Join the Ford Electrification Programs Director for a Live Chat

By Ford Social Member

The Ford electrification programs are a top priority this year with exciting new projects on the horizon. Ford has turned its sights on introducing more fuel efficient and electric options. In this effort, Ford is looking forward to the next generation of hybrid electric, plug-in electric and full electric vehicles.

Sherif Marakby, Director of Ford Electrification Programs and Engineering, has been a driving force behind these initiatives. He was formerly the chief engineer of Ford Hybrid Engineering, and he has been a key player in market successes such as the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids. Sherif has also been an integral part in developing the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, a class-leading model with EPA estimated fuel economy of 41 mpg city and 36 highway. Currently, Sherif is working to develop the Ford portfolio of electrified vehicles, including the next generation of hybrids and plug-ins, as well as pure battery-electric models.

Join Sherif here on Monday, April 25, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. EST to ask him questions about the Ford electrification strategy, and what’s down the road for vehicles.
Live Chat with Sherif Marakby – Electrification Programs and Engineering Director

Sherif joined Ford more than 20 years ago and has extensive experience in various areas including, electronic systems and modules, electromechanical systems, program management, manufacturing and assembly.

Sherif earned a master’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Michigan.
Harvey Holter 05/11/2011
What will be the MSRP of the CMax Energi Plug-in?
Harvey Holter 05/11/2011
When will the CMax Energi plug-in hybrid be available for sale in Columbus, Ga.
Harvey Holter 05/11/2011
How far will the CMax Energi Plug-in hybrid travel on it's electrical full charge before the motor kicks in? Regards, Harvey Holter
David Rowney 05/04/2011
When will Focus Electric be available from dealers OUTSIDE the initial rollout areas?
Stephen 05/03/2011
I would be interested in a plug-in electric minivan. Also want to see the development of fuel cells for home use that could change natural gas to electricity. It would be useful to use the home fuel cells to even out energy usage on the grid or to get off the electric grid altogether for national security reasons.
mike moyer 04/26/2011
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elizabeth 04/26/2011
Interesting story, hope it reaches latinamerica.
T. Wolfe 04/25/2011
Come on Ford, what are you waiting for, more competition?!?!
Peter Shaman 04/25/2011
Instead of gas guzzlers you'll make electricity guzzlers - where's economy and where's ecology given that they will take power from coal power plant!? Most of all they're boring to death, good only for golf clubs.
Constantin Ungureanu 04/25/2011
Nissan is already on the market with Nissan Leaf. Ford what is waiting for ? Where is the Ford Focus Electric ?
Viral Pig 04/25/2011
When will Ford announce the fate of the Escape & Fusion hybrids? Sounds like they're dead, but can anyone confirm this?
sandra 04/25/2011
do you speak spanish
Alan 04/24/2011
It seems that since Ford is focused on manufacturing all their electrified vehicles for North America at the upgraded Detroit plant, that only manufactures vehicles using the Global C-Platform, and the Escape replacement will not be a hybrid, but use the 1.6 EcoBoost, brake regeneration and start/stop technology, it seems logical that the Fusion Hybrid is also going away with no 2012 Fusion Hybrid coming. Which would mean that the 2012 Focus Sedan or 5-Door Hybrid will be it's replacement. Which would makes since, because single people, or couples without kids who want a hybrid , would not be interested in a mini-minivan and Ford would have nothing to offer them, even if it is the nice looking C-Max Hybrid.
J Daniels 04/22/2011
I still like the idea of electrification. And every time I think the roll-out couldn't be any better, somebody like Sherif steps up and hits another home-run. I just hope I can afford one.
Rob Fruth 04/21/2011
Will the Energi use same 2.5 gas motor as the Fusion hybrid ?
Rob Fruth 04/21/2011
Will the Energi have a EV only button ?
Tom A. 04/19/2011
@Wetta: Congress betrayed America two decades ago by reducing "trade barriers" and exposing our standard of living to 3rd world poverty-stricken labor. Competitiveness has absolutely nothing to do with labor costs (people trying to make a living and raise families) and the safety of the workers that make the cars you buy. In other words, the unions have absolutely nothing to do with corporate solvency.

Second, there is no silly coercion from gov't. Gov't has nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with the realities of an exploding world population while simultaneously poisoning ourselves into lower and lower qualities of life (respiratory ailments in urban environments, high cancer rates everywhere, etc.).

We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other. The products we buy from our dearly beloved corporations make or break our future, both in health and economics.
Akash Deep Rawat 04/19/2011
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ford my first choice than another car company
Ford Focus WRC Edition 07 04/19/2011
please, where can i buy an electric conversion Rear Wheel kit?? Make me hybrid with 4WD!! (2WD Front Gasoline + 2WD Rear Electric)
Walt Hicks 04/18/2011
Installing solar panels on my garage roof as we speak...
Fiorenzo Cattaneo 04/18/2011
I want to know if there will be a Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid in 2012
Tom Ransley 04/18/2011
No god in OZ.The greens want to shut down our coal power,Means no power to charge the keep my XR8 thanks...;)
Ford Motor Company 04/18/2011
@Gary Thanks for your comment. We offer a variety of fuel efficient options for all kinds of drives. In fact, we have a solution where you can get V8 power and V6 fuel efficiency: the EcoBoost engine. More on that at
Gary Gee Man Capel 04/18/2011
we all know thatelectric cars are the wave of the future and great for the enviroment and thats all well and good, But please,please,please (and I think Im speaking for most real men out there) keep the V8's alive no electric cars is gunna give a man that feeling that we love when u turn the key and those twin pipes bark the sound that puts a smile on your dial, plant your foot get pushed back in the seat till you hit the redline that engine is singing a beautiful song, grab another cog and it all happens again,, electric maybe qwik too but they will never beat internal combustion for the feeling and feeling is what it's all about..thats why we buy cars . thanx for listening
Tim Grace 04/18/2011
Ford pulling out a Chevy priceless
Sibel Kuş 04/18/2011
Matt Wetta 04/18/2011
Finally, Ditch the Unions.
Matt Wetta 04/18/2011
Don't ever put yourself in need of a Bailout. Don't betray America. Cut what you need to cut, make the cars people want. Do not listen to government, do not bend to their coercion.