How does your Ford help you Go Further?

By Becks D.

Go Further. It’s not just about distance or mileage. It’s about going further in everything that we do, developing new technologies, building more fuel-efficient cars and putting safety at the forefront.

But it’s not just about what it means to us, we wanted to know what “Go Further” meant to Ford owners and fans. We asked our Facebook communities how their Ford has helped them go further. Our cars not only transport us to new locales, they also fuel the entrepreneurial spirit, take us on new adventures and transition us as we go through life.

Libby’s C-MAX has allowed her to be more spontaneous and brought her puppy love, “I’ve gone places I’d think twice about before…a spur of the moment trip to Florida, Savannah to visit my son and to Kentucky to buy my new puppy.”

The Mustang inspired a different kind of romance for Sara K., “My fiancé and I met via our Mustang love .”

Can a car change who you become or who you strive to be? Adam H. thinks so, “It has taught me that hard work pays off. I worked very hard to be able to own and earn the right to drive my own Mustang.” It helped Nicholas J. get through school and start anew, “it’s taken me through my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s, moved with me across country and is now helping live in a brand new city.”

Scott R. says his Escape is taking care of business , “It’s helped our business grow and we’ve taken it from coast to coast.” And Matt H. is seeing green, “My F-150 has pulled my trailer full of lawn equipment and made me a lot of money.”

Relaxation time on your commute? Bruce M. gets an attitude adjustment, “Top down, rowing through the gears, a little mini-vacation while driving home. Gives me a whole new attitude after a crappy day at the office.” It helps Jennifer P.’s mindset too, “My Mustang is so fun to drive that I arrive at work in the morning happy and feeling good. At the end of the day I have a lovely picturesque ride home through Hines Park and arrive home happy and refreshed. Mustangs are better than therapy!”

For P.L., “It’s fueled my passion for driving and has kept it alive more than any other vehicle I have owned or driven.” And Kristy H. conquered her fear of stick shifts in her Focus ST , “It was my first manual transmission. I was so scared to learn to drive them but my husband encouraged and pushed me and now I love it. I still get nervous when I get into traffic but I do all right.”

Michelle H. helps others and her car hasn’t let her down, “I am a hospice social worker and my 2001 Cobra and I have seen a lot of roads (paved and dirt) together making home visits in the last 9 years. I have always been able to depend on my baby to get me where I need to go and back home again safely.”

Soaring through the air? Michael S. says, “It drove me from New York to North Dakota and takes me to and from my class where I’m learning to be a professional pilot. So it takes me further every day.”

How has your Ford vehicle helped you Go Further? Join in the conversation and share your story .