Seven New Ways to Show the Love

By Charlie S.

We’re going further with new badges , and it is only fitting that the first new design lets you declare that you “Go Further” with Ford. This badge says that just like Ford, you go farther. While others stop, you’re just getting started. Grab the “Go Further” badge to show the world that you push the limit and go the extra mile.

More interested in who is going further on the race track? We’ve got a set of badges that highlights some of your favorite Ford Racing drivers. If you’re a fan of Greg Biffle , Trevor Bayne , Carl Edwards or Team #43 , you’ll want to pick up one of these slick badges to show them some love. Can't decide? There's always the Ford Racing badge.

If your passion is more along the lines of hybrid vehicles and saving fuel, there is the I <3 Hybrids badge, as well as vehicle badges for the new C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid . As C-MAX is the first line of Ford vehicles entirely powered with alternative engines in the U.S., these badges show that you’re excited about saving money at the pump while helping the environment in style.

Even if you already have a few badges, why not go further and grab another one (or two or three)? Display them proudly on your profile. Add them to your e-mail signature. Tout them on your other social media profiles. Print them out and decorate your cubicle. Use them as a decal for your laptop. Whatever you do, make sure to take a look at all the new offerings we have, leave a comment to let us know your favorites and keep an eye out for more to come in the near future!
Olivia T 11/19/2012
I cant help but smile.....7-mile.....Happy Thanksgiving...Thanks...Ford Fusion will be mine soon...
lynn c 11/19/2012
Why are they phasing out the best little pickup ever like the Ford Ranger. I love that truck. My first new truck was a 94 Ranger. I always loved Ford trucks. I had a 93 Explorer that was my road dog. However, I had to put her down. It started at 636 miles, and the odometer started over three times when I her. Since I retired from the military my truck decided to retire too. I hope some day to get back in another truck soon. Maybe a F-150. :-)
Seven New Ways to Show the Love
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