How Ford Can Shorten Your Commute Time

By Tori T.

A wise man once said, a commute is a lot more tolerable when you’re in a vehicle you like. That man was on to something. You probably feel that way in your Ford, although you probably also think that wise man should have said a commute is a lot more tolerable when there is no one else on the road!

We can’t quite guarantee a solitary journey, but in California it’s possible to get there quicker in certain Ford vehicles! You see, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has added the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid to the list of vehicles that can utilize the carpool lane, or high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane. With CARB’s approval it means no automaker has more 2013 vehicles than Ford that qualify for those lanes. To put an even bigger smile on the faces of Fusion Energi buyers, they are eligible to receive a $1,500 tax rebate in California – in addition to a $3,750 federal tax credit.

To qualify for the programs, a vehicle must be classified by CARB as a super ultra-low emission vehicle and be have U.S. EPA estimated fuel economy of at least 45 mpg on the highway. In California, Fusion Energi is the ninth Ford vehicle to qualify for carpool- lane access through CARB since 1993, with Focus Electric and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid being among the most recent. Fusion Energi not only meets CARB standards, but also has an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 100 MPGe combined – 108 MPGe city and 92 MPGe highway – along with a total range of up to 620 miles on one tank of gas and one full charge; Fusion has an electric-only range of up to 21 miles.
Cody S 09/11/2013
I love my ford, if I want to shorten my commute time I just push my gas pedal a little harder and watch for HP Cars ahha!
Joshua M 02/22/2013
cool...never been to califorina but would like rocks
Tony G 02/22/2013
For a commuter living in the East Bay Area you can travel San Francisco or the Silicon Valley in electric mode. Arrive at your destination, charge while you take care of business and make your way home for dinner in Electric mode. In the HOV lane. Yay
How Ford Can Shorten Your Commute Time
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