More Ford C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!

By Ford Social Member

Anyone out there remember when you could utter the phrase, “I’m just going to put a couple bucks of gas in the tank” and you could scrounge around for those spare bucks in your pockets and pretty much end up with a quarter of a tank or more to work with? Nowadays? Those couple bucks get you one notch above running on fumes! The point is, fuel economy is a priority for many of us today.

That’s why Ford is beyond stoked to talk about its new hybrids, the C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, both of which go on sale in the second half of 2012. The C-MAX Energi is expected to deliver a better fuel economy equivalent in charge-depleting mode than the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid with a 500-mile overall driving range, more than Chevrolet Volt. The new C-MAX Hybrid is targeted to achieve better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius v. The C-MAX hybrids will be the company’s first dedicated hybrid vehicle line and the first MAV (multi-activity vehicle) line in North America.

And, by the way, you think great fuel economy is important to you? Ford might have you beat with its near-term electrification plan; it intends to triple production capacity of its electrified vehicle range by 2013. The C-MAX vehicles will be built on the company’s global C-segment platform and are two of five electrified vehicles Ford plans to launch in North America in 2012.

C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi get their power through the combination of a gasoline engine and a battery-driven electric motor. When powered by gasoline, the two C-MAX vehicles use the all-new 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine – a powerful and fuel-efficient engine and among the most advanced non-turbocharged four-cylinder powertrains Ford has ever offered.

The electric motors of the C-MAX hybrids are powered by advanced lithium-ion (li-ion) battery systems designed to maximize use of common, high-quality components, such as control board hardware. Li-ion battery packs are more efficient than nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. They also are 25 to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than NiMH batteries used in today’s first-generation hybrid vehicles.

The C-MAX line has plenty of other cool attributes beyond crazy-good fuel economy. For example, there’s the new and innovative hands-free liftgate appearing on some new Ford vehicles, allowing for easy access to the cargo department without the need for keys to open it; a kicking motion under the rear bumper opens and closes the liftgate. The newest version of SYNC® with MyFord Touch® is another feature, as is the next generation of SmartGauge® with EcoGuide, giving instantaneous fuel economy info and tips for optimizing regenerative braking for driving range. For the Energi, there is also MyFord® Mobile, a smartphone app that gives you the ability to monitor charging, receive alerts, find charging stations and more via phone or computer. Other available technology for C-MAX includes active park assist, push-button start, AM/FM/CD/MP3 Sony® Audio, HD Radio™ and voice-activated Navigation System.

In the safety department, the C-MAX hybrids offer standard technologies such as the MyKey® teen safety feature, SYNC 911 Assist™ and seven airbags. SYNC 911 Assist uses hands-free phone capabilities to connect the driver directly with a local 911 operator through the paired phone should an accident occur in which an airbag deploys. The C-MAX hybrids also have driver-assist technologies, including Curve Control, designed to slow the vehicle when it’s cornering too fast, and Torque Vectoring Control to help accelerate through a turn when necessary. AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™ (RSC) and electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) also are standard.
Robert T 11/12/2012
Gee 45 MPG wow . i get 42MPG out of my mazda 3 skiative and i didnt have to pay$26000 andwill never have to replace a battey at about $4200. I ask you ford where is the $25000 Cmax Van that would make more sence. At $25000 with seating for 7 and about 38mpg.
james k 10/06/2012
The C-Max is amazing. I've had mine almost 2 weeks now. I love everything about it. It's my new company car. I had an F-150 now the C-max. As of today I'm already getting 45.2 mpg It takes a few days to learn how to drive to get everything out of it. This car will pay for itself in 3 1/2 years. It definitely has the necessary room to move, I'm 6' 2" and I fit in fine. I highly recommend this can. Westland mi. Sharon's Heating and Air Conditioning.
Edison 08/24/2012
I love Ford. Especially this C-MAX, two inches talling than Toyota Pirus-V, 7 more miles per gallon, Wow! For my old back, the two inches height is a great news! Love Ford for this All American Car!
Otter 08/12/2012
I would really love to see the 7 passenger over in the US. Also the diesel version.
Robert T 06/29/2012
curb weight
Grand C-max 3150 lbs.
C-MAX Hybrid 3,682 lbs.
C-MAX Energi 3,986 lbs.
how is it better to carry all that extra battery I rather keep the 3rd row diesel at 49mpg .Also a Grand Cmax would start 2 or 3 thousand Cheaper.E-cars are stupid
Carrie 06/20/2012
It all sounds great BUT WHEN?? What are the numbers going to be for the Energi? I have a hard time understanding how supposedly within 6 months a new car will be launched but we can't show it to you....let you price any of the models out....or let you test drive. RIDICULOUS. Even the pics in the ads say "pre-production" model shown????? Just a few months out and have no SOLID information. I love when i ask this of a dealer they tell me they are taking pre-orders?? of a car I can't see?
Robert T 06/01/2012
the price is not brilliant there are fords diesel cars in the UK that get around 50 MPG and cost thousand less. i believe the 7 seater cmax gets 49 MPG
need a 7 seater 05/27/2012
I agree on the 7 passenger issue--for my buying power Ford is making a bum choice. I was psyched when I heard about this car (originally talked about as 7 passenger) and when Ford announced only seating for 5, well, I am now waiting for the new Mitsubishi hybrid instead.
B.J. Drums 05/19/2012
Saw the price announcement today. Brilliant!
Robert T 05/17/2012
Ford is not listening to there costumers everyone wants the Grand C max not your E-cars which are stupid. Almost every comment on ford social says the same thing 5 passenger Cmax is stupid Give us the 7 passenger.
James M 05/09/2012
It's hard to find facts. Is the 7-seater definitely not coming stateside?
Don Shrout 05/02/2012
Don S I don't need a 7 seater. I only need 2 front seats & the rest for cargo , I dont need a truck. I just want a car like that
Robert T 05/02/2012
Ford is not getting it. Everyone wants the 7 seater C-max not your E cars
Janis L 04/20/2012
I go along with the two comments above about the price--make it reasonable. Let's not get greedy, Ford--not in today's economy. The fact that Ford didn't take any government money to keep it going is the reason I will stay with Ford and NEVER even CONSIDER Chevy. And I do not want to buy foreign. So PLEASE keep the price right.
Gordon Smith 04/19/2012
Gordon/ The complaints I have with hybrids is the luggage space given up to the nickel metal hydride batteries. It looks to me that Ford's use of lithium ion batteries address both weight and space issues. I still would like to know what transmission Ford intends to use.
awesome 04/18/2012
I was so excited to read that Ford was going to release a 7 seater that got over 30mpg in the US. I just read that the CMax in the US will only be a 5-seater. Bad move, Ford. You just lost my business.
Tony Weiler 04/18/2012
I am waiting to see what happens at the dealers with C-Max. I was money-in-hand for the Volt, but dealers added a $5k premium to the price. As it penciled out, it would have taken 100,000+ miles to break even vs. a Cruise, the base of the Volt. No deal. Summary: PRICE matters, even to those of us who don't need credit. The C-Max has to pencil out vs. the Prius V, where prices can be negotiated, even today. I can pay whatever, but it's price has to make sense in the long run.
B.J. Drums 04/16/2012
I was crushed by the $40K price tag of the Focus EV. Sure hope that the C-MAX doesn't price out that high. Suggestion: Keep it $30K or LESS for middle America.
rick 04/11/2012
Sure hope they put a luggage rack on the CMAX!
Blaine 04/05/2012
I was looking for the 7 seater as well. Which ever company can build a 6 or 7 seat cross over that gets better than 35 mpg will get my business. Common Ford get'er done!
Chris 04/05/2012
When I first saw the C-Max, I was really excited and looking at the existing European version, thought I found something that would make deciding betwen Ford and Prius V easy (in Ford's favour). But after seeing that Ford was reseving the larger 7 seater with sliding doors only for the Europeans, it is no longer a slam dunk (and I am not sure I want to wait for the C-Max, which will have less interior room than the Prius V, for my family).
Connie T 03/23/2012
Big mistake not bringing 7-passenger to U.S.!!!
Roman S 03/22/2012
Ok, so I'm strongly considering the C-Max Hybrid (also the Focus ST). But did they really not put any LED lights in the tail lights and front lights are not Xenon or LED, but the good old crappy headlight technology, really Ford, come on! Make this thing look cool, add some LED tail lights and good looking and bright headlights. Please!
Matt 03/21/2012
sliding doors and third row seating. C'mon Ford. Listen to your customers!!!
brockway 03/15/2012
I would like the Grand C-Max with the option of a third row, but I think the third row would have very little leg room. Leg room is something that seems more important to Americans than it does to those in Europe, for some reason. The third row seating should at least be offered. I would really like to see a gas and diesel option available. I was really excited about the C-Max when I saw it at the 2011 auto show, but then disappointed this year when the got rid of the conventional engine, sliding doors, and other features found in the European version. I really would like to see the S-Max here too, but with traditional mini van seating that allows a pass through from the front seat to the back. That adds a lot of versatility.
Harry Reppert 03/10/2012
Harry: C-Max Energi is exactly the 5-passenger design we've been hoping for. Virtually fuel-free for the 80% of around town errands and short commutes that we drive and yet capable of handling our gear for outings and making long-haul trips. The Energi will be our next car.
Pete 03/09/2012
Not that Ford is going to care. I have waited long enough for american auto makers to catch up to the competion. I can n ot find the C-max demensions and will most likley go with thePrius V. I would rather support American auto makes. They just don't get it. The Prius V is pretty sweet. Waited long enough.I would think the 7 passenger would be just another option with the 5 /hy as a part of the family. Pete
Bill Schram 03/09/2012
I dont think Ford is reading what we want. There are other companies out there also that make some nice cars for europe that we cant get. Im waiting for the new Escape and wonder if they will do like they did last fall for the C max. I really dont want to be a test pilot for an electric car. The teamsters are supposed to picket the Louisville plant and if they do, my plan A is to go to Hyundai or Toyota to get an American worker made car. The Fusion is made in Mexico for pesos and Im not going to pay dollars.
robert 03/08/2012
this is stupid every one wants the 7 seater and ford wont give it to us. how hard is it to bring a car to the US they already make. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ELECTRIC CARS. they do environmental damage then any gas car and the 7 seater C-max diesel get 53 mpg
robert 03/04/2012
Is any body at ford reading the comments. No one care about the Electric cars every body want a Grand Cmax
Neil Barney 02/27/2012
In order to be successful in the USA, it MUST be the 7-passenger, sliding door model. FORD! Please don't disappoint all the Americans who have been waiting for this car!
Dennis Lehmann 02/25/2012
when will the seven passenger version be available ?
Lucas J 02/24/2012
Now all they need is AWD and they will get my money.
katie c 02/24/2012
3rd row seating sliding doors and space behind 3rd row so you can have the whole family in and still be able to go on trips take their sports gear and not worry about do you have anoff room do we have to take a second car just to go down the road
Heather Smith 02/19/2012
sliding doors and third row seating, that's what we want! Also would love to have the active cruise control feature that my Lincoln MKT has also, love that feature! Like the knee air bag idea also, would like to see some of the crash testing done on it.
Tammy 02/16/2012
Too bad they have decided on making only a 5 passenger. I am buying a car soon and this would have been perfect if it seated 7. I don't see why it is offered in Europe as a 7 passenger but not here in America. Unwise decision by Ford.
jim merkner 02/16/2012
Not enough details are given about th engine; e.g., compression ratio? direct injection? corona ignition?? turbo??? Alloy block? Continuously variable valve timing?
Christopher Flynn 02/12/2012
1. Is there to be a 2013 escape? (Like in previously speculated 2013 plug in Hybrid Escape)
2. Is the only plug in Hybrid "suv" the C--Max Energi?
Kei Jidosha 02/08/2012
Looking forward to the C-Max Energi to replace our Murano. It will do our 15 mile daily commute without needing gas, yet still able to make trips up to see our daughter. Big enough to fit what we need and small enough to park in the Bay area. Competition? None yet.
Ken Johnston 02/06/2012
I too am not looking for aMINI VAN and enjoy the sliding doors of my current Honda van Why are you going away from the versions you sell in Europe including a gasoline version. I have been waiting for this van and will wait until I see the final version, but I must say at this point I am starting to be pessimistic about this van. When can we get more details?
Brad Barefoot 02/04/2012
Hey Alan Mullally ! Thanks again for the Ford Social trip last month, now down to business. Is there any truth that the S-Max could make an appearance in the US market? A mutual friend Alan Campbell remebered a comment you made in 2010. Thank you again.
Richard Cantwell 02/03/2012
Thought this was going to be the car for me but now the reduced size will probably rule it out we are due for a new car this year but you may nogt have a car for me?????
The hybrid/plug-in decision was the reason my son and daughter-in-law chose the Mazda 5. Absolutely did not see the benefit of the much more expensive C-max. :P
John Mann 01/28/2012
The C-Max Plug In will be a hugh failure just like the Volt and the Leaf.
Jerry Cochrane 01/21/2012
Seven passenger seating is driving my interest. No plus 2, I am no longer interested.
Natalie 01/09/2012
Sliding doors and 3rd row seating NOW!
Hannah Wampler 01/09/2012
Will this have the third row? None of the electric cars on the market will fit my family. I dont want a hybrid SUV. This car soy sounds perfect for my family but I have heard its going to actually be another five seated with hinge doors. why?
Joe Botana 01/09/2012
We are big Ford enthusiasts & have owned 12 Fords. Would like to get a hybrid next but disappointed that rebates and low financing are never offered and the price differential is so great. Would be nice if you made it a little easier to "go green" and at the same time help foster economies of scale.
Michael Bashta 01/08/2012
I'll get it, but I must have AWD. SUV would be a bit better, though. Also, you guys should make a real site for the C-Max!!!
J Carr 01/07/2012
For the whole "economy of scale" arguement... numbers will lower price. Lower prices equal more customers. C'mon: my dad just wants MILEAGE! He doesn't need (or understand) SYNC/MyFord stuff. Give Boomers an analog option (large guages & controls). It's essential to be able to read the gauges. Plus, save some $$$ is very appealing. Think outside the box. Me? I want my HD radio.
James in Detroit
Larry Chapman 01/06/2012
Ditto - Sliding doors and 3rd row seating!
Dennis Embry 01/06/2012
We have a Nissan Leaf, and really want to ditch our other gas car for the Energi. We love the Leaf and want the Energi, too.
Arturo From Kansas 01/04/2012
Ford is still not trying hard enough to get us off of foreign oil. They could easily make a car with less looks and ameneties that could cost in the 15k range. Instead they load it with everything as standard and charge you nearly 40k base price. It would be so much easier to get off of foreign oil if they made the base price at 15k and completely strip it of all those unecessary gadgets. They're cool, and if you want them, just make them options. But Ford has failed at making electric power available because the executives are in bed with the oil industries. Trust me, I'm no environmentalist hippie who wants to save the earth, but I think it's important for the US to get off of oil and get our economy back to the top of the world. Elecrtic vehicles provide that option.
Family Man 01/03/2012
Please, please, please bring the C-max with sliding doors from Europe, please.

I hate my Toyota Sienna. C'mon, just bring it. If you can make it AWD even better.

Please again!
Curious 01/03/2012
Will there be any AWD versions of these new hybrids slated to come out?
Tom Nieters 01/01/2012
Ford is making a big mistake. Parents with kids don't care about HYBRIDs, they care about SLIDING DOORS and THREE ROWS. Bring the Grand C-Max and I guarantee I'd test drive it, but I won't even look at either of these cars.
Ron 12/31/2011
i drove a C-Max diesel with a tiny engine in Europe last year. I got over 40 mpg city, highway, wherever. it would cruise at 100 mph (approx 160 kph) on the autobahn without any issues, and for a diesel was quite peppy. it was large enough but not too large. i am looking forward to getting on here.
Brad Barefoot 12/31/2011
Hey Jeff Daily ! Who just won Truck Of The Year Award ... Again. That would be Ford. Quality wins, or as my old Toro rep says .... When the tailgate drops the B ------- stops. And there is a reason Chevy cost less to fix .... they break down more often.
Jonathan Diaz 12/29/2011
I have always been a Toyota Driver. But I am definitely in need of a change. Im liking the Ford Edge and the Ford CMAX. If CMAX has all the safety features Edge has I am definitely getting both. I believe that the Escape should be redesign to look like a junior Edge instead of a bigger Focus. I definitely want a SUV/Crossover Hybrid but the interior of the 2012 Escape is shabby to my point of view. I wonder if the Edge would come as a hybrid in the near future. To me, its all about Looks, Safety, then Fuel Economy.. Yeah.. that's right!.. call me superficial.. :)
Ruben 12/28/2011
They had me with the 7 passenger C-Max with sliding doors. Now, its an Odyssey, Sienna, or Caravan. I had 2 kids with surprise twins this yr, (Total of 4 kids). Sliding doors are mandatory! Original price point had me buying 2 vehicles ... now one mini-van :( There goes my convertible mustang ...
rob 12/27/2011
the C-max and Grand C-max are selling faster then they can make them. It's a shame ford wont bring it to the US. Every Comment on every article on the web saids the same thing. No one CARES about the E cars. (BUY Back MAZDA)
William 12/26/2011
My 2002 Honda Insight already gets close to 600 miles to the tank, so this is not that impressive. Give me a 1000 miles per tank in a four seater, then that would be something to talk about.
Tom 12/25/2011
I would love a 7 passenger, being a disabled vet I have to stretch my dollars. I support my daughter and three grandchildren. We need the seats and the economy! If I can beat the pump price this 7 passenger vehicle would mean the most to us.
Tom 12/25/2011
I would love the 7 passenger!
LANCE 12/24/2011
I'm very disappointed that Ford won't be offering a Focus hybrid. I want a Focus, but I want one that goes fifty miles on a gallon of gas. it looks like there will be a second Prius in our garage.
RudyHassen 12/24/2011
I think Ford is doing a hell of ajob lately, as they have done ascertain timesin the past. All the negativity and criticism is worse than non-productive, it's energy sapping. We're just talking about cars here folks. There are HUNDREDS of buying options if you don't want a Ford. If you have a suggestion, why not just make the suggestion without the childish vitriol?
Jimmy Bost 12/24/2011
I think it's a great car at a great time. The C-MAX is very popular in Europe. Small cars, hybrids, and wagons are all gaining popularity here in the US and Ford has the best technology and new products of any automaker!
Brad Barefoot 12/24/2011
Hey RJ Johnson. As a past business owner who dealt in large whole goods don't expect the dealer to have anything to offer until at least 60 days prior to a new vehicle launch. That is the way John-Deere and Toro does business, I expect Ford to run along the same lines. But, until that time go to Ford's United Kingdom (UK) site and click on the C-Max there. I've been there numerous times and you'll see specifications, colors, wheels, just think hybrid. As far a pricing goes I expect it to be priced in between the current Fusion & Escape Hybrid. I'm hoping the options list follows from the UK, especially the hands free rear lift gate and wheel options, heck bring the UK options catalog too. I spent close to an hour the first time I read thru it. RJ I hope this helps.
Alan Campbell 12/24/2011
Here is a quote from Car and Driver 9/2010 article: "Ford CEO Alan Mulally agrees with the critics and was reportedly so impressed by the S-Max that he’s keen to bring the next-gen version to the U.S. " So it seems Ford is listening and good things are coming!!
Alan Campbell 12/24/2011
For those wanting the 7 passenger Grand C-Max, my guess is that Ford will offer the much nicer S-Max instead, to compete with the other full sized mini vans from Toyota/Honda and Chrysler. The Grand C-Max which may not be big enough for larger American families, will compete too closely with the smaller C-Max Hybrid and Energi,
Alan Campbell 12/24/2011
WOW...the Energi will get better mpg than the Prius-Plug In in charge deplete(hybrid mode), which means greater than 49 mpg. And the C-Max Plug in will get better than mpg than the Prius v at 44/40 mpg. Ford engineers have been working overtime. And the vehicles, batteries and transmissions are all made in the US. GO FORD!!!
ROBERT 12/19/2011
ford is only posting positive comments because they wont post mine NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR E CARS THEY WANT THE 7 SEATER CMAX.(BUY BACK MAZDA)
Jamie At Ford 12/19/2011
Thank you, Joshua for not only sharing your passion for Ford but for being a loyal Ford Family member for so many years! Wishing you many happy holiday travels in your Ford Fusion Sport this winter!

Stay tuned for the latest release info about the all-new 2013 Fusion as well as the C-Max Hybrid. As more details are available, you may begin to see why these models are setting an industry standard for eco- and wallet-friendly vehicles. :)

Ford Customer Service Division
Bob 12/18/2011
Disappointed that Ford canceled the 7 passenger version. Looking to replace 2007 Mazda 5, but there are no options. Toyota Prius V didn't bring their 7 passenger to US either. We are not Europe, think the 7 passenger would sell fine here.
Claudea Heise 12/18/2011
Why are people saying that this car sucks? Please elaborate.
James McRitchie 12/16/2011
One difference between Ford and Toyota. I post a question on Toyota's Facebook question and get a response to my e-mail address within two hours... twice. Ford, nothing so far.
Jared DuBose 12/16/2011
Loved this in Europe, can't wait to see them stateside this year...
scott 12/15/2011
i'm not sure how this discussion turned into ford vs. chevy... as far as the c-max goes it's ford vs. mazda. it's good theres finally another car in the same class as the mazda5 but i personally don't think it's got much on it.
Tim 12/15/2011
I want one!
Charles Ramsey 12/15/2011
I am interested in the range and MPG ratings as well. I would also like to know cargo capacity and other related dimensions.
Kyle Rood 12/14/2011
This car sucks
Brad Barefoot 12/14/2011
Hey Ford ! How about allowing preliminary "build your own" for the C-Max Hybrid ? I'm hoping for a Sterling Grey SEL, with optional trailer hitch for my small trailer.
Peter Wilson 12/14/2011
I like's good to see American auto industry making cars that compete.
Brad Barefoot 12/14/2011
Hey Ford ! The C-Max Hybrid seems to be a hit with the group. I was pleased to read that quite a few of the Euro-Version options like the hands free lift gate will be onboard. Like another Ford crewmate mentioned I too have yet to see a *Volt on the highway. My son bought a hybrid close to 4 years ago and was floored when I spoke about the C-Max Hybrid. Please Mister Ford Engineer one Christmas Wish, offer a trailer hitch from the factory. I won't ask for anything else.
Brad Krekelberg 12/14/2011
Hi. I'd still like a gas or diesel powered Grand C-Max. With a manual if you're feeling especially generous. Thanks.
Kevin 12/14/2011
What is the range on electric power and MPG? How big is the fuel tank?
Kirk Krieger 12/14/2011
@ Jeff Daily. My old F-150 had over 400 000 km on it and never accepted a pull from a Chev. I
Amin Abdolmaleki 12/14/2011
Billy Edmonds 12/14/2011
I own a 2010 f150. Anyway. I have question on hybrids. When the batterys go out after the warranty last I heard the cost to replaced them was between 7k and 8000.00 dollars. If so then then only green I see comes out of the owners pocket. So where's the $ saved
RJ Johnson 12/14/2011
I've been checkig with my local Ford dealer on C-Max since news first broke. They are not able to give any info on price or options. With a 2012 release, shouldn't they have information for those who wish to purchase? Driving Escape Hybrid since 05, we are dold on C-Max, but can't order one.
Kurt Gardner 12/14/2011
Any news on pricing?
Robert Burton 12/14/2011
gm=government motors... wonder what the hood ornamante will look like? oh yes id rather walk down the street carying my ford steering wheel than drive a bowtie
Lawrence Bischof 12/14/2011
love Ford
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love Ford
Rob Volence 12/14/2011
Buyer BEWARE.....building junk is the NEW STANDARD!
David Drage 12/14/2011
Our fords are good over here,its just the advertising gurus that dont fo there job properly.technologically we flog the GMH products.hopefully our time in the sun will be soon
David Drage 12/14/2011
Good reply Rick.its the same in australia.we didnt need taxpayers money but GMH rule
Joshua Scott 12/14/2011
I love my Fords (the two I currently own, 4 previous ones)...and it would take a lot to get me to buy another brand, but these plug-in hybrids are dead on arrival. I expect most people know that. The Volt was a total flop. I've yet to even see one and I live in an area where people normally flock to these cars. Let's see me more EcoBoost and 27 mpg Fusion Sports (like mine) where the car will lift off the ground when I floor it but not pain me at the pump. Ford continues to innovate -- but don't be afraid to move forward with something exciting and fresh.
DavidWm 12/14/2011
I want one........Made in America, please.
Troy Bunker 12/14/2011
Its great to see the fued goes on between ford and chevy competition is good but at least ford didn't need us to bell them out!
Rick Seconds 12/14/2011
Who owns Ford again? That's right "FORD". Who owns GM?,the government, and we all know how F'd up the government can be!
Rustle See 12/14/2011
Here we go...

Side note: keep up the great work FoMoCo.
Jeff Daily 12/14/2011
you say that chevy sucks i would like to hear you say that when my chevy is pullin you out of a ditch, or pullin you back from wherever your ford breaks down!!!!! And lets talk about fixing them chevys are way easier to fix!!!!! If you dont drive a bow tie you will spend some time walking or getting pulled from behind one!!!!!!! FORDS ARE JUNK!!!
Dave Wiebe 12/14/2011
Ford rocks go ford chev sucks
Jeff Matzie 12/14/2011
@Tristan.Keep riding your 2 wheeler..Ford probably gets you to your races.and if your a bowtie driver,maybe the tow truck{ford} will..
Robyn Kuffa Ringwall 12/14/2011
I thought the C-MAX wasn't going to be produced in the US. I'm happy to hear the reports were wrong! I hope this will be my next new Ford!
Sabari Sasidharan Pillai 12/14/2011
Oiîi bob dia..
Noah 12/14/2011
That is ugly. You guys can do better than that. I have been a ford guy all my. That is weak sauce ford. Especially for a hybrid. Do better!!!!!!
Derrell Smith 12/14/2011
Been waiting for this car.
Jill Ehrhardt 12/14/2011
FORD.....First On Race Day!!! lol!
Tristan Landry 12/14/2011
Jill Ehrhardt 12/14/2011
More C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!
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