How a Smartphone App Can Maximize Your Electric Vehicle Driving Experience

By Cole Q.

Ford is making multiple announcements and demonstrating an extremely diverse range of technologies at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This includes the capabilities and features of MyFord® Mobile that will help people drive greener with the Ford electric vehicle smartphone app.

We got a firsthand demonstration of the app from Brian Petersen, MyFord Mobile Platform Engineer for Ford at CES. He walked us through the key features of the app and how it can help customers maximized the benefit of driving a Ford Focus Electric or plug-in hybrid such as the Ford C-MAX Energi or the Ford Fusion Energi.

Drivers of Ford electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will be able to share, learn and teach smart driving by participating in forums on the MyFord Mobile website – with gaming features such as leaderboards, unique achievements and social networking – when the car becomes available through dealers in the first half of 2012. In the process, users will be able to seamlessly upload driving achievements and statistics to popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the fun of not having to stop at gas stations, drivers of the Focus Electric can earn online achievement points based on how far they drive and how much CO2 they save by not using gas. The leaderboards help MyFord Mobile users track their driving results against other Focus Electric drivers.

Drivers will also earn achievements for engaging in the online MyFord Mobile community forum. The first time drivers share their experiences, help another driver answer a question or provide a helpful tip to others, they will earn an achievement, with more to come after 20 and 100 postings.

MyFord Mobile was announced in early 2011 as a social platform to revolutionize the EV driving experience. In November, the International CES awarded the app as winner in the software and mobile app category. Going further, CES awarded MyFord Mobile the “Best of Innovation” recognition, a first for an OEM.

MyFord Mobile’s Value Charging by Microsoft offers drivers a “set it and forget it” mindset to ease concern about managing the vehicle’s charge in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This technology can lower a driver’s utility bill by automatically charging the Focus Electric at off-peak times when energy is cheapest, an industry-exclusive to Ford.

Additionally, Ford is leveraging its relationship with MapQuest – and its commitment to having the best EV charge point database and route planning feature – to offer the industry’s only charging station locator. MyFord Mobile is the only electric vehicle management application to include routing and charge station location functionality.
Sandy Petersen 01/12/2012
Great job Ford! Great presentation Brian!!!!
Miguel Antonio Vizuete 01/11/2012
Yazaki - Panasonic.
Pat Ford 01/11/2012
FORD'S ARE #1 EV)(:)~
Sospeter Malimu 01/11/2012
Yes but haven't a car.
Taran Malhi 01/11/2012
Not to mention, I currently have a 08 explorer limited awd v8 and a 11 escape xlt v6. Any ford vehicle that has entered our household, has brought years of great service and generations worth of memories. I bleed Ford blue!
Guisun Han 01/11/2012
Who knows?

Maybe Ford's EV know it ?
Schwanke Justin 01/11/2012
2002 Ford E-250 Cargo Van 300K miles Tranny blown out
Taran Malhi 01/11/2012
I used to have a 2000 ford focus zts, 2.0 zetec w/168,000 kms. Boy did that car ever take a beating. One thing I am certain on now a days is that Ford is truly BUILT FORD TOUGH.
Schwanke Justin 01/11/2012
300 bucks
Schwanke Justin 01/11/2012
69,000 miles
Schwanke Justin 01/11/2012
93 ford escort 1.9L blown head gasket
Luke Seydler 01/11/2012
electric vehicles are rubbish!!! give me a v8 anyday!!!
Slobodan Banjevic 01/11/2012
Ford the best :)
How a Smartphone App Can Maximize Your Electric Vehicle Driving Experience
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