Is Your City Ready for Electric Vehicles?

By Ford Social Member

Be prepared: It’s the motto of the Boy Scouts, but it seems fairly apropos for metropolitan areas when it comes to accommodating the volume of new electric vehicles on the horizon. And that is exactly why Ford is working with cities around the country to identify ways to prepare for the plug-in vehicles, such as the Focus Electric later this year.

“As more and more electric vehicles come to market, it’s incredibly important that cities develop action plans, including infrastructure development and permitting solutions, to ensure these vehicles are a viable solution for citizens,” said Mike Tinskey, the Ford Manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure.

While the existing electric grid has plenty of capacity to support electric vehicles, the key for local utilities will be to offer incentives so customers will charge at night or off-peak times to minimize demand on the grid. There also will need to be an urban planning approach to optimize public/commercial electric vehicle charge locations, meaning they would be used often and be an efficient use of investment dollars. Ford has been encouraged by specialized approaches some cities are taking to support electric vehicles. For example, Boston, New York City and Philadelphia are looking into opportunities to promote travel between the cities by electric vehicle. Additionally, each city is hiring an electric vehicle policy coordinator to help improve efficiency of the permitting processes.

Other proactive steps Ford has identified with cities and utility partners are a streamlined permitting and inspection process to support customer and commercial electric vehicle infrastructure installation, and integrated advisory committees with participation from electric utilities, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, municipalities, electric vehicle customers and local coalitions.

Other metropolitan areas working with Ford in electric vehicle preparation are Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, as well as Sacramento, CA; Hartford, CT; Charlotte and Raleigh, NC; and Richmond, VA. “Ford continues outreach with cities across the country to spread best practices and work with multiple partners including local utilities, auto manufacturers, technology companies and others to support a successful integration of electric vehicles,” Mike added.

Offering a range of electrified vehicles allows Ford to meet a variety of consumer driving needs; electrification is also an important element in the overall product sustainability strategy. Ford launched the Transit Connect Electric small commercial van in 2010 and will follow that with five electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013, including the C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid.
Thomas Artman 05/16/2011
Rob McD: there is a company called "Better Place" that is already trying to do that. It works really well for a closed-loop system, like a taxi fleet. However, trying to do that as a uniform system for all makes and models of EVs is prohibitive. No automaker as yet is willing to accept a universal battery pack shape and size to make it swappable.
Thomas Artman 05/16/2011
Mark: correct. Trying to generate electricity from a generator or a windmill on the car, while the car is expending energy to move (steady state or acceleration), will be a net drag. Regenerative braking only works because the car is trying to slow down by using the electro-motive force needed to charge the battery instead of the friction breaks. However, once you start accelerating, then the car has to overcome all the regular resistances PLUS the "generator", thus providing a net loss of energy.

Simply stated, you can't get more energy out of the system than you put into it.
JP 04/24/2011
When will Ford publish the price of the Focus EV? Also, what about the order process? The launch date is Fall-2011..right? That is only 6-8 months away.
Rob McDevitt 04/23/2011
Make the batteries more portable.. This way, the Commercial charging stations can give you a charged battery and accept your used one, then recharge the used onesand repeat the process. The trick is to have controls on the batteries themselves. One, how old is the battery. The date shouldn't be over the maximum life. two, test the battery of the consumer before you swap it out for the transaction. imagine how many more jobs will becreated. It also makes the whole electric/battery concept more versatile, being that you can charge it at home or swap it out while on the road...
Mark 04/15/2011
At Mr. Huff, I am no physicist but unless Ford can create a bearing that would have zero friction the wind turbines seem like a good idea, but would ultimately use more energy to force the blades through the wind than what they would produce.
Gabriel Cho 04/15/2011
Buenos Aires
Roy R. Sukkari 04/14/2011
Infra-Structure is the key. This will be the next wave of residential and commercial Enterprise. This is the one key green technology.!!!!
Erny Goodwin 04/14/2011
Ive thought about a 650 cc to generate power to compensate what a V8 delivers. Yall should work on a generator system THAT PRODUCES!!! That would be cool..POWER & MILEAGE
Sal Undy 04/14/2011
No, and we don't want EVs here
Rick Haseltine 04/14/2011
I am Ready. I have Solar and am over generating for my current needs in anticipation of an electric vehicle
Francis Huff 04/14/2011
I have an idea for Ford. Can you integrate fans into the exterior style of the body taht could generate electricty while the car is in operation. Each fan as a single cell and can be used to store power when optimal power is not needed. The vehicles should not need to be hooked up as often as shown or discussed. Wind turbine energy but on multiple smaller scale.
Ford fan 04/14/2011
This is so dumb elertric hybrids are dumb and lame. i would never buy a elertric or hybrid car. The elertric companys want you to save energy and not use so munch elertric but this car charging all the time should run a big bill for you. Make E85 E100 cars bio fuel like brazil dose. not everyone wants a stuiped hybrid or elertic car. I drive a V8 5.8 1996 Bronco and i would never buy a dumb elertric car this makes me mad. How about maken E85 and E100 fuel vehicals and figuer a way to make them more fuel friendly. i like gas power V8's
no silly junk hybrids.
Stephen Martínek 04/14/2011
What are the cradle to grave emissions for electric vs. gas vehicles ? Including battery and electricity generation.
Brent Thompson 04/14/2011
I think electric cars are stupid
Lamarris B Purnell 04/14/2011
Yeah rite
Sandrine Dentler 04/14/2011
Affirmatif pour STRASBOURG.
Duane Qualls 04/14/2011
Paul Vigil 04/14/2011
@Charles... You make a very good point. There are too many Toyota Prius clogging up the fast lane now without Ford adding to the chaos. I would love to blast those guys in the rear but I don't want their batteries to get all over my paint!
Pilot Korey 04/14/2011
I agree with the "grid" is over burdened right now. We as consumers need something off the grid. My 09 F150 FX4 told me to tell Ford, "Lead the way with a next generation industry leading hydrogen based F150."
Onita Howell Golden 04/14/2011
Not likely
Charles Gordon 04/14/2011
The electric grid is already over burdened when all the AC's come on in the Summer.
Eric Payne 04/14/2011
No one has calculated out what the cost of all of the electric cars plugging in will cost to the grid outside of their own residences and how would they would get that bill...
Charles Gordon 04/14/2011
How much does it cost to charge one of those vehicles?
Sumit Saraswat 04/14/2011
Guys guys... Don't think that EVs are not powerful... They can be more powerful then one of today's race cars... Now to answer the question... Yes my country is ready and we are eagerly waiting for good looking powerful EVs... So wat's the plan.....
Jay Doverspike 04/14/2011
Pittsburgh is barely ready for gasoline cars....
Christensen Jesse 04/14/2011
My f-150 doesnt like electricity it likes unleaded gasoline
Tim Theodorou 04/14/2011
Gimme a gas powered V8 anyday, not these electric/hybrid POS's
Matthew Harman 04/14/2011
Ford....Please hurry up and get My Raptor Super Crew built PLEASE!!!
Thomas Armetta 04/14/2011
Excatly Larry
Wayne Tucker 04/14/2011
I seriously doubt it.
Adeyiga Adedayo 04/14/2011
If it's In Nigeria It will get Faulty, Because Of the Nigeria Road............
Larry Jackson 04/14/2011
I don't want one. Give me a V8 anyday over these silly little electric & hybrid gimmics.