North American C-MAX Update

By Ford Social Member

Good news from the Ford camp, and plenty of it: The production capacity of the electrified vehicle lineup is going to triple through 2013 – to more than 100,000 annually – including higher volumes of the new C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, vehicles that already have quite a buzz.

“A key factor in our plan is to launch the new five-passenger C-MAX to North American customers exclusively as a hybrid range of family vehicles,” said Jim Farley, Ford Group Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service. "This decision shows how flexible and responsive Ford can be to changing market conditions and consumer attitudes."

If you’re wondering about the original plan for a seven-passenger gasoline-powered C-MAX, Ford now believes that increasing the production capacity for the C-MAX electrified models for North America makes more business sense. As customers continue to prioritize fuel economy, Ford has a real opportunity to make the unique silhouette of the 5-passenger C-MAX a dedicated family of hybrid models.

You might be getting the feeling that consumers are demanding electric vehicles in a major way, and you’d be correct. Recent research by Kelley Blue Book revealed that U.S. consumers noted better fuel economy as the main reason for planning to purchase their next vehicle, and that has been on the rise since the beginning of this year. Ford sales trends support that, with sales of approximately 35,000 electrified vehicles each year, led by the Fusion Hybrid, as well as the Escape Hybrid and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

“Customers have come to expect fuel efficiency with every new vehicle Ford delivers today, and now we are further differentiating our electrified vehicle lineup with something else people truly value – choice,” said Jim. “As customers continue to prioritize fuel economy, we have a real opportunity to make the unique silhouette of the five-passenger C-MAX a dedicated family of hybrid models.”

However, this demand isn’t limited only to North America. The C-MAX, which is the base for the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi, is leaving European dealer lots at twice the rate of last year’s model. More than 100,000 of these new vehicles have been sold in Europe since the launch in late 2010, and Ford is already finding new ways to produce more European C-MAX models than originally expected at its Valencia, Spain, plant.

In North America, both the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi models will be built alongside the all-new Ford Focus and Focus Electric at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich. Beginning in 2012. Factoid: It’s the first plant in the world to produce gasoline-powered vehicles, full-electric vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrids under one roof. There also will be 220 green technology jobs added in Michigan – a total of 170 at Rawsonville and Van Dyke Transmission plants, plus the more than 50 new electrified-vehicle engineers based in Dearborn in the past year, specifically for the design and development of key component for Ford hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full battery electric vehicles.

Read the story, "More Ford C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!" for newer information about the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.
Robert T 10/23/2012
amazing how ford continues to ignore the comments for the grand c max. I really just dont get and most of all ford never comments back or even gives a good reason.
rS 09/22/2012
Yes a lot of people waiting to buy the 7 passenger C-max and will likely now buy the Mazda 5 instead. I wonder if Ford's decision has anything to do with Ford owning a 3% of Mazda and them having a strategic partnership?
Notdesignedhere 07/03/2012
So Ford is not bringing the C-Max (or S-Max) 7-seater to USA and Canada. Strange how Mazda has not brought its Mazda 8 to USA and Canada. The Mazda 8 is a 7-seater, larger than the Mazda 5 - it is a good size. Just a bit bigger than the Grand C-Max. Also, Nissan has not brought its Presage 7 -seater to USA and Canada. All of these cars I mention are the same size - small to mid-size 7 seaters. Less expensive that the big ones and better on fuel. And yet so many people comment that they would like a 'small mini-van' if they could get one. Something wrong in the market research departments in North America?
Not designed here 07/02/2012
Despite the "One Ford" motto, i.e. same company globally, it seems to me (and has always been the case) that Detroit does not like bringing in cars, designs, ideas from Ford Europe. Detroit's taste in cars also seems to be out of step with much of urban America. Every time I go back to visit from overseas, I am stuck by how big the cars are, while providing virtually no more interior space. The S-Max is a great car (7 seater) and would be the preferred option for a lot of people that would prefer to buy a Ford or other North American car.
Robert T 06/29/2012
curb weight
Grand C-max 3150 lbs.
C-MAX Hybrid 3,682 lbs.
C-MAX Energi 3,986 lbs.
how is it better to carry all that extra battery I rather keep the 3rd row diesel at 49mpg .Also a Grand Cmax would start 2 or 3 thousand Cheaper.E-cars are stupid
Robert T 06/29/2012
curb weight
Grand C-max 3150 lbs.
C-MAX Hybrid 3,682 lbs.
C-MAX Energi 3,986 lbs.
how is it better to carry all that extra battery I rather keep the 3rd row diesel at 49mpg .Also a Grand Cmax would start 2 or 3 thousand Cheaper.E-cars are stupid
Robert T 05/17/2012
Ford is not listening to there costumers everyone wants the Grand C max not your E-cars which are stupid. Almost every comment on ford social says the same thing 5 passenger Cmax is stupid Give us the 7 passenger.
Brad Barefoot 02/04/2012
I was reading over the left lane news and saw the article about the S-Max along with the photos for the U.S. market. I completely forgive you for dropping the Grand C-Max for the U.S. market. I really liked what I saw there, it even had a trailer hitch! I have one request. On behalf of the wagonmasters like me out there make the third row of seats completely removeable. Thanks.
joe 01/05/2012
Wait a minute? How much fuel efficiency will this hybrid will give? Because according to ford UK the C-MAX diesel will give 61.4 mpg and CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km and 57.7 mpg and 129 g/km in the Grand C-MAX (this one seats 7 by the way). There is no car in the USA market that gives that fuel efficiency and carries 7 people. The best 7 passenger is a hybrid and only gives 38 miles to the gallon. But is all a waste of time, no one will ever bring this kind of car to the USA
Bob Tremmel 11/28/2011
Can anyone tell me how much interior volume this vehicle will have? As much as the Mazda 5? As much as my 2010 Escape?
Jim 11/17/2011
Just WHEN do we get the C MAX I'm ready to buy a prisus V
Rebecca 11/04/2011
I think Ford is really missing out on a market by not offering the C-Max with 7 seats. I have been looking for a small, agile, fuel efficient vehicle. I have 3 children and sometimes they like to take friends with us. Right now I'm stuck with a big, clunky, gas guzzling minivan. Please bring out the 7 seat!!!!
Cindy Rhein 09/28/2011
I too have been super excited about the new C-Max! We recently bought a non-Ford minivan and I miss my Ford! We are a Ford family thru & and thru so I have been watching for the release and have been REALLY, REALLY disappointed to see that the word is no 7 passenger!! The Flex is too expensive & the Grand C-Max would've been perfect for my family of five. As well as the miles i drive just getting from "here to there" out in "small town" we need a gasoline engine. We still have two car seats and without the 7 seats we just can't fit. Really diappointed to see that option gone!
Ford\'s Lost Customer 09/20/2011
This is terribly, terribly disappointing. We were prepared to purchase a Mazda5 when we heard about the 7-passenger C-Max, which seemed better in every way. Before the C-Max, I would have NEVER considered buying a Ford. After seeing the C-Max, I was willing to actually wait a year for it. That's how impressed I was with the C-Max.
Now, I cannot in good conscience go back to the Mazda5, yet I am also directionless. Maybe this inability to meet consumer need is why American car companies are in a perpetual uphill battle.
DaveH 09/19/2011
We need a small vehicle with 7 passengers. NOT another 5 passenger vehicle.
Julie 09/14/2011
Me too! I was really excited about the 7 passenger C-MAX. It looked like it would have great features and mileage and seat the family plus extra passengers when needed, all without being as huge as a minivan. I was really hoping Ford would bring something unique to the table. Guess I'll have to keep looking
Carl Warmington 09/14/2011
Fords reasoning behind adding the C-Max Hybrid & C-Max Energi,
" As customers continue to prioritize fuel economy,
Recent research by Kelley Blue Book revealed that U.S. consumers noted better fuel economy as the main reason for planning to purchase their next vehicle, and that has been on the rise since the beginning of this year." comes across hypocritical. I say this in regards to Fords decision not to offer the fuel efficient Ford Focus wagon. This vehicle is much more efficient then a CUV or SUV, as well as in many cases more capable in the cargo carrying duties. If USA consumers are as you state in your article above that fuel economy is the main reason to buy a new vehicle is really what Ford believes, then one must assume that Ford North America does not want too many fuel efficient vehicles in its line up, or is it that Ford does not want to give up the much bigger profits from the less fuel efficient CUV's & SUV's?
Karen 09/12/2011
I have been a Windstar/Freestar mini-van customer for years. I am a musician and haul a great deal of equipment. There are Ford employees in my family. Why are you forcing me to go to another manufacturer? I love Ford and my dealership. What am I supposed to do now?
david 09/07/2011
I think Ford has finally seen the light. Their new cars and ideas regarding solar charging is a must. If we as a nation and people are to prosper and restore the USA to its rightful place again, then we must support the country as it supports us. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. If we stand united, we will survive this economic hardship and eventually prosper as we once did.It's a shame that the government had to step in and rectify the wrong the car companies and gas companies have been bestowing upon us. I am sure these new ideas could have been implemented years ago. Greed is strangling this country and its people. It is time we all do the right thing. Build american,buy american, and export american!!!!
I really want another Ford true-minivan. I'm meaning the Ford Grand C-MAX. I'm already driving a Windstar and loving this vehicle no matter what problems may exist among this former vehicle line. So really Ford needs to reconsider the true minivan line.
Gary 09/01/2011
I have an 06 Freestyle. Love it but was looking forward to the C-MAX. Now I'm
hearing it will not be available as a 7 seater. What's wrong with Ford? They discontinued the Freestyle which had loads of room and good gas milage (I
get 21 city and 26-28 hwy) on my 06 with the CVT transmission. I've bought Fords
for years and am ready for a new vehicle. I thought the C-MAX was the one. Guess
I'll have to start searching the compitition.
casche 08/31/2011
What a shame that Ford has decided not to pursue the 7 seat option. The C-Max was at the top of the list of vehicles to test drive. Now we will be looking at other options...
thomas 08/30/2011
Have to agree. We were waiting for the 7 seater to purchase our next vehicle. bummer. The hybrid cmax will now coompete with the Prius which isn't going to seat enough for my family.
Daniel 08/26/2011
The reason you do not see Ford's European diesel's in America is due to the ever changing emissions. And that is straigh from the horses mouth.
dke 08/25/2011
DKE: I just returned from a vacation in Switzerland--rented the C-Max diesel from Hertz. I would buy this Diesel model as is---sliding doors, great room, great comfort tomorrow and trade in my toyota highlander hybrid immediately.
TurtleMom 08/25/2011
I also have been waiting for the 7 passenger C-Max to replace my 10 year old Escape. So dissapointed.
Kar LKasamon 08/25/2011
Horrible decison. We have a 7 seat Rav4, and I really wanted an American 7 seat efficient vehicle to replace my Prius (as our family grew in the last 5 yrs). What a shame. I may end up with a Mazda5, but it is so old and lackluster.... :-(
John 08/24/2011
There has to be something amiss as to why Ford is not currently selling either the CMax or especially the SMax in the USA today. The SMax is slightly larger than the CMax with 7 passenger seating and 57 mpg hwy with the 2.0TDI diesel. I am currently driving one in Europe and love it. As an owner of a Mazda5 I can say that the SMax is a way better option for a family looking for this type of vehicle. It has plenty of leg room and plenty of storage capacity and with an average of 49 mpg it absolutely blows away anything that is currently available in the USA. There must be some type of governmental restrictions or political nonsense as to why Ford is not offering this vehicle in the USA. They cannot be that clueless to the advantages that a vehicle like this can offer the american people especially when Hyundai,Honda, Toyota and VW have nothing that can touch it. No business or common sense here.
Kevin 08/24/2011
Wow, what a miss. The 7 passenger minivan is outrageously expensive these days. Without the old station wagon, what does a family that can't afford a $30-40k vehicle do? This is dumb.
sooz 08/24/2011
I have been putting off buying a new car until 2012 to wait for the 7 passenger C-max!!! I have 8 grandchildren to haul around at various times! We need a car with more passenger space... My 1999 ford van needs to be replaced with more seating than 5!!!!! Come on guys, acknowledge families in America too. Now I will go looking to the Honda Odessy...which will be our first non-Ford vehicle ever!!! Families need more seating or at least bring back front bench seats! One year we tried a Ford Pinto and we hated being so cramped and felt too vulnerable in case of accidents. 30 miles per gallon would be good enough for me which is what you were saying the C-max/7 pass. would average on HWY (approx.),,,
Joe 08/23/2011
Is very exciting to read about the C-Max 7-Seater 1.6 Tdci and see that it can go to 57.7 combined miles per gallon and compare it to the best fuel efficient seventh seater in the USA market today the Toyota Highlander Hybrid with 28MPG combined (double the miles). And then realise that ford does not want to sale this car in the USA is frustrating. Any person with a little of intelligence can see the difference that this car can make in the economy of a family at least 1000 dollars a year in fuel, even using biodiesel the savings are considerable and your car is green. What is ford thinking? What is the marketing and sales department thinking? The cars are in the market today in Europe, Today!!!! Ford does not have to invest in testing or adapting new technologies they could bring this cars from Spain tomorrow and sale me one the next day. They could sale them by order and on the web, and bring one from Spain after I paid for it, this way there is no risk they can take a moth in delivering if they need to. Think about it Ford brings cars from Spain to the USA (Fiestas) regularly, just put the C-Max 7 in the same container with the Fistas. Just think... Almost 6O miles to the gallon and carries 7 people it makes the X project feel like a big ridicule, I hope someone is listening. We need this car Now. Today.
Ben 08/23/2011
Ford, the market is telling you what it wants right now!!! Bring the 7-passenger back.
R. Sid 08/22/2011
I fall under G. Logan's comments. We now have 4 kids (unplanned pregnancy-TWINS) that REQUIRES a minum seating capacity of 6. Wife is getting an Odyssey and I was looking at the C-Max. Onlt reason it was NOT two C-max's is that the wife doesn't think the C-Max was large enough to carry kids plus stroller/gear. Ford cemented the loss of at least one sale when they cancelled the 7-passenger version. What a WASTE!
G. Logan 08/22/2011
In all the discussions I have had with friends and family who are interested in the C-Max, the primary selling factor was that it was a compact, fuel-efficient 6-7 passenger vehicle. Losing the extra row of seating capacity will eliminate a growing group of environmentally concerned consumers who want fuel-efficiency but need those 6-7 seats to accomodate their families or driving situation. Please reconsider.
Tom 08/21/2011
Good job guys. You are about to catch Toyota with a distinctive hybrid. I guess you can wait for them to leap ahead with the first hybrid mini too. What a wasted opportunity to get in front of the market with a 7 seat hybrid. This country can't find a leader anywhere.
David Lobron 08/21/2011
Hey guys, please don't drop the extra row of seats! I would love to consider the C-Max alongside the Mazda 5. We are about to trade in our Prius for a car that can seat 7 people, and we would love to buy a car with good fuel economy that is easy to park in the city (i.e., not a mini-van). But we need the extra seating for carpools!
Nate 08/21/2011
A real wasted opportunity for Ford. I'd hoped to be able to buy an American made 6-7 seater hybrid minivan. Now will have to wait and do it from whoever gets there first. Had sure hoped that would be Ford, now it doesn't look so.
Jim Bradbury 08/20/2011
I'm going electric or hybrid plug-in not so much for fuel economy, as for helping to get us off of foreign OPEC/Arab oil. I want to do my part for the U.S. balance of payments. No more foreign oil!
CB 08/19/2011
no 7 passenger will move me to the existing Mazda-5. I was really excited about the c-max gadgets but not enough to give up carrying Gram and Gramp with the kids... especially for a 'unique silhouette'. Sorry son Gram is left on the curb but doesn't our shadow look nice???
abdulah 08/17/2011
I guess the only reason ford did this is because they want to sell more explorers because this cmax will destroy it with seven seats and better fuel economy .
Robert Cuz 08/16/2011
Very disappointed in the c-max decision . I was waiting for the 7 passenger and now I'll have to trade my Fiesta for a Mazda 5. Bad decision on Fords part.

the 2012 C-Max and now you have chancede the game
Bevan Basham 08/13/2011
I agree, this car, in a diesel, was what I was interested in. I am disappointed.
Mike McAdaragh 08/12/2011
I wanted to purchase the Prius V until I found out that it did not have 3rd row seating. I then found that the Ford C-Max had 3rd row seating and was fuel efficient. We have an expanding family that will need the extra seating capacity. It would be great if the 3rd row seating folds down as well for storage space if needed. Now I find like many other that when Ford has the chance to scoop up potential buyers to the new Ford vehicle lineup they ruin it by not thinking outside the box, but following in suit with the competition. Well the search will continue for a fuel efficient vehicle with the 3rd row for our expanding family. Thank You
Dave 08/11/2011
Agree with the postings above. We currently have a 7-passnger RAV-4 and were hoping to move to a 7-passenger C-Max. Our daughter has a 2012 Focus and loves it, but we will NOT be interested in moving down to a 5-passenger "mini-van". Very dissapointing as we have been anticipating the C-Max for a long time. Why can't U.S. customers buy a vehicle that has already been popular in Europe for years?
Liz 08/10/2011
I was excited about this car and waiting for it to come out because it was a 7 passenger car. I will begin my look again for another vehicle.
Jamie Fluke 08/08/2011
Missing the boat on this one I would have purchased a eco boost c-max. Well back to Mazda for another 5. Electric powered and losing two seats not an option. What a joke if they build as first reported would I buy it.
T.J. 08/08/2011
I doubt Ford is listening - but they should be. I was glad to see Ford take a good idea (Mazda5) and run with it. Sad to see them blow it so badly... Well, off to browse other brands...
Tanya C 08/07/2011
We need a fuel efficient 7 passenger vehicle. We were waiting for the C-max for this. Now we will have to consider a foreign car for the first time.
Mcubed 08/01/2011
Any ideas on how much it would cost to buy the 7 passenger Grand in Europe and have it shipped over?
Susa 07/27/2011
Another 5 passenger car, good luck with that. The only reason there was any interest was because it was a seven passenger car.
Guillaume Bélisle 07/24/2011
Ok. Just bring the S-Max with 2.0 Ecoboost and a 2.2 Diesel engine option be done with it. Mid-size cross-over are so over. Mid-30 gen. needs fuel-efficient car for kisd and activities that can be parked in parallel in when going with the wife for dinner. Simple? The Flex is great on highway but a nightmare in city and at the pump.
JJ 07/12/2011
The powertrain doesn't matter if the family doesn't fit. Looks like we'll be buying a Mazda5 instead. Sad.
Tony D 07/10/2011
We need a 7 passage car like C-max
BambiR 07/07/2011
I wonder if anyone from Ford even reads these comments. If they do, you are missing a really big market in North America for a small 7 passenger, fuel efficient gas powered vehicle. I am so disappointed in your decision to scrap the Ford Grand C Max. It was going to be my next vehicle when I trade in my Buick Rendevous. Guess I'll have to buy a Lexus.
Chuck Pearson 07/07/2011
The Ford Focus wagon has better fuel economy, more space behind the front seats, since it is longer, and costs less. MAP has flexible body shop tooling so they will have no problem producing it on the same assembly line. I hope my 18 year old Escort wagon lasts until it gets here.
Cheryl Schmitt 07/07/2011
I am so excited about the C-Max Energi! I have a 1999 Escort wagon that I've been driving for 10 years and I want to replace it with a plug-in hybrid. I hope the C-Max Energi will come with a roof rack and that the back seat will fold down flat--I use my Escort wagon to haul my kayak on top and I sleep in the vehicle when I'm camping. These are important features to me.
Douglas Chapin 07/07/2011
My plan was to replace my Accord with a Focus Electric and my Odyssey with a 7 passenger C-Max. No date on Focus Electric and my ordered LEAF arrives in Aug - strike one, no 7 passenger option strike two.
Tom Ribs 07/07/2011
Can't understand your decision to cancel the Grand Cmax, You had an untapped market, family vehicle (seat more than 5) getting better than 28mpg (much better) at reasonable price and instead chose to compete with a cornered market in the Prius. You'd think someone would realize families want high mileage vehicles as well. Majorly disappointed
Darren Fajcz 07/05/2011
I certainly hope this clears the way for the fantastic Focus Wagon to make its way to North American shores... Any comment, Ford?
Uugh 07/04/2011
Sorry Ford, I was looking forward to 7 passenger vehicle with decent mileage on a gas engine. Now that you have ditched that option, I am ditching the C-Max. It's the old bait and switch again I guess...
Gary 06/30/2011
Now I'm buying a Mazda 5. The C-MAX is built on the Mazda 5 chasis to begin with. Mazda has better quality and they've been producing the 5 for years. It is now in it's 2nd generation and offers the flexibility of 4, 5 or 6 passenger seating. it's also much more affordable than the costly options given by Ford.
Danielle 06/29/2011
I am so crushed! A 5 passenger just won't fit my family of 6!
james 06/27/2011
bring back the 7 paasenger option!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Durden 06/27/2011
Is it really true, no more C-Max 7-seater? I can't believe it. For the past 9 months i was living and breathing this car, and was so ready to buy this car finally. It was the perfect size and now it;s gone. Extremely disappointing. Ford...please reconsider.
Jon D. 06/26/2011
NOOOO!! The gas-powered C-max was our next car. Our twins arrive early next year and we were counting on the 7-seat economic option. We HATE big vehicles, and cannot afford a hybrid or electric car. We have been long-time Toyota buyers, but were happy to finally have a sensible American model. We were even resigned to buying an automatic. But I guess there will be no Ford for us. Some people don't have the option to get rid of a couple of kids just to fit in the popular 5-seat configuration; what is popular cannot fit everyone's needs. This was a done deal, but you've blown it. I don't know what our family will do. Now I have to break the news to my pregnant wife.
lynne 06/25/2011
I need room for a wheelchair and the 5passenger c-max just won't do it
I was really hoping to get a new car soon and I wanted it to be a Ford but I guess I'll be forced to settle for another Caravan if your not going to make the 7 passenger.I was really upset when you stopped the minivans in the first place.Please reconsider the 7 passenger c-max
JP Paul 06/25/2011
Will the 2012 Escape have a third row when it is replaced by the Vertrek? Ford has been testing a plug in version of the Ford Escape I was under the impression that the 2012 Escape would be offered with a plug in option. The third row is not a deal breaker for us but it would be a nice option. Go Ford!
Kevin Crowe 06/24/2011
There was a compete Ford C-Max website for the 2012 US Market up just a week or two ago. I was DEFINITELY going to buy the 5+2 (Ecoboost) model supposedly avialiable in the fall of 2011. Is the project dead? Ony the electrics for 2013... what happened?
Brad Krekelberg 06/24/2011
I too, was really excited about the 7 passenger C-max. I don't want a crossover, and I think hybrids are a fad that's going to end. I want a regular, gas powered family vehicle that doesn't waste space and weight trying to look like a truck. Please reconsider. And make it in a diesel with a manual transmission while you're at it!
Avram 06/24/2011
I thought there would be a 7 passenger version of the C-Max. Are the Hybrid and plug- in versions only coming in a 5 passenger variant? The extra seating is an important consideration as I consider options for replacing my mini-van.
Kashi Way 06/24/2011
I am very disappointed by Ford's decision to shelve the 7-passenger C-Max (for the American market). It would have filled have the gap between the Mazda 5 (a bit too small, with too few features) and those monstrosities that call themselves minivans when there's nothing mini about them. So sad. My mother used to drive Fords back in the 80's, and I was thinking of giving the brand a try. Oh well, maybe one day they will make a car I am actually interested in driving.
JP Paul 06/22/2011
Larger production is Great news as long as it equates to a lower sticker price. We have been waiting for a plug in hybrid that is affordable and built in the USA. Let’s get them on the road.
J Bruni 06/22/2011
I think the business sense the article mentions really has to do with meeting government mandates (CAFE standards) and not consumer's desires. I hope this is not the case, but it doesn't appear that way.
Pepe 06/21/2011
No 7 passenger C-Max? I guess I'll have to take another look at the Mazda5.
phillip 06/21/2011
Ford has lost a customer what a terrible dissection to not make a 7 passenger gasoline car. I am so tired of all this hybrid crap being better. It is a lie and people need to wake up and realize the resources to produce it far out weight the standard gasoline powered car.
Robert 06/21/2011
I have a diesel 1.8 TDCi Ford Focus and I can get over 7O MPG doing 60mph.
This car is better as a 1.6 TDCi diesel.
beth Hernandez 06/21/2011
I was so excited and waiting it our for the 7 passenger ford c-max to accomodate my four children and commute.....why would they not still do the 7 passenger?! It seems a lot of people were interested.
Joe Tennies 06/21/2011
@Anita Jo Lawson Kowalski Everyone was concerned about the batteries on the Prius too. Well, they're available at under 1/10th of what people thought. Why? Enough cars get in accidents that the supply is outweighing need.
Joe Tennies 06/21/2011
Well, I was planning to see how long I could keep my current car held out for in hopes of the Ford C-MAX and if I could get it to last longer, the C-MAX Energi. Now, that it's going to be a C-MAX and not a Grand C-MAX, I guess I'm off to the Mazda 5. I knew at least 2 other people at my work thinking about the 7 passenger C-MAX, now I'll be they're jumping ship too. I was looking forward to getting SYNC and buying an American vehicle built for a normal American family. (Yes, I could get an Explorer... for 10 grand more for 4 less MPG city and 3 less MPG hwy... sorry, no. A FULLY equipped Mazda5 is less than the base model Explorer.)
Joe Tennies 06/21/2011
@Mike MrWarmth McCall: A pure electric vehicle actually takes little maintenance, but the C-MAX is going to be hybrid, which I'll agree has more things to potentially fail.
Brent Henry 06/21/2011
Big mistake here Ford, I know plenty of people that want a Gas or Diesel Powered C-Max, they don't want a Hybrid or EV, they want a normal Ford, they don't want the added cost or complications Hybrids and EV's bring, do it right and build a Gas and Diesel C-Max for the Canadian and American market, otherwise sales will not be what they could be,
Herman Campbell 06/20/2011
Im not sure about hybrid and electric only seems like will push price too high
john 06/20/2011
Gas milage is about number 4 on my list of priorities. The average family won't buy an electric car. Too much hassle.
Brea Lightfoot 06/20/2011
Vroom vroom
Carol 06/20/2011
Was waiting anxiously for the C-Max to replace my Mazda 5...guess that won't be happening! I need 4+2 seating for occasional extra kids. I will not buy an electric car and I want a standard for NE winters. Too bad that Ford has made this decision.
Jesus M. Bauzo 06/20/2011
Well, I think that the 7 passenger gas powered C-Max was a very good idea... Now, it's gone...
Adam 06/20/2011
I was planning on ordering the 7 passenger version as soon as I could. I was very sad to see it go.
NC 06/20/2011
Horrible news! 7 passenger EcoBoost 1.6L C-MAX that you've teased us with is no more? Thought Ford finally "got it" but instead the suits still won out.
Cindy 06/20/2011
i was waiting for the 7 pass C-max but it sounds like I will have to go way of Chevy Equinax.
Amy 06/20/2011
Include me as someone who is disappointed there will be 7-passenger C-Max. It would have been perfect for my growing family as we need the space but like the smaller size. Might have to look at the Mazda 5 now. A shame; I would have preferred a Ford.
Glen Carroll 06/20/2011
hope its better built than the mk3 galaxy nothing but hassle since day 1.......
Kevin O\'Connell 06/20/2011
Waiting impatiently for more info on the C-Max. Need a new ride by December 2012, want it to be a Ford with unbelievable mileage. Please don't send me to Toyota :(
Anita Jo Lawson Kowalski 06/20/2011
@Chris. I actually NEED the front end and the Minivan because of my type of vision loss I can't do the square type car or even a large high one anymore. Was so hoping for the C Max but looks like I'll be using another car company... perfer Ford but have to use what works for me.
Mike Bogner 06/20/2011
I believe it would be in Fords best interest to also inclued the 7 passenger gas powered model, as low income families needing the room will look to other manufacturers.
samantha 06/20/2011
The Cmax would have been the perfect car for us. We wanted something with more seats than the Escape but not as big as the other seven seat SUVs/Minivans. This would have had all the options we wanted too. Only now it's going to be a hybrid only... delaying production further... and I'm having to switch companies because Ford doesn't have what I want now. Ugh!
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
correction on the North American 7 seat C-Max curb weight......equipped with the 2.5L engine 3,743 lbs, with the 1.6L EcoBoost 3,644 lbs, still much lighter then a Flex or Explorer etc
Rob Lee 06/20/2011
I really wanted the 7-passenger C-Max, and had put off buying a new car until the end of the year to wait for it. Since other news outlets already reported that it's not coming stateside, I started looking for other cars. I just bought a Mazda instead. So now I don't care if the C-Max makes it to the States anymore, but I suspect some others are still hoping.
wanted a C-Max 7 Passanger 06/20/2011
This is aweful news. I was planning to buy a 7 seater C-Max (gas version) early next year. I guess I have to buy the Mazda 5 now since there is no other option in this catagory and price.
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
@Chrid Carlen....very different vehicles eg: Flex curb weight 4,471 lbs. 7 seat C-Max curb weight 3,291 lbs. Never mind the driving dynamics, fuel usage differences, MSRP differences etc
Benjamin Roestenburg 06/20/2011
God USA Mom Coke and Ford
Chris Carlen 06/20/2011
@Anita - try a Flex. That should fit what you're looking for.
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
@sean yes the 5 seat C-Max assembly at MAP Wayne was announced at this years NAIAS, correct, but the 7 seat C-Max was to be built in Valencia and exported to North America. The 1.6L EcoBoost is manufactured in Ford Bridgend Engine Plant in the United Kingdom, hence the need to modify it to meet USA emission standards
Sean Ninneman 06/20/2011
they're going to produce the C-Max at Wayne Assembly in Michigan. The Focus is made there currently. They have had no diffculty making the 3.5l turbo's meet emissions, why would they with the 1.6 ?
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
@Sean, the assembly plant in Valencia Spain which was the plant going to supply North America with the 7 seat C-Max cannot build enough C-Max for Europe, which I presume to be the reason why Ford decided to cancel the 7 seat C-Max for North America. As far as the 1.6L EcoBoost, I have a feeling Ford is having a difficult time with getting this engine to meet USA emission regulations. So 2 strikes against the C-Max making it to North America. It is strange that Ford decided to not include the 5 seat C-Max with gas powered engines. It is a great all around vehicle.
Le Bret 06/20/2011
americans have long shunned diesel engines in cars... american car companies remember that.. it used to smell, pollute, make loud noise.. but that was on parents' generation. nowadays only german automakers sell us diesel, and chrysler while mercedes/daimler we're in charge. ford needs to wake up, people buy VW TDI for a reason: not only do they get great milleage, but theyre FUN TO DRIVE AND TORQUY. Ford, get out there and stop letting us down at the last minute. stop offering your great diesel engines in europe only.

im beginning to think some big oil companies have a hand in this non-offering...
Sean Ninneman 06/20/2011
if Ford doesn't offer a non-hybrid or non-electric version of this, it's going to sit on the lot and get really stale. People know that the elecro-hybrid "wave" is just that, a wave. I was seriously planning, PLANNING to get a C-Max to replace my Escape. Fuhggetaboutit now. What happened to the178hp 1.6l eco-boost ?? THAT is a GREAT engine. Shame on Ford.
mlosuno 06/20/2011
@ Brian, ewww really? An Odyssey? Have you seen those lately? They're hideous
Le Bret 06/20/2011
duratorq would be a way better move. or the 1.6turbo as originally planned. electric/hybrid is gonna make it too pricey, and people will continue to buy Chrysler's Caravan....
John Vincent 06/20/2011
Two hours and thirty minutes left
Brian Der-Stepanian 06/20/2011
So long ford, I'm buying a Honda Odysey
Glenn Thompson 06/20/2011
My future plan is to buy a Edge or MKX within a year or two. The C Max Hybrid caught my attention due to high MPG figure. The new C Max, must have similar passenger & storage space, comfort, ride, etc, as the current Edge & MKX.

I do agree with the decision to make the C Max a 5 passenger vehicle. Ford already offers 3 vehicles with 7 passenger capabilities. They don't need another one. I've learned some smaller vehicles designed for 7 passenger greatly takes away leg room from the other seats. I won't buy any vehicle that can't comfortable fit adults in the front or back seats.
Ricky Yen Yeung 06/20/2011
So is the 7-seater C-max coming to N. America at all??
Roy Spanberger 06/20/2011
You may have lost me unless they are priced the same as the gas version.
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
Your press release gives me the perception that you are saying that the 7 seat C-Max is not fuel efficient. Is that the message you really want to spin??
Carl Warmington 06/20/2011
So you saying that the 7 seat C-Max is not fuel efficient? Careful with how you spin your press releases.
Stan Buchak 06/20/2011
hmmm, bazar how zip is mentioned bout C-Max Hybrid or C-Mas Energi ratings per mile, now that would b news
Anita Jo Lawson Kowalski 06/20/2011
Well looks like my dream of having a Ford Minivan again is down the drain. Electric Yeah right I need a car to hold two dogs, two kids, Hubby and me and luggage and go over 200 miles per trip. Dang hate to be stuck with other car companies but I need a minivan a useful one that will not need to be plunged in and use those expensive need to be all changed every 5 years for thousands of dollars power sourse.
Daniel Baxter 06/20/2011
How about a turbo diesel version? We had a Turbo Diesel 5 door last summer and it got great milage while delivering outstanding performance.
Macario Rikkir Perez 06/20/2011
► Still would have loved the bringing of their compact "true minivan" C-MAX too y'know... but that was canceled...
Carly Lankford Mills 06/20/2011
I just bought a Focus 6 weeks ago...I LOVE IT!!!!!
Anthony Austin 06/20/2011
I still think the 7 passenger CMax would have been a great addition. Other than somewhat close Mazda5, theres no other vehicle at that price point that can sit 7, unless they pony up to $28 and get a barebones Explorer/Flex.
Karen Glastetter 06/20/2011
Mike it may be but that is what some people want so why not make money off of it?
Sue Barnes 06/20/2011
I can't wait!! I want either one of these or a Focus electric, goodbye big oil companies!!
Matt 06/20/2011
I know Ford used to own Aston.... but keeping one of the DB9's grill to put on a c-max?
Alexakis Daniilos 06/20/2011
ford for life
Mike MrWarmth McCall 06/20/2011
Nevermind that the electric vehicle is a poor stop-gap measure that costs more to produce and maintain than a standard gas engine.
James Rees 06/20/2011
i love ford