Technology meets Ford social media at CES

By Grace G.

With only a couple of weeks' notice, I had to pack my bags, clear my schedule and get ready to attend the famous International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was thrilled at the chance to attend such a technology-driven conference, and was ecstatic the minute I found out that I would be attending as a guest of Ford Social.

When we hit the floor at CES, we headed straight to the Ford booth, where I was impressed with the eye-catching, sleek-looking presentation. The booth promoted the #FordCES  hashtag clearly on each of the walls surrounding the display. Immediately, my first thought was to check-in and post a picture to let everyone know I was there. I wanted to proudly display #FordCES on my social networks.

Once we were in the booth, I had the pleasure to speak with a Ford representative regarding some of the features of the new Ford Escape and what the differences were from the previous version (which I owned before my Edge). One of the first features I wanted to try was the foot-activated lift gate. This comes in handy when you are carrying bags and are unable to reach for those keys in your purse or pocket. Kick under the rear bumper and the gate lifts open for you.

After checking out the Escape, we walked over to the 2013 C-MAX , which was equipped with Ford SYNC® with AppLink™ . We tested it out by talking to the voice-activated system. It played Pandora music from a smartphone while we tried out a few other voice command features.

I appreciate the idea of having a car system that can adapt to the ever-changing world of smartphones. It doesn’t make sense to build such an advanced system in a car for a phone that will most likely be outdated in the next six months. By moving toward an AppLink system, Ford is giving customers the chance to use the technology in their vehicle the way they want to.

We then moved outside where I was given the opportunity to test drive the Ford Focus Electric ; I have to say, I was definitely impressed. Coming off of driving my Edge the past year, I wasn’t expecting too much from a sedan, let alone one that was all-electric.

As soon as I started the engine, I asked if the car was even on!  The engine itself was silent, so right away I imagined this car having very little power. Once we hit the road, I was proven wrong. When I hit the gas, it felt power-packed. There was no waiting for the car to ramp up; the stored energy was available any time I needed it. The ride was also smooth, and 110 MPGe in the city is a great way to save some serious cash on our ever-rising gas prices here on the West Coast.

Overall, I was impressed by CES and was captivated by the presence Ford had as one of the leaders in automotive technology at this conference. This is certainly an experience I will never forget.

--Grace Gil is a social media enthusiast from San Diego, California, with a blog called and is the owner of a 2012 Ford Edge. You can also follow her on Twitter @graceg03 . She and a guest were invited to attend the 2013 CES event by Ford Social, and her airfare, hotel, ground transportation, meals as well as credentials for the event were provided by Ford Social.
Brendan Lynch 03/10/2013
If Applink could work with Google Maps for Android we would have the ultimate hands-free navigation system!
Black w 02/14/2013

Very good indeed congratulations
amy o 02/05/2013
That's really cool...
No "Motor Me" for Android users?
Joshua M 02/05/2013