Mark Horvath is Helping to Fight Youth Homelessness

By Tori T.

It’s tough for us not to like a guy who signs his emails “Do-Gooder and Loud Mouth.”

It’s Mark Horvath we’re talking about. He’s the CEO behind Invisible People , an organization dedicated to making the “invisible” visible. “Invisible” refers to the homeless people across the nation.  Mark himself was once homeless.

Mark is currently embarking on a road trip with an extremely worthy mission: to help fight youth homelessness. He will be traveling the U.S. in a Ford C-MAX Energi. Marks commentary on the car is, “I can honestly say, it's the coolest ride I have ever driven.” It is not the first time Ford and Mark have come together to fight homelessness. He used a Flex on a previous charitable journey .

This road trip will also support the Virgin Mobile RE*Generation House , a transitional living facility for homeless youth in Washington, D.C.

“I strongly believe we can change our world tomorrow simply by what we purchase today. The more we all support brands that genuinely give back, the more positive change we will see,” Mark wrote in his blog. “Seriously, if we scream loud enough over the next 26 days about the homeless youth crisis in America, nonprofits in your own neighborhoods may find the support they need and Virgin Mobile will be able to continue their great work, and – and this is a big –  we’ll show other brands that it is cool to support fighting homelessness.”

To highlight youth homelessness, Mark will travel to seven cities in the U.S. to share the honest, real stories of the children he meets on the streets, “a story that needs to be told and often isn’t,” he explained in his video blog . He wrote, “With the help of national and local homeless service providers, and all of you following along making sure the story gets shared, we are going to give our all to fight youth homelessness Invisible People style. Along the way, we will also be sharing the amazing stories of those who have given their lives to help homeless youth, ending at the RE*Generation House, which we will then highlight Virgin Mobile's great work.”

Mark’s road trip started through Sevenly , a lifestyle brand that helps nonprofits and charities with fundraising and awareness.

“Please always remember, the homeless people you’ll ignore today were much like you not so long ago," Mark wrote. Thanks to Do-Gooders like him, the invisible will be seen – and hopefully from that, a positive change in the world will be visible.
Ford Social 09/18/2013
Hi Colleen!
Please visit the Invisible People website at for information on how you can donate and get involved.
Ford Social Moderation Team
Colleen 09/17/2013
What a wonderful compelling story. I did not see where or what Mark is looking for as far as donations? Could you please let us know how we can help? Very assume job Mark and Ford!! Sincerely, Colleen Sweet Phoenix Arizona
Simikera H 09/17/2013
hey, this is just amazing..beyond what people can think..

there's any a ford brand cars in my country..why don't break the ice.
Ford is Helping to Fight Youth Homelessness
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