New Ford Apps, Even for Dating!

By Tori T.

Are you a tech geek? Breaking news: It’s 2013 and we’re all geeks these days! From smartphones to advanced safety features in your Ford vehicle, we’re living deep in a technology-based world.

The 2013 International CES in Las Vegas from January 8-11 is where Ford is showing off cool new apps for SYNC® AppLink™, which is available on the 2013 C-MAX, E-Series, Expedition, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, F-150 and Super Duty®.

One of the coolest new apps is BeCouply, a cutting-edge, location-based app with a dating theme. You can ask it something like, “What are good date ideas nearby?” and it might respond, “Have brunch” or “Go bowling.” In turn, you ask, “Where can we go bowling?” and it will inform you of local bowling options. You can also connect with other couple friends on-the-go. BeCouply won the Ford Sync AppLink Developer Challenge at last year’s TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco, and the developers were invited to created this AppLink-enabled beta version.

Glympse pioneered real-time location sharing. It's the first location-sharing app for AppLink, and it allows you to share where you are directly from your vehicle by way of voice commands. You simply push the SYNC voice button and say, “Send Glympse.” It will alert others to where you are through email, a mobile number, Facebook, or Twitter.

Aha by HARMAN™ is another new service for SYNC AppLink. It gives you access to more than 30,000 audio stations. Voice commands connect you to radio stations, news, weather entertainment, audio books and Facebook and Twitter feeds. And did we mention much more? New stations are constantly added.

SYNC-enabled vehicles can use the Rhapsody on-demand music service app for listening to all the music you want. Again, voice commands are at the heart of the experience (as are steering wheel buttons), so you never have to take your eyes off the road. This is the first full automotive integration for Rhapsody.

Another exciting app is Kaliki Audio Newsstand. You will be able to get magazine and newspaper content; it curates top news stories from major newspapers and magazines and then offers an audio version for on-demand playback in the vehicle. When the app launches, you say the name of the periodical, then it will automatically start playing the list of available stories from that source.

So as you can see, it’s time for all of us to embrace our inner-techo geek, because it’s a good time to be a geek! Ford Social even has a Tech Geek badge, which you can download here . Geeks, unite!
Steve G 04/06/2013
Note that Applink is only available for the non-premium system. If you "upgrade" to the premium system, MyFordTouch, you're out of luck.
Glenn 04/05/2013
Shame on you for not including it in the Ford My Touch for new 2013 vehicles. This is a let down and WAY PAST DUE! You've had months to implement it and should be a simple software update. You've got many upset customer's blasting Ford for the lack of customer support here. Applink, 2013, Ford Escape, My Touch, doesn't exist. AWFUL!
Brian M 02/26/2013
Will this be available in Canada ?
Kevin T 02/22/2013
Great Article, how about we get myford Touch to run properly and not crash before we waste time on apps? Its a mess!
Ej 01/10/2013
Unless you 'upgrade' to myfordtouch and the applink is deleted from the feature list of the car.
Dean M 01/09/2013
This is fantastic. I would really, really love to see Spotify integrated soon. There are a lot of us who now use Spotify!
Michael L 01/08/2013
I will undoubtedly be in the minority but I believe phone have no place in a car except for a glove box or storage area. I truly believe all phone calls in cars should go like this “ I am here – I will be somewhere where I can call you in such and such a time” hang up and drive. Let’s make phones in cars taboo and work towards disabling them when you are behind the wheel. Don’t get me wrong I love apps , and smart phones but they have no place in a car linking it to the radio etc. Nothing in my eyes is so important that you have to do it while piloting a 4,000 pound vehicle at speed. If the app works at your house or at your coffee shop were you are meeting then that is completely different. All navigation should be only turn by turn audio or heads up only like a fighter pilot see’s.
james m 01/08/2013
im still waiting on a new ranger hurry up before i get to old to drive anymore ty
Joshua M 01/08/2013
great job ford you all rock on cars and trucks...keep up the great work...
M Thompson 01/07/2013
New Apps are great, but it's 2013 and AppLink is still not available for MyFord Touch... How does the upgraded console not have this technology???
New Ford Apps, Even for Dating!
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