How Would You Score in this Pinball Park Game?

By Charlie S.

Ford of Europe cleverly showcased active park assist technology available on select Ford models in a You Tube video that has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since it was released.

In the video, several drivers (played by actors) attempt to pull into an open spot on a busy Parisian street. However, set up above the empty space is a giant pinball scoring screen that keeps track of all the damage they are doing, plays lights and sounds, and awards them titles like “Clumsy,” “Brutal” and “Savage” as they continue to bump the cars behind and in front of them.

While this is going on, the video catches the perplexed looks and stares of real pedestrians and local residents as they watch the parking performances taking place. A young family even steps into the spot and starts kicking the bumpers, watching the lights go off and seeing their score rack up.

Eventually, one driver is awarded the top score of “Monstrous,” and he is given the opportunity to try it again with an Active Park Assist equipped Fusion. He activates the system, and the car performs perfectly, easily steering into the spot without a problem.

Ford of Europe is hoping the video, which is also being made into a television commercial, will inspire fans to come forward with their own real world challenges and creative ways of demonstrating how their Ford handles them.

Watch the video, and then drop us a comment telling us some of the real world challenges that your Ford helps you conquer!
PAUL L 12/28/2012
Great idea for selling Active Park Assist
William S 10/25/2012
we need one for here in the states. just watching is fun enough
Kimberly G 10/18/2012
I love it!
pretty interesting to say the least.