How Do We Love Electric Vehicles? Let Us Count the Ways!

By Charlie S.

After record-breaking electric vehicle (EV) sales in the fourth quarter of 2012, Ford is making moves to capitalize on that momentum and going further to convince customers to give the Focus Electric , C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid a try.

The first question most people ask when thinking about electric vehicles is, “Where would I charge it?” In addition to being able to charge these cars at home, the extended answer to that for Ford electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles comes in its award-winning MyFord® Mobile smartphone app and Web portal, which features a charging station finder.

This live database of charging stations across North America aggregates lists of stations from a variety of sources, while incorporating crowd-sourced information from users to provide the most comprehensive dataset available. It even tells you which plugs are free, and which are in use.

Realizing that easy access to charging stations is a big plus for potential buyers, Ford and 12 other major U.S. employers have joined the new Workplace Charging Challenge with the U.S. Department of Energy. The collaboration aims to increase the number of U.S. employers offering workplace charging by tenfold in the next five years.

To date, the company and its dealer partners have installed more than 1,750 charging stations on Ford campuses and in Ford dealerships. Projects like these mean more opportunities for charging at work, which is important to prospective EV drivers.

The strong demand for these three exciting vehicles has led to Ford certifying hundreds more dealers to sell them – with 900 on schedule to be certified by spring, up from 67 in February 2012. These 900 dealers will represent about one-third of all Ford dealers in the U.S., and it also means that Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and Fusion Energi will be available in all 50 states for the first time.

So keep an eye out, because the electric revolution is coming to a dealership near you! In the meantime, grab a Green badge and let us know what you think about Ford’s EV offerings in the comments below.
Car C 02/15/2013
How do we ensure that our EV charging stations are included in the locator app?
Greg F 02/14/2013
This a possitive step forward if all loose ends are tied up & proper quality controls & ytesting proves totally reliable. If this technoligy proves to be an answer it may If possible incorporated into Falcon before GM beat you to it. I certainly hope that the large car IE Falcon can survice as it is an icon in Australia. We both know that sale figures are flagging some what but it would be ashame to loose it.
Joshua M 02/14/2013
never seen one before...must be cool
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