Must-see Vehicles and Technology in the Ford NAIAS Display

By Eve P.

Cars, trucks, crossovers and concepts - there’s something for everyone to explore this year at the Ford auto show stand. Stop by the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) between January 19 and January 26, 2013 to be a part of the action.

So where do you start when there’s so much to see and do? Here’s our quick list of this year’s must-see vehicles and technology in the Ford display.

Grab a Blue Oval™ Card

Make your first stop one of the many Blue Oval™ card kiosks to sign up for a free Ford Blue Oval card. It’s your key to an enhanced, interactive experience. The Ford Blue Oval Card enables you to vote for your favorite car, win prizes, share things you’ve experienced with friends on social media sites, and have your say on the hottest topics at the NAIAS.

What kind of experiences? The EcoBoost® experience for one! Put together your own instant musical collage featuring the words Eco and Boost backed by sound effects. And then use your Blue Oval card to share your greatest hits on social media networks like YouTube and Facebook - instantly.

You can even use it to take part in the Taurus Talent search! The person with the most “likes” on their performance wins “Best in Show”.

And the best part? No heavy bag to lug around the auto show, all the Ford vehicle information you request will be sent directly to your email account.  

People Serving People

Here’s your chance to meet everyday heroes and the Ford vehicles they use to get the job done, including a Transit Connect Gleaners mobile food pantry , Taurus and Explorer Police Interceptors and a Ford truck-based fire rescue vehicle. Get under the skin of a Transit cutaway; customize your ideal Transit passenger or cargo van, or Transit Connect wagon.

Living History

Sixty-five years ago, the Ford F-1 pickup started a dynasty that lives on today in the F-150 and the Ford Atlas Concept. See the truck that started it all, check out the chassis that is the backbone of F-150 and take a peek at Ford Atlas Concept shown for the first time at this show.

Meet Henry Ford

Speaking of history, did you know that Henry Ford would have been 150 years old if he were alive today? Meet Henry Ford – ok, an actor playing Henry Ford - and take a personal tour of the Ford display. It’s your opportunity to learn about the man and how his vision continues to shape Ford today. Look for him at the front of the Ford display near the oldest surviving Ford vehicle – a 1903 Model A .

Test Your Torque

Are you more of a facts and figures person? Want to know more about EcoBoost engines? You can start by testing your own torque, and, of course, helpful product specialists are available to walk you through how the EcoBoost engines found in 14 different Ford cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs work.

This is also a great chance to learn the difference between hybrid and electric vehicles firsthand. We’ve got an electric vehicle on floor, plus plug-in hybrids and conventional hybrids to compare side-by-side, including the C-MAX Hybrid , C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and the 2013 Fusion Hybrid .

ST Focus and Fiesta Road Rally Simulator

Have you always wanted to be a rally car driver? Test your driving skills on the ST Road Rally Driving Simulator on two hot ST vehicles – the thrilling Focus ST and the all-new Fiesta ST. Learn more about Focus ST by clicking here .

Be a Part of the Mustang Nation

No Ford display would be complete without a stunning array of Mustangs . Coupe or convertible, V6 Premium, GT Premium and mind blowing Shelby GT 500, they’re all here!

So what was your favorite part of the Ford display at the NAIAS? The 1903 Model A? Chatting with Henry Ford? The ST Simulator? Testing your torque? Daydreaming about road trips as part of the Mustang Nation? Join the conversation and post your comments and questions below!
It was perfect. It even left it open for you to reply to my review with the standard thank you, which one of the cars did you pick as your new car. I look forward to your response.
JJMJRDEC J 01/30/2013
if electric vehicles want to take the next step,it must find a better way to replenish the energy,solar or motion.
Joshua M 01/25/2013
ford is a great comany for trucks.Its always been a great car place seen i was little granmother and grandfather took me to the place where they got their truck
Brad B 01/24/2013
Hey Ford ! Congrats on a great 2012. Like the new Transit Connect, we though ordered the C-Max Hybrid. Maybe in a year or so Celebration Farms will be ready for another wagon and the Transit Connect will find it's way here. By looking at the show photos Ford has again lead the way with product, technology, and style. It amazes me that the other car companies are content to have a *Me Too style of vehicle. When I see a Ford product I know it. All the other guys simply look like each other. Ford stands apart. You began the stand apart styling in the 1950's with Thunderbird, in the 1960's with Mustang, and never looked back. I can't wait till our C-Max gets here, we plan a southeast road trip to break it in. If I could be the King of Ford for a day I'd only arrange for two things. 1) bring the Grand C-Max to America and bring back the Thunderbird in a style similar to the 1978/79 model year. You can't beat the classic style of both the Mark V and Thunderbird of those year models.
Jay S 01/23/2013
so dope
joseph soloc 01/23/2013
Jojo S In north carolina . Don't know to much about the hybred i drive a 1972 ford pick up f-250 ole red we call her 302 stock 2 barrel c-6 trannny about 15 hwy . i tell people sure i'd drive a chevy or dodge if they quit making fords. i also drive a 2012 transit connect at work love it .it has been converted to Cng the only drawback i feel the tieres are tires seem to little if they were a little wider for better stability .
Joshua M 01/20/2013
have a great hoiday ford...
D Johnson 01/19/2013
Not sure where to submit this, but I notice in the Free Press photo of the Atlas display at the auto show that the circular banner floating above the vehicle that says CONCEPT FORD [ATLAS] has the word misspelled as ALTAS. Very embarrassing if you ask me. Looks like a great vehicle.
aasdf 01/19/2013
Comment on Ford ST website. Probably you're congratulating yourselves on the long page view times and multiple clicks, because the various web engagement metrics are high. But it is the most infuriating, brand equity-destroying, inanely designed automotive manufacturer page. Where can I find the specs for the car -- with dimensions, mechanical specs, etc.? It's positioned as a performance car but marketed like a feminine product. Much like MySync, Ford has no clue on what customers need and how they use and interact with the products. Make the most frequently used features intuitive, easy and simple. I was really excited to learn about the ST, but this maddening 25 minutes of clicking on things and not finding what I want, it has genuinely soured my attitude towards the car, Ford, and desire to find more info on it.

Good luck. Year 1 sales will be great. But then the sales will tank as Ford's clueless design and marketing will frustrate and turn away genuine buyers-in-the-market like me.
Joshua M 01/19/2013
great photo ford...Charge up is neat.Also i car for the indy 500 would be a great sponser for this years race...the ford truck
Richard F 01/18/2013
It's the future. Has anyone ever thought of what will happen to all the gas stations across America?
Richard F 01/18/2013
Ford has done a great job on those tail lights plus get great milage I'm ready to go
Must-see Vehicles and Technology in the Ford NAIAS Display
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