Latest Ford C-MAX News from the 2011 North American International Auto Show

By Ford Social Member

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Two new versions of the Ford C-MAX will debut at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. The C-MAX Energi is a plug-in hybrid electric version of the new multi-activity vehicle, and C-MAX Hybrid is a full hybrid variant. Both will be offered in North America in 2012 and Europe in 2013.

C-MAX Energi is predicted to achieve more than 500 miles of driving range using the battery and engine; more than any other plug-in or extended-range vehicle. C-MAX Hybrid is expected to deliver better miles-per-gallon than the 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid which is the most fuel-efficient sedan in America. It builds on the success of the powersplit architecture Ford uses in its current hybrids, allowing it to operate in fuel-saving electric mode beyond 47 mph.

“C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid will be perfect for families looking to maximize their hybrid car experience,” said Nancy Gioia, Ford Director of Global Electrification. “Thanks to the versatile interior, these cars are going to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who need room to grow.”

Both of these versions will leverage the Ford global C-car platform, powersplit hybrid architecture, next-generation driver information features and advanced, lighter and smaller lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems. This expanded range of Ford C-MAX line gives consumers more choice, versatility and style for high-mileage family-friendly vehicles.  They will be built alongside the all-new 2012 Ford Focus and Focus Electric at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich.

Targeted to achieve Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (AT-PZEV) status, C-MAX Energi provides maximum fuel efficiency by pairing a high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric traction motor with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine. This allows it to run in electric mode before using the gasoline engine.

In general, plug-in hybrid vehicles offer several benefits, including:
  • Electric driving range, perfect for emissions-free and silent city driving

  • Potential consumer savings on energy and fuel costs thanks to improved fuel efficiency over a standard hybrid

  • Reduced dependency on petroleum and increased energy independence

  • Reduced environmental impact through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Increased use of electricity from renewable energy sources (e.g. wind and solar), where available, for vehicle recharging

C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid will use advanced lithium-ion battery systems developed and assembled in-house by Ford in Michigan. Each system is designed to maximize use of common, high-quality components, such as control board hardware that has proven field performance in current Ford hybrid vehicles.

Li-ion battery packs offer a number of advantages over the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries that power today’s hybrid vehicles. In general, they are 25 to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter, which makes them easier to package in a vehicle, and can be tuned to increase power to boost acceleration or to increase energy to extend driving distance.

While C-MAX Hybrid will operate much like today’s hybrid vehicles, C-MAX Energi will benefit from daily charging to maximize its all-electric range. Thanks to the efficiencies of its right-sized battery system, the plug-in hybrid easily recharges 100 percent overnight on a 120-volt outlet.

A full charge in C MAX Energi allows owners to increase their driving significantly in all-electric mode and drastically reduce their use of the on-board fuel engine.

C-MAX Energi owners will have access to a suite of driver information systems – on-board and off-board – designed to help them manage the recharge process, manage the most eco-friendly route on-board, remotely control their vehicle’s charge and preconditioning settings, monitor battery state of charge and maximize energy efficiency to extend use of electric mode. C-MAX Hybrid owners also will benefit from the on-board features.

Among these tools is a unique execution of MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, especially for electrified driving. It offers exceptional configurability of vehicle information, including fuel level, battery power level, and average and instant miles per gallon.

The cluster’s new MyView feature allows drivers to access even more vehicle data such as the electrical demands of vehicle accessories, including air conditioning, which influences fuel economy and the electric driving range of the C-MAX Energi.

The Brake Coach feature helps to educate drivers to optimize their use of the regenerative brakes to recapture kinetic energy and send it back to the battery, also reducing wear on the brakes.

Off-board, C-MAX Energi owners in North America can maintain constant contact with the car anywhere they have mobile phone or web access using the Ford-developed MyFord Mobile.

MyFord Mobile enables access to a secure Ford website and smartphone/feature phone app to get instant vehicle status information, perform key functions remotely, monitor the car’s state of charge and current range, get various alerts including when the vehicle requires charging, remotely program charge settings and download vehicle data for analysis.

Click here to read more about MyFord Mobile on

Using the value charging feature, powered by Microsoft, C-MAX Energi owners in North America will be able to optimize their home’s energy use and vehicle recharging practices. Value charging allows Ford customers to reduce their electricity costs by taking advantage of off-peak or reduced rates from their utility without a complicated set-up process.

C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid are two of five electrified vehicles that Ford will bring to the North American market during the next two years. In addition, the Ford Transit Connect Electric small commercial van, built in collaboration with Azure Dynamics, began initial production at the end of 2010, and Focus Electric will launch in late 2011. Click here to learn more about the Ford Focus Electric on A second next-generation hybrid electric vehicle will be announced at a later date, and will be available in North America and Europe in 2012.

Read the story, "More Ford C-MAX Hybrid Details Revealed!" for newer information about the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid. 12/01/2013
I do not see where the cost for the electricity used to charge the battery is taken into account.Mac
Don L 08/14/2012
I am a bit confused, am I correct in the following|
1'. The plugh in version of thFusion will have the option of a I4 Atkinson cycle
2. A larger battery larger than the standard C-max.
3. The trams mission is a CVT.
4. This system enables the vehicle to have a battery only speed capability of 85 mph.
5' A battery only range in excess of 20 miles.

Is this correct?
Robert T 06/29/2012
curb weight
Grand C-max 3150 lbs.
C-MAX Hybrid 3,682 lbs.
C-MAX Energi 3,986 lbs.
how is it better to carry all that extra battery I rather keep the 3rd row diesel at 49mpg .Also a Grand Cmax would start 2 or 3 thousand Cheaper.E-cars are stupid
Robert T 06/04/2012
As top gear once reviewed if you have 2 kids and they each want to take a friend you need that 3 row. Also the weight of that battery in the hybrid is more then the 3rd row seat. Last the price of that hybrid cost more then just buy gas and gas does less environmental damage then that battery.BTW the diesel Grand Cmax Gets 49MPU.S.G as well as the regular Cmax in the UK
Mark 06/01/2012
I am definately interested in the C-max Energy. This offers the best combination for commuting on electric, and still offering long range travel options. What I would love would be a high MPG all wheel drive vehicle-that is the market nitch that is unserved
Wei Chuang 05/28/2012
I concur with the comments above. I'm looking for a 7 seater hybrid, and have been disappointed that no one except Toyota's Highlander is available. The Highlander suffers from poor gas mileage and excessive cost. I think there's an opportunity for Ford here.
John 05/28/2012
Interesting to see the comments about the grand C Max. Thank you Ford for NOT doing that stupid move and give us the 5 seater. Nobody I know wants 7 seats in this max.2 kids family era. The regular C Max is more than big enough thank you very much and we won't need to haul the useless weight and take up more space and get less mileage.
D Sorntno 05/17/2012
I agree with all of the Comments listed about waking up. The problem is that to many Americans love to Travel, and as such they will continue to Control the Market on what we do. The Great Think Tanks know exactly how to Push our Buttons, it wont be until they suck you dry and have No Were to turn to. Lets face it they have been sending our Jobs overseas for 40+ years which has destroyed the integrity and Back Bone of our Country. We have supported the rest of the world at the expense of the Hard working class that Built this Country starting many years ago. I suggest that you hold onto the Old Car you have for as long as you can, and then there would be a real Crisis for the Large Corporations. Soon my Kids will not be able to afford to purchase anything, let alone a Car.
Robert T 05/17/2012
Ford is not listening to there costumers everyone wants the Grand C max not your E-cars which are stupid. Almost every comment on ford social says the same thing 5 passenger Cmax is stupid Give us the 7 passenger.
Robert T 05/02/2012
Ford NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR E CARS. everyone wants the 7 seater Grand C-Max.
Robert B 04/05/2012
My wife was psyched about the larger C-Max with the sliding doors. Not much interest in this version. We're now looking at the Mazda 5.
rommel 03/05/2012
we want 7 seater plug in. or i will wait for the toyota hybrid plug in van
Jennet G 02/18/2012
We will likely buy this one if there is option for seven seater.
Jared Lee 02/05/2012
Ford WAKE-UP! We need a 7 passenger Plugin-Hybrid, C-Mon!
Chris 01/27/2012
I was interested when you were offering a gas version of the 7 passenger C Max. Not so much now. I'm sorry that you changed your original plans.
John 01/22/2012
Ford offer a 7 passenger C-Max with CNG option you are making a big mistake on not offering a 7 passenger version
Peter Ostrowski 01/07/2012
Found some specs on ford's web site about the c-max engeri and I'm worried about the mpg. The is te says it has has a 14 gallon tank. If it can go 500 miles that means it gets only 35 mpg's. ( that's not including eletric only mode). My ford fusion hybrid gets 41mpgs. The c-max engeri is only 200 pounds more. I was expecting way more than 35mpgs. If it were to get 40 mps's that means the range would be 560 miles. Wouldn't ford then say the engeri gets over 550 miles?
James G 12/16/2011
Ford we need the 7 seater. The FLEX looks horrible and there are a lack of fuel efficient vehicles that aren't minivans. Bring the CMAX Grand to the US in Hybrid! My family will buy one!
Dale Basye 12/15/2011
Unfortunate that it came to late for me, as I had a stroke, but my daughter would enjoy buying it and the maybe she might let me drive it.
Peter 12/14/2011
It's a shame the 7 passengers model will not be available in the U.S.
Charles Couchenour 12/12/2011
Cannot wait to buy a plug in hybrid, I will not miss the filthy dinosaur technologMy of the gasoline driven car. They should be left behind and don't look back!
Robert 12/12/2011
Why can't larger families buy a fuel-efficient car?? We NEED 7 seats! The minute a 7-seat, hybrid minivan that is an IIHS top safety pick becomes available, we will buy it. I've been waiting 3 years for someone to introduce such a vehicle.
jana 12/09/2011
Love the idea and hope you will offer a luxury package for those of us who want a nice comfortable interior and amenities along with an electric hybrid. Ford, keep in mind that many people won't buy prius because of their uncomfortable seats and lacking interior :)
Fred 12/07/2011
I just saw pricing for the Prius V. If the C-Max Hybrid is comparable, this is probably my next car. I am also interested to see what the highway mileage of the plug-in is. I would like to buy American again.
Nancy Szatkowski 12/05/2011
I drive a school bus most of the time, but when I'm on my time I want to help the environment by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle. I have arthritis so getting in and out of a small vehicle is out of the question. My son loves his Prius, but I want a crossover 7 passenger for my comfort and safety!!
Scott 12/04/2011
Looking forward to the c-max energi. Saving up now for it!
DavidinTucson 12/03/2011
I'm an American and I want an electric car ... If I never had to pull up to a dirty, nasty, disease filled station again it would be too soon. Alternative mode of transporation and methods of powering them are the next economic boost.
Timothy Haynes 12/03/2011
This seems to me like Ford's contribution to a market segment between the Volt and the Leaf. This car has the potential to bridge the gap, and win sales from the Prius, thereby bringing industrial clout back into the country. It's an important step in the right direction, though It should have happened about 15 years ago.
Danny 12/02/2011
the government wants electric cars, not the american public, my favorite economy car of all time was the Eord Escort fantastic car at a GREAT price!
Walter 12/02/2011
Your Winter 2011 "My Ford" brochure page 8 ...shows C-MAX with minivan type back sliding doors...This is what I want. Great gandpa car.. Where is it???? Only thing out there is Mazda5..
BillyBob 12/02/2011
Why is it that car manufacturers think that we need something "less" in America? First Toyota crippled the Prius V by delivering a 5 seater here when Europe gets the 7 seater, and then Ford has to turn the great European 7 seater C-max with rear sliding door into a 5 seater with regular doors. No thanks.
Henry Vance 12/01/2011
The last thing your automobile line needs is another 5-passenger sedan/hatchback. What we want is a six passenger SEDAN/HATCHBACK. We would also like to buy a Ford - but it looks like the Mazda 5 will have to do. How long do we have to wait for a Taurus six passenger sedan? With front wheel drive you should be able to eliminate the bump in the middle of the front floor and fit a seating arrangement for three in front and three in back. WHY NOT BE A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT and BETTER than the competition?
John 12/01/2011
I have owned one American car in my life time and was finally happy to see one I was excited to buy, but as usual American Car Manufacturer's are unwilling to lead.
Alex 12/01/2011
I wanted something close to the original grand C-max. Even better would be a Diesel C-max that towed. Frankly I am really tired of all of the planet worship going on. It is making it increasingly difficult to find a vehicle that meets my needs. My last three new vehicle purchases were Fords. Now I am seriously considering the Mazda 5; Subaru Outback; and Toyota Sienna. None of these vehicles really meets my needs, but they are a lot closer to meeting them than these Ford prius clones.
arthur hunter 12/01/2011
where is the natural gas/ electric ford??????????
Carol 11/30/2011
After waiting, waiting, waiting, and looking forward to this as a 7-seater, then discovering that it would be released as a 5-seater, we just bought a Mazda 5!!! I love, love, love it. Too bad it's not a hybrid, but it's such a great car. Wow, did Ford miss an opportunity. Sure, it might have cost more, but we would have been willing to spend it if there were significant gas savings. Oh well. Typical of an American car company.
Dave 11/30/2011
Like many others on this board, I was really looking forward to purchasing the 7-seat C-Max and was holding out on buying a new car because of it. Guess I'll have to see how many more miles I can get out of my Volvo V70 with the rear-facing 3rd row seats. God knows I won't be settling for a minivan.
Brad Barefoot 11/30/2011
Hey ! How about a sooner then later sales release date, say Spring 2012 that would give us the C-Max Hybrid in March. And, while we are wishing make the light duty trailer hitch (1,000 to 1,400 lbs.) capacity part of the ordering criteria. Don't wait ... the competition isn't.
FamilyofFour 11/30/2011
The 7 seat CMAX was my favorite car at the 2010 Detroit auto show and now they've scratched it? So much for coming out with an original domestic car.
Milo Moon 11/29/2011
I have been waiting for two years for the 7 passenger CMax also. We are a family of 4, but like to have the ability to stuff two/three friends in the car when needed. I don't want to drive a huge tank around every day just to have the ability to do something I might need to do 10 times a year. Now I am stuck looking at the Mazda5 like everyone else or going with something larger than I want or like to drive. I will probable end up with the Mazda 5 once I decide to retire my Sentra next year. The sliding doors would be nice, but I would also have no issues with a 7 passenger with two rear doors. Hint Hint. You are designing all of these flex factories, don't know why you cannot design an option that could roll out of the same factory easily.
Kevin 11/28/2011
What happened to the 3rd row? Oh, well. Time to look at the competition.
Tom 11/26/2011
No, I think Ford is absolutely correct to go with the 5 seat configuration and no sliding door. The weight, complexity, space loss, and cost of a 6th and 7th seat would simply make us skip the C-Max and look elsewhere.
Kevin Phillips 11/25/2011
What happened to intelligence in America? It would appear that it has taken a break. If you need a vehicle which has a "third row" or is a "7 seater" then you need to look at large vehicles. I know that most of you are probably babies but back in the 1970's this country went through a revolution in which small cars gained popularity largely due to a crisis called the Oil Embargo. These small cars were created to provide higher fuel efficiency. These are the forerunners of today's small cars. Also, the Focus, Fiesta, etc. are classified as sub-compact cars. Doesn't that sound like a small variety of vehicle? Yes, it is! So, before you say something like "Come on Ford, get witht he game" you should probably dedicate some grey cells to analyzing and thinking through the situation involved. Gess what, Mr Jason Stinger, Ford is a large share holder of Mazda so if you buy a Mazda you are still buying a Ford in essence!
Trent 11/24/2011
No 3rd row - such a disappointment Ford. You could've be a leader here, but instead you're pushing people towards foreign options, again.
Eric 11/21/2011
I can't believe yet another vehicle is not releasing a 7 seat version in the U.S. I understand a car company cares about the bottom line and maybe that version would not sale as well in the U.S., but why can't a company care about making customers happy and at least give U.S. the option for a 7 seater hybrid.
jason stringer 11/19/2011
Unfortunately without the 7 seat option my three kid family needs another fuel efficient family vehicle. Would have loved the 7 seater, guess I need to get used to the Mazda 5... Great car otherwise!
turtle 11/19/2011
What happened to the 7 pass sliding door model? It is just an overweight oversized 5 pass focus. What gives? What happened to one ford?
Get with the game 11/18/2011
Wow wouldn't it be smart to make it a 7/6 seater!!! Just think a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and seats 7/6. I wonder if people would buy that??? HMM COME ON FORD get with the game and create something useful that is not out on the market. Add the 7 seater to the US sales and watch people come to the brand for the firs time. I am buying a Mazda 5 on news that you are not making this a 7 passenger vehicle so you lost out on one sale already. Do yourselves a favor and do not lose out on more.
Tom Bavis 11/18/2011
I had been planning to replace my PT Cruiser with a Grand C-Max or a Focus wagon in a year or two - looks like neither one will be an option. Escape is already ruled out since it no longer has a manual transmission. Bigger on the outside, smaller on the inside, SUCH an improvement!
Tom Wagner 11/17/2011
It would be cool if you could include a program that monitors and analyzes your daily "pathways" and provides you info to local destinations based on metrics collected, to give you at any time of day, the shortest path, the least time path, the most energy efficient path, etc. Sort of an on-board navigator to the pilot.
Rob 11/16/2011
The last great car was built by Henry ford that everybody could afford,black,basic,ALL people don't need bells and whistles ,I can crank down my own window thank you very much.
Art 11/15/2011
I'm also looking for an alternative to the Mazda 5. I need a decent MPG vehicle that has 7 seats ... and was looking forward to the C-Max. I already have a 08 Honda Odyssey but I never get anything better than 22 MPG ... I love the vehicle but it's just not efficient.
Paul Virgo 11/13/2011
Sorry to see that the Grand C-Max, originally slated to come over from Europe as the C-Max, will not be offered.
Ronald W. Lund-Pastor 11/08/2011
Cost way too much for us middle class people. Since so much of the United States is out of work, this car would be only for the rich & famous.
Pastor Ron Lund.
Bryan 11/08/2011
We in Hawaii is not even on Ford's EV map. None available in the near future. Maybe a good thing so we can monitor their performace on the mainland. However, I don't think the EVs will do too much unless they price the EVs at an affordable level. Currently its only suitable for the rich and famous.
CB 11/07/2011
Love FORDS. GM & Chrysler lost me long ago. Why can't we have a basic 7-seater hybrid? Forget the bells & whistles, John Q. Public needs the basics, not everyone has money. Make it 7 seats, sliding doors, and a big moonroof. I'll buy one right now! Oh, and make it a turbo-hybrid and watch them fly off the showroom floor.
Sandra 11/06/2011
I won't buy another Ford unless the company creates a fuel efficient small to medium wagon. I love my '04 Focus Wagon. Will I have to drive it to its death before a sensible replacement shows up. Owners have been ecstatic about their Focus wagons. Did Ford quit making them in order to push us toward the Escape? I think Ford shot itself in the foot by eliminating this body style.
Mike Harrison 11/03/2011
I would like to buy this car but the style stinks. why to all electric cars look so horible.
Chris 11/03/2011
I agree with the diesel comment...Where are they? Come on Ford...give us the better option in the US for a change...
Levi 11/02/2011
yup me too... grew up in a chevy family - then moved to Nissan as my preferred cars. This would have made my first Ford as well. Oh well tobad off to Mazda for the Mazda5 since they were smart enough!!!
mikefly3 11/01/2011
DIESEL... where is it?
Kermit 10/27/2011
If Mazda improves their in-car telemetrics with Navigation...your Grand Cmax won't really be needed here if you were even thinking about it.
Dave 10/27/2011
No seven seater :(
Francis 10/18/2011
I certainly enjoyed reading about the C-Max. I would like to encourage Nancy Gioia to include a solar-voltaic roof for the car. And please make sure that a comfortable fully adjustable heated seat is designed for a six foot on inch tall driver!
Kuan-Yi Lin 10/18/2011
a lot of Taiwanese wish to buy this car in Taiwan.
angie 10/15/2011
5+2 Would have been IT! I would have traded in as soon as it came out! I didnt want the mazda, waited and bought a cheap kia to get me through until the c-max 5+2 came out... guess Ill keep waiting until some other company actually listens to their customer base.
Sharon 10/13/2011
Still no third-row option for the Hybrid buyers (except the Toyota Highlander, which at 25mpg is outclassed by a non-hybrid Mazda5.) Come on, Ford...give us larger families a real option!
Andy Burgess 10/13/2011
Great job with the Energi concept, Ford! I met some of your folks at the Sustainable Brands conference this year and was encouraged at your apparent level of commitment to giving us better American made choices when it comes to advanced fuel efficiency technologies and production practices that are better for the environment. I just had my overnight recharging outlet installed next to the driveway and it is waiting for my C-Max, so get those vehicles rolling! I'm sorry to see that you've taken the 7-seat style off the docket - my extended family would likely have bought 4 or 5 of those, but I'll still likely buy one of the C-Max Energi sedans. Please get a larger capacity model back on the drawing board so you can replace minivans and SUVs instead of just knocking heads with the Prius.
Thomas Danzinger 10/13/2011
Where is the plug in electric hybrid (PHEV) in 4 wheel or all wheel drive?
Stella 10/12/2011
Alternative autos are gaining efficiency with Ford leading the way. Great job FORD. FORD is my always first choice. I had an Explorer that served my well for 11 years until I gave it to a friend.
bob 10/11/2011
The beauty of the Mazda 5 is the ability to carry 6 people. The downside is crummy milage for a small vehicle. Ford coulda' had it all but stuck out with this unattractive Mazda 5 wannabe.
Bill 10/11/2011
I was looking for the 7 seater with the sliding door.. bring that back . I will buy one right now .
Robin 10/10/2011
Holy frustration!!! Amen, amen, & AMEN to all the comments about the fuel efficient 7 seater being DESPERATELY needed! SO disappointed in ALL the auto makers for forgetting about us families with 3 kids, which by the way IS the average family size. Since you can't round 2.5 kids down you better find a seat in the car for them!!!
Daniel Cowden 10/10/2011
I have been a Ford driver all my life. Same for my dad. But, am waiting for a small plug-in Diesel-Hybrid that gets better than 80 mpg. When can I have one please?
James McRitchie 10/09/2011
I'm looking for a camper van. Something like VW used to make but in a hybrid technology, built in America. I'm sure many retiring baby boomers would buy such a vehicle.
j. Strohmenger 10/08/2011
You are missing your market. Relatives and friends are looking for the 7 seater with sliding doors. They were looking forward to a fuel efficient minivan. Better do a rethink. JStrohme
Sliding doors 7 seater buyer 10/07/2011
I really don't care about the Ford connect or those kind of useless gadgets. I want an hybrid 7 seater car. With sliding doors. Why can't automakers go the simple way?
Asdf 10/06/2011
why is the Ford Galaxy only in europe available?
PKeane 10/03/2011
I was waiting for the 7 seater. Now I will go elsewhere.
GL 10/02/2011
With no C-Max coming to the States, I guess I'll take my $s elsewhere.
S. Barnes 10/02/2011
I agree that a minivan should have sliding side doors. I was hoping to trade my 2001 Sable wagon, and was looking at the Mazda 5. But I'm a Ford fan and I think it's a big mistake not to have the C-Max 7-seater with the sliding doors.
Me 10/01/2011
I thought it was coming with sliding doors? That was a huge selling point to me. They are much better when you have to buckle in kids. I want the sliding doors as an option.
bob 09/30/2011
i also was looking forward to the 7 seat Grand C-Max. Ford, I hope you change your mind.
JEnnifer fields 09/29/2011
I also was very interested in the 7 seasts. Have not bought a new ford since 2003 and was waiting for this option.
MauraBV 09/27/2011
Count me among the many who were very excited about the prospect of a 7-seater, fuel efficient, "cooler" looking version of a minivan. Looking to move to a minivan from a Volvo XC90. Ford, please reconsider your decision not to offer the 7-seater with sliding doors and I will be first in line to buy a C-Max!
Mark 09/26/2011
The elimination of the sliding doors means my wife can't drive it. She is in a wheelchair and has been driving Ford products for over 30 years. We now have a 2008 Ranger Extra Cab with the rear opening half doors which is perfect for her. No more Ranger either. As much as I hate the idea, a Honda minivan looks like the only solution. Ford is going overboard trying to make a line of cars out of three basic platforms. Bad idea.
Lee A 09/26/2011
Add me to the list of disappointed would-be buyers of the sliding-door C-Max. This feature *makes* this car - sliding doors are so convenient and I'd love to have one in something other than a minivan, none of which are really mini anymore. The wave-your-foot rear liftgate is clever too. I could probably live without the small 3rd-row seat, especially if it still has the clever fold-away center 2nd-row seat, and I like the choice of 240v plug-in or non-plug-in hybrid power (although the Ecoboost all-gasoline engine looked great too). But I won't buy it without the sliding door.

Please reconsider offering the sliding door even if you only offer 5-seater hybrids. I understand about the availability shortage given the unexpected European popularity of this vehicle, but this should still be possible. I won't buy the C-Max without the slider; this is the distinguishing feature that lifts it above all the other crossover-type vehicles that everyone offers now. We want the sliding door!
Michelle 09/25/2011
What can I say I am ineffably disappointed with Ford's decision to not bring the Grand C-Max to USA. I was excited as it seemed to be the perfect functional safe and fuel efficient vehicle. The sliding doors were perfect as well as the rear lift buy waving your foot under the bumper. The fold down seats are perfect for hauling bikes, home improvement and gardening supplies, as well as dogs. The 7 seats are perfect for the family plus a couple of friends. We so wanted to buy a Ford to replace our aging minivan and also our aging toyota truck in 2012.
Now here we sit with no viable Ford product to buy. Ford has decided not to produce the Ranger nor the Grand C-max. I guess we will buy a Toyota Tacoma / Nissan Frontier Truck and a Mazda 5. Wake up Ford. Please spend more time on making cars and trucks that real people want. Years ago we only had Ford vehicles I fondly remembe r our Bronco's, Thunderbird's and Ranger's ... now not a Ford in our garage, nor the promise of one being there anytime in the future.
t 09/23/2011
What happened to the sliding door? That is what made this car awesome. did... please consider bring it back. That feature takes it from eh to great. Of course, I'd love it even more if it had an optional upgrade for an automatic sliding door (my kids love push button), but without even a basic sliding door... I think I might take it off my list.
StaceyC 09/22/2011
Add my voice of dismay to the uproar. While I may not need 7 seats what I do need is those sliding doors. These people do realize how hard it is to load kids and dogs and stuff with swinging doors that may or may not stay open. I had all but decided to buy a Mazda 5 but the lack luster trim held me back. Then I heard about the Grand C-Max and thought well now I have the right car. I guess I'm back to having no choice. Mazda here I come.
StaceyC 09/22/2011
Add my voice of dismay to the uproar. While I may not need 7 seats what I do need is those sliding doors. These people do realize how hard it is to load kids and dogs and stuff with swinging doors that may or may not stay open. I had all but decided to buy a Mazda 5 but the lack luster trim held me back. Then I heard about the Grand C-Max and thought well now I have the right car. I guess I'm back to having no choice. Mazda here I come.
Shannon 09/20/2011
Arrrrgh! Really? We have been saving and waiting for the 5+2 model. A 5 passenger car doesn't meet our needs, but we don't want a huge SUV or van. This is a real lost opportunity for Ford.
Brett 09/19/2011
I too am so upset that the 5+2 will not be released in the US. I had an opportunity to speak to a Ford executive here in Germany and they are very content leaving the Mazda 5 all alone in the "cars that are big enough to haul a family but not god-awful huge" category. Supposedly not a big enough market. Sure sounds like all of us would have at least considered it.
Kathy 09/19/2011
We too are looking for an electric hatchback that needs to only seat 2 people with lots of hauling space. We have been disappointed with Ford since our beloved Pinto (for 10 yrs.) - still watching and hoping for a good fit in the future. No kids, just dogs in CA.
Greg 09/19/2011
Make it tow, Make it stow seats under the floor boards for Max space and make it offer a 3rd row, (Tow, Stow, Row) got it, get it?
Lesley 09/17/2011
Major bummer! We have been waiting a year now to buy the larger C-Max. Now we will have to go and buy the toyota highlander hybrid. Big disappointment
Vince 09/17/2011
My wife and I have were hoping this vehicle were available now. We would even be happy with a strictly gas version assuming it acheived 30+ mpg. We'd definitely would want the hybrid, so Ford, PLEASE get this thing to market!
Cara 09/16/2011
It sure does seem like a big segment is being ignored. Those of use WITHOUT kids, but with dogs, would also jump to buy a car that gets good mileage but can haul stuff: bikes, dogs, etc. Why don't the car companies get this?
Nick 09/15/2011
I have been trying to convince my wife to hold off replacing our Honda Odyssey until the 7 pasenger C-max was released. We do a lot of driving but with three little kids and a dog we need a minivan. I was disapointed to hear that the 7 passenger with the sliding doors will not be released in the US. Why won't anyone release a high fuel efficencent, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid minivan in the US? How about the diesel version from Europe?
PEJ 09/14/2011
Bummed about no Cmax with 7 seats. I wanted one, too.
JI 09/14/2011
As a new father with a starting family in tow, I was really looking forward to the C-Max. News of this car NOT coming is disappointing to say the least. Perfect in size, nice powerplant, sliding doors, and for once, a vehicle like that that looks good. None of your other vehicles fit in this category- so I guess I can't buy a Ford after all...
Donna 09/13/2011
I have a 2005 Ford Focus wagon. I love it. Add seats in the back and you now have a seven seater. Keep it so you can still fold down the seats for hauling stuff and improve the gas mileage and I guarantee you will have one of the best selling cars in North America. A lot of people I know have SUVs because they are carpooling their kids and their friends to events. Keep the rack on the top, offer a four wheel drive version and you will have covered all the bases. C'mon FORD! You can do it. I own two Fords now. I like to invest in America. I'll be the first to buy that version of the Ford Focus Wagon, in a few years, when I'll need to turn in my 2005 for a new and improved Ford Focus wagon. Don't ignore your North American clientele - we want to buy American. You were so close to perfect with the 2005 version of the Focus wagon. Build on what you already know and improve it! BTW, I won't be hauling any kids when I turn in my present Focus, but hopefully I'll still have my dog, I'll still be hauling stuff and buying gardening supplies and home improvement materials and I am going to need the extra room of a wagon and the practicality of the fold down seats!
David Rosen 09/13/2011
Give us the 7 seat C-max hybrid. My family is thinking of a Highlander Hybrid for its next car because it gets good MPG and seats 7. We would like something smaller that meets these requirements (it doesn't exist, and apparently won't for the foreseable future). Come on Ford, you had a genius idea and scraped it!
Mike 09/11/2011
Come on!!! 7 seats and 40+mpg's please...........We own two Ford vehicles already, but they are over 40+ years old. You just don't make them like you used too. Now prove us wrong and come out with something that no other motor company has. A 7 passenger 40+ fuel economic vehicle. I need to get rid of my wife's gas guzzling SUV. Please do not make me choose a foreign 7 seater with decent gas mileage.
Andrew 09/11/2011
Sad, Ford was on to something with the 5+2 for young families. Now I'll be looking at foreign options again i.e. Mazda 5 / Odyssey / Sienna.
Ratan 09/11/2011
I second ART. AWD option a must for me too.
claire 09/10/2011
So excited for the 5 seats in a hybrid. I understand that people wanted 7 seats, but I personally am thrilled for a smaller setup. Would love to know how much it'll cost. I think it's pretty lame that I have to hunt around the internet for rumors instead of Ford giving us a ballpark idea on cost. People may never know when the iPhone will come out or what is on it, but the price point tends to be known well enough that people can save up for it. Our plan is to put at least half down on our next vehicle, so it is very helpful for us to know ahead of time what the cost range is.
ART 09/10/2011
add AWD and I'm buying in.. w/o it.. forget it
Ralph smith 09/10/2011
Ralph: sad what Ford is doing. I leased a 2011 Toyota Mini Van so I could pick up a Grand Cmax with 7 seats. Now I wil keep the Toyota. What good is a mimi van with only 5 seats ... millions of 5 seat SUV. I liked the ecoboost but would have taken the hybrid or Energi. So sad
Tammy 09/10/2011
I hope Ford decides to bring out the C-Max because I've got my heart set on this car and I don't think anything else can take it's place. it's sad that Ford has not come out with a micro van before now and let's hope they decide to bring this out; I'm wanting the room plus the economical advantages that the C-Max has to offer. Please come out with the C-Max FORD as we're all counting on you DON'T LET US DOWN!!!!!
Alex 09/09/2011
I really like the looks of the 2012 Ford C-max, front or back. Much better looking than the Mazda 5. I was very disapointed to learn that they cancelled it. Now i have to go back to either Mazda 5 or Toyota RAV4. So long Ford!
Greg 09/09/2011
Wish, list, AWD, Towing package, seating for 8 with seats that fold into floor board for maximum room when not in use, better body styling more alonf the edge-flex look, vista roof, mind you that these can be options and not standard features.
flexiblility 09/08/2011
The variant of the Mazda 5, the Grand C-Max with optional AWD would have been fantastic! Alas you canceled it. Love the sliding doors, AWD, and seating for up to 6 or 7 was spectacular! Any chance of rethinking this vehicle, for US domestic market? I was very seriously considering purchasing one, and dumping my Mazda 5. The AWD was the best selling part of the proposed Grand C-Max, made it stand above the Mazda 5.
Mark 09/07/2011
Many people are looking for a 7-seat PEV... until then the Ford Flex is a smooth driving well-appointed alternative. Hopefully Ford will offer a hybrid version someday!
dale 09/07/2011
the Focus ECOnetic, there is a story out about it. A turbo diesel model that should come to the US, If they build it people will buy it. Make the adjustments Ford Corp,
Mark E Read 09/06/2011
How about full time 4 wheel drive on one of these? Some hybrid owners go to the snow often...
mARY 09/06/2011
Come on Ford - famlies today are more than hubby, wife & 2 kids and a dog. I NEED TO SEAT MORE THAN 5!
Rick 09/06/2011
C-Max is a terrible, unimaginative, gimicky name. I'll wait to see what the price is before deciding whther to by it. The PEV Hybrid would be perfect for my needs, but I wouldn't be able to say I own a Ford C-Max without being a little embarrased.
Tom 09/06/2011
I am looking to replace my Mazda MPV which has been incredibly reliable. Like the others, I was very excited about a 6 or 7 passenger car from Ford, but looks like I will have to stay with Mazda.
Jim Edwards 09/06/2011
Need third row option. I have 2006 RAV4 I was going to trade-in on C-Max. With 5 grandchildren and driving in the city a small 3rd row is essential. Like small sportwagons and diesel engine options, American manufacturers think they know better than the consumer.
Peggy 09/06/2011
It was going to be everything I wanted in a vehicle -- manual transmission, bench seat in the second row (for the dogs), tons of transportation room, and many toys. I'm not opposed to the energy-efficiency of the hybrids, but I need more room! Ah, Ford, you lost me before you had me!
Brian Tinklepaugh 09/05/2011
Very disappointed. I was waiting for the 7 seater, but will not buy the five seater for my family. I will now have to cross shop for either a Mazda 5 or a massive, nasty minivan from Toyota or Chrysler. Bring out the seven seater and I will come back to Ford.
yeni 09/04/2011
Why they canceled this super car? I was waiting for this electric car with space for 7
Niels 09/04/2011
I agree with all other comments. I just read the Sept11 Motor Trend and saw the cancellation of the 7 seater C-max. I am VERY disappointed in that decision. I have been telling my wife for 2 years (after we bought a Mazda5) that she would get her first NEW car in 2012 because the C-max would be 7 passenger (we have 4 boys and we could bring one friend) AND it would be hybrid (which is great because she drives only in town).
Looks like Americans again are not getting the useful, efficient vehicles Europeans have. Too bad for Ford. I guess I will stick with the Mazda5 as I refuse to drive a 'mini'van which currently is almost the size of a bus.
Mark 09/04/2011
I also was waiting for a 6 to 7 seater. Will also have to stop waiting on ford for this with the C-Max... too bad
Erin 09/04/2011
I too was looking forward to the Grand C-Max 7 seater to replace my Mazda MPV. I really love having sliding doors and 7 seats but I don't want the gigantic size of most of the other minivan options out there :-/
tony 09/04/2011
like most of the people here already stated, i was looking forward to the 7 seat cmax. when i first heard about it being cancelled, i wrote an email. unfortunately, i didn't even get an acknowledgement of receipt. but just wanted to state my disappointment that it won't be offered in the US. it looked like the perfect car for my family, since the current crop of "mini" vans are just not "mini". oh well. mazda5 it shall be. the ford version would probably be quite a bit more pricey than the 5 anyways.
Edward 09/03/2011
I have been waiting for the 7 seat c-max, I figured it would be a mazda 5 with an extra seat, better interrior, and better gas milage. But my mazda 5 will have to do for a while now.
Bry 09/01/2011
Yet another bad move on Ford's part, the C-Max 7 Seater was what I was looking for, upon hearing of the cancellation, I am looking elsewhere.
Emil 09/01/2011
I was excited with the announcement of the 7-seat C-max but now they cancelled it. Ford will pay for this. I will go for the 7-seat Honda CR-V instead. Bye Ford!
Janeen 08/31/2011
I am so sad you won't be releasing the the 7-seater. That is what I wanted and I was going to wait for it. Now I will have to find something else. Bummed!!!! I guess it will be the Mazda5 instead. Bad call on Ford's part.
Daniel Feldman 08/30/2011
Ford, I am really sorry you cancelled the 7-seater. That's the car I was waiting for. Just bought a Mazda 5 Sport 2012 instead...
Michael Bashta 08/30/2011
Can't wait! Need to replace Rav4! How about an AWD plug-in?
jasonrd 08/29/2011
@bstfctn - The Nissan Stanza wagon didn't get 30 mpg when released in 1988, (even the optimistic EPA calculations were only 25 mpg, and that was highway) so it's a little hard to believe that it's achieving that kind of mileage after 214,000 miles. Maybe you can't find a car that fits what you want because you have some flawed calculations of your current mpg.
Sean 08/29/2011
I know it's not cheap but if your upset import the seven seat C-Max for yourself from Europe and then tell Ford how upset you are that you wish it was here and then say ha losers! I imported the car from Europe plus it has a Clean Diesel engine included with it that get's 20% more fuel efficiency. That will teach you a lesson for Pete sakes!
MIKE 08/28/2011
will this vehicle run on fuel only, if you have a battery/electric issue?
Jim 08/28/2011
I don't need a uselessly small third row seat, but what I would like to see Ford do is a foldable front passenger seat with split folding rear seat like I have in my Pontiac Vibe. It's great to be able to haul something long which can fit from dash to hatch and still have a back seat passenger. It would also be great if the back hatch glass opened independently of the hatch itself. Otherwise, looks like Ford has got a great vehicle to sell. Just be sure to keep the MPG's high, and the MSRP reasonable.
bstfctn 08/26/2011
I'm disappointed with Ford's decisions. I have an '88 Nissan Stanza wagon, with dual sliding rear doors/flip-up hatch back door, and still getting 30mpg after 214K miles. This is a 5-seater, with a generous cargo area. There is tons of space to haul anything when the back seat flips over to lengthen the cargo room (e.g. bookcases, plywood, floor tile, a kid to college dorm). There is no reason that sliding doors couldn't be on ALL C-Max versions. I looked at the Mazda 5 - too long and lower mpg. I've also looked at Honda CRV, Element and Fit, Toyota RAV4 and Matrix, Subaru Forester, Scion XB, Hyundai Elantra Touring, VW Jetta TDI wagon-- none can give me the same package of functionality, space, fuel efficiency for a decent price. I had my hopes up when I first heard the C-Max announcement. This could have been the first American car to fit my needs and preferences. The current information is not encouraging and Ford doesn't seem to listen to public comment. That's really unfortunate. At this point my best replacement candidate is a Kia Soul. I didn't expect to keep this Nissan so long, but I'll continue to drive it until it dies or some auto company gives me what I want.
Bob74347 08/26/2011
The Toyota Alphard Hybrid was rolled out in 2003 in the Osaka region and sports a 2.4-litre gasoline engine, front and rear electric motors, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), high-output hybrid battery pack and an E-Four electric four-wheel drive system.

The Alphard Hybrid uses an E-Four electric 4WD system that provides better driving performance by using power from the rear-wheel drive motor to optimize electric power distribution to all four wheels. The Alphard Hybrid is classified as an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) and comes in at approximately 42 mpg. Yet, all we get is a stretch Prius which is not available in PHEV or diesel hybrid. Car makers refuse to meet the needs of enlightened consumers.
Spin 08/25/2011
Why no eco-friendly 7-passenger vehicle that doubles as a cargo hauler? I want to replace my 2002 Odyssey, which is a great car, but want much better MPG.

Prius also ecided against 7 seater in US. Why? A mistake.
Marae 08/23/2011
Seriously - I agree with Nate.
A 7 seater would be ideal. With removable seats! That way something other than people can be transported. Please! I would gladly buy American next.
Gavin 08/22/2011
Will this car have a stick shift option or is it only automatic? I can't find any information on this.
Natalie 08/22/2011
Jacob must work for Ford, trying to do damage control. The C-Max was going to be the first Ford I ever bought. Was so excited to be buying an American car that was big enough for my family and fuel efficient. Have been waiting YEARS for a hybrid minivan. Ford, you have made a HUGE mistake canceling this car to focus on 5-seaters when there are already tons to choose from. Shame.
P 08/21/2011
Agree on the 7 seater being missed out. Hopefully they could find some way to do it; probably will end up with a hybrid Highlander instead; which sucks 'cause I am from DETROIT!
Nate 08/21/2011
If you bring a hybrid 6-7 seater, especially the Energi, I will will gladly sell my Odyssey and buy it. Really think Ford made a mistake staying with 5.
mike 08/21/2011
I have a 10 year old minivan , need a 7 passenger replacement. My van gets about 17 mpg [the way we drive it] and was hoping that the c-Max would come thru for us in the mid 20 mpg range. Possibly the Explorer 4cyl Eco Boost. I was really jazzed about the c-Max 7 pax config. I showed at least 20 people the video.
Jacob 08/20/2011
I'm happy Ford decided to scrap the Cmax 7 Seater, The van is way to small for a growing family with carseats , and judging by the opinions on it at the NAIAS it probably wouldnt do that well here anyways . This way the Cmax can be a solely green car which we need more of nowadays , I Dont care if your gas car gets 40* mpg , its still a gas car ! Hybrids and Electrics are the way to go ! i will definately be buying one of these in the fall
William Skentzos 08/20/2011
I to have been looking for a 7 passenger. Tired of big mini-vans. This looks appealing. To bad. They would have gotten by money.
ric 08/18/2011
Really bummed about cancelling the 7 seater C-Max. That was the perfect car for our family. We have 2 small boys. That package seemed to have the best of all worlds: good fuel economy, good looks, euro-handling, seating flexibility, ford sync. We ended up not waiting and getting a Mazda5 instead and we really like it. I suspect we would have LOVED the Cmax, though.
Jared 08/18/2011
I agree, wish they would give us the 7 seater.
TA 08/18/2011
NO 7 Seater? Ugh.. No love for big families.
Sam 08/17/2011
Disappointed too about 7 seat c-max will not be available in North America. I believe Ford's management made a very wrong decision. If they do the market research, then they will found out not that many competitors in this target market. Many family would like to go for different option than Mazda5 and Caravan. Totoya and Honda's minivan is too big to be called mini, but instead should be called mini-truck. Not ideal for family looking for efficient and convenience. Hope Ford can change their mind again. I would love to have a 7-seater cmax.
Riz 08/17/2011
Same as several other folks here, I was looking forward to the 7 seat C-Max as my first American made car. Perhaps Ford - you guys can do a small scale production run and just test it out in the market. It's gotta do great!!
Joe 08/16/2011
Wanted the 7 seat CMax. I have been telling people for 6 months that it was going to be my next car. Now I am leaning towards the Highlander Hybrid. Ford, you have ONE YEAR to change a bad decision.
DKP 08/16/2011
All the folks chiming in about missing a seven-seat hybrid or electric car are RIGHT!!! The market is clamoring for such a vehicle (especially if it came with AWD), and Ford would easily dominate the domestic market right now. I'd love to buy American...but if none of the American makers step up, then its second best with the Mazda5. Ugh.
SCJ 08/13/2011
The seven seater Grand C-Max was going to be my first Ford, but Ford mistakenly canceled the vehicle after it was advertised and instead they are going with (another!) five seat vehicle. I've been looking for six months and there is not a single vehicle on the market that I have an interest in. I don't want a large "mini" van and I won't drive a guzzler SUV. The Mazda5 is Ok (don't care for smile) but from what I saw and read the seven seater Grand C-Max was going to be a better vehicle. Add me to the ranks of all the other disappointed people who have commented here about Ford not offering a smaller and efficient six or seven seater. It's a shame Ford has more negative comments for the five seat C-Max on their website than positive ones. For me, Ford lost a first time and possible long term customer. My wish... a diesel six or seven seat Grand C-Max exactly like those sold in Europe.
Beaufort 08/13/2011
I am extremely upset! After getting us excited for its arrival, we now can't have te 5+2 configuration? Bring the 7 passenger model over with sliding doors. A five seate is of no interest to ms or my family- looks like we'll have to buy something outside the ford family!
Jack Bartlett 08/11/2011
I can't believe Ford doesn't have the Focus Wagon available now. Many people would be interested in it but I can't find it anywhere. I believe it is available in Europe.
Jay 08/11/2011
You blew it, Ford!- the US market needs a PIH real minivan. I'll continue stretching out the life of my Y2K Odyssey, because nothing newer can haul seven in comfort at much better mpg.
RJ 08/09/2011
I need a Grand C-Max or a Focus Wagon. I talked to my dealer and he said he wished Ford would bring them to N.America as well. My only other option is a Mazda 5, or a Rav4. Let's go Ford!
Tom 08/09/2011
So I can plug it in, but I won't get much electric use out of it on my mostly-freeway commute. The article states it is electric-only up to 47mpg.
Mike 08/09/2011
You should model the seating of the C-MAX on the Mazda 5 with a little more leg room for the third row. It would be a true 6 passenger vehicle then.
Frank 08/06/2011
its just a plug in fiesta
cindy adams 08/06/2011
I have waited for the C-Max and am VERY disappointed that it will now only have 5 seats. Many parents feel they will be able to reduce the seating when the children leave the nest. I am a grandmother who loves to take my grandchildren all over the US. A seven seater is the only comfortable choice. Too bad the C-Max will be only 5.
Brenda 08/06/2011
I am so disappointed that the Grand C-Max (7 passenger) is not coming to the good ole USA. I had told everyone about how excited I was about the Grand CMAX, it was so perfect for my needs. I so wanted to be able to buy a Ford product since they alone did not take bailout money. But I need seating for 7 and I do not want to drive a huge vehicle like the Flex or Explorer. Sadly I will have to settle for a Mazda. I do love the hybrid concept but I got to have seatinig for 7 -- for another 8 years -- when the kids are out of the house I will be in the market for smaller car -- not now though
stacie 08/05/2011
If you changed the 7 seater C-Max with sliding doors to a 5 seater with regular doors, I am not interested anymore. I will be shopping for a Mazda 5 now as this was the type of vehicle I was waiting for. I would rather have a Ford than a Mazda but I guess I won't be looking at the C-Max now. Too bad, there aren't more choices like this on the market.
Paul Mezhir 08/04/2011
I have an '06 Mazda5 with 140,000 miles on it. I was waiting for the Grand C-Max. Guess I'm buying another 5.
Ellad Tadmor 08/04/2011
I completely agree with the above comments. A 7-seater C-MAX fills a particular need in the US. Currently the only competitor is the Mazda 5. We have been waiting patiently for this vehicle given Ford's promise to market it in the U.S. and are disappointed to learn that Ford changed its mind. Hopefully it will change its mind again.
Jen 08/03/2011
I can't wait until this vehicle is available! I need a 7 seater for my family of 5 that includes 3 children and won't drain the bank account everytime you need to fill the tank.
Sam 08/02/2011
count me in as a ready-to-purchase a 5+2 C-Max. A 5 passenger version won't do. Guess that means a Mazda5 for me.
Alberto Jimenez 08/02/2011
Please bring the 5+2 to the US.
John 08/01/2011
I am awaiting the reveal on additional info on the C -Max Energi. I would like to see mileage info as well as what speed over 40 the electric runs in. Also, a price point on the vehicle would be nice along with what government incentives may be available.
Ricky 07/31/2011
I was so into the Explorer when it first came out due to the 7 seater capability. However my mind immediately shifted when I knew about the C-Max 7 Seater... Please bring the 7 seater model into the North America.. What is the difference between a 5 Seater C-Max a Edge? Please do some research and bring in the 7 seater. Ford should hire someone to monitor the number of Mazda 5 running on the road. If the 7 seater C-Max is here, I am pretty sure it will attract a lot of buyers and out sell the Mazda 5 in no time!!!
Judy 07/30/2011
So disappointed that this changed. I was telling everyone about the product and planned on purchasing one. I have a Ford Freestyle and love the versatility of the interior and was hoping this would be similiar. I won't purchase a small car due to safety concerns. You had a great idea that you let fail.
mark 07/30/2011
ditto ditto ditto to V!!!!!!!

I also was eagerly waiting for the 5+2 and saving the $$ to buy it. I was shocked that Ford actually was planning to sell something I wanted to buy...should have known better. Now looking at the Mazda 5 again.
Beth 07/30/2011
We have also been waiting to buy the 7 seater for our family. We're disappointed that it won't be available in the US.
Tom 07/29/2011
Where's the sedan with gas/electric/plug in charge option? Just merge the two an you got a winner. Need to be able to run electric near home and daily commute, with overnight charge capability on 120 volt system, and option to run on gas engine during long trips.
Bob Moser 07/29/2011
This looks like a smaller version of the S-Max that we rented in Denmark, April 2011. Our rental car was great on handling. It featured a heated front windshield and heated CLOTH seats, not leather. Ford should bring the S-Max to the USA.
Rick 07/28/2011
A Plug-In hybrid? That would be great! I have to commute a total of 4 miles every day, I could do it simply on electric.
Tim 07/28/2011
We were waiting to see the larger C-Max. I am disapointed that Ford did'nt give it a chance. I think they really messed up with that decision.
Looks like we will reluctantly have to get a larger than we really need Caravan.
jeannedd 07/28/2011
We have been waiting to replace our current sedan with the C-MAX 5+2. With four kids, we are looking for a second vehicle with decent MPG to go along with our minivan. We were commited to buying American for our next vehicle, but it is going to be hard to do with no 7 seater! Come on Ford, get it right and bring in the 7 seater to the US market.
V 07/27/2011
Another consumer who was eagerly looking forward to the 5+2 model. Bitterly disappointed to find it's not planned to come to the US; I've held off buying a new vehicle anticipating its arrival! :(
Joe 07/26/2011
I saw the 7 passenger C-Max at the Chicago Auto Show and was eagerly anticipating it's arrival to accommodate our needs. I also don't understand the need for another 5 passenger vehicle.
David Morris 07/25/2011
We were looking forward to trying the 5+2 C-Max. Oh well.
BrianS 07/23/2011
I'll add my voice to the others screaming for the 5+2. In my mind i had already shed the gas guzzling mini-van for the cmax and was anxiously waiting for its roll out. oh well...mazda 5 remains the only choice
Scooter Scott 07/23/2011
I just have to add this as well. As many of you have already stated 5+2 seating is just the ticket. It is what sets the, (Grand) C-Max apart. If the Mazda 5 offered this configuration I bet sales would double as that has been what has made me reluctant to buy it before. Does Ford really need to add another small five seater when it has NOTHING in the high capacity compact segment? Why, if they feel the need to bring the five seater can't they duplicate the European market choices and offer the seven as well. Just not using all the tools in the shed here folks and it could leave them flat footed when they could dominate the small car universe. Let us not forget it was the small car superiority that led to the Japanese dominance of all sizes of cars because of brand loyalty and available products as they moved up market.
Steve 07/23/2011
Why not add plug and lithium Ion in features to the existing Escape??
Peter Murphy 07/22/2011
I was so impressed with the turn around Ford has made recently by bringing proven German cars like the Fiesta and Focus to the US...and not watering them down in the process. Now, they have taken a huge step backward by not offering the 7 seat C-Max. Once again Ford has completely misjudged what the American public wants. All you have to do is look at this discussion to see how many potential customers went from overt excitement over the 7 seat C-Max to extreme disappointment over the elimination of this model. I too was delaying purchasing a new family car in anticipation of the 7 seat C-Max. Looks like you lost another potential Ford customer.
Debi 07/22/2011
Comment on this ARTICLE!I am extremely disappointed as well. I was looking forward to purchasing the Grand C-Max and will not even consider a hybrid due to the EPA regulations set to go in effect within the next couple of years that will cause electric costs to consumers to at least quadruple. What good is a vehicle that costs you more in electric charges than the cost of gasoline? Not a smart move.
dccincy 07/22/2011
I was willing to wait for the 5+2 because I really wanted to buy a "right-sized" American car. I heard the news about getting rid of the extra seating and bought a Mazda5 last week. Sorry Ford, you lost a sale.
Scooter Scott 07/21/2011
Ford is making a HUGE mistake. The (Grand)CMax is just what is needed in the American marketplace at this time. If anything the only error I see is the omission of the optional 2.0 liter Ecoboost engine. Ford is now moving away from the future as I see it. The hybrid market is a government funded flash in the pan that will shrink with the susidies that are inevitable in this economy. Also that same shrinking economy will have people looking for the small fuel efficient people movers that have been so popular in Europe for so long for the same reasons. I hope Ford reconsiders as I was already putting the money away for a down payment. It's looking like I will now have to give it to Mazda or another company that is ahead of the curve. Really bad move here Ford.
Brian Culwell 07/21/2011
I was waiting for the 5+2 also. There is nothing else that really stood out about this car. If it is not a 7 passenger why not go with the Fiesta or the Focus. If there is nothing else special about this Focus look alike, why build it when you already have the focus? The only thing special was the 5+2 seating and someone decided this was a bad idea?!?!?!
Shawn 07/21/2011
Same as the other comments here, I was delaying the purchase of a new car for the 5 + 2 C-Max. I guess the 7 seat Rav4 will be my choice.
Gary 07/21/2011
No 3rd row seat is bad and No AWD is the deal breaker
Boston 07/20/2011
They aren't offering this with the optional 3rd row now?? I was waiting to get one, just looking on to signup for email updates or etc!! I'll be so disappointed if they don't!! C'mon ford!! Don't make me buy foreign!!!!
Brian 07/20/2011
I just read yesterday that the new Honda CRV will seat 7, just like the Toyota RAV4 does now. I'm not sure what the release date will be though.
I really wasn't going to go in the small SUV direction, but my options are now very limited. Maybe that will work for you.
Jesse 07/19/2011
I too was all set to buy the 7-seater cmax when it came out. Not sure what to do now -- the new Mazda5 is fairly hideous, has almost no legroom in the 3rd row, and Mazda5s have generally not held up all that well, from what I've seen. I don't want a full-size minivan... Does anyone know of any good options currently out there ? (or coming down the pike soon)
Jim 07/19/2011
We've been holding off on a new vehicle purchase in anticipation of the C-Max Grand being released. So, it was very deflating to hear it won't be. While I question the validity of Ford's market research, even if it does suggest the Grand wouldn't be a big seller, these comments show that by this late decision Ford has alienated a significant number of people who might have been first time, and possibly long term, Ford customers. Crummy decision on the merits and in the execution.
Augusto 07/18/2011
This is a "global" tendency of Ford in the whole American Continent. I am also disappointed of the brand, I am from Mexico and my family for about 35 years has had a Ford Car; also I wanted to continue with this “tradition” of having Ford Vehicles, but Ford didn’t have the car so I had to change of brand and buy an Altea XL, I hope that the people in charge of Ford really listen to the customer and give us the products that we need and want, not the products they think that are best for us.
Amy Davidson 07/18/2011
I also was looking forward to the 7 passanger c-max. I love my Ford Fusion, but with our growing family, I wanted to get a car with more seats. However, I have no interest in driving a huge SUV. I also wanted to keep with an American made car and was really excited that the C-max was going to allow me to do this. My husband was always a fan of foreign cars and I had finally talked him into our Fusion and it changed his mind about Ford. I was really hoping to go 2 for 2 with the C-Max. I am soooo disappointed, Ford.
David 07/17/2011
I have to agree with all the other comments. I was all set to go look at my first Ford purchase ever with the 7 seater Grand Cmax. I wanted something smaller and with better economy than your standard Odyssey/SIenna. I've lived in Europe and seen how popular this style of car is there. 2 rows of seats is not enough for me; on to other automakers.
brian 07/15/2011
I test drove the Mazda 5 this weekend. I liked it a lot, except for the smiley face and stupid "swoopy sides". Please Ford, I am begging you. Please, PLEASE sell the C-Max grand here. I really don't want to live in smiley face land for the next 7 years. You are pushing me in that direction and I will never forgive you for it.
hawaii 07/15/2011
was looking into the 7 pass C-MAX too bad
Kevin 07/14/2011
A missed opportunity when Ford decided to cancel the Grand C-Max with 1.6 litre engine. My search for a mini van with a fuel efficient gas engine continues. Yo blew it Ford.
Tom 07/13/2011
What we really need is the S-Max - I just rented one in the UK for 10 days, and I LOVE it - and 40 mpg (non-hybrid)!!!
Bun 07/11/2011
I am in total agreement w/ SCJ. The seven-seater made this a vehicle worth waiting for. I am now considering living with the prozac grille on the Mazda5.
Lost opportunity for Ford. Why Ford has cancelled the 7 seater like Chevy cancelled the Orlando is a mystery to me. There are tons of young families who don't want to drive a barge but occasionally need additional seats and like benefits of a smaller price tag and greater efficiency. Too bad Ford.
matthew 07/11/2011
All comments on the 7-seat C-Max are accurate. Not only that, but wouldn't getting people out of ford SUVs (or CUV's ): ) and into the C-Max improve CAFE numbers?
Scott 07/10/2011
Ford does not care what you want people, they are likely having the C-max as a hybrid and pure electric as a means of hiking up their fleet CAFE number before 2016. I was very much ready to buy the 7 seat C-Max when it came state side, if I wanted a 5 seat hybrid I'd buy the Prius V. I'm assuming the 7 seat version won't work with the hybrid or electric due to space for the battery pack.
Isaac 07/10/2011
I 'm really starting to take a liking to hybrids & electric cars since I drove out one of you Fusion hybrids while out with a couple of friends, but do you offer any 4wd versions? I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to driving any 2wd car/truck around my community which has a surprising amount of inclines that give cars a real challenge to climb in the winter. You have me sold as a future customer if that is an option.
SCJ 07/10/2011
I want a 7 seater that isn't a SUV and gets good mileage. Looked at the Mazda5 but aren't going to purchase a car with a smile on the front grill. When I read the C-Max Grand was coming to the States I thought I had found my ideal car. Too bad Ford seems to be confused about what they're going to offer. I'm not going to purchase the C-Max without the 5+2.
Matt Stith 07/10/2011
I was entirely ready for a cargo hauler that gets decent gas mileage....someone is going to do it and really capture a very large market everyone seems to be skimping by!
Veronica 07/09/2011
I have been following the Ford C-Max release hoping to find a car, NOT SUV or minivan, that would offer 5 +2 seating for those time we need to transport extra children. I like driving a car, not super-sized vehicle with low gas mileage. I am very disappointed that the C-Max appears to no longer be an option.
Juanita 07/08/2011
I was looking forward for the C-Max Grand with the sliding door.

When I heard it was coming out all electric was even more excited and willing to wait. I don't think I will be interested in it now.
Juanita 07/08/2011
Comment on this ARTICLE!
paula 07/07/2011
I to was looking forward to the C-max. Was holding out to buy as i loved the mini van family vehicle look. now not so much. it is just like any small vehicle. i will unfortunately have to look elsewhere.
Sanchari 07/07/2011
I was waiting to get the 5+2 C-max! Now I don't know... I really need something that seats 7 people & has a sliding door. Bummer.
Chad 07/06/2011
Those only needing 5 or fewer seats are more than adequately accommodated for by every auto manufacturer. Yet the same cannot be true of those looking for 7 or 8 seat option vehicles. Those are stuck with a few options, many not as eco friendly.

Just remember, your first car purchase is influences by your family. If you are not part of the family, your not part of the families future.
John 07/06/2011
I whole-heartedly agree with the comments - I was looking for a 5+2 passenger vehicle that wasn't a gas-guzzler or one that had it's own zip code. The C-Max seemed like the perfect family vehicle - then it was also eco-friendly to boot...perfect. But then the decision makers at Ford, for some reason, decided that yet another 5-only-passenger vehicle was what they needed (despite the fact that nearly every other model has the same seating configuration), and that a 5+2 was unnecessary (even though they haven't had one since the days of the Windstar/Freestar minivan).
Ford Executives, if you are reading this, do yourselves a favor and hit a home run with this product by bringing back the 5+2 seating configuration - at least as an option or additional model - and satisfy a market that is screaming for this. Otherwise, it's just another cookie-cutter hybrid that gets lost in the shuffle of an ever-growing congested market.
Susan Jones 07/04/2011
I don't understand why Ford is not bringing the CMAX 5+2 vehicle. I have been waiting to buy it. Why did they change their mind?
Ted 07/03/2011
Was looking forward to buying my first Ford, but now that they’ve scraped the CMax 5+2 I’m taking my business to Mazada! Not totally pleased about the Mazada, but they seem to care more about the needs of a American family and the consumer than Ford.
Jonathan 07/03/2011
I agree with all the posts to this article. Why not bring over the C max with a small four cylinder? I was also waiting for an alternative to the Mazda 5 and was excited about the CMax but giving it the same seating as a Focus (also all electric), Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Escape (also in a Hybrid) makes little sense. At least give the option for a gas only model. I would love to give my money to ford but will have go with a Mazda now for the seating configuration.
CWright 07/02/2011
For the first time in my life I was considering buying American, because the product was the right one for me, and it had a good possibility of having decent handling and interior, but could hold my family and friends. I was even going to replace my commuter with a Focus. Now I am so frustrated that they are doing away with the 7 passenger C-Max (which caused me to look at Ford in the first place), that I will look elsewhere now. I hope they see these comments and change their mind and bring the perfect family vehicle here.
Odarka Petrch 07/01/2011
I am so disappointed that CMax is not coming to the market. I was delaying the purchase of Mazda5 as I hoped CMAX will be here with 5+2 seating and hopefully 1.6 turbo ecoboost.
Going to Mazda dealership tomorrow
Blane 07/01/2011
I have also been waiting for the 5 plus 2 seating. I was ready to by a Mazda5 but have been waiting for the C max since I heard about it. I am extremely sad about this and hope they will change their minds. I wanted to by American, loved the idea of MyTouch, and the 7 passenger seating. BOOO BOOO Ford. Bad choice!
DJ 07/01/2011
very dissappointed that Ford has decided sell the C-max only as a 5 seater in the US. Sorry Ford, you lost a sale!
Jessica 07/01/2011
I was so excited about the 5 plus 2 seating because with two kids and if each brings a friend you have to have room for four in the back. Most of the time I would have the back seats down and only put them up when I needed them. I was more then a little excited about the c-max coming out and was putting off getting a new car untill I could test drive it next summer but without the flexability of the back row I will not be buying it as it would not fit my familys needs. I don't understand why you are bringing another 5 seater focus over. That portion of the market is already filled by the focus hybred.
S. Barnes 07/01/2011
I am looking to replace my 2001 Mercury Sable wagon and was impressed by the Mazda5. When I heard about the C Max 7, I was very excited. But I was very disappointed when later information came out that the new hybrid version was missing the sliding doors and extra seating. That's the appeal of a van!!! Any chance of marketing the big C Max in the US? I think that a van hybrid that could haul more people would be more useful than another hatchback or sedan. You've made a huge mistake!!
TLD 06/30/2011
I've been holding out for the Grand C-Max with the third row. I don't want a big SUV. I don't want Flex or Explorer. My first car out of College was a Mustang. I got married and bought an Escape. I also bought a Focus wagon. I have kids now and need seating for 6 or 7. The only vehicle out there is the Mazda 5. How is the 5 seat C-max different from a Focus!!!
Thomas Praxis 06/30/2011
No, no, no! I wanted the the third row!!!
MrWaazoo 06/29/2011
So sad, I was looking forward to the 7 passenger model.
Ford missed a huge opportunity on this.
Joe Luttwak 06/29/2011
Just rented a C-MAX in Paris. Wow great car Ford- was impressed/surprised. Thing is it was a DIESEL. A nice, zippy diesel. If any one reads this thing- offer it in the US. Try it in a test market and see if it takes. You mention the battery/gas hybrid version, you could piggyback the diesel on the marketing of the former and give folks more options. I assume the straight diesel version would be more affordable than the hybrid. I'd buy it.
carol parsons 06/28/2011
i have been waiting over a year for the C Max 7 seater. I have been buying Fords for years and need a kid hauler. I guess I will have to go with a Mazda 5 now.
B 06/28/2011
Wow Ford. Your market research team really screwed up. Or maybe you just neglected to consult with them on this one. You seem to have upset a lot of people by not bringing the "grand" cmax to the U.S.A. Including me. It would have been my first American car and I was excited about it. Another chance to create customer loyalty shot. U.S. car companies have a way of driving away existing and potential customers by providing vehicles we just don't want. More than likely you feel you will be competing with yourself if you bring this vehicle to the U.S. by drawing good, hardworking people away from your more lucrative large SUV lines. So you will not be getting me as a customer because like most of the people on this post, I refuse to purchase an SUV. Time to rethink things Ford.
Abano 06/28/2011
I was waiting for the 7 seater C-Max. I read about it, saw all the reviews, watched the vidoes. I am so dissapointed that ford would make such a collosal mistake as to not office the 7 seater in the US. What are you thinking?
I am now looking at the Jetta Diesal Wagon. Next best car to transport family with good fuel efficiency.
Jason 06/28/2011
The 7 seat gas version would have been my first Ford. Growing families require three things. More seats, less gas, inexspensive price. The C-MAX sold us, even before we saw a price. The comments speak for themselves. If you were a wise company Ford, you would at least give it a chance. This super dissapointed family needs you to listen to your people.
John 06/28/2011
Turbo diesel alone (such as in the vw tdi) gets like 50 mpg, why cant we make a tdi hybrid? That just makes sense to me. Turbo diesel all day baby!
Jon D. 06/27/2011
Hey Ford! Do you hear us? Do you notice how your announcement to cancel the 7-seat gas C-Max has spawned 99% angry or disappointed comments? Do you realize there are people out there who don't have the option of getting rid of children, yet still have a strong desire to drive a small, fuel-efficient, affordable car? Do you remember that bit of marketing advice that says its easier to keep existing customers than to attract new ones? Do you realize, by reading the comments, that dropping the 7-seat gas C-Max is losing loyal customers and driving away new ones? Can you hear us? We are not happy. We do not want large vehicles. We are Americans, and we are tired of being fed the same gas-guzzling garbage. Americans have larger families than Europeans, yet they have all the MPVs, while we get all the SUVs. I will not buy an SUV. Hybridizing SUVs is a remedial measure; the 7-seat C-Max was real progress. This conventional wisdom that we aren't too excited about what might be classified as wagons seems to be disproven by these comments, many of which sure seem passionate to me. We may be a minority, but if we are forced to blend in to the big-car majority, you will never see our true numbers, and we will continue to be dissatisfied. You could have made us happy (and you can translate that to loyal.) This car seemed poised to exploit this mostly untapped niche, but you've blown it, and seemingly created a lot of bad blood in the process. I hope you hear us. I hope you realize your data doesn't accurately reflect how passionately we wanted this car, and you are scrambling to rectify this mistake. Count me as another lost customer (You had a 100% certain sale here, converting a loyal Toyota buyer.) I was talking you up to all my friends, too. Time to go undo that. I am severely disappointed.
c 06/26/2011
I am dying for this car - please price affordably (unde $30)! I sooo want a car that is more SUV-looking than wagon looking, but low-down on ground so it gets 5 star for rollover, with Prius-type mpg (to save the environment and my time in line at the gas station), but NO plug-in (I live in apartment in nyc and like everyone else in the city, we have nowhere to plug it in!) ... we need latch on either side for 2 kids car seats (age 3 and 4) - fold-down in-between would be nice feature. I'll buy it today, if you can send me one!!!
Beth May 06/26/2011
I have owned along with my parents 13 Ford vehicles.
Why make another 5 passenger vehicle?
I can replace my 98 Ford Winstar & the 03 Focus Wag. with this.
I saw it on the Web and really liked it, listen to your customers!
Jerry K. Baker 06/24/2011
Jerry I have been looking for the C-Max 7 seater that I saw about 3 wks. ago on your web site.
I want to sell my 98 Windstar & 03 Ford Focus Wag. and get the C-Max 7 seater, but I guess I have to look elsewhere, I've had 11 Ford vehicles and it may be my last.
jeff 06/24/2011
what's up with the missing 7-seater? we drive a mazda mpv that we need to replace and hoped to do it with a cmax, counting on that back row. poor choice.
Bob 06/24/2011
I agree I was looking forward to the Cmax 7 seater as an alternative to a van. If it's only a 5 seater what's the advantage over the competition?
Mark 06/23/2011
Great Job Ford! Looking forward to trying one out.
brian 06/23/2011
Still upset that I can't get a gasoline version of the C-Max. That is why I test drove a Mazda 5 today. It was actually pretty nice. Sorry Ford.
Richard Wacker 06/23/2011
Eliminating the 7 seater is a big mistake. Another bonehead move by a US auto maker.
Christy Dryden 06/23/2011
The hybrid and plug-in C-max are both exciting, but are they going to be the ONLY C-Maxes?? I've been happy enough with Ford to wait for the 7-seat C-Max to replace my Focus wagon, but if that's not going to be an option, I guess I can stop waiting and just drive on over to the Mazda dealership for a Mazda 5.
Can't Ford release all three versions??
ryan 06/22/2011
I was really looking forward to having the perfect family hybrid car. Now i think I'll just buy a used taurus-x. kinda looks like it will be an over priced focus hybrid now.
Norm 06/22/2011
Can't wait to buy one ! I've been net metering my electricity from my 10k solar setup for two years now, finally some real hybrids are on the path to production.
Kevin Theobald 06/22/2011
That sounds great. It will be interesting to see what is actually delivered. I have no issue with the lack of a third row, because many third rows are a joke. The RAV4 third row should be outlawed. If you cannot do a good third row, do not do it. Maybe there will a C-Max extra long, like an Audi 8L, that would allow for that third row seating.
Andy 06/22/2011
No 7 passenger, no purchase. 3 kids 8 and under means we can ONLY buy a mini-van (thanks U.S. Govt/EPA for killing the station wagon) or large SUV. Was really looking forward to a hybrid mini-van, even better one that was manufactured here. Guess I'll stick with the Toyota or Honda.
Mike D 06/22/2011
Oh well, looks like I will have to continue to wait for Toyota or Honda to bring a hybrid (or efficient diesel) minivan to the US market... 7 seats is a requirement for our next vehicle.
GLB 06/21/2011
Is there information anywhere regarding how much power recharging one of these vehicles will take? I would really like my next automobile to be an electirc/hybrid/very high MPG vechicle but I already realize that since most electricity is generated using carbon based technology it is uncertain whether there is any real reduction in ones "carbon footprint" using pluging technology. I would really be upset if on top of that I ended up paying as much or more for the electircity to charge my car per month as I was paying to put gasoline in a 16 mpg convential automobile. If I can't get reliable information on this subject I would much rather just go with a stright hybrid. At least then I know that 45 plus mpg is both real cost savings and reduced carbon consumption.
Lynn 06/21/2011
I was looking forward to the purchase of the perfect vechile for my family.
NC 06/20/2011
Horrible news! 7 passenger EcoBoost 1.6L C-MAX that you've teased us with is no more? Thought Ford finally "got it" but instead the suits still won out with bloat-mobiles to drive up the base price.
Brandon Boozer 06/20/2011
I cannot believe Ford messed this decision up so bad!! So what if you want to make the CMax your signature Hybrid family. That doesn't mean you can't still bring the 7 passenger CMax to the States! Change the name, call it a windstar or something, but bring it over! i was really looking forward to this right sized vehicle and the concept looked like a perfect fit for my family. Nicer and better economy than the Mazda 5, and much better looking. I was planning to purchase one next fall. Back to the drawing board, but I will NOT be buying a Ford, for sure!
Lou 06/20/2011
So am I hearing you people correct? There is no C-MAX that I was told was the perfect combination of a minivan and an SUV with the ability to seat 7 passengers or fold the middle seat down and/or remove the rear seats and you have an enormous amount of cargo space. I was told that I could purchase the gas version of this in October from the Ford dealer in Kirkwood, MO. I was also told that I wouldn't be able to purchase the hybrid or electric version of this vehicle until late 2012.
So am I hearing you correct that there is no gas version of this coming out in October 2011? I would love to purchase the hybrid version or better yet, the electric version but I have a leased vehicle and need to make a selection by this October, That's why the gas version was such good timing for me and with 25 city and 35 highway MPG, I was happy to have it over my small crossover by VW - the Tiguan - that I am not so happy with. It only averages 20 MPG for being a small SUV and I have had my fair share of problems with it. Mostly electronically related. Anyone with information, please comment. Recommendations would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
Dave 06/19/2011
My wife and I have been hoping that somebody sooner or later would come out with a cool hybrid minivan. When we saw that Ford had announced the C-Max, we were pretty excited. We have a 2007 Volvo V50 and a 1996 Acura Integra with 2 kids and the 7 passenger C-Max would have been perfect. Plus from a red-white-and-blue standpoint I was excited to purchase a Ford as I feel they've really turned it on in the quality and design departments. I used to work in Germany in the 90's and always felt the US market got inferior product. For Ford to make an announcement like this about the C-Max and then only offer the 5-seat version in the US is disappointing.
Jessie 06/19/2011
Argh! I have been waiting for the 7 seat C-Max to replace my Explorer with. I will not replace it with a 5 seater, and want a more fuel efficient vehicle to transport my family in. Help out the family crowd, Ford. I love your reliability, but will not buy my next car from you if you do not provide a high-mileage family hauler!!
David Mikosz 06/19/2011
I would like to join the chorus. I was looking forward to a 7 person PHEV. Too bad I won't be buying Ford now.
Joseph G Dushaw 06/18/2011
I am a tall person and I drive the 2010 Ford escape hybrid because when setting in it I'm up looking down instead of down looking up ...... I'm not going to fit very well in these new kiddy car hybrids .... Are there going to any bigger hybrids after the Ford escape meets its demise ????????
Joe .......
gepeto 06/18/2011
Seriously Ford, you are being just like Toyota by trying to offer a hybrid only model with the C-Max in the States. I was very much looking forward to purchasing the gas, 7 passenger version when it was to be released. I'm not sure who your product development people are or what they're smoking, but your products lately are good, but not home run great. The focus looks good on the outside, but the interior feels cramped, their is no legroom in the back seat, and your 6 speed auto transmission needs aerodynamic gimmicks to reach the 40 mpg EPA estimate. People do not want to pay $28K for a Ford Focus. People wanted to buy the 7 seat C-max because it offered 3 person seating in the second row giving you the option for a good amount of cargo space when the 3rd row wasn't needed vs. the Mazda 5's 2 bucket seats. Guess I'll be waiting for the redesigned Hyundai Elantra Touring or hopefully Mazda will get some sense and add the middle row seat option in America like they do for the Mazda 5 in Europe.
BJ 06/18/2011
What happened to the C-Max?!? I mean the 5+2 killer app of a car that was "coming soon" on the Ford website for months. I've been keeping my clunker going to get that car but this is just a hybrid Focus (yawn). Ford had a winner and has thrown it away. Too bad.
js 06/18/2011
I think the reason the 7 passenger isn't coming is because it would have looked to much like a wagon. And then you couldn't call it a crossover. And well we know what Americans think of wagons and diesels.
Daniel Bottera 06/18/2011
Corporate marketing logic does not always build buyer loyalty, for my time line to purchase a 3-row micro van is now history. Do not like the Mazda 5 & believe the following: a)many ppl are looking for a smaller 7 passenger van with advanced I-4 gas engine, as well as promised foot hatch release, etc b)due to temperature related battery problems, many will avoid these units in cold climates c)the Prius wagon will probably beat these units to market in spite of problems in Japan, and the Orlando could get a review by GM if Ford does not bring us the promised gasoline Grand C-Max d)do not need the new Escape, as it will lack the storage, sliding doors & headroom of the GCM. And even a Transit Connect with ecoBoost & updated 6-spd automatic, will not appeal to most buyers.
I need a small, true van as well as a new economical CUV, but I am irritated at Ford for constructing a site for a vehicle due out in 2011 that may never be released in US. Ford & GM continue to play these games of not offering good products from Europe or Australia. I thought that this was to be the new strategy. So, guess I will have to wait even longer to review the new VW van. Ford needs to review policy of advanced product information, as well as policy of failing to take some risk. "Word of mouth" would help sell such a versatile vehicle.
Ross 06/18/2011
My Wife and I just purchased a 2011 Escape with plans to buy the 7 passenger C-Max when It came out. We got the Escape to tow, but we needed a vehicle with more seating and good fuel economy. We drive 40-50K miles a year. Although the V6 4x4 Escape gets okay fuel economy, a way to bring Grandma along with our 3 kids every now and then is what we really need. An Explorer is much bigger then what we need and the fuel economy really is not good enough.
Don H 06/17/2011
I'm one more individual who is severely disappointed that the 7 passenger C-max will not be coming to North America. The only option that comes close to what this car would offer is the Mazda 5, and inexplicably, it's available only in a 6 passenger configuration in the US. In the rest of the world it's a 7 passenger van.....I can't even begin to understand Mazda's thinking on that!! Anyway, I was very much looking forward to the introduction of the C-max van as it would have fit my needs perfectly. Now what Ford? Apparently my patience will not be rewarded. I really wanted this vehicle!!
Jay 06/17/2011
What, this thing is only a minivan poser that seats five? I was so excited to hear of a plug-in hybrid minivan... Oh well, will just squeeze a couple more years out of my Odyssey while saving for a Tesla Model S...
Larry Predieri 06/17/2011
Why did Ford kill the 7 passenger C-Max for the USA? I was looking forward to seeing this vehicle and I think quite a few other people were also. It looked like a great alternative for many families. Just like killing the wagon version of the Focus. Please change your mind on this!!!
Stephane 06/17/2011
I was so thrilled about the grand C-max coming to canada. Having 3 childrens, the mazda 5 was not an option with his weird two seats/row configuration (unless I want to forget about luggages). I was already planning to buy the c-max in replacement of my Grand Caravan, wich I bought in a moment of panic, knowing I was expecting twins... Now I'm doomed. Come on Ford, you can do it!... The sliding doors and the "magic" middle seat where great!
steve 06/17/2011
I'll join the others, I was holding off trading my dodge caravan for a c-max 5+2, I guess I'll go visit the Mazda dealer.
Euro MPV 06/16/2011
I had my hope high for the past year for the 5+2-seater. I've always seen this as a sedan replacement with excellent visibility (front, side, and back), comfortable tall seating positions, which are becoming increasingly rare in today's cars since their A pillars are sloping more and more and window lines get higher and higher all making it very uncomfortable to sit in.

I was so glad I have this to consider besides Mazda 5. Disappointed at Ford's decision.
John 06/16/2011
I agree - I was very much looking for an eco-friendly 7-passenger vehicle, where Ford would have been breaking new ground. Not to mention that it's been several years since Ford has had a minivan, which are making some semblence of a comback. To my knowledge, there ins't a single 7-passenger vehicle in North America that gets any sort of decent gas milage (above 35 mpg). As it stands now, it looks like anyone needing the extra passenger room will be stuck shelling out the extra cash on gas instead of eco-technology.
Hiram Hughes 06/15/2011
I love the idea of this vehicle but it would be even better if it came in an All Wheel Drive Model as well.
Sherri 06/15/2011
I agree with everyone above! I was waiting for the 5+2 seater C-Max, and am disappointed in Ford. I never liked Ford, my family has always had bad experiences with their vehicles, but I was willing to give them a try for the C-Max which was truly an exciting vehicle that would meet my needs for more passenger capacity. After this let down, I doubt I will ever try a Ford. I guess I'll get the Mazda5.
Carl 06/15/2011
Ford you blew it by scraping the gas only 7 passenger C-Max
Louis Marvin 06/15/2011
That looks perfect for my growing and active family. We lead busy lives and a vehicle like this would be serve us very well. Thank you Ford for making the electric vehicle of my dreams. It's not just a minivan it's an adventure. Also, I love the "multi-activity vehicle" tag, it's perfect! It's not just a MAV it's freedom (to the max!). I hope cup holders for all passengers will be standard (just a suggesh!).
Richard 06/15/2011
What a disappointment not bring the c max to the states. I just came back from Europe and saw many on the road. When is America ever going to move to driving cars that make sense?
Casey 06/15/2011
So disappointed in Ford's decision with the C-Max. We were waiting to replace our current car with the 7-passenger C-Max, but I guess now we'll have to look elsewhere. When will car makers realize that there is a market here for vehicles other than ugly, fuel-guzzling vans and SUVs that can accommodate families? Ford has really missed an opportunity here.
JSP 06/15/2011
Arrgh!! I am a dedicated Ford driver since marriage, but we have two kiddos and are looking at the possibility of a third. I was eagerly looking forward to the 7 passenger seating just because of the size of safe car-seats and booster seats. Now you're cutting it back to five, leaving me with the gas-guzzling explorer and expedition, and even then, I'll have to special order bucket seats in the second row. You can't use a sliding seat with a car seat for the second row. I was talking up the C-Max to all my friends. Sorry, Ford, guess I'm going Mazda.
Jason 06/14/2011
Very disappointing. I've been eagerly anticipating the 7-passenger C-max -- I wanted a 7-passenger microvan, not a 5-passenger car, and it's hard to see what a 5-passenger C-max offers that isn't already covered by other vehicles like the Focus. Unfortunately for Ford, this means I'll be looking at the Mazda5 rather than waiting for the C-max.
Arthur Rozum 06/14/2011
I have a 2003 VW Golf TDI that gives me about 50 mpg fuel economy and 1100 kms range. I was considering replacing it with a C-MAX - 7 passenger option was attractive. Now that is gone, and I am increasingly skeptical whether the C-MAX will offer any better fuel economy than my 8 year old VW.... Ford - you are not handling the development of this car well... There should be a diesel, or diesel hybrid engine option, and 7 seat option available.
cole 06/14/2011
Here is some informatoin on both the C-MAX Energi and C-MAX hybrid. We'll be sharing more details as we get closer to launching each of these vehicles.

C-MAX Energi:
C-MAX Energi will achieve more than 500 miles of overall driving range using the battery and engine - more than any other plug-in or extended range electric vehicle. The C-MAX Energi features Ford's innovative on-board charging station to allow for full battery charge quicker than Chevy Volt. The vehicle also will look to achieve AT-PZEV status.

C-MAX Hybrid:
C-MAX Hybrid is targeted to deliver better mpg than the Fusion Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient sedan in America today. It will be the first of two new Ford hybrids that will be available by 2012 to use lithium ion battery technology. C-MAX Hybrid will build on the success of the critically acclaimed powersplit architecture Ford uses in its current hybrids, allowing it to operate in fuel-saving electric mode beyond 47 mph.


Dan Pierce
Ford Motor Company Communications
Marilyn 06/14/2011
Too bad, would've picked 5+2 C-max over Mazda5.
John 06/13/2011
Why not a plug in hybrid or plain hybrid 7 seater? It would be the only one of it's kind. I went out and leased a 2011 Toyota Sienna last week, because I needed a minivan. Currently, Ford makes none. If the 7 seat plug in hybrid C-max were available now, I'd be first in line to buy, not lease.

I was one of the first to own a Hybrid Fusion and I love it. It's one of the nicest cars that I have ever owned. We currently have a Lexus RX 400h and previously owned Nissan Maxima, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Altima, Volvo S80, and Lexus RX 350. The Fusion is the best for the money by far and the only car to win Motor Trend Car of the Year in that group.
Lars 06/13/2011
Needed a 7-seater... still looking
Paul 06/13/2011
This article is a bit too heavy on fluff, and not enough on the technical details such as;

What is the all electric range?
What is the max MPH in electric only mode?
Is it a serial hybrid like the Volt?

I am a Ford Fusion Hybrid owner and am looking for a plug in hybrid as my next car. Don't need a mini-van, but I could be tempted if the technical specs on the vehicle were good, and it drives as good as my Fusion
steve in va 06/13/2011
So sad. Mazda5 it is... :(
Xumba 06/13/2011
Now that you've dumped the 7-seater, I have no reason to be interested in this vehicle. Dump your product managers instead. They're missing a market.
Nic 06/12/2011
I am wondering why they decided to skip the 5+2 c-max? seemed like they would have made a killing here with it!
Ken Lee 06/12/2011
Ken from San jose. A good idea to offer 5 seater. I'd like to see 2 bucket seats at the second row for better comfort instead of 3 seats.
Eric 06/12/2011
Really disappointed that the 7 passenger CMAX will not be coming to the US. We were ready to move from a very loyal GM family to get a CMAX 7 passenger when it came out to replace our Chevy Traverse. I guess we will have to decide between a Mazda 5 and a traditional minivan. As a metro Detroiter, I'd prefer to have been able to buy something from Ford instead of Mazda.
RB 06/12/2011
I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to the fuel efficient mini van. I guess I will keep looking at the Mazda5.
SRT 06/11/2011
I was so excited about the gas powered C-Max...guess we will have to wait.
Alan Davis 06/11/2011
BUMMER!!! I was so looking forward to being a Ford owner for the first time when Ford announced that the gasoline version Grand C-Max would be sold here in the United States as a 7-passenger option. I had planned on comparing it to the Mazda 5 upon release this fall. I guess I will buy the Mazda5 instead... :-(
Steve Halder 06/11/2011
Will evaluate the new plug in hybrids when available and probably buy one or two. I'm not too satisfied with the Prius and much pefer normal Ford driveability. Hoping for a regular Ford experience behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid!
FOIA Gras 06/10/2011
GM announces that it will not offer it 7-passenger compact minivan (Orlando) in North America, now Ford reverses its decision to sell the 5+2 C-Max here. Too bad Ford feels that it has to be one or the other. The 5-passenger and 7-passenger are going to appeal to different buyers.

Guess I'll make do with hanging on to the '08 Mazda 5.
Prius Owner 06/10/2011
Thanks Ford. i guess we'll stick to the Mazda 5. Why not just do a Cmax MiniVan Hybrid. Toyota did not have the guts to do it with the Prius V and looks like Ford whimped out too.
Dave In DC 06/10/2011
I am disappointed the 7 passenger CMAX is not coming to the states. I was looking for a fuel saving alternative to my aging Dodge Caravan. I don't like the swoosh on the Mazda 5, so I am limited in my choices. I guess I will keep the Caravan. Sigh.
JC 06/10/2011
i guess those who were waiting for the 7 passenger gas only C-Max will have to settle for the Mazda 5. Good job Ford.
ian 06/10/2011
skip the hybrid - make the 5+2 c-max - keep this plug-in model. Wow, I was locked in to get the c-max too, now I will probably just go for another car
JP Paul 06/10/2011
This is great news! Higher hybrid volumes equal lower costs. We are waiting for the Energi..Go Ford!
Ty Navarro 06/10/2011
Alas, my twenty-plus year love affair of Ford vehicles is quickly dying out. I am the original owner of a 1991 Ford Escort GT, 1998 Ford Explorer XLT, 2001 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt, and now a 2010 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the C-Max, with Eco-Boost, as I believed that it would be a practical everyday vehicle for my commute and other needs. Now, learning of Ford's scheme to cancel the standard C-Max, I am left but with one alternative, and that is to switch my allegiance to Mazda and their, perhaps even more capable, Mazda 5, or perhaps even the VW Sportwagen TDI. Thanks Ford, and Mr. Mulally, for once again making Ford FUBAR. I must say that I had also considered the new Focus as another possibility for me. However, being that the Titanium package can only be had with the less-than-stellar 6-speed auto and not the manual transmission, my interest in that vehicle was swiftly crushed (Please do not suggest the Focus ST for the gaudy interior and Fast & Furious exterior bits are way too over the top for me. Perhaps if I were again 17 and not 40.........). So much for Ford's grand scheme to make their products truly global. European's once again get the gold and once again we get the shaft. Consider this divorce finalized.
Bridget 06/10/2011
I am really sad to hear that you are not going to offer the 7 passenger version. I have been waiting very patiently for this minvan and now i am going to have to buy something else that can carry more kids. Five passengers just is the same as a car - just won't work for our family.
Scott 06/10/2011
My wife and I have been slow shopping VW TDIs. We'd rather buy union-made in the USA so the hybrid C-Max interests with its comparable fuel economy. We can wait until 2012, but if their is a hybrid C-Max, we'd be even more excited about it if it was powered by clean diesel when its not draining the battery (wikipedia notes that Ford is making a C-Max diesel engine in Spain -- please make it available in the US). Thank you.
J 06/10/2011
nooooo!...the seven seater was our next car....very dissapointed :(
Mike B 06/10/2011
No C-Max here either. We spend too much time on the highway for a hybrid to offer much benefit. My wife liked the looks of it and we were going to wait for it to come out. Looks now like we'll be looking for something else.
DS 06/10/2011
Build me a four door Mustang and call it the intercepter and I'll buy it. Build me a seven passenger vehicle that cost less than 30 G and gets more than 30 MPG (I don't care how you do it, Hybrid, diesel, gas) and make fun to drive, i'll buy it. Oh, you had one of those, and you killed it. You have lost your Focus.
Derek 06/10/2011
Seven passenger seating is a must. The C-Max with 5 passengers is just a tall roofed Focus. Two cars doing the same thing. Muscle cars are outselling hybrids right now, this makes no sense.
Douglas Evans 06/10/2011
Very happy to see Ford pushing the technology envelop with this vehicle. We don't need another 7 passenger monster. The 5 passenger plug-in version seems perfect for my family. Congratulations to Ford for finally saying no to the super-size-me crowd and giving us a practical, energy efficient vehicle, much as our friends in Europe and Japan have enjoyed for decades. Bravo.
Derek in Los Angeles 06/10/2011
I don't understand what is going on here. Ford had my hopes up for a replacement for our 7 passenger Mountaineer. My ten year old Mountaineer drives great and has never had any problems with over 170,000 miles, but the gas miliage is killing me (14-15). My wife wont drive a minivan, but her friend has a Mazda 5 and she liked it. I don't like the styling or the interior. Looks like we'll have to look at the Dodge Journey now. I was hoping to stay with Ford quality. This is very upsetting.
A Detroit Mic 06/10/2011
Well I guess Ford does not listen to its customers. My wife and I were so excited to purchase the 7 passenger C-Max. We have been holding out. Why would Ford cancel this? Horrible decision on Ford's part. I have always been a Ford fan but they have lost me and my family. Looks like we will have to go to a foreign automaker. Ford offers nothing for a larger family unless you want a big overpriced gas guzzler.
chris 06/10/2011
Ford you are making a big mistake. When families are shopping minivans, 7 passenger capacity is expected as a minimum. Dropping down to five passengers automatically takes it out of the minivan category and throws it into car crossover territory. Build a real minivan, and you might steal some Honda/Toyota buyers. Otherwise, just convert your Flex and good luck.
JP Paul 06/10/2011
The third row would be a great option. However, I am excited to hear it will only be built as a hybrid. Economies of scale will come into play and will help reduce the overall price of the car. Plug in hybrids are the way to go. The Prius gets 50mpg and when they launch the Plug in Prius it will easily get into the 70 to 80 mpg range. I would expect the Plug in C-Max Energi to be competitive to these numbers. We are waiting…..
Rick Perry 06/10/2011
I am not a Ford man but if this car comes in AWD or 4WD then I'm sold just as soon as my Honda and Pontiac are paid off. I may even be sold without AWD considering I don't have it now anyway.
Greg Koster 06/09/2011
I was hoping to nurse my 2004 Sienna until the C-Max came along, as a way to return to the original Plymouth Voyager minivan roots. But this is not a mini-minivan at all. So I went out today and bought a Honda Odyssey. Ford loses the minivan war again, without even trying.
richguy 06/09/2011
Hi Rob. I believe that Ford is simply calling it the C-Max on these shores, but it is in fact the same dimensions as the Grand.
Tony 06/09/2011
I was waiting for this van until today's announcement. It would have been my first Ford. Why can't we get the same cars as Europe? I really wanted a 7 passenger small van. My dream also has a diesel and manual. Ford is making some great products. I have to believe this vehical has been sacrificed for fuel economy goals. Too bad.
Jeremy Cram 06/09/2011
Too bad Ford has decided not to offer a 7 passenger C-Max in the US. A 7 passenger version would have had little competition (other than the Mazda 5) but a 5 passenger version will have plenty. Would have bought a 7 passenger version but not the 5.
Matt 06/09/2011
Ford, I can't believe you pulled the plug on the one family vehicle i was actually excited and had been waiting for. I guess I'll go buy something foreign. Great job!
SF MOM 06/09/2011
So disappointed that the Grand C-Max (7-seater, rear sliding doors, gas powered) has apparently been cancelled by Ford. I had been waiting for its release sometime year and had resisted the urge to go with the Mazda5. This micro-mini would have been perfect for our family -- one-car family, big-city driving with hills, parallel parking everywhere, 2-3 adults + 2 small but growing children, narrow garage space, under $25K. I think I've exhausted all other possibilities. We can't fit a regular-sized minivan in our garage and street parking is hard to find in our neighborhood. Can anyone suggest another vehicle?
Smokey Wren 06/09/2011
I was planning on replacing my 2009 Honda Odyssey EX-L with a Grand C-Max with eco-boost engine. I'm a Ford fan, but it looks like I'll have to look to Japan for my next car.
K 06/09/2011
I also thought the new c-max would be a replacement for our '96 ford explorer--Ford is going to lose repeat business from me with this "new" change. I am very disappointed...Mazda might be getting a sale though.
Jonathan Lieu 06/09/2011
My wife was thinking of replacing her Mazda5 with the Grand C-Max but I'm not sure this is an option anymore. Ford has made lots of great moves lately. I'm not sure this is one of them.
Phil Kosarek 06/09/2011
Well, I am no longer interested in the C-Max. I was very excited to find a 7-seat non minivan when I saw the C-Max at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show this past winter. That was exactly what my wife was looking for and it would have been our first Ford (I am a GM guy due to family discounts) as it was very unique and wasn't a minivan. My wife won't drive a minivan if her life depended on it but we could really use more than 5 seats so the C-Max looked to be perfect. AutoNews confirmed that with the plan to only release the Hybrid version, it will have conventional, non sliding rear doors and only 5 seats now so no thank you Ford, I'll look elsewhere. The hybrid/conventional powertrain doesn't interest me you had my sold on features.
Rob 06/09/2011
To Whom It May Concern,

I just read an article stating that the Grand C-Max is no longer going to make it to North American shores. I am quite shocked as this was a potential replacement for one of our daily drivers. Although the C-Max appears to be a nice vehicle, it simply will not fulfill my family's needs. The Grand C-Max, on the other hand, would have most likely fulfilled my family's needs.

I hope the next generation Ford Escape is spectacular.
Jonathan Lieu 06/09/2011
Daniel, Ford apparently only today, officially not only cancelled the 7-seat C-Max but it will also only be offered in the plug-in hybrid and Energi models - no gas only engines; no Ecoboost. I am disappointed.
brian 06/09/2011
I don't want an electric, I don't want a hybrid. I want an ecoboost C-Max to replace our aging Mazda MPV. Sorry to say if that isn't possible, I'll be buying a new Mazda5.
Dennis 06/09/2011
Been Sitting around waiting for a C Max myself or do I now have to get a Mazda 5?
Daniel Feldman 06/09/2011
Hey, where is the 7 -seater C-MAX webpage? Electric 5-seater is great, but I REALLY was interested in the 7-seater. Please don't say it was cancelled...
Verne 06/06/2011
It looks cool, but not aerodynamic. What is the MPG without plugging in?
carol slater 06/04/2011
i am waiting to order a c max and would like to know when you can place a order.
Lee Heytow 06/03/2011
Meh, I get 500 mile range on my 2011 Fusion Hybrid and really love the car. Do need another in about 2 years and will look at the plugins but what will their range on batteries be?
Crystal Heimlich 06/03/2011
I have been looking to purchase a new vehicle to replace my 2005 Explorer. I was anticipating getting something new this fall (2011). When I saw the C-Max I decided that I have to wait because this is the vehicle that I WANT! Ford, please hurry and get this out for sale!
Cliff 05/27/2011
We would really like to some efficient diesel models offered for sale in the US
James McRitchie 05/27/2011
I would love to buy one of these in a cargo version. I'm retired and want to drive around the country staying at campgrounds but I certainly don't want to drive one of those gas guzzling monster RVs. VW camper van would be ideal, except that they were noisy, stunk and they don't make them any more.
maggie 05/25/2011
Is there any way this can be offered as a right hand drive in the US since it will be in the Uk?? I am a mail carrier and NO ONE offers anything close to this for us poor mail carriers. I am sinking gas into a jeep wrangler at 12 miles to the gallon and I hate it. Not only is the gas milage horrible... i feel like I am on a roller coaster driving it...SO rough! Please help the rural mail carriers of america and give us an awesome ride thats great on gas!
JP Paul 05/24/2011
Why doesn’t Ford just offer the 2012 Fusion hybrid with a plug in option? Ford already announced they are swapping out the current pack with a Lithium pack. All they need to do is install a plug and possibly a larger elect motor that can go 65 mph opposed to the 48 mph motor that is in the car now. Why do we have to wait for a totally new vehicle such as the C-Max? The Fusion Hybrid is an industry acclaimed platform that has won several auto awards. Let’s just make it better by adding a plug in option in early 2012. Thank you,
Alan 05/24/2011
Understanding that the rather bland Prius v coming this fall will be the benchmark for this Hybrid MPV segment, the sporty new C-Max Hybrid needs to offer more than 44 city/40 Hwy. However, offering a Hepa/Low Toxin Level version, with Ford's already award winning low toxin interior components from the UK, along with seat cushions made of soy, insulation made of recycled jeans, and a hyper particulate filter on the ventilation, would create a 'safe zone' for kids with various allergies and asthma, etc.
shaun abell 05/20/2011
I come from a Ford family - but the only way to get my wife out of her Subaru and into a Ford will be if the C-max is all wheel drive. Otherwise, no chance absent a redesigned Escape. I LOVE this vehicle, PLEASE go AWD
JP 05/17/2011
Alan - I totally agree! With one exception Make it a Plug in Hybrid =) "offer the Focus 5-Door Hybrid(148hp 1.6 ecoboost from the UK 2012 Focus) and price it the same as the Titanium 5-door, with a Prius beating 50+mpg."
R C 05/17/2011
Comment on this ARTICLE!
Todd 05/16/2011
Would like to know if there will be a cargo version. The Transit is just to darn ugly for me.
Alan 05/13/2011
For those without kids who don't want a Prius, and don't need a van of any type and need more range than 75-100 miles, offer the Focus 5-Door Hybrid(148hp 1.6 ecoboost from the UK 2012 Focus) and price it the same as the Titanium 5-door, with a Prius beating 50+mpg. It's would ride on the same Global C Platform as the Focus Electric, C-Max Hybrid and Energi. So I am guessing most of the hybrid development world would already be done. Why would anyone want a Prius, if there was a hot tech filled Focus Hybrid 5-Door available, offering better MPG and more power, more tech and better styling at the same time.
Alan 05/13/2011
The C-Max Hybrid and Energi need real web pages like the Focus Electric, so we get more of the basic info on the car. We know it will have more tech, and get better fuel economy than the upcoming Prius V(better than the Fusion Hybrid 41/36), but we have to decipher it from the text above to figure it out. More info would be helpful so we can plan our car purchases a bit better.
Gary Greenwood 05/13/2011
I'm with Jose G on this point...Make ALL of them AWD or at least make AWD an option!
Dave 05/12/2011
Ford should offer a "small" hybrid pick up with 6 ft box. Would appeal to many people hauling very light loads (600 lbs) such as one motorcycle or trips to landscape & lumber yard. Would be a great second family vehicle for Dad. Would operate unloaded probably 95% of the time. Beat the other OEM's to the punch!
Rick 05/08/2011
I read somewhere the hybrid will be only a 2 rows seating, which the standard cmax is 3. Say it ain't so FORD! There's already the hybrid Escape for that. People don't want a hybrid mini-van without mini-van seatings.
mark 05/07/2011
Hurry up with the C-Max already!!!
MarcelloNYC 05/04/2011
Why not Explorer hybrid?
Jose G 05/03/2011
Please make 4wd an option (specially for plug-in hybrid version)
russ 05/03/2011
Now here is a great idea...What if FORD could design an on-board charger that would charge the battery while you were driving......and what if that charger were wind powered. Seems like to me that a lot of power could be generated going 60 mph down the highway. I also can't wait until parking lots are paved with that new electric asphalt. Just like when I throw my iphone down onto my charging pad.....i don't want to have to plug my car in every freaking night!
N. 05/01/2011
Please make the Focus into a hybrid.
Kevin Coppin 04/29/2011
Hey Ford Foiks, with $4/gal fuel prices becoming common her in the States, let's get a move on bringing this Hybrid C-Max to dealers. I hope you have people working on this project around the clock!
Don Claussen 04/28/2011
I want all wheel drive, 6 cylinder, perhaps a Ford edge or explorer
David 04/28/2011
The C-max was not actually at the North American Auto Show. I went there to look for it and even asked. They told me that they did not bring this vehicle. I want to see one!
victor lam 04/26/2011
nice, can ford add a solar roof to recharge batteries and power a few things =o)
Michelle 04/25/2011
The c-max has a third row, seating up to 7 people.
Aglie 04/25/2011
Being able to hold 6 passengers (including a couple of kids in booster seats) in an efficient hybrid vehicle would be a game-changer. Nobody offers that today.
BJ 04/25/2011
3rd row seating is key. Will any of your hybrid / plug ins offer this? C-max? Future Explorer hybrid? There is only so many years I can hang on to my old Honda Pilot waiting for a 7-8 seat hybrid SUV or Minivan to come out. Something with better mileage the Hylander Hybrid please.
George 04/25/2011
There is no mention of mpg ,or what the electric motors range is.
Patricia Castro 04/24/2011
When can I buy mine?
Thoreau 04/24/2011
Since you can't get minivan doors or third row on the plug-in, I might as well look at the Prius plug-in.
James 04/24/2011
I just hope that this promising car will not be overpriced and negate the benefits of it's fuel economy.
Idaho 04/24/2011
I need AWD. Will it have it?
Sally 04/23/2011
Sorry, But the only Ford I will drive is a Mustang
old911guy 04/23/2011
Will it have a third row?
old911guy 04/23/2011
This is the right direction! The form factor for this vehicle is one that I have been wanting a LONG time. I've been disappointed in the mpg of the Mazda 5 which has the right form factor. This corrects that problem. Bring it!
Dave 04/23/2011
What will the cost be? Will the general public be able to afford it?
Terry Burch 04/22/2011
Sounds great.....what's the leg room? Also, will this be cab forward design or is it designed with a bench for taller people?
Rose 04/22/2011
Rose I think this is an excellent car,with the growing prices of Gas, this is really good for everyone.
brandon 04/22/2011
30-40 miles per charge will take most of the civilized work TO and FROM work every day if they work in a major metropolis. Isn't it important to reduce the pollution and smog in major cities such as NYC, Chicago, LA, Beijing, ????? Why does that suck? Seems like if people who cram the expressways every day during the stop-and-go rush hour commutes would be perfect candidates for these vehicles.
Deb Shealy 04/22/2011
When will the Cmax hybrid be available and how much will it cost? I need a new car by this summer and I want something like a Prius. I want hybrid fuel efficiency and want to buy a Ford.
N. Gilmer 04/22/2011
I would like confirmation of the number of seats. If the Energi seats 6 or 7 (even if 2-3 of them must be children) this will replace our Honda Oddysey. If not, I'll continue to wait. Would love to buy American.
Richard Eiswirth 04/22/2011
This sounds great, but when will it be available. I am ready for a plug in (preferably) or hybrid now, enamored of one of you competitors (the LEAF) but not of the wait time in my area. I think the Volt is a bad joke. Had heard you were going to have a hybrid or plug in based on the Fiesta or Focus. Is that so, and will it be available sooner? Something like that would also meet my needs. Want to get off fossil fuels if I can do so at reasonable cost. Have had good experiences with Ford in the past and figure your products will be competitive or better.
Tom 04/22/2011
Frank, no other car company makes one like this yet. You can get close though, but you'd probably be buying a leaf with electric only capability for about 70 miles or so, or a hybrid such as a fusion or prius. This does a lot more than either of those can, but it's new tech, and a short wait is needed.
Bill Kerr 04/22/2011
I like the look for an around town grocery/home depot/trip to the airport utility car. Does the back seat fold flat/pull out? Does the AC run without starting the engine?

I second Daniel Cowden's call for a diesel engine.
Greg 04/22/2011
Do any of the electric cars utilize energy regeneration from the rolling wheels as a way to recharge the batteries?
Frank Giglia 04/22/2011
So Ford is telling me they do not have a car I can buy now and should look at other veihicles made by a different compnay. Thanks
Guest 04/22/2011
it needs to be affordable for us to buy it. I all into saving the planet and being green and not using so much gas but I have to be able to pay for that change somehow. Also Hawkeye has a good point too. This is great that ford is going green and making this technology more affordable.
Joseph Rumsey 04/22/2011
what will a minimal time recharge system cost for a residence. What is the price including all the prep delivery etc.
Paul Antram 04/22/2011
Ford does not ask about diabilities, nor the size or any special needs of a driver. I'm 6'6" 270lbs. I can't stoop down and craw into the recommended vehicle, regadless of gas miliage. I use to drive a 2000 Ford Tauras--just being able to slip into a bench seat version--not any more. Full size Pickup seems like the only choice.
Jeffrey Mirate 04/22/2011
This vehicle will be great if I can also take long distance trips approximating 500 miles per day with it. Affordability will be the key to success for this vehicle. Most middle class people can only afford vehicles in the $20K-30K range, if that. Can I tow a runabout boat a few miles to a boat launch this SUV type vehicle? Another type of vehicle Ford should consider is placing a highly reliable and energy efficient diesel engine capable of getting 40+ mpg in vans 6-7 passenger vans and crossover SUV vehicles and selling them for less than $30K nicely equipped.
Lanny 04/22/2011
What about Winter and Summer comfort (heat and air) and how does that affect the travel distances?
John 04/21/2011
What are maintenance cost? In a year will this vehicle still be performing to stated goals...They never seem to meet the goals once the car is off the lot.
Nick Winter 04/21/2011
it has to affordable for me to consider it, or i will just go with the fiesta?
Woody Knight 04/21/2011
My question is: why doesn't Ford consider some sort of utilization of forced air to regerate power while driving? I am sure some sort of "windmill concept" could be stowed somewhere under hood or elsewhere? Just seems such concepts have been dismised.

Woody Knight
Hawkeye 04/21/2011
Nothing is ever mentioned about maintenance $$$ costs if you plan to keep a car for a long time.... like upkeep, replacing the battery, transmission service, etc. How about putting out some numbers that really mean something....
Danny Kirkpatrick 04/21/2011
Dan. Great features. Now how much will they cost ? Can we afford Progress. Will it be worth it.
pyrexmaniac 04/19/2011
Thank you, Ford Motor Company, for doing a brilliant job in bringing desireable, functional, INTELLIGENT vehicles to America. The C-max, the Focus and the Fiesta are the type of vehicles we need for today's world. Great job, Ford......keep it up and I'll trade my Mazda in for a Ford when the time is right.
Josh 04/18/2011
Ford is showing some real brains respoding to the market and current tough economy like this. Hopefully the pricepoint also does this...takes reality into consideration. It's about time American car companies stop trying to sell us gas-sucking sharks that no one needs and acknowledge that gas is over $4/gal. and that is the japanese and Koreans can be profitable, so can we. It's going to get more and more attractive the higher gas prices go...and they will.

V8s? Are you kidding? The nation cannot continue to send our money to the middle east to compensate for inadequacies with sports cars.
J 04/17/2011
Looking forward to the C-max e but if overpriced will most likely purchase the Prius plug-in when available even though I would prefer a Ford.
Dennis D. Embry Ph.D. 04/17/2011
Mmmm...We own a Leaf and are happy about this development. A plug in hybrid like this would be great. And, the notion that the batteries cannot be made to achieve the goal are silly. Ah, we get 100 miles on our leaf.
Sue McGill 04/15/2011
This is exciting. I look forward to the C-Max. We have been looking for 6 months to find the right blend of technology, seating, and non-truck look. I think the C-MAX is it; just wish it was here now.
JP 04/14/2011
Wade - yes it will ahve to come in at aroud $25k to compete with the plug in prius.
Jared 04/13/2011
How about making it look like an "American" sports car that people 6'3 will be comfortable taking long trips in, just saying i think sales would be alot higher. Most people i know hate how these new cars are looking, like there straight from Japan and Europe.
Wade 04/13/2011
It will be interesting to see where the pricing comes in. If the C-max variations are $30-$35k I don't see it working. Offering a flexible seating car around $25k would be perfect. I am still driving my 2005 Mazda MPV. It is 40% Ford and I love the size and sportiness along with the seating/storage. C-max is the first car I would consider as a replacement.
Stephen Walk 04/12/2011
People do the research. The Ford C-Mac Energi will be lucky to get 30 To 40 miles on a charge. We would need batteries The size of a semi truck. We do not have the tech YET.
D Sieg 04/10/2011
I want power opening doors and a front bench seat with convenient entry exit. By that I mean I can get out without getting mud on my pants.
JP 04/08/2011
The Ford C-Max website says "Late 2012" for the Energi launch date. That is still almost two years away. Comon Ford pull the launch date into early 2012 to compete with the othr mfg's plug in hybrids. Thanks,
Barry 04/07/2011
The 500 miles is the EV charge plus a tank full of gas.
Dennis 04/06/2011
i would have never considered a plug in car til now if ford can do and get 500miles on a charge I will buy one I have my truck but would love a better car to commute
Sean 04/03/2011
I meant 45 X 13 = $585.00 but still that's cheaper than paying for a conventional gas car for just a year. Just saying.
Sean 04/03/2011
45 X 11 = $495.00 a year or once every week out of the total 52 weeks in a year unless your going to charge more than once every week be prepared to pay higher prices than around $500.00 a year if you do that? But still this is way cheaper than paying gas for a conventional gas car just be glad your not paying like $1200.00 or higher a year just to say. But yeah I can't imagine your electric company that runs your house's electricity bill up like that when it comes to either a Plug-in Hybrid or an Electric just not fair I tell you sheesh stupid electric company.
Stephen Walk 04/02/2011
I have waited 5 years for an American car company to get there act together. I have a 2006 Prius it is the most remarkable car I have ever owned. I hope the c-Mac energi is as good or better. I would have never got the Prius if the American car companies had led and not followed.
Rick P 04/02/2011
Exciting products. I just hope Ford doesn't price them out of the market.
G Mac 03/29/2011
Does the Energi also have regenertive braking to help extend vehicle range?
Sean 03/24/2011
Thanks for the info that clean diesel is not always the green way to go.
GTnAustin 03/23/2011
Interesting. Local utility company just set rates a flat rate for charging electric vehicles of $45.00 per month. I'd have to do that math on that one.
Sean 03/21/2011
Though here's a great idea wouldn't it be great if Ford sold a charger that you could use on the go if you can't find a charging station around your area. Plus it would be great that it could have lock features on both the plug that goes into a traditional outlet and the one that goes into either your plug-in hybrid or electric so other people don't take your charge plug away from you or use it as there own charging plug. Now we wouldn't want that wouldn't we good! Also this would be great if you are going to places such as a mall or some other retail store if they have outlets around the parking lot just to say.
Drew 03/20/2011
For the comments on the UK diesels that get very high MPG. You need to understand those numbers are based off of imperial gallons not US gallons. The testing methods are also different, as is the emissions standards. So just for accurate comparison if you take a 50mpg UK diesel and bring it over to the US and have it tested it would be under 40 mpg, just the difference in the gal size will make it 41mpg, then our testing standards will drop it down a few more as well (and it wont pass emissions)

Also “clean diesel” isn't clean
Comparing the Audi A-3 diesel vs gas engine (same size engine)
The diesel will have a 24% reduction in greenhouse gas (thats a good thing) but..
NOx- 250% increase
CO – 320% increase
NMOG – 800% increase
Smog forming pollution- 435% increase
Clean diesel is so much worse and pollution then reg gas it's not even funny.
Sean 03/18/2011
Totally agree! Just looked at a UK Ford site and wish that more of Ford's European vehicles were here especially the diesel versions so everybody can experience how fuel efficient there vehicles really are from over there her's the site and the C-Max sure would make anyone jealous if you really want one that would have the diesel option would sure would get anybody jealous over fuel efficiency look at the KA you will be jealous in no time in my opinion it's the line up of the king when it comes to being green! Plus they have a Fusion hatchback yeah and we don't have any of the cars in there line up what is wrong with America! When it comes to it's line up of cars and worse no diesel choices though I'm glad were getting electrics but again I wish the range was like 250 to 300 miles of range here's the link and I'll give you steps so you can look at the site. Step 1. Highlight the link on the web address bar and delete it. Step 2. Highlight the web link and left click then hit copy. Step 3. Put your cursor on the web address bar then left click and then hit paste and finally hit enter and you should see the line up of Fords European Line up of vehicles once you do you will be totally jealous and in disbelief at the same time in no time!
JP 03/11/2011
Based on all my countless hours spend reading about alternate fuels the plug in hybrid is the best way to go. 20 to 25 mile range will take care of 85% of my driving. The remainder can be handled by the 50mpg hybrid mode. Plus if you can keep the overall vehicle cost down by using a smaller batter pack then that is the way to go. Hopefully they offer the 5+2 seating on the Energi and do not require all the gadgets to make the car affordable.
O.F. Randall 03/09/2011
Ford deserves great praise for its move towards hybrid and electric technology.

notsold/notsolid, the harebrained (perhaps the word you were grasping for despite being its epitome) idea would be to keep using antiquated, inefficient technology like internal (infernal) combustion engines when better alternatives like electric are available. The benefits of electric drives have been proven in locomotives, cruise ships, etc. for years. The batteries can be recycled. The toxic oil being burned in ICEs goes straight into the atmosphere and our lungs. Even electricity produced from coal is far cleaner as an energy source than burning oil in ICEs. I've used electric drives in a variety of applications for years and they are far better in terms of torque, reliability, maintenance, and so on. Many of us cannot wait to buy Fords and Lincolns utilizing this century's technology. You can cling to the dark ages if you want but the rest of us believe in progress.
Thomas Artman 03/09/2011
On a superficial note, anybody think the name is lame? I don't like it at all. With the exception of the storied models Mustang, Taurus and Ranger, all other modern models start with an "E" or "F". Their marketing folks dropped the ball on this one.

I recognize that the C-Max probably maxes out the possibilities of the C-segment platform it's built on, so I get it. However, that's not enough justification for me. I like the retention of tradition on non-essential aspects, like names, while embracing the future of interfaces and powertrains.
Thomas Artman 03/09/2011

Most Li-ion battery packs today are designed to be at least 80% to 90% recyclable by weight. Li-ion battery tech is not technically considered toxic. By comparison, NiM:H batteries are definitely toxic, and last I knew, they are only about 70% to 80% recyclable by weight.

In fact, automakers like Tesla established a recycling process and contracts with the third-party recyclers for their Li-ion battery packs before they sold their first Roadster back in the Fall of 2008.
Thomas Artman 03/09/2011
D. Mueller: Agreed on the Fusion hybrid - taking up trunk space and negating the ability to fold down the rear seats was not a good idea. Otherwise, though, the Fusion is fantastic. Shame there's not more headroom - I went with the Mariner hybrid after a test drive.

However, with the C-Max, this will not be a problem. They specifically state in the article that the new Li-ion packs are about 50% smaller and over 20% lighter than comparable NiM:H, like that in the Fusion hybrid. Based on the pictures I've seen, the battery appears to be cleanly laid underneath the floor, providing no hindrance to cargo space.

They did something similar with the NiM:H battery in the Escape hybrid - flat under the floor - lost only 0.2 square feet of cargo space over the non-hybrid models.
notsold 03/08/2011
We need to stop this non-sense of hybrid, electric, battery packs and all other tree hugging haribrain ideas. What do you do with the spent vehicle toxic batteries; throw them in the land fill? Just get us high mileage Diesels in these cars like they have in Europe. Don't believe the EPA BS on Diesel pollution. A diesel will burn anything including Ethanol (Corn Squeezins)
David C. Mueller 03/04/2011
Uless the C-Max hybrid uses a flat battery pack to maximuze cargo space and uses the shutter system from the new Focus I can say without doubt as a Fusion Hybrid owner that this will be a vehicle that will be a poor seller.
Victor Laxamana 03/04/2011
When will the C-Max Energi be available in the US? 2012? is that December or earlier? I would like to PLACE AN ORDER NOW FOR ONE UNIT PLEASE !!!!
Jo 03/04/2011
How far, on average, can you go on just the gas? For example, you might be away from home or not have anywhere you can charge the battery.
Tallrussian 03/01/2011
Will the C-MAX Energi have sliding doors? That would be a crucial deciding moment for my family as our garage is not wide enough for the kids to open regular doors. We own '07 Sienna Limited now but planning to move to a smaller (and preferably electric) car, ideally with sliding doors within a couple of years as we don't like the Sienna (too big, gas hog and Toyota NAVI is too restrictive and practically useless - we both like Acura NAVI much better).
Zoom Zoom defector 02/27/2011
I will be replacing my 06 Mazda 5 touring since the newest Maz 5 lacks any of this cool telemetrics/nav/infotainment system the cMax has and getting 400+ miles to the tank would be sweeet!
A. Mason 02/26/2011
Will it be affordable?
James Egan 02/26/2011
When will the C-Max Energi be available in the US? 2012? is that December or earlier? I would like to get one early next year...
Jim 02/24/2011
Sounds like something I will want real soon, I was looking at a Prius, but will wait for the Ford
turtlegirl 02/23/2011
Will the hybrid have the 5+2 seating? I read the Energi won't, but hoping the hybrid will. Any idea when the C-max and C-max hybrids will be available? I'm vascillating between buying a Mazda5 right now, or waiting for the C-max.
Robert 02/23/2011
This is awesome! I also hope sometime they implement a seamless built in solar panel system that will help get some charge when I don't drive the car. Sometimes on the weekend I don't drive my car at all and it would be nice to have the solar panel system get the charge back up saving fuel, money and even less emissions. They can do it!
Paul Janiczek 02/22/2011
Paul (BV VA US): The C-MAX Energi fits my lifestyle beyond perfection. I retired early to a small town in Virginia. Far-and-away, most days my driving is with-in the range of a plug-in - perfect. But I occasionally go on long trips so the extended range available through the hybrid takes this car beyond perfect. It is very likely this will be my next car purchase.
reed 02/21/2011
When will it be available for purchase here in the States?
Stephen G (Taos, NM) 02/21/2011
Awesome. Can't wait. 3rd row seating is KEY! AWD would be excellent too.

Agree too about clean diesel. Would buy them, particularly diesel hybrid.

Lastly, when are you going to put out an electric or hybrid truck? I've had numerous F350's and been a Ford truck fan for decades, but also drive a Prius. Just glad I can come home to a C-Max plug-in. Then, hybrid diesel trucks! Come on!!!! You can do it if anybody can.
pete 02/21/2011
Very nice car I definitely have it in mind for my next car purchase, as well as the new focus electric which is nice too, great job ford, I personally drive a Ford Fusion as a company car and enjoy it very much.
Mat 02/21/2011
AWD Please!
Anthony 02/20/2011
nice article, but how far can one charge get me at this point, and how many total miles can I expect from an engine? i drive 100+ miles round trip to work daily and drive approx 25,000 miles a year.
Bob Ford 02/20/2011
Produce clean Diesel for the US markets, we WANT them and will buy them.
Steve Be Cotte 02/20/2011
I don't mind buying a Hybrid, but I have to agree with Juan. The Diesel C-MAX I rented last year in Germany was fantastic! We filled it at all times with 5 people and suitcases and I drove it through Germany and Austria for a week on little more than a tank of gas!
Juan Lucero 02/19/2011
Give us in the USA the clean diesels you now have in Europe! We will buy them.
Robert O Dietz 02/18/2011
ROD - I own the new 2011 Fusion and I LOVE it - The comfort, convenience and ride are as good as the BMW I gave up and only 1/2 the price. I wanted to go "green" but the hybrid version was not really competitive and it still used gas power to often - the new all electric has my interest so I'll be ready when you are!
Juanjo 02/18/2011
Reknaw, 100% agree with you. I just relocated to the US from Spain and had to buy a car. I was very surprised to see (specially in the VW line up) the old gas engines they offer. Yes, they have TDIs which is a great thing but Gas engines are just...old. The engines lineup in Europe is technology wise years ahead. Why??. Nice to see Ford is bringing the C-MAX family to the US. Really looking forward. It would be great these hybrids could run in a "commute mode" where you set the distance (10 miles as an example) and it uses most of the battery knowing there will be only a 20miles roundtrip that day.
Lyn 02/16/2011
I have a Ford Freestyle and have not come across a better car that would convince me to give up my Freestyle until now (C-Max). Flex is nice inside but ugly outside. CMax - you have my interest. Only one thing, the center seat folding into the next car seat...will not work if you have two kids in child safety car seats tethered on either side. Might want to re-think that or change marketing comment "especially convenient when you have child-safety seats secured to the outer seats". How about having that center seat drop into the floor. Considering a family having 2 kids, 2 years apart, family car will not be child car seat free for 8 years!
reknaw 02/15/2011
I loved my 98 VW diesel. 44mpg and ran on biodiesel. Kept waiting for a us company to bring over their 40mpg diesel stuff from europe. Never happened. Ford sells a terrific diesel Ranger outside the US. I would trade my old Ranger for a new diesel one right now if Ford actually sold them here. Sad really.
I am very interested in the CMax Energi. It could handle my commute using no gas, but can still work for longer trips. This assumes Ford makes a big jump over their current hybrid tech, which is electric only up to 40mph and if you use a featherlight touch on the accelerator.
I would love to see the Energi succeed, but I have been disappointed for years waiting for companies to bring in the great diesel stuff they ALREADY sell overseas. I am prepared for a long wait followed by low expectations.
Volker 02/14/2011
If any body wants to take a closer look, just go to a european Ford site.
The regular C-Max is sold in europe since 2003. Won several awards. Great car. But was prob. "too good" for America?
Who knows.....;-)
Ed 02/13/2011
I hope that unlike the Fusion Hybrid, the back seats can fold down..
JC 02/13/2011
I was disapointed today when I went to the Chicago Autoshow and only Cmax that they had on display was on a turntable that no one could get into or get a close look at. No hybrid C-max to be seen on display I had to go to the mazda booth and sit in a Mazda5. I don't know guys did you forget that one in Detroit? The Cmax hybrid was hyped up in all the newpapers and media sites and a no show at the show.
Jeff Forte 02/13/2011
Perfect sized vehicle for my tastes. I prefer the taller compact cars that are being introduced lately. The steeply raked A pillars you find lately make for a claustrophobic front seating area. The hyper-efficient drivetrain could seal the deal as fuel economy is probably my top priority. I tend to keep cars for 8-10 yrs so the added expense would be worth it.
Mike D 02/10/2011
I hope that this will have the same 5+2 seating as the regular C-Max. Our next vehicle needs to be able to carry more people than the 5 that my Ford Fusion Hybrid (which I love!) carries.
buyer 02/08/2011
Fusion wagon/Malibu wagon/accord wagon/camry wagon: all 32 MPG with handling of a sedan and capacity of SUV, with low COG for good stability in emergencies. Why are cars like these everywhere except the Americas?
Andy 02/07/2011
Jeff- FYI $800 in 1912 dollars (approximate model T cost) = about $17,800 in 2008 dollars. If you look at what you get for the same equivalent dollar cost it\\'s plain to see today\\'s cars are a good value.
Jim 02/04/2011
Diesel before hybrid. Get same or better mileage and only one power train to deal with.
GB 02/03/2011
The Energi is a great car but I wish it was designed with the looks of the more modern fords like the edge or flex or fusion rather than a ugly 90\\'s mini van, somtimes usefulness out weighs looks but if you have both you\\'ve got a sure winner
BGinMN 02/02/2011
I'd like an all-wheel drive version, please.
Jeff Bier 01/31/2011
Where is Henry Ford when you need him? Go back to your roots Ford Motor Company. Make a good four passenger, but inexpensive (less than $12,500), electric car that the masses can afford. We don't need all the bells and whistles for basic transportation.
Charles 01/30/2011
Suggestion, call the ICE version of the C-Max the Grand C-Max (as is done in Europe) and C-Max for the smaller hybrid version. Dropping \\"Grand\\" for the US is just causing confusion.
Amy 01/30/2011
It needs to be affordable period. It is useless if the common worker making 30-45 thousand a year can not afford it...They are talking about low sales, wonder why when the price of the cars will put people into debt forever...
Roland Crawford 01/29/2011
I think Ford is leaping ahead with the Electric and Hybrid. this is where cars have to go, gas prices will keep going up.
GB 01/28/2011
I love electric but the range is too short so a plug in hybird fits the bill but I need something that tows, nothing big just a small trailer.
FORD...Please consider adding a towing package in the C-max energi
Bobby Kearan 01/28/2011
(bio)Diesel + Hybrid = Happy long-range Driving! (roof top solar film for charging on the go?)
Frank 01/27/2011
Why not an all electric Truck? I am a large person and would like something I can get into without hitting my head. I love the idea of the Forcus Electric (all electric no gas engine). So why not make a Ranger eV or F150 eV. Also make it afforable like 20 to 30 thousand US dollars.
Landscaper2613 01/25/2011
It needs to be affordable...the current prices for the LEAF and Volt are ridiculous for us common folks out here working normal jobs for normal wages
John Korr 01/25/2011
Great article!
JP 01/24/2011
How much will the C-max Plug in Hybrid cost? Will it cost less than the Focus pure EV because of the smaller battery pack?
Robert W. Hamilton 01/24/2011
A few years ago I had the pleasure of driving a Focus S-Max with Diesel and 6 speed manual trans. Will we ever see it in the USA.
steven lapin 01/24/2011
This vehicle concept looks very appealing. I have seen interior photos (probably European versions) on other websites that look much more rational and attractive; I don\\'t like the overly stylized, slanted buttons on the center dash. I also think the grille overdoes the Darth Vader mask look, and would prefer something cleaner and simpler.
MrCker 01/23/2011
Will we see Flex Fuel hybrid? I would like to see a diesel electric hybrid also
Guy LaBar 01/23/2011
We had an Ford Winstar and now have an Mercury Monteray and wish that they were offered in an AWD model. Hopefully when this finally hits the market you will make it available in an AWD version. I think it will go over big and be the only one of it's kind on the market!
Daniel Cowden 01/23/2011
Ford: Please offer your plug-in hybrids with a small diesel engine. These units would easily get better than 100 mpg and would instantly be the market leader. Diesel is the optimum engine for hybrids - why not use the best technology? Be a leader Ford - that is what made your company great.
Momof3 01/21/2011
Love Ford, like this car but I HATE the grill it looks dorky like a toy. If they restyled the front end it would blow all minivan or small suvs out of the water, simply because of the sliding rear doors. Parking spots are getting smaller and people are getting smarter.
Rick 01/20/2011
Been a ford man all my life (driving since 1976). Great job ford.
Weldon 01/20/2011
I like the gasoline versions of the C-Max and don`t want to pay the price to join the `Green` club. Even an electric version still requires either petroleum or coal fired power generation plants to provide electricity. Don`t even start with hydroelectric or wind power - those are backed up by coal and petroleum power plants. Nuclear is not worth it either because it requires 100% subsidization in order to be `cheap.`
Lance 01/19/2011
FORD. Growing up I used to say it stood for Found On Roadside Dead, because that was a common theme with your production line, but I have been so overwhelmingly impressed by your company, your products, and your new lines, that I honestly think that my next car will be a FORD....maybe even this C-Max hybrid. GREAT JOB FORD!
Dan 01/18/2011
Just saw it at the Detroit Auto show can\\'t wait for the plug in hybrid c-max thanks Ford
Joe 01/16/2011
I\\'m anxious to here about the economy MPG that C-Max will provide. Both Hybird and gasoline engine.
J Westmoreland 01/16/2011
Thanks ford for the advanced cars that will help the U.S. use less fuel and help americans get cars that get great fuel mileage. I am looking forward to buying one of these cars.
Rafofcron 01/15/2011
We want to get completely off Gasoline/Petro! Will ford lead the world and make such cars only in the US?
James Egan 01/14/2011
James - Great News Ford! Thank you,
greg 01/13/2011
This does not help me at all right now. Fall of 2012?!? I leased a Murano in 2007 thinking in 39 months SOMETHING will be on the market, right? Just purchased a Prius and was hoping to replace the Murano with a cross-over hybrid but there is nothing on the market.
LFC 01/13/2011
YES! Thank you Ford for finally bringing these great cars to the States after only letting euros have them for so long!!
H Smith 01/12/2011
The current New Euro C-MAX, Model Year - Post 2011 1.6 Duratorq TDCi (115PS) (+DPF) is VCA rated 61.4 mpg(imperial) combined ... that is ABOUT 51 mpg(US) CAFE ... and should driver roughly 40 mpg(US) combined (Monroney) or better.

Why NOT in the US?

Just add a dual clutch transmission and give US a try ... a maybe a 6% share of the US market might not be a bad place to be.
David 01/10/2011
With so much good news coming out of Ford, I now see why Fox news said that Ford is turning around the U.S. economy by itself. It seems as if the Model-T days are back; the days that the Blue Rulled. My next car will be a Ford, the problem is: which one will I buy? The other problem, is both of my current cars are Fords, and they are great. No need for a new car right now. I love it when I see hour flag flying over a Ford Dealership. Makes me proud / warm chills. Later :-)
Bob Wanicki 01/10/2011
Need to keep the sliders on the back, have to have them for wheelchair!
Richard Prevost 01/10/2011
PMA. Positive Mental Attitude. It works!!!
Rustle See 01/10/2011
@Mark.. thanks! I personally think it will sell better with doors versus a slider anyway. Stigma associated with sliders.
Stephen 01/10/2011
I get 43 MPG from a 1.9 liter 5 speed manual 4 dr sedan. I\\'d get over 50 if it were turbo, say 1.5 liter. I\\'d get over 60 from a 1.3 liter turbo diesel. But I live in the US, and can\\'t easily get it. In 2008, i got no sympathy when i complained that it cost $50 to fill the tank, and i only got 500 miles. That\\'s because everyone else was paying $100, and only got 300 miles. And yet, gas is a major expense. Today\\'s $3 a gallon will be $4 again before long. But right now, you can go 60 MPH rather than 70 on the highway, and get 17% better gas mileage. That\\'s for $0 investment. If you\\'re only driving for an hour, it\\'ll take maybe 5 minutes longer.

Joseph Marko 01/10/2011
2011 mustang 5.0 412hp. Way better
Mark Delzer 01/10/2011
@Rustle See, I'm guessing they opted for standard doors vs. sliding in order to save weight and increse fuel economy.
Spencer Davis 01/10/2011
Rustle See 01/10/2011
Im a little confused on the photo used for this story. Isn't NA receiving the "Grand C-Max", although it will be called "C-Max"? If so, the Grand version has sliders on the back.

Regardless, great job Ford!
Mike Hopson 01/10/2011
Did they have any demos of the new law enforcement vehicles? 300+ horsepower in a V6 is neat.
Joshua Bellomy 01/10/2011
Bring back the 5.8 V8!
Devin Sugar Daniels 01/10/2011
latest so that means its late??
Rocky Singh 01/10/2011
ford have to launch new suv's
Evan W. Smith 01/10/2011
Ford better not go moonbat on us!
Luis Armando Carreno 01/10/2011
triple like these post lol
Jacob Edwards 01/10/2011