powerful EcoBoost engines that give you better fuel efficiency with more power, to cool and helpful features like Active Park Assist,  Hands-free Liftgate, and more.

Human-blue-oval.jpg Along with our factories and equipment, one of the assets we mortgaged was our none other than our iconic logo - the blue oval. The blue oval has long been associated with Ford and as a brand logo, it’s recognized worldwide. The script in the middle of the oval was taken from the original script created in 1912 and has been part of the Ford heritage for a century. And since Ford returned to profitability beginning in 2009, we have been paying down our debt against that loan.

But because our credit had been below investment grade since 2005, the banks would not return those assets to us – including the blue oval – until at least two credit rating firms granted Ford investment grade status. Last month, Fitch’s was the first to restore Ford to that level.

Today, we received notice that Moody’s Investors Service has lifted the Ford credit rating to investment grade. The blue oval is back.

“We are so proud of today’s decision by Moody’s and the resulting release of all collateral – particularly the Ford Blue Oval,” said Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company. “This is an important milestone and further proof that, by staying laser-focused on our One Ford plan, the Ford team can deliver great products, build a strong business and contribute to a better world even through the most challenging external environment.”

There is an enormous psychological impact on Ford and all of our employees;  it means our plan is working and that the difficult turnaround we’ve faced is being appreciated by the market. But more than that, having investment grade credit means we can continue to go further in our plan:
  • Have more certain and lower cost access to liquidity from banks and investors without having to pledge our assets as security

  • Invest in new products and plants, thereby creating jobs

From the top office in World Headquarters to every office and assembly plant around the world, you can bet that Ford employees are celebrating, And we’d love for you to join in the festivities by telling us your story in how you achieved a similar milestone in your life, or how Ford has positively impacted your life. Or just send us a photo of you with the iconic blue oval, whether it’s on a t-shirt, your car, or at the dealership where you bought your Ford. Tell us through the Your Stories section of Ford Social.

Click here for a historic look at the Ford logo throughout history.

Join us as we celebrate, and as Ford continues to work hard to Go Further!
Georg Link 11/30/2012
Whow, I just learned something new about the power rating companies have. Well, congratulations!
Stephen B 08/23/2012
Wow congratulations,You pushed through where all your rivals did not. Go Ford!
Sean O 08/05/2012
Happy days! we love our smax and our transit connect and our sierra cosworth
Corey H 06/25/2012
Go FORD!!!
S B 06/03/2012
Congratulations Ford!!! Keep up the great work.
Marco Paez 05/30/2012
That is Awesome- Congrats Ford, I truly enjoy the SYNC system - I found an American Manufacturer called NAV-TV that allows you to add a backup Camera to my Raptor - Also I realized that it unlocks the factory DVD so my son and daughter can enjoy a Movie while the Car is moving, I think it is called video in motion -
Cory Campbell 05/28/2012
Bill B 05/27/2012
Congratulations Ford, risk is to be rewarded. I have a Focus Electric on order for fall. Ford is leading the way.
Brad K 05/25/2012
Good for you Ford! I'm with you all the way!
You would think Ford would be more then happy to post on their addes the one can get 3000,000 miles is a lot for any vehicle, that is if any other vehicle could get to that point, for the most part most can't get that far, But a Ford can
Tariq T 05/24/2012
Welcome back Ford :) .
Ford is great!!
Dalton D 05/23/2012
does anyone think that ford would give/do anything if my car reaches over 300,000 miles? im about 4000 shy! haha
nlpnt 05/23/2012
How come the logo history doesn't include the crest and block-letter years?
Janet B 05/23/2012
Welcome back, you beautiful Blue Oval!!! We missed you! Best part, we did it all on our bailout money! Stand proud and enjoy this moment!
Dave Enerson 05/23/2012
It's about time that Wall Street recognized Ford's success. Now if only the stock price would go up.
Tamara L. Edwards Cirinese 05/23/2012
Go Blue, Go Ford!!
Josh Madden 05/23/2012
All without a bailout like the bums from Auburn Hills and Detroit.
JAVIER 05/23/2012
Joe Bozyk 05/23/2012
Great company"! 32 years vested, now retired!
Anthony Leese 05/23/2012
F.irst O.n R.ace D.ay!
Eric Kohl 05/22/2012
My family was in a farm magazine for being a Ford family in the mid 80s. From Ford cars, trucks, lawn mowers and plows, to 3 Ford tractors (3800, 8000, and TW30). And we havnt changed.
Carole Brog Bernheim 05/22/2012
Christine Skinner 05/22/2012
Good job!!!!!!
Kathryn J 05/22/2012
I totally agree with you Michael Galligher
Chad Messer 05/22/2012
Get it back in saline!
Burns F 05/22/2012
We work hard...we pay our bills...we don't take bail outs...we are Ford!!
Dick Erdmann 05/22/2012
The promise was Ford would come out first. No Bail out, no government motors.
Karen Zahodne 05/22/2012
Don't think I've ever been prouder in my 33 years with the Company.....truly a momentous day and I was fortunate enough to be part of the Blue Oval -- I'm in the second row from the back in the blue shirt :) Ford ROCKS!!
Jack Burniac Jr 05/22/2012
Ive owned 12 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicle since I started driving and my 2011 F150 Ecoboost is the worst vehicle I have ever owned quality wise. Sorry Ford you dropped the ball on this one. My 90 LSC with 26000 miles on it and my 79 Bronco with 76000 miles on it are both more reliable than my 2011 F150 with 18800 miles on it. Not trying to hate just saying.
Michael Galligher 05/22/2012
I didn't know the Blue Oval ever left. I wish they'd bring back the three lions in the red, white and blue emblem from the late 50's.
Andrew Stone 05/22/2012
Travis Snide 05/22/2012
No cussing! Tj ok thank u
Greg B 05/22/2012
No Governmet Bailout for Ford. They did it with blood, sweat and tears. Congratulations, I think Ford stock will be a great investment.
Tim Wrich 05/22/2012
Ford is truly all American right down to the frame
Rose Carty 05/22/2012
My hubby and i just paid off the Dodge Caliber I purchased in 2007. I will write another story when we can purchase a new Ford car - or truck (F250 is my favourite ;-) Until then, all the very best, Ford, on the return of the Ford Blue Oval --- boy do you deserve it like none other!! :-D #Inspirational
Sandy Holmes Schultheiss 05/22/2012
Retired from Ford. Now have an MKT Lincoln and love it. Always believed in the company
Axxel K 05/22/2012
Rebuild the Ford Rotunda and stick that oval on it! Just do it
Cameron Cables 05/22/2012
Cameron Cables 05/22/2012
I still rock the ol 74 completely rebuilt
Bryan Landers 05/22/2012
Love Ford! But please put a V8 back in the Explorer.
Mary Koller Karbowski 05/22/2012
proud Ford Family!
Bruce B 05/22/2012
Waiting patiently for the US version of the Fiesta ST :-)
Steven Baltau 05/22/2012
AWESOME! keep up the great work
Sarah Miller 05/22/2012
FORD---World class cars and trucks made by a world class company and world class employees.
I've been in love with FORD since the age of 7, and won't ever own anything but a FORD. Very proud of FORD!!!
Jeff Honts 05/22/2012
Lets get this wet noodle al dente!!! Peeyah!!!!
Muscletime 05/22/2012
Big Congrats! Amazing turnaround! Real American entrepreneurship at it`s BEST - The only true US Automaker left! Goverment Motors and Fiat are no match whatsoever......
Luke R 05/22/2012
Congratulations and way to go! Well deserved!
Luke Ray 05/22/2012
There's a typo in your article: " of the assets we mortgaged was our none other than our iconic logo..." The first 'our' needs to go.
Ralph R 05/22/2012
Never count an American.. or Ford! out!.. battered... bruised.. we keep on keepin' on!
Brad Randall 05/22/2012
Go Further, Baby!
Gilbert L. Jones 05/22/2012
Way to go ...FORD!
Gilbert J 05/22/2012
GREAT NEWS FORD! I have ALWAYS driven Ford products and always will! I just wish Ford could find a way to re-introduce a new version of my favorite car...The Thunderbird!
Steven Tucker 05/22/2012
Congratulations to all involved with the Ford Motor Company! So proud!
Todd Wilson 05/22/2012
Love it, Ford borrowed money the old fashioned way, they paid it back!
Jerry N LouAnn O 05/22/2012
Thank-you ,Ford for not taking government money. Instead you did it by putting it on the line with your name.Kudos I Know Henry Ford is smiling somewhere right now.
Obrien Obinna Josefmala 05/22/2012
Am Dreaming 2012 Edge i will own it.
Jim Beckner 05/22/2012
Love my blue ovals!!!!!
Andy Reisinger 05/22/2012
Ford rules... Just love my Mustang 5.0 and my wife's Expedition. Wouldn't buy anything else but a Ford!
Sonya Mitchelson 05/22/2012
Sorry, didn't no Ford left. Congrats. Love my Fords wouldn't own anything else.
Bea Hunt 05/22/2012
We are a Ford family and very proud of it!!! My husband retired from Fords and Since 1953 we have driven fords.. I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and i love it. Great gas millage. You can't beat a FORD. Thanks Fords.
Cody Cambron 05/22/2012
This is great news.
Gonzalo Sosna 05/22/2012
i like ford i don t speak in english
Phyllis Gross 05/22/2012
Nothing but a Ford baby!
Ann Lutz 05/22/2012
grew up on FORD as daddy worked there then the husband did,now I collect a pension and still buy a ford
Bobby E Earls 05/22/2012
I traded in a 2010 Fully Loaded Caddy SRZ with 670 miles on it for a new 2010 Exployer LTD H.D.P>-package & Love it. Ideal for G/Shep working dogs.
Deborah Flora Meyer 05/22/2012
Went to buy a bike for our son the other day. We drove the Mustang and got to talking. The man who helped us who is a serious cyclist said he drives a Ford, his wife drives a Ford and they wouldn't have anything but a Ford! :)
Eric Wimber 05/22/2012
I love my Ford. We have had Fords in your family since 1930"s :)
Rob M 05/22/2012
Awesome job to Ford and Alan Mulally. I strayed from Ford 10 years ago with a Korean brand and have hated the last 10 years of it (long story). Good Job and I cannot wait to come back to the Ford family when the next generation Mustang comes out... GO Ford
Ron Arnold 05/22/2012
We love our Transit Connect and look forward to another Ford in our near future!
Kevin C. Lynch 05/22/2012
And did Ford need a government handout? Nope! Congrats, Ford Motor Company!
Stefan Reuter 05/22/2012
Ford, what else?
Dan Graveen 05/22/2012
My Marquis wears the Mercury badge, but I'm still a proud Ford owner.
Dan Graveen 05/22/2012
Awesome! :)
Ina Owens 05/22/2012
Love FORD vehicles! I have a bright red Fusion and I love it! Have driven only Fords for over 50 years!!
Jacob Lindblad 05/22/2012
Jonathan Roth 05/22/2012
Thank you. 46 years = Ford!
John Huberty IV 05/22/2012
Jeff Bonsall 05/22/2012
Just put in an order for 300 shares on this news! Keep it up guys! My mother's 2005 expedition, 2 fusions (one being my 2010 Sport), and my dads Taurus SHO are proud to wear the blue oval!
E Lawson 05/22/2012
I joined the team as a consultant to the Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center brand three years ago. The overriding decision to come was because of Fords proactive approach to the business. I have not regretted my decision once, and even though I am employed by a contractor, feel that I am a member and owner of the Ford brand. Great to have the logo back!
Willard Trafton 05/22/2012
How about, "The return of the Ford Ranger!"
Louis Langevin 05/22/2012
Ill eat em with ya!
Jason A. Barger 05/22/2012
We got the blue oval back baby!
Marguerite Dillard 05/22/2012
congratulations !
Steve Souther 05/22/2012
Love my 2013 5.0!! My wife loves her 2011 Edge too!!
David Lalicata 05/22/2012
ford family.....
Frank Oehlerking 05/22/2012
one ford?....never....not by work in cologne....sorry
Pete Williams 05/22/2012
Love my fords :))
James Emberton 05/22/2012
Victor Del Rio 05/22/2012
Our next vehicles will always be Fords!
Kevin Peck 05/22/2012
Congratulations, I've been with you for 48 years and hope to spend the next 48 driving nothing but FORDS!
The Return of the Ford Blue Oval
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