How Do You Get Your Ford Ready for the Holidays?

By Ford Social Member

Everybody’s decking the halls. But true Ford fanatics deck the fenders! Or the grille. Or the roof. You tell us – or more to the point – show us !

When the holidays start rolling in, you and your Ford are ready to take them on with cheer. We want you to show us your holiday-ready car or truck. Do you glue wreaths to your hubcaps? Haul your tree in your hybrid? Use papier-mache to make your truck look like a giant snowflake? Or simply stuff the trunk with presents for that trip to grandma’s house?

Whatever it is you do to your Ford for the holiday season, show it off! Grab a pic of your holiday Ford decorations past or present and submit it to Ford Social .

We’ve already seen some great examples uploaded. We have one of a fan’s 2012 Ford Edge, crammed to the brim with presents. We have a shot of an F-150 stuffed with firewood to use in a wintertime sauna.

But there’s something we don’t have: your photo.

Submit your holiday Ford picture now!
Mr. H 01/27/2013 do I get my escape ready for CHRISTMAS? I put gas in it. Its pure marketing BS, their in it to sell, not be nice to you! Right Ford? Henry would turn over in his grave if he saw how some Sales & executives behave today.
grerg noel 12/13/2012
well ive been shopping for a new or fairley new 2010 to 2012 at my local dealers but no one has responded back with prices. if you dont buy right then your forrgotten when you walk out the door.heck the man showed me a truck didnt offer to drive it just wanted to do paperwork. got money and very good credit. so i dont have my truck to decorate yet christmass aint here yet. i will travel up to 100 miles to buy.
How Do You Get Your Ford Ready for the Holidays?
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